Ghost Shrimp - Surf Candy!

Ghost Shrimp are one of the best baits for all species that swim the surf. They produce excellent results for whiting, sheepshead, black drum, redfish, and pompano. Other species I have caught on them include speckled trout, stingray, and bonnetnosed shark.

The secret to catching ghost shrimp is the tide. Watch the tide tables for a low tide and then look for the small "volcano" holes. Click the photos below to see the larger picture.




Usually, the larger holes spewing water offer the best chance to suck one up with a pump device. Look for the larger egg laden females like the one pictured above right to be found in the largest holes.


My favorite ghost shrimp gathering device is the "Creature Catcher" available at local tackle dealers. I have had three and they are excellent for catching ghost shrimp as well as for setting pvc surf spikes or beach umbrellas. Remember, there is a 20 shrimp per person per day limit on Ghost Shrimp in Texas.


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