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Current wind speed and water temps at Bob Hall Pier

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10/2 Bob Hall Pier - The County finally announced the results of the engineering study done to the pier after Hurricane Hannah and have decided that the pier cannot be repaired and must be rebuilt.

7/24 Bob Hall Pier will be closed this weekend hoping to open up again on Monday due to Hanah.

7/09 Bob Hall Pier - Social distance rules remain in place though the pier is open all night as is the parking lot. Curfew remains on the beach 8pm to 6am. Mostly hardheads and pup sharks reported with dirty cold water out a half mile past the end of the t-heads.

6/19 Bob Hall Pier - Maintain coastal distancing as it will be a zoo out there once again. Thursday king mackerel, jacks and spanish mackerel were reported along with whiting and stingrays. The waves were breaking out past the t-head Thursday evening though it is expected to come down a bit for Saturday and Sunday.

6/11 Bob Hall Pier- Thursday mainly blacktip pups were reported along with whiting and hardheads. Great conditions this weekend. Be sure to use coastal distancing for the crowd expected. Blacktip pups and larger, spanish mackerel and kings could be running in addition to trout under the lights.

5/22 Bob Hall Pier - Fair warning here. The county is really going to be checking the social distancing this weekend after lots of reports mainly from a few of the shark guys at the T-head. Be sure to spread out between family groups. The Park office will have no patience they told me for any nonsense on the end. There were reds, lots of blacktip pups yesterday, whiting etc. Earlier this week several hammers and other sharks brought up. Water will be pretty big if these southeast winds continue as predicted. Be safe and courteous!

5/15 Bob Hall Pier - Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel and Spinner and Blacktip Sharks this week. A bit rough with rain and strong wind over the weekend.

5/8 Bob Hall Pier - Mostly hardheads, gafftop and whiting Thursday thought they did have a few spinner sharks early and a couple of 7 foot bull sharks on Wednesday. Rough conditions expected for the weekend so look for more hard heads, gafftops bonnetnosed sharks and a few bull reds.

5/1 Bob Hall Pier - Bull reds, whiting, pompano, bonnetnosed sharks and spanish mackerel this week. The Pier will be open all night as the beaches are now under no curfew. Water temperature is 79.

4/25 Bob Hall Pier - Fishing was good between fronts with bull reds, pompano, whiting, lots of bonnetnosed sharks and sheepshead. Maintain social distance at 6 feet between family groups. And the first King Mackerel of the season was caught on Wednesday.

4/14 Bob Hall Pier is Open! - I got word from Nueces County Coastal Parks Director, Scott Cross, that Bob Hall Pier is open again 8am to 8pm. It will stay open unless unruly behavior by users warrants shutting it down again. The beaches remain open 8am to 8pm as well. 100 feet between vehicles. Groups of people limited to those family units or folks that live together.
Remember Social Distance rules especially those fishing on the pier where a run on sheepshead or other fish might take that off your mind.

4/13 Bob Hall Pier - Is closed but there might be some home. Some Jackwagons were threatening people on the pier last week that they had Covid 19 and the police were called. County Coastal Parks Director, Scott Cross had enough and shut it down. He may be persuaded to change his mind but until that happens it remains closed. Fishing was just getting good too with spanish mackerel appearing.

3/07 Bob Hall Pier - The water is rough on the northeast winds post front. This week has seen mosly whiting, a few bull reds and small sharks. Reminder it is spring break the next two weeks so plan to head over the Causeway early and late to avoid the traffic jams.

2/08 Bob Hall - The water has calmed down from the last front but remains dirty to about the third bar. Water temperature is 63. Len got a small spinner earlier this morning. Expect some whiting, hardheads, black drum and sandtrout. Pompano are also possible.

1/31 Bob Hall - The water calmed and cleared nicely and the prospects look excellent for the weekend. Water temperature is 61 degrees. Expect to catch, whiting, black drum, redfish, and pompano along with teh occasional harhead.

1/17 Bob Hall - The water is about a 4 on the clarity scale and the waves are up. Bull reds, perch, sand trout, hardheads, small blacktips, croaker, and whiting have been hitting this week. A strong cold front is on the way Saturday night. Water temperature is up to 69 degrees.

12/27 Bob Hall - Pompano, small sharks, bull reds, bull and spinner sharks reported today. South of Bob Hall in the surf Brenda Meyer and Daughter had good action for pompano on long rods.

12/13 Bob Hall - Coastal Flood warning tonight so expect some Bull Red action tomorrow with the front. Following the front watch for pompano. Last week there were lots of Bull reds with the fronts then there were little tunny aka false albacore that the locals mistakenly call "bonito". Saturday looks great for pompano.

11/19 Bob Hall - The water is glassy calm today but the fishing was slow this morning with only a few whiting but now pompano are being caught!

11/7 Bob Hall - Spanish Mackerel, whiting, pompano, croaker and pup sharks were reported prior to today's front. Expect good bull red action post front.

11/1 Bob Hall - whiting sand trout and croaker mixed in with pup blacktips and bull reds. Bull red fishing was great on Thursday though not many anglers were out due to the cold weather and rough surf. Water temperature today was 69.7 degrees.

10/25 Bob Hall - Prior to the front there were bull reds, whiting, sand trout, hardheads and croaker reported. Watch for bull reds, pompano and jacks once the weather settles.

10/17/Bob Hall - Bull reds, sharks and a few jacks over the weekend. Today Vanessa reports Bull Reds, Sand Trout, blacktips and croaker are showing up!

9/12 Bob Hall - So far today just whiting reported. Earlier this week there were spanish mackerel, trout, pompano, croaker, and quite a few sharks including a 9" 3" tiger caught over the weekend. Weekend weather calls for 2 to 4 foot surf with East Wind going NE on Sunday with 2 to 3 foot seas.

8/22 Bob Hall - Kings off the end and some mackerel, trout, perch and croaker. Not much happening today 8/23.

8/16 Bob Hall Pier- Via the Weekend Outlook 8/15

8/08 Bob Hall Pier - Big waves were back at Bob Hall Pier with just a few whiting caught when I visited Thursday afternoon.

8/02 Bob Hall Pier - Beautiful water conditions out there now and predicted to last through Tuesday. Catches have included trout, shark, pompano, whiting and black drum. Look for tarpon and spanish mackerel with dusky anchovies and other baitfish moving in.

7/25 Bob Hall Pier - Trout, and Pomps Wednesday. For today's report and the rest of the local action here's the Corpusfishing.com Weekend Outlook

7/11 Bob Hall Pier - Spanish Mackerel, trout, black drum, redfish, and blacktip sharks reported this week.

6/6 Bob Hall Pier - Catches today have included Bonnetnosed and blacktip sharks, whiting and pompano. Last week there were king mackerel, spanish Mackerel and at night, trout under the lights.

5/16 Bob Hall Pier -Tough tides and rain this week. Harlan Biddle told me the highlights "Few trout with live shrimp under a cork. Some nice bull and blacktips on toss outs a d run outs off the tee. Up to 6 ft. Lots of skipjacks. A few keeper reds . Not many. Sat 7 bull reds were caught.

5/2 Bob Hall Pier -

4/5 Bob Hall Pier - It is foggy out there and the surf is pretty big. Water clarity is down. Catches today have included hardhead, whiting, sheepshead and gafftop.

4/3 Bob Hall Pier - Before the front on Saturday there were sheepshead, pompano, bonnetnosed shark, spanish mackerel and whiting. Today Matt says there are pompano, whiting and sheepshead around. Water clarity up to a high 5 out of ten says Nick Meyer of Breakawayusa.com

3/29 Bob Hall Pier - Here's the Weekend Outlook 3/28

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3/26 Bob Hall Pier - Lots of water hyacinth washing in from the flooding in the midwest but mainly in the first gut. Reports Tuesday included pompano, whiting, spanish mackerel and sheepshead. Watch for Jack Crevalle to show up soon!

3/14 Bob Hall Pier - Report is in the Weekend Outlook

3/12 Bob Hall Pier - Clouds and a little fog. Water is decent with temperature up to 68 up from 63 this weekend. Yesterday 6 and 5 foot Sandbar Sharks reported also a 4 ft Bull. Today whiting, croaker, pompano and perch reported.

2/27 Bob Hall Pier - Condtions look great for the next several days. Catches have included Whiting, perch and gafftops. Water temperature is 63 degrees.

2/7 Bob Hall Pier - Before the front whiting and a few pompano were the ticket!

2/4/ Bob Hall Pier - Water temp is 61. Lots of fog the past few days. Anglers have been getting whiting mostly the past few days. Diana says it's foggy and they aren't catching anything today.

1/18 Bob Hall Pier - Water temp around 62. So far it is foggy out there this afternoon. Hardheads and whiting reported today.

1/10 Bob Hall Pier - Matt reported sheepshead, small black drum, whiting. Weekend Front on Saturday and sunny and cooler Sunday.

12/18 Bob Hall Pier - Reports this morning "Yellow flag day..
More movement to the water.
Wind now more east. @6mph
Low tide 5:38am
High tide 1:23pm
Low again 6:45pm
High again 9:57pm
Big whiting, few pompano, small sharks reported.
Sand trout, whiting and a blacktip shark caught 11:30am
Water pretty clear 7/10"

12/13 Bob Hall Pier - Check it out on this week's Weekend Outlook

12/10 Bob Hall Pier - Not many fishing after the latest front this weekend. Prior to that there had been gafftop, bull reds and large whiting.

11/16 Bob Hall Pier - Here is the weekend outlook from Bob Hall Pier

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11/9 Bob Hall Pier - Bull reds, gafftops, hard heads, sand trout, and small sharks mostly this week. The latest front should boost the bull red run.

11/2 Bob Hall Pier - Ashley reports dirty water, hardheads, whiting, gafftop and one 40 inch Bull Red this morning

11/1 Bob Hall Pier - Hardheads, small sharks, whiting and gafftops.

10/29 Bob Hall Pier - 10-29-18
Another Sunny Delight!!
Small Sharks, Redfish last night.
Lots of bait in the water today.
7:30am Flounder...
8:15am Spanish Mackerel, Whiting.
11:00am Pompano...

10/26 Bob Hall Pier - Great bull red fishing all week. Now with the latest fronts the wind has changed and the surf is laying down. Expect pomps, slot reds, black drum, and whiting to join the bull reds this weekend.

10/22 Bob Hall Pier - It has been rough and dirty all weekend but the bull red fishing is off the chart today. All three below have had multiple bull reds this morning

Cheryl's second

Harlan's third

Len's third at least!

10/18 Bob Hall Pier - Rough and dirty right after the front though expect reds, whiting and black drum to be there in spite of the rougher water. Len Stockton got two nice reds yesterday including this one. Water temperature is 74 degrees.


10/11 Bob Hall Pier - No reports the past few days as water was to the dunes from Hurricane Michael. Water is receding though and is holding about a 6 on clarity. Expect that to get better this weekend. Watch for spanish mackerel, redfish, bluefish, kings and possible tarpon if the bait comes marching through. Oh and Sharks!

10/2 Bob Hall Pier - Lots of king mackerel reported over the weekend. Small shark, spanish mackerel, pompano and whiting also reported this week.

9/26 Bob Hall Pier - No signs of red tide water is at a 5. Front coming in with rain expected for tonight. Catches this week slot reds, pup sharks, pompano, spanish mackerel, black drum and speckled trout.

9/13 Bob Hall Pier - Dead fish that have come mostly out of Packery basin due to red tide reported near the pier. Samples taken near the pier yesterday were negative for red tide though folks have reported the aerosol smells and eye and lung irritation. Not a lot of reports since the weekend due to rain but there were spanish mackerel, trout, pompano, king mackerel and blacktips over the weekend.


9/06 Bob Hall Pier- Today there were stingrays, small sharks, and trout reported. Earlier in the week there were trout and king and spanish mackerel reported. There was a 7 foot bull shark caught and released on Wednesday.

The water was up but the color remained green.

8/30 Bob Hall Pier - An impressive 11 foot tiger shark was caught and released over the weekend. Catches this week have included king mackerel, spanish mackerel, pup sharks, whiting, hardheads and speckled trout.

Here's Harlan with a kingfish caught August 27th!

8/23 Bob Hall Pier - Cold water had things slow early in the week but the past two days have seen trout on live shrimp and shad early, a few bonnetnosed and other pup sharks around. Two king mackerel reported yesterday.

8/16 Bob Hall Pier - Diana reports bonnetnosed sharks, blacktips, and whiting today. Water is on the dirty side.

8/12 Bob Hall Pier - Kings, pup sharks, an 11 foot tiger the past few days, a 9 foot tiger caught and released today, whiting, speckled trout. Water dirtier and rougher today according to Matt.

8/7 Bob Hall Pier - Harlan is at it again this morning! Matt says "16",17",30"Speckled Trout, 3 Kingfish, bonnetthead sharks, whiting, stingray so far today."

8/6 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says "Water is gorgeous once again!!!
47" Kingfish, bonnetthead sharks, whiting so far." My friend Len and Harlan each picked up King Mackerel today.

7/27 Bob Hall Pier - The water is finally gorgeous. Anthony reported yesterday afternoon, flounder, whitiing, and spanish mackerel though I am sure there were kings around as some were caught at Packery on Thursday.

7/24 Bob Hall Pier - 5 King Mackerel yesterday. Matt reports today Spanish mackerel, whiting, trout and a 3 foot bonnetnosed shark. Water looks good.

7/19 Bob Hall Pier - Water was clearing Wednesday afternoon earlier in the day , Matt reported "Speckled trout, Spanish Mackeral, whiting, sand trout caught this morning so far." Tuesday lots of small sharks were also caught"

7/13 Bob Hall Pier - Cool water is still around but fishing is improving check out the weekend outlook from Thursday at the Pier.

7/3 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says the cold water is still there but there are a few breaks with some green water turning up. Catches have included gafftop and hardhead catfish, whiting and pup sharks.

6/27 Bob Hall Pier - After losing most of last week to high tides, rain and dirty water things are turning around. Today 6/27 Matt reports "Trout again this morning, 2 -5.8ft hammerhead, 3.5ft blacktip, pompano, jack crevalle, croaker, whitting caught so far today.

Len Stockton with a greater and scalloped hammerhead both over 5.5 feet and both released today 6/27


6/26 - Well the storms are finally out of here! The fish are making a slow return. I saw some undersized redfish, black drum, whitting being caught. Gaftop and hardheads are still here but thinning out thank goodness.Trout under the lights not too far down the pier early early!!
There is a nice blue-green line 50yds out pass the end of the pier trying to move in.
Great to finally see a variety of fish now. The coming days should only get better!!!

6/8-14 Bob Hall Pier -

6/8 Beautiful day with calm clear water. Fishermen reported 2 small sharks (a black tip & hammer head) and a piggy perch?? **Diana Sat.6/9 Fishing Report: earlier- sand Trout, Jack Crevalle, bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, and currently- Kingfish. *Diana

6/13 Bob Hall Pier
Well, everyone is anxious about the weather!!! We just got our first little passing shower. Not too many people out here on pier due to the water being brown for the last few days, and a type of clear seaweed present. Some gaftops and bonnetheads are all I heard from yesterday and last night.
One thing I wanted to pass on is how much I like the reports of Nick Meyer, Tyler Millerstrom(Cos-Way Bait and Tackle), and Tyler Thorsen. I would recommend following them on facebook. These guys are very informative on surf conditions, and ways to catch fish!
Wow! 6ft Blacktip just lost pulling it up to pier!!! @10am

6/14 It is a very hot afternoon on North Padre Island! Temperatures are in the low 90’s but factor in humidity and your heat index is around 115. Now the main item on everyone’s minds is what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico. Invest 91L has been the talk of the town these past few days. As of this afternoon’s update from the National Hurricane Center there is a 0% chance of development in the next 2 days. Wind shear has been a main reason this storm is not developing yet. It is an important factor in hurricane development and wind shear is strong in the area Invent 91L is going so that is why development is unlikely. However, South Texas will hopefully get some much needed rain from this system. There is a 40% chance of rain on Friday, 60% this weekend, increasing to 70% on Monday and Tuesday. We will keep you updated on any changes in the forecast.


Filamentous Bryozoans - a colony of animals that look like algae. It ruined the fishing at Bob Hall, well the dirty water didn't help either.
My friend and Charle's Stockton's brother Len, said it was everywhere making it impossible to fish so he left!
Learn more
here: https://www.google.com/search?q=filamentous+bryozoans&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-ab



5/31 Bob Hall Pier - Wow!

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Here is Braxton Luman and his Popo, Rio Garcia visiting from Amarillo. This is Braxton's first shark a blacktip pup. His 11th birthday is tomorrow and he wanted me to mention that tomorrow he is going to do one of his favorite things - Climb one of those trees down here with the low hanging branches! Smile

Look at those cownose! They were everywhere. Photos courtesy of Dolly Garcia.

And this feisty tarpon that was CPR'd by Corey Wakefield. It was his very first tarpon.
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5/30 Bob Hall Pier -As of 12:30p Matt says "Really nice speckled trout, whitting, stingrays, small sharks so far..."

5/24 Bob Hall Pier - Watch out for bigger waves and higher tides if and when that low pressure tropical system enters the Gulf this weekend.

5/23 Bob Hall Pier - Matt reports "Nice Big Fat Trout early. 6’ Hammerhead Shark, Jack Cravelles, 3 Kingfish, whiting so far today." Matt

5/18 Bob Hall Pier - Fishing has been excellent this week with lots of king mackerel reported on slide lines as in the report below. Another 7 foot Hammerhead reported on Thursday. The weekend outlook is a little rougher so it might be tough to get trout and other fish in the shallower water. Current is running strong to the north. Good Luck!

5/15 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says "Four Big Kings, Redfish, Trout, skipjacks, bonetthead sharks, stingrays caught so far this morning!!

Len Stockton gets in on the act yet again!

Harlan Biddle with a big early morning king

5/08 Bob Hall Pier - The past couple of days after the last front have been outstanding. Catches have included jack crevalle, sharks, spanish mackerel, large pompano and King Mackerel.

Check out Len Stockton's 50 inch King Mackerel from this morning!


4/26 Bob Hall Pier - Lots of nice shark reported with two scalloped hammerheads caught and released this morning. Len Stockton got this 80 inch beauty and friend Nathan got an 85 incher this morning. Blacktips and Atlantic Sharpnose also reported with pompano, whiting, and spanish mackerel also reported.

4/24/ Bob Hall Pier - Conditions are great out there right now. Matt reported a 7 foot hammer yesterday, blacktip sharks, spanish mackerel and a ling! Today they are reporting sheepshead, whiting and pompano.

4/19/ Bob Hall Pier - Gafftops, small sharks reported today. Another front came in and the water is a bit rough and off color today though still holding in the low 70's for water temperature. Here is a 75 inch hammerhead that my friend Len Stockton picked up on Monday.

4/17 Bob Hall Pier - Sharks, small blacktips etc reported today. Matt said Monday " lots of bonnetthead sharks, whiting, black drum, sheepshead, redfish caught so far today.

4/11 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says fishing is good today. 7ft Hammerhead last night...whiting, sheepshead, spanish mackerel, redfish, pompano and small shark being caught today!

4/5 Bob Hall Pier - Lots of action this week in spite of the winds and front. Hardheads and plenty of blactip, bull and bonnetnosed sharks. Also sheepshead, whiting and pompano.

3/27 Bob Hall - My friend, Len Stockton got three blactips including this one below (CPR) and a ray today.

3/24 Bob Hall - Slow for redfish and trout the past couple of weeks. Catches have included whiting, hardheads, bonnetnosed sharks and spanish mackerel this week. Water temperature is up to 71.

3/5 Bob Hall - Matt says whiting, slot black drum, pompano and bonnet nosed sharks.

2/27 Bob Hall - Matt reports "Nice Clear Water Moving in!!!!
Two Big Pompano just caught!!!
Still alot of whitting, couple bonnethead sharks......"

2/15 Bob Hall - Diana at the pier reports the water a little offcolor today and still in the 50's with fishing slow with only a few hardheads reported today. Expect fishing to get better on this next warming trend. Expect more whiting, black drum and sheepshead with the hardheads as the water warms.

2/08 Bob Hall - Tough conditions with the last front and the rain but whiting, and sand trout are being reported. Prospects looking better for the weekend with winds turning around to the southeast.

Water temps 54 currently

2//1 Bob Hall - Water remains cold at 56 degrees. Not exactly brown or green either. Jonette reports mostly whiting, and hardheads the last couple of days. Today should help but the temperature drops back down with the front tonight!

1/25/ Bob Hall - Water remains dirty and in the upper 50's. Catches the past two days have included stingrays, hardheads and whiting.

1/10/2018 Bob Hall - Water is fairly nice says Matt with just a little murky water in close. Catches today have been slow and included mostly whiting and hardhead catfish.

1/08/ Bob Hall - Hi back from a short winter break. Matt says the dirty water came in today with the weak front. Whiting and a few hardhead reported today. Last week under southeast winds was much better even with the cold water in the mid 50's. Slot oversized redfish and black drum were caught in addition to whiting.

12/14/ Bob Hall - Just after the snow on Saturday Len reported nothing on Saturday and a few small sandbar later on. Today they are reporting redfish and whiting. Wednesday they had small shark, redfish, perch, sheepshead, and whiting.

12/6/ Bob Hall Pier - The big front yesterday has the surf rocking and rolling with big waves, stained water and lots of current. No problem to day for Len Stockton who caught and released this hog today! Look at those waves!

12/1 Bob Hall Pier -

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11/16 Bob Hall Pier - Pompano, whiting, and spanish mackerel reported yesterday and today. Front coming in Saturday evening.

11/10 Bob Hall Pier - Whiting and redfish reported so far this morning. Chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. Sunday looks like the best day to fish.

11/7 Bob Hall Pier - Redfish, croaker, gafftop, whiting and blacktips reported today. Here's a shot at sunset.


11/2 Bob Hall Pier - Jack Crevalle, sand trout, croaker, whiting and hardheads reported today. Lots of slot and oversized reds earlier this week. It was slow the first couple of days this week but friend Len Stockton got a few redfish. The water is murky.


10/26 Bob Hall Pier - Redfish, whiting and blacktip sharks making up most of the catches. Here is what it looked like North of Bob Hall Pier Wednesday

10/13 Bob Hall Pier - Reports the past few days included slot and oversized reds, blacktip sharks, jack crevalle, hardheads, whiting and spanish mackerel today. Water is clearing.

10/10 Bob Hall Pier - Matt reports that fishing has been good the past couple of days with current from the SE in spite of dirty water in close. Yesterday a 52" Ling was caught along with lots of sand trout, gaff top, redfish, good sized sharks and a few whiting. Today, the current has switched to the NE with the frontal passage and not much is happening so far today.

10/5 Bob Hall Pier - The surf is breaking well past the t-head and the water is offcolor. Reports this afternoon included only hardheads though there was word of bull r eds last night. The outlook continues to be for high water and it may remain that way due to the forecast tropical system entering the gulf.

10/3 Bob Hall Pier - Rough out there today but they have reported pompano, spanish mackerel, black drum and blacktip shark.

9/25 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says the conditions are great out today and so is the fishing. Spanish and King Mackerel, redfish, spadefish, pompano, whiting, speckled trout and sand trout reported. Water is green and winds out of the SE.

9/21 Bob Hall Pier and beach south - The water is still a little off color in close but much better. Matt reported redfish, big whiting and a few pompano. He says it was better earlier in the week . Seas no greater than 4 ft for the weekend so the prospects look good. Trout feeding on anchovies south of the pier. Caught on mullet and cut bait.

9/15 Bob Hall Pier - Water is still off color but the waves are down. Lots of small shark, croaker and whiting reported today. Water temperature is 82.

9/12 Bob Hall Pier - After water to the dunes yesterday afternoon things are better today. 38 inch Bull red, sand trout, speckled trout and whiting reported today.

9/7 Bob Hall Pier - Only about four folks out there this afternoon when I spoke to Matt. Early this morning there was a five foot 9 inch Bull shark caught. Gafftops and small pompano were also reported. There is a very strong current from the north and the water is muddy as far as the eye can see and there are lots of plastic bits of trash washing in most likely due to flooding.

9/5 Bob Hall Pier - Welcome back everyone. Well Hurricane Harvey put a dent in a lot of folks lives so we're glad the loss of life was not greater. The Pier only had minor damage and after losing power etc for a few days has been back up and running. Speaking with Matt today he said last Saturday was an epic day. He said they needed a larger board to post all of the species caught. Some of them he mentioned were flounder yes flounder, spanish mackerel, redfish, trout, bluefish, whiting, sharks, pompano etc.. But the bad news is that dirty water moved in. Most likely fresh water from all of the flooding and the fishing got slow since Saturday. Only about four anglers out there today with little or nothing to report just past noon.

8/21 Bob Hall Pier - The water remains dirty nearly to the end but the water has warmed up to 86 from 80. Fishing has been slow with the usual suspects biting in the dirty water, hardheads, gafftops and pup blacktips. There were reports last week according to Matt of a couple of Tiger sharks 7 and 9 feet caught and released. Tropical storm possible later in the week.

8/18 Bob Hall Pier - Water has been dirty past the t-head due to the strong se winds this week. Catches including today have included croaker, small shark, gafftop and hardhead catfish. The weekend propects and first part of next week look excellent with lower seas. Watching for a possibled disturbance early next week in the Bay of Campeche.

8/2/ Bob Hall Pier - Matt says yesterday and today have slowed up with the calm conditions but the past week has been great with king mackerel, spanish mackerel, pompano and blue runners reported. There was a touch of coldwater in there but temps have come back up to more normal levels for this time of year at 85 degrees.

7/26/ Bob Hall Pier - Reporting trout, spanish mackerel, small sharks, and pompano today.

7/21 Bob Hall Pier - This week including today they have reported speckled trout, small shark, spanish mackerel and sand trout. Water is stained out to the middle of the pier. King Mackerel were caught earlier in the week. Weekend prospects look good with a little more wind.

7/12 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says he's a little disappointed as the water remains murky and there are few regulars out today due to the water. Report so far have included sand trout with speckled trout under the lights prior to sunrise.

7/10 Bob Hall Pier - Whiting, sand trout, ribbon fish and small shark reported via Matt

7/6 Bob Hall Pier - Water is still a little murky today. Catches early this morning under the lights included trout on live shrimp. So far today, croaker, sand trout, whiting, stingrays and small shark.

7/5 Bob Hall Pier - Very slow for the fourth of July. Low crowd numbers on the pier itself due to the strong winds and dirty water. Only a red and a black drum says Matt for the 4th that he saw. Today the water has been greening up. Catches have included lots of small shark, whiting, croaker and sand trout.

6/30 Bob Hall Pier - Whiting and stingrays reported today. It is a bit windy too!

6/29 Bob Hall Pier Video Report

6/22 Bob Hall Pier Video Report

6/21 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says the storm surge had the tide up into the parking lot. You are welcome to come on out. Today is Nueces County Coastal Parks Day with free admission to the pier. Not many fishermen today mostly surfers enjoying the tasty waves. Yesterday sand trout whiting and a lot of small sharks were reported. Prospects may be better tomorrow afternoon.

6/15 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says "Seaweed and Hardheads" though there was a blacktip. The water he says is offcolor but not brown. Weekend outlook calls for big waves and winds until Sunday.

6/8 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says the spanish mackerel bite yesterday was great. Today was a little slower with great water with the visibility to see the bottom in four feet of water. Pompano, whiting, bonnetnosed sharks, and one large Tarpon reported today as of 3pm.

6/7 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says it is as good as it gets if anything it may be too calm but there have been king mackerel, spanish mackerel, pompano, trout and whiting reported. The forecast looks great until it gets a bit windier on Sunday!

6/6 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says the water was murky yesterday but cleared overnight and the trout bite was fierce up close in the 4am to 6am time frame on live shrimp. Today a lot of traffic but not many leaving just yet so he says probably pompano, blacktip and atlantic sharpnose. Redfish are in the surf near the pier so expect some reds to be in the mix.

6/2 Bob Hall Pier - Water is clearing somewhat. Diana reports bonnetnosed shark in the morning and pompano, this afternoon whiting and pompano. Outlook is good for Saturday though a bit higher waves.

6/1 Bob Hall Pier - After the storms it was ok but only a 4ft blacktip and gafftop on the board at 4:30p

5/25 Bob Hall Pier - Windy out there but Reds, black drum, small shark and trout reported earlier this morning.

5/24 Bob Hall Pier - After the front. Pier reports redfish, whiting, trout and blacktip shark today. Here is a four footer caught by Len Stockton on Monday

5/18 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says the sargassum is thick. Water color is off due to the higher tides and wind. Catches today mostly hardhead catfish and a few black drum. Small shark reported yesterday.

5/15/ Bob Hall Pier - Matt says there is quite a bit of sargassum around but the water is clear. Kingfish reported this morning. There have been lots of whiting, small sharks bonnetheads, a couple of reds, and a couple of black drum today. The pier is not too crowded.

5/5/Bob Hall Pier - The water is gorgeous and weekend prospects look good. Today blue runners, whiting and pompano reported.

4/27 Bob Hall Pier -Matt says NE winds this morning got the water murky but the wind switched back around and now it is clearing. Catches today include whiting, redfish and small sharks.

4/25 Bob Hall Pier - Diane says Blacktips, redfish and whiting so far with some bonnetnosed sharks thrown in. Water is murky with the increase in southeast winds. A front tomorrow evening. Weekend prospects look good!

4/20 Bob Hall Pier - Closed the 17th thru today will open again on Friday 4/21 and if needed may be closed 4/24 - 4/27 if more work is need on the light renovation. Mikal Mays remains open

4/13 Bob Hall Pier - My friend Len Stockton got his personal best ling today using cut mullet. It was a 4.5 foot 45lber. Len says he got 25lbs of fillets off of it! Nice catch!

4/8 Bob Hall Pier - Cici says the water is not brown but not as green as it was with the wind. Whiting is the only fish being reported so far today but don't be surprised to see Sheepshead, black drum and Spanish Mackerel.

4/6 Bob Hall Pier - Will be closed April 17 - 20th to undergo $100,000 complete pier light renovation. Should the contractor need extra time to finish the renovations the pier could be closed again April 24 - 27. Today April6th Diana reports Sheepshead and spanish mackerel with nice water conditions. Don't be surprised to see jacks or kingfish in the mix should the weather and water hold green.

3/24 Matt says winds are keeping people away today - Little action today with few folks fishing with the strong wind and dirty water. Yesterday there were quite a few bonnetnosed sharks, whiting and black drum. Winds are expected to calm somewhat overnight and into tomorrow morning so prospects are looking better!

3/17 St Paddy's Day - Matt says it is not as "green" as it was yesterday when they had spanish mackerel and pompano. Today is windy and choppy with small shark, sheepshead, whiting and hardheads reported.

2/22 Bob Hall Pier - Another Corpusfishing.com Report. Thanks to Matt for the pier report!

2/16 Bob Hall Pier - Landscaping Guru Len was out and catching Bull reds and Sandbar sharks yesterday. Water is clearing and warming today. Weekend prospects look good!

2/2 Bob Hall Pier NOTE I HAVE BEEN DOING VIDEO REPORTS - Which have been posted on the message forum at http://www.corpusfishing.com/messageboard/phpBB2/

The most recent video is was 6/26

2/2 Bob Hall Pier via Tony - Who says today small whiting. The water is more off color than yesterday with at water temperature near 65. Yesterday saw Pompano, whiting, perch and black drum.

12/26 Bob Hall Pier via Matt - After last weeks Arctic front things are warming up again with water temps around 63. Matt reports yesterday and today folks have caught black drum, whiting, redfish, croaker and pompano on shrimp and fishbites.

11/27 Bob Hall Pier - Waves were big but water was still greenish with spanish mackerel, spadefish and whiting reported. One small blacktip. Several Bull reds also over the weekend.

11/17 Bob Hall Pier via Video -

11/2 Bob Hall Pier - Big waves but the bite is on for redfish both slot and oversized. Large numbers of smaller blacktips and bull shark reported. Here's how it looked on 10/27



10/20 Bob Hall Pier - The water is a bit dirtier gray/green says Brooke who also reports, pompano, skipjacks, redfish, whiting, croaker and spanish mackerel today. Front tonight!

10/19 Bob Hall Pier - No report so far this morning says Brooke but yesterday redfish, black drum and croaker were reported. Water is off color but not too bad.

9/23 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says king mackerel have been hitting on the end. Good fishing for Spanish Mackerel and pompano. Trout fishing has been good under the lights using live shrimp. No sign of red tide, water temp is 87 and things look great!

9/8 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says the water has been clean for the week and the fishing is good. 9am saw a run on redfish in the closer guts, spanish mackerel, pompano and speckled trout are also being caught. I asked if he had smelled any red tide aerosols and he said he hadn't noticed but a few people said they thought the smelled it. No dead fish or fish kills observed and he says there is a lot of bait in the water anchovies and mullet. Ziacatcher reported Blue Fish, lady fish and hardheads 9/7 fishing the surf south of Bob Hall Pier.

8/25 Bob Hall Pier - Brooke reports blacktips, jacks, pompano, sand trout, gaff tops and black drum today. Water is patchy with green and offcolored patches.

8/18 Bob Hall Pier - I had a Parks Board Meeting out at Padre Balli Park so I went by Bob Hall Pier and spoke with my friend Brooke who gave me the report. As you can see by the report board there was a 4ft blacktip shark, smaller shark, gafftop, croakers and a hammerhead of some sort - could be bonnetnose.

The water on the north side of the pier had some gaps of green in the dirty water but looking south it was all muddy to at least the third bar. Water temp was 84.

8/11 Bob Hall Pier - Water alternates from brown to greenish. Brooke says the last two days have been small shark and sand trout.

7/28 Bob Hall Pier - The dirty water is as dark as ever but the water temperature is up to 87. Brooke reports small undersized snapper, croaker, gafftops, hardheads, whiting and bonnetnosed sharks the past couple of days.

7/21 Bob Hall Pier - The dirty water lingers and it has hurt fishing. Brooke says last Saturday there were some good whiting catches but the past two days saw mostly hardhead catfish, gaff top catfish and croakers. The water is trying to clear however. The water is up to 88 so it's not the cold water we've been seeing.

7/8 Bob Hall Pier - My apologies for the lack of updates I was on vacation. Brooke tells me Tuesday they had blacktip pups and bonnetnosed shark, Wednesday croaker and blacktip pups reported. Yesterday blacktip pups and hardhead catfish reported. There is currently a cold water upwelling with muddy water and surf temps in the upper 70's.

6/17 Bob Hall Pier - Water is dirty in close due to cold water upwelling but Brooke said they have been getting whiting, bonnetnosed shark, blacktips and one 9' foot plus tiger was landed earlier in the week.

6/10 Bob Hall Pier - Brooke said it was slow yesterday but they have been catching King Mackerel, a 52 incher was caught this week, spanish mackerel, jacks and ling.

6/2 Bob Hall Pier - Tony says there's a good variety being caught so far today. King mackerel, black drum, spadefish, reds and skipjacks.

6/1 Bob Hall Pier Fishing Good in Spite of Wind - Omaka filed this Memorial Day weekend report "Red fish and Black Drum were chewing on Sat and Sunday despite windy and breezy conditions. Five of us on Sunday limited out on Drum and we kept only four Reds, we also caught several nice size Whiting. Not too many were out there but it was a good sign for sure. Live and fresh dead shrimp was the ticket.

And as usual, we had to deal with inconsiderate ignorant dbags. who got into our personal space and taken our position as soon as we turned around to put our catch in our coolers...so we respectfully communicated to them that they will be going swimming if they did not move from our space. Needless to say, they did not go swimming that day.

On a good note, they were a couple of anglers who let us use their drop nets and also netted a bunch of our fish, and to show our appreciation, we offered them some reds and drum which they accepted."

5/26 Rocking and Rolling with Gusty Winds - Brooke told me Thursday that black drum, redfish, one blacktip shark and there was a tarpon hooked and lost on the T-head. Winds will be coming down Sunday through Monday

Just in time for the Holiday Weekend. Get those flags out. I had to do this from inside the car due to extreme wind.

5/14 Saturday Report at Bob Hall from Omaka - "Hit BHP at first light Saturday am. Me and two others limited out on Reds and Black Drum. Slow at first but found a big school hanging around in one area chewing...yep, a good day of catching...blacks were in the 14 to 20" range and reds were topping out at 22-24". Live and dead shrimp was the ticket.

We got our limit by 11:30am, then we started catch & release or gave some away...then the crowd took over. We left as the reds moved off but blackies were still chewing.

5/12/ Bob Hall Pier - Matt tells me this afternoon that the rip tides they had with higher tides ended yesterday and things are looking better with the water trying to clear. Today, trout were caught in the morning, several 3 to 4 foot blacktips were caught and there was a good run of black drum today."

5/05 Bob Hall Pier - Conditions are gorgeous out there according to my friend Brook. Jack Crevalle and blue runners reported today with spanish mackerel and blue runners reported yesterday. I am sure there will be spanish and pompano coming to the boards at some point today!

4/28 Bob Hall Pier - Tony reported spanish mackerel, small shark and whiting today. There is a coastal flood warning through 7pm on Saturday.

4/22 Bob Hall Pier - Brook said on Thursday there were spanish mackerel and pompano caught. Wednesday it was a bonnetnosed shark bonanza. Expect more pompano and spanish mackerel this weekend with seas under three feet predicted.

4/14 Bob Hall Pier - Matt says Wednesday had NE winds, strong current, and dirty water though some redfish were brought in. Today wind is back out of the south and fishing is great as the water greens up. Spanish mackerel, blacktip, small sharks, whiting, pompano and sheepshead reported.

3/29 Bob Hall Pier - Matt tells me they got a bunch of sheepshead yesterday and some today. Lots of jack crevalle showed up this morning. Small shark and a few pompano reported yesterday.

3/16 Bob Hall Pier - So far today just small shark and whiting. Matt tells me the winds shifted a bit NE and slowed things down. Yesterday there were whiting, small shark, sheepshead and hardheads.

2/22 Bob Hall Pier via Omaka - "Caught loads of nice size Whiting (kept only 12"-14") We ended up with 53 and one very large pomp before giving up the hot spot to other anglers, otherwise the fish were scattered.

Pomps were also scattered and not in bunches, but the ones that were caught were huge! jurassic! massive! size.

Big Sheepies were chewing and getting yanked over the rails at the end of the pier.

Good luck! save some sheepies for me, Ill be there next week if weather permits."

2/16 Bob Hall Pier 2/15 via Saltlife - "Hit the pier about 1030am stayed till 5pm water was decent color whiting where plentyfull in the guts. Wind was breezy but not bad no weed present. Surf knee high. Now that being said the catching well there was a bunch of rods casted out and about 4 that got paddled out by a kayak. 5 nice sharks were caught. 4 black tips over 5' females that I'm pretty sure were pregnant one was verified she had 8 pups that swam off. Her gills were pretty damaged as she was faul hooked in the gills. The other a sand shark between 4 and 5 feet. Out of the 5 sharks caught only one was on a cast out. That being said I believe the big females are in deeper water but are coming in already. 20 cast out rods only 1 hit 4 rods paddled way out 4 large sharks caught on those. Saw about 4 bonnet heads and one bull red caught. All my rods were casted out after 5 hours of soaking still had same Bait on. Hope this helps good luck and good catching."

1/15 Bob Hall Pier 1/28 - Lots of whiting reported today. Whiting and pompano for the past few weeks with the constant fronts shutting things down for a day or two.

11/10 Bob Hall Pier's Michaela Reports this morning - "Been a little slow at BHP. T has some setups and a kayak out there. Catching Bull Reds, Sm Shark, Whiting. A few people looking for Pompano. Don't know about that yet. Water not as rough as yesterday so hopefully it will start clearing up some. Leave at 3 so will update if anything changes. Won't be back in til Friday night to update then
Pompano, Hard Heads. Some nice size Whiting. The water is starting to clear up some." Water temp 75

11/2 Bob Hall Pier's Michaela Reports from the ticket window- "Calm and a little muddy this morning. Light wind. Black drum, bull reds, jacks and a variety of small shark.

10/6 Bob Hall Pier Michaela Reports this morning - Light wind. During the night schools of reds cam in, sand trout and whiting. Today whiting, spanish mackerel, kings and pompano.

10/2 Bob Hall Pier - More of the same from this week. Whiting, spanish mackerel, pompano, black drum, variety of shark and a few king mackerel. Conditions look the same as this report filed Wednesday.

9/28 Bob Hall Pier via Michaela - Over the weekend pompano, large whiting, spanish mackerel and a variety of shark. No red tide signs. The water was close to the dunes and parking lot Sunday so that may clean up some of the beach driving.

9/14/Bob Hall Pier - I took a lunch break and headed out to Bob Hall Pier to check to see if there was any red tide. The gate keeper Raven said many people reported itchy throats and coughs earlier though when I went out I heard no complaints and didn't notice any of the aerosol present in the air. I did speak to Sharkbait and this young man Derek Schindler who recognized me from when I was out on the Pelican with Deep Sea Headquarters he was busy fighting a redfish he caught on a whisker minnow.

And here he is with this nice 26 inch slot redfish!

Not much else to report. Keeping an eye on the red tide situation. Water temperature is 83.9

9/07 Bob Hall Pier - Lots of bluefish, whiting, ribbonfish, croaker, sand trout and spanish mackerel reported over the holiday.

8/19 Bob Hall Pier - Pup sharks, whiting, spanish mackerel, King mackerel and a triple tail reported.

Cody Reed caught his first king mackerel this big 52" monster using a watermelon shad on a slide line fishing 8/17

This triple tail was caught the same day


8/9 Bob Hall Video Report -

Ribbon Fish!

5/29 Bob Hall Video report -

4/23 Sexy Catches this week in between Thunderstorms! - King Mackerel, blacktip sharks, whiting, jacks.

3/30 Report from Fishinjack - Great day on the Bob Hall Pier yesterday. Whiting (of course) Pompano, Reds, Smacks, Black Drum, Shark, Rays, and a few cats. Everything was in and biting. Weather was outstanding. Number of people on the pier, but not crowded. Caught everything except Smacks on pealed shrimp with a peace of Fish Bites, or Fish Bites alone. Smacks on silver spoons. Heading home to Michigan tomorrow, but had a great month on the island. Month started a little slow, but picked up the second week and has been good on the pier and in the surf the rest of the month. Reservation make for next March again.

3/24 Hallelujah! - Here's an update Finally that we've been waiting for. With the green water and warmer surf temps the jack crevalle and spanish mackerel are BACK! Also pompano and whiting reported.

1/29/2015 Bob Hall Pier Update - Generally reported slow today but Angie got some nice whiting this afternoon. Sheepshead also reported

12/11/ Bob Hall Pier Update with Video! - Good action for pompano, whiting and some slot redfish.

11/3/ Sorry for the Lack of Reports - They have been few and far between but I do know this past weekend there was a good run of bull reds. Expect more of the same with the front and afterwards. Finger mullet live and cut will be the bait of choice.

8/06 Kings Hitting at Bob Hall Pier - Here's a report from Sunday and with the green water it should still be red hot. "Me and my family spent the last couple days fishing the pier.The kings were on fire! Sunday we caught 10 kings and several big Spanish macks.there were around 30 kings landed on Sunday.went back Monday and caught 6 more and several more Spanish.it was the best couple days of fishing I have ever had from the pier.i want to thank all the guys fishing the T for making our trip so enjoyable"

7/28 Redfish, trout, pompano, whiting and Spanish mackerel. Here's a nice tarpon report from Red Sniper from 7/23 Hey guys, we decided to head out the Bob Hall and film to see what all the buzz was about.

This report is also dedicated to one of my subscribers who is loosing a fight to Diabetes. There family emailed us and said she wanted to see a few of the new videos. So we dedicated this one to her.

Hope you guys enjoy, was a great day on the water...Get the family ready to catch some FISH!!!


7/8 - Redfish, Kings Spanish Macks. Expect good fishing as long as the bait and green water hangs around

7/1 Good Slot Reds caught even in the wind and weed - Limits on red early this week in spite of the murky water. Green water should hit the pier by Wednesday in time for Fourth of July Fishing! Be careful and have fun!

6/17 Relentless wind, weed and dirty water continues report via Magadorm -Hit up the pier after class this afternoon. Spent about 2 1/2 hours there. Water was chocolate milk and waves were breaking around the T. Fished from the T with dead shrimp. Had to work through the hard heads, probably caught 40 plus. But, ended up taking home a 22 inch Black Drum and a 23 inch Redfish. Also, another guy was catching nice sized gafftop. Other than that, didn't see anyone catching anything but hard heads. Also caught a whiting and a couple croaker. One croaker was just perfect for live bait and threw it back out. Had a good run on it but it didn't hook up. Figure if you head out there with some live croaker you could probably do pretty good and avoid all the hard heads.

5/17 5/15 Report via Ernest Flores - "At Bob Hall between 6am and 12:30pm.
Blue water was coming in up to the first bar. No weed to complain about. A few hardheads early, some small whiting. Put cut whiting in 1st and 2nd gut, got 2 gaff top in the first gut and a 3' blacktip in second. Was able  to get 2 pompano and 1 15" whiting on dead shrimp before we left.Didn't see anyone catch anything besides a few whiting and a 30" bonnet head. Sheepshead at the pillars. Did see someone carry out a 36" red and a shark right when we got there."

4/22 Bob Hall Pier report via Bighead picture via Tyler -
Hit BHP armed with live shrimp and smack whackers. Also had a Mannolure. Managed 5 smacks...all BIG...25-27" long...fishing was not fast...very sporadic. \Saw no pomps caught, nor did I catch any. Lots of sheepshead being caught at the t head next to the pilings on live shrimp. Water was dingy green, about 6/10 on the Bighead clarity scale.

Expecting things to blow up soon.


4/21 Bob Hall Pier Report via StumperJumper1590 - Fished bob hall this morning for a couple of hours. Tons of bonnet heads being caught, quite a few Spanish as we'll, but all were pretty small. However, there was some really nice pompano being caught just short of the T, live shrimp under a cork. Saw one king miss a gotcha plug and one caught as we'll off a slide. The gal at the gate said they landed a ling on Easter Sunday.

4/9 Bob Hall Pier Report - Spanish Mackerel reported and look for Kings to show up soon as they were at the near shore rigs along with some oversized reds.

5/1 3/30 Report from Erflores who says - "At Bob hall from 5am to 9am. Hardheads early, 1 20" gafftop. After 8 some whiting showed up.

Oil at T, small globs in 2nd and 1st gut."

3/21 - 3/22 via Omaka - Whiting, Pomps, and Sheepies were chewing at Bob Hall. On Friday I caught bunch of Southern and Gulf Whiting, keeping mostly big southerns. Saturday I bagged 10 pomps and many more southern whiting and kept only the bigs ones. Sheepies were kinda restricted at the end of the T on the right side as big goats were coming over the rails.

Water, weather conditions were good, There were no bait fish around. I caught all my fish closer to shore...in fact, most fish caught were all close to shore.

10/21 - Pomps, spanish mackerel and whiting reported today.

10/2 Lone Oak's Morning Report - Arrived at first light. The baby watermelon shad were thick. the mullet showed up a short while after the sun rose. Caught an undersize drum, a whiting and a nice size jack(A lady down the pier said she wanted it to make sushimi) Something large broke me off. I saw one keeper red taken, one small shark, several spanish macs and many whiting. Game warden showed up around 9:30 and checked all of us fisherman. A group of three said they had fished the packery jetties yesterday and had no luck, nor did they see anyone catching. One gentleman had hooked a very large stingray and after an hour of battle, still had not landed it (I left so do not know the outcome) As always the fishing was great--the catching not so good!

9/17 Report via G Davis - AS FAR AS FISHING GOES
We left with about 4 sand trout and 4 bull whiting. Around 1130 or so the shark fishermen on the end of the pier landed about a 8-9 foot hammerhead. They tagged the fish and it swam off nicely. Also, I caught some huge skipjack in the 23-25 inch range and saw a nice 22 inch drum caught. The fish wanted live shrimp and fresh dead. If you had a big bag of bob hall frozen you werent catching. Which is what the trash next to me was fishing with and I'm glad they only caught 2 hardheads all night fishing with it.

7/26 BHP Report via Johntx14 - Fished 1pm-6pm water was nice and green slightly choppy got bigger as the day went on so did the wind plenty of whiting saw some reds being caught on the right on the t close to 2pm then stopped other than that had the same cut bait on the whole time people were fishing with live on top and bottom while I was there with no takers just before leaving there was a big king cruising the t even made a complete out of the water jump at a live bait plenty of live bait to be caught. Right at 6 as I was leaving people started catching reds in the middle of the pier

7/15 Bob Hall Pier - Carolina Kinger was there for the past ten days and says "Spent the last 10 days on the end of the pier and the last kings were caught on the 5 & 6 th.
No bait in the water to mention of therefore no kings . "

A few spanish mackerel and some slot reds. Shark fisherman had the t covered this past weekend.

6/27 Bob Hall Pier - Coldwater upwelling hit around the 17th dropping water temps into the 70's. It has rebounded some. ChrisLayne filed this report for 6/26 "Fished BHP from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm today.

Caught over 40 hard head cats, two undersized trout and one lady fish.
My wife hooked a 20 lb black drum and lost it as we raised it up towards the pier rails. Tried shrimp, squid and cut lady fish.

Saw one nice, fat 27" redfish caught on cut mullet.

At 9:00 am as we walked out on the pier, we saw a 6+ shark only thirty yards from shore explode on a baitfish or mullet. Then with both fins out of the water, it swam on down the shoreline."

6/14 Bob Hall Pier - Trout redfish and some kings reported this week in addition to at least one large ling. Gulftrout filed a report this week that included this nice trout.

Read the story HERE


6/5 Bob Hall Morning report via Bighead - Had a bucket full of live shrimp and hit BHP about 6 AM. Wind was blowing a steady 10 mph, and the water was murky...did not catch much until about 645...at which time Father in law caught his first ever Pompano.

From that time forward, it was kind of slow, but the water started clearing up about 8 AM, and then we managed to pick up 6 more Pompano...some small, but two were nice 'footballs'.

Towards the end of our morning, my mother in law caught her first ever redfish, right up next to the pier...so proud of her. I think it scared heck out of her....LOL.

All pomps were caught on live shrimp under a popping cork, except the red, which was caught with a live shrimp on the bottom up close to the pier.

We were gone by 11:00 AM, and hit Padre Island Burger Company for a cold beer and sammich.

We saw two guys killing the reds in the 2nd gut using cut skipjack, and saw a few guys catching trout up close to the beach early this morning.

No Spanish to speak of, and we didn't see any action on Kings or anything like that either.

Pictures are avaiable at http:/www.facebook.com/pinspals


6/3 Via Smack_8080 - I haven't posted a report in a long time but I had such an awesome day at Bob Hall yesterday with my fiance that I decided I had to post one! This is the first time I've ever limited out on reds and caught huge trout. Biggest red was 24'' and biggest speck was 23''. All the fish were caught in about a 2 hour window. Definitely had an epic day! =) And I think I caught an angel fish too.

5/29 Memorial Day Report via Hickroots07 - "Was at bhp Monday morning of memorial day. Saw lots and lots of bonnet head sharks. Jacks smacks and pompano were also being caught but not very many. Hard heads were thick but not as bad as the bonnet heads. Long rods and slide lines didn't get touched while I was there. It was very crowded and windy. I like that they made it where you can get long rods through the entry gate without having to take them out of your pier cart. Water was a sandy green."

5/9 5/6 Bighead's Mackerel Slaughter II Report - Somehow I KNEW this morning was going to be good, so the wife and I got an early start...we hit Bob Hall Pier and were at our spot at 6:15 AM.

The going was slow until about 6:40 when the first Spanish hit the deck, then shortly after that, a Sheepshead committed suicide by way of my live shrimp.

From that point on, the action was non-stop, as we had Smacks hitting the deck regularly until about 830 AM...at which point, we had 18 smacks and the sheepie in the ice chest.

As I had ventured down to the end earlier, I could see fish up closer to the beach, and there were two guys that had just finished landing a limit of redfish each, so we set up there (thanks to those guys for letting us potlick), and we freelined live shrimp...and hit a payday...one nice red at 21" long, and two nice speckled trout at 18" long.

I did have one guy that stopped and talked to me, and I wish I'd gotten his name but he asked about my gear and mentioned he'd read about it here.

We were using 'Cajun Thunder' rattler popping corks with the brass rattles/weights with about 24" of 60 lb fluorocarbon...to that was a small swivel and a trace of about 6-8" of 40 lb Single Strand coffee colored wire (Malin)...we were using 1/0 Gamakatsu circle hooks. We were using 8' Tica Dolphin Medium Heavy spinning rods with Shimano Sahara 4000 FD spinning reels filled with 30 lb braid. The rod gives up a bit in casting distance, BUT makes slinging a big smack or pomp up to the pier easier so you can get back into the action quicker.

Water conditions this morning were a solid 10/10. The wind was down, waves were down, and we could see lots of bait and action.

We were out of there by 930 and home by 1030, and the wife had cooked up a mess of Spanish Mackerel and fresh green beans by 1145...what a great day.

Here's a shot of the day's haul which can be seen at

5/2 5/1 CSI Mackerel Slaughter via Bighead - Report HERE

4/21 Bob Hall via Bluffrat - got out there around 9 water was nice, clear with no weed around. no mullet to be seen. Plenty of slot reds were caught in first and second gut, bulls here and there at the t. Game warden made a round at about 1200 and cleared half the pier, saw couple guys get tickets.I personally cant fish due to a broken wrist, so the ol lady was runnin the show, we had a 5 ft blacktip circleing the slides that were out and shur enough he finds the whiting head that i had on bottom on my smallest rod. She made quick work of him and we had him on deck. Shortly after a boat ran about 100yrds from the t and cut a couple of rods off.( has happned twice this weekend according to others).

4/4 Bob Hall - Before the front lots of Blacktip , Bull and Atlantic sharpnose shark were caught and released at the t-head. Expect Jacks, spanish mackerel, whiting and pompano this weekend. Trout and king mackerel could make an appearance too!

3/25 - 3/26 via Tdarr - Here's a good thread on identifying sharks. Report

3/21 3/19 Report via Hickroots07 - My wife and i decided to try BHP for sheepies despite the dirty water conditions and not so beautiful day. The only thing we saw caught were bonnetheads by the dozens and a few whiting and heardheads. here is one of the many...

while we were having fun just toying with these little guys a man on the end with a 12 to 14 inch whiting for bait sees his rod bow over like crazy. by the time he gets to it the fish (possibly) had dropped the bait. all he had left of the bait was a whiting head. I am still battling the little sharks hoping i might get a whiting or a sheepie or something other than a bonnethead when my rod bends good. after a 20 minute tug of war i get this guy....

thought about keeping it for shark bait but released it. i finally caught a whiting and decided to re-rig for a possible larger shark. sent it off the end and within a few minutes my rod was bouncing and bent over good. it felt weird on the line and when i got it to the pier i found out it was a turtle....great....while deciding what to do the turtle breaks the line and swims off.... great.... felt kinda bad about it but hey what do ya do?

so we are packing up and apparently no one else around had a drop net so i get called to the T to net a fish. i get there and find that its a big cownose. BONUS. the people didnt want it so gladly gave it to me. HECK YEAH!!! thats totally shark bait for a trip in the not so distant future! here it is, wife smiling cuz she knows i will let her reel in the beast that bites this bait...

the wind picked up and we packed up. LOTS and LOTS of bonnetheads. that was basically the story for the night. cant wait for that blue water to come in and the fishing to be on fire! Tight Lines!

3/17 3/16 report via Carolina Kinger - Started off a bit windy with Stained and dirty water. Took live shrimp and found Sheepshead around the pillings.
We caught our limit but only kept a few for the fryer. Saw a few Pomps, plenty of Bonnet nose, 1- 5'4'' Black tip and a few smaller ones. Wind started to get rowdy so we decided to leave,but prolly go back tomarrow as I did notice cleaner water that was getting closer thru the day. Waiting on them Kings!

3/11 Bob Hall Pier - It is Spring Break so expect lots of traffic late afternoon. Water has been disturbed with the constant churning of Blowing SE winds flip flopping with gusty NE winds. Expect sheepshead, whiting, pompano, bonnetnosed sharks, redfish, black drum and pompano. Watch for jacks to show any day when the weather warms and the water gets green.

12/15 Bob Hall Pier - A tremendous run of Bull reds were caught earlier this week. Pup Sharks, whiting, keeper reds and pompano also being caught. Prospects look best on Monday and Tuesday under lighter surf conditions.

11/30 Bob Hall Pier - Tdarr says it was slow on the 28th but it has been good for Bull Reds, Pup sharks and whiting recently as evidenced by his report 11/25 - 26

11/16 Tdarr with a great report 11/13 - 11/15 - Report Here

10/31 Crhfish's !0/30 AM report - Potlicking :) - First let me say the pomps were biting pretty fair this morning at the pier. Also a few small sharks and really small smacks.

Now let me show you this. Fishing just past the second bar and this guy sets up right next to me. Thats my buddy on the right and my rolling ice chest and rod next to him. Mind you its not that crowded. i tried to talk to him asked why he had to set up right next to me. He kept responding "no rod here, no rod here". Decided not to make a scene and moved on down a bit. He was with several buds it looked like and they went where ever they wanted.

Now don't get me wrong in the right situation I'll fish shoulder to shoulder to catch fish on the bite, no problem. But this was so bad it was actually funny.

Pic of my new fishing buddy, he's on the left.

Pic of the pier and the massive crowd.

10/11 Daskew's Report from Wed 10/10 - Decided that Wednesday was going to be the best wind/weather this week. So i took the day off and made it an all day trip to Bob Hall. Got there around 6am. Wind was light and the waves were low. Had my mind set on fishing the North T for kings, but someone was already in that hole lol. South T was open so i set up 2 slides in the corner. Bait was hard to get at first with only bumper shads hitting the sabiki. Then finally a blue runner on the deck. Put him out and not 3 minutes went by and i was hearing the sweet sound of the Penn clicker screaming in agony!!! It was a wonderful sound, KING ON! at 7:30am. After a few minutes i land a very small king at only 37inches(perfect eating size). Set out another blue runner and it was on again, only to see that he was mangled by the king. A few other kings were hooked up in the North Corner, then the action just completly died for the slide lines. Spanish Macks were everywhere, ranging from the first gut to the end!. Caught on lures, baby shad and sabiki's.

After 7 more hours of nothing i was wondering if we were only going to have a morning bite for the king fish. Then a friend's slide started screaming and it was on like that till dark. With kings hitting everything in site, from Watermelon shad to blue runners...even perch! But i still did not have my limit! Everyone around me was getting kings and i did not even get a bite yet.

Finally i see a king go after my friends bait.....and of course i bitched a little lol......then the king turns on mine circles him 3 times and from out of nowhere just bottle rockets on it! King on Finally!!!!!! while this king decides he wants to run to Florida peeling off drag like he's a wahoo....my other slide takes off...only to bust the line shortly after the hit. We saw the king...it was a monster! LOL.

Well with my limit of kings i am starting to pack it up for the day when my friend catches a net full of watermelon shad...and low a behold inside was ONE Menhaden. And of course i had to throw him on my slide(just in case the monster was out there).

My rod holders were up and everything was put away except the slide that i left in existing holes on the rail. I was just about to pack it in when BOOM big hit on the water and my Penn 4wide is screaming in agony! This king peels off atleast 350 yards of line......and will not stop....I just know its the monster i was waiting for! So after a long but wonderful fight, i get the king to the pier to only find out that it is a mid 45" king on Steriods! He was pretty thick but not what i expected.

All in all it was a good day. I landed 3 kings and missed 3. So i was batting .500 for the day. Dont worry game warden, I have no need to keep 3 with just me and the wife at home!

Total kings on the pier was probably around 15 or so. with maybe 15 lost due to break offs(rookies).

Here's the king from the Morning. I did not take pictures of the rest.

9/27 Carlos Loman's Red - Randy Majors sent me this picture and info "Bob Hall Pier Wednesday September 26. Carlos Loman of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico caught his first redfish. It was 30” and weighed in at 10.5 lbs. There were several other over-sized reds caught by the few people that were on the pier. Almost all were hitting cut-up fish."

9/24 Bigheads Report from9/23 - Man...had a lot of travel, lot of work, misssed IMS's fish fry, but managed to get out this morning.

Struggled from the word go. No live shrimp in Rockport, no live shrimp in Aransas Pass...so utterly PO'ed about no bait that I was ready to punch a hole in my truck. I had been travelling all week and had work crap on Saturday, and knowing the conditions were so great, not having access to bait was killing me.

Regardless, we pressed on, finding bait along the way to the ferry landing...HUZZAH...off we go. Get o the Ferry...wife asks me if I remembered the folding chair...NOPE...wife is not happy.

She suggests What-A=Burger in Port A, as I'm acting like Joe Peshi, and I was...so I pulled in...they take 30 ******* MINUTES...I am boiling now...crap is kind of piling up, and I KNOW that some dingaling is IN MY SPOT at the pier...and to add insult to injury, they charged me $1.00 for jalapenos, and DID NOT PUT THEM ON...at some point, I'm going to have to go back and pee on the manager to assert dominance, but not now, I am headed to fish...FINALLY.

Coffee, taquitos (WITHOUT JALAPENOS)...wife is happy, I am no longer Joe Peshi...we figure HEY, we're on our way.

WE get there, and the pier is filled with every snoopy pole, sponge bob fishing pole space taker upper I can see...and the spot I want to fish is occupied by some guy just sitting there.

We fish...and for 3 hours get NOTHING...beautiful water, wonderful weather, NOTHING...not even piggie's come to kill our shrimp...finally, I see a silver flash, and land a nice, football sized Pompano...and brother, here come the potlickers...I was soon SURROUNDED by people flinging their lines out.

No more fish for almost another hour, and I hear my other rod chirp (clicker) behind me...picked up another nice Pompano....the crowds finally thin out about noon.

Wife is wondering 'where the fish are'...the last two trips, she's seen me bring home a ton of Pomps...wife unit accuses me of buying fish from the cute Vietnamese lady.

Then it happens...wife's rod is struck by a silver with yellow spotted bolt of lightning, and her drag is singing with the sound of a very nice Spanish Mackerel taking off...she manages to subdue a 26" S'mack...and I mean, as soon as I get it up on the pier, and get the hook out, the other rod goes slack...she notices and I told her to get it, probably a Pompano...she reels up the slack and AWWWWWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH...BIG BULL RED...and brothers and sisters Mrs. Bighead made me proud...she cranked down on that fish and put the SCREWS to it...chased it down the pier, pulled it out from under, and WHIPPED IT'S A$$ LIKE A BOSS!

The wife ended up landing a HUGE oversized red...her personal best to date. Here are two shots of it:

All in all...a good day on the water...fishing was slow, despite nice water and awesome conditions.

I am so proud of my wife...she's a good fishermen, and her catching her personal best today made all of the struggle to get out there disappear...that and seeing the smile in the picture makes me a happy boy. Edited to Add: Wtihout even asking, after taking the pictures, my wife let that big redfish go. The people all around us were dumbfounded...my wife just looked at them and said "You've got to respect that fish, and it makes other fish...it needs to go free".

Some folks get it...she does...some folks (those that questioned us)...obviously do not.

9/11 BobBobber's Report from 9/10 - "Arrived at BHP near 4PM today and fished until 9:30PM.

Guys at pier end were focused on kings and met with success. Great group of friendly guys who enjoy the time together almost as well as catching.

Their gear was super strong and much heavier than any I owned, so I only learned and listened.

Not too many of us other fishers caught meals to take home. However, I came home with a mixed bag of 8 whiting, a croaker and a really nice flounder.

Another kind soul gave me his gafftop. We cooked our first one a few months ago; it was great table fare. Yes, it's slimy, but I discovered a way to minimize the mess. Put the gafftop in the plastic bag you got when you bought ice. That contains the slime in the bag and not in your cooler. After you get home, remove fish from the bag and rinse slime off with a garden hose. Then, it filets as easily as any other fish with not much slippin' and slidin' around. Remove skin and red flesh next to it. The end result is a white, mild, firm, flaky fish. When cooked along with trout, you cannot taste any difference. However, there is a lot of scrap, so I keep larger ones between 3 and 4 pounds. Smaller ones don't have much yield."

9/7 Bob Hall from Bighead who writes - "Got to the pier about 645...water seemed green, but dingy. I give it about a 6/10 on clarity.

Nothing for about 30 minutes, then spotted some pomps cruising the back of the 3rd bar...flung a live shrimp under a popping cork at them, two pops, and landed a nice football sized pomp...thought it was fixing to be 'on'.

Saw some more, baited up, repeated...this time, I saw them swim up, look at my live shrimp and turn their nose up at it...serious WTF moment there.

I repeated this about 5 more times...very frustrating.

I moved down towards the beach in front of the 3rd bar, and started working...saw lots of smacks...and they acted just like the Pomps did...would zoom around the shrimp, but refused to eat.

Reached into my bucket, and got a SMALLER shrimp (about 3" long)...cast...BANG, caught a very big Smack...had to cut the tail off to get it into the cooler...looked to be about 25-26" long.

Unfortunately, the only shrimp I had were jumbos...and apparently, that's not what the smacks wanted...they'd look at it, and turn their nose up.

I landed another Smack, about 21" long, and headed home.

Saw lots of reds caught..one oversized, and several slots...all caught on cut bait.

Was great to get out on the water...and honestly, my 3 fish are more than enough for dinner tonight.


8/4 8/2 - 8/6 Bret's Report - HERE

7/13 D. Askew's Report from 7/11 - After shark bait left we landed 8 more kings with my wife getting her first sundown king!

7/6Sharkbait's Report 7/7 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txME_ZZlPXY&feature=plcp

headed over the bridge, and the laguna looked amazing..


got to Bob Hall and instantly wished i had gone BTB today, didn't get to since i was watching my daughter(gonna go tomorrow, hoping for a big Jack Cravelle for KW, to make 10 species for Kayak Wars)


saw two nice reds landed, this one had a 4inch remora on it(tried to get a pic of it, but it didn't turn out)

had to go to the beach to cast net some mullet..had a hard time getting anything descent on the T

D.Askew's nice king caught on slide line..
he got his personal best yesterday at 50+inches...(was told the kings hit pretty good yesterday evening..) took a descent video of him landing it, it was foul hooked, and i was keeping tabs on the kiddo so i may not have done to good on it..
gonna start a new post when it finishes with the video on YouTube..

i never set up my slide instead i tied a 1/0 owner gorilla J hook strait onto my 80pound braid and tried to hook one of the Tarpon(most were 30-60pounds) that were hanging out under the pier..i used 6-8inch mullet, ended up getting three mullet ripped off my hook, i got one of them hooked in the corner of the backside of the T, he jumped i was planning on brawling with him to keep him from going under the pier, but instead after just a few seconds he cut through my braid (sigh) took me two years to hook one from Bob Hall...
there was a neat video of it taken on a cellphone, however i don't think we will get to see it...next time i go i am only gonna focus on getting me my first TEXAS TARPON Smile

another nice red...

tons of mullet in the surf


car to car as far as i could see..

6/18 Bob Hall Pier via Fishinglady - The water was cleaner at the Pier today. Blue color way before the T and no grass to contend with. Very large Whiting were caught around the cleaning station. Pompano also were on the menu. Blue sky, slight breeze, warm temperatures were enjoyed by all present.

6/9 Bob Hall Pier Conditions thanks to Finsonpins! - Had lunch on the pier and took a look around. Blue water was just off the end of the pier, but weed although not thick was problematic to the lines that were run out. Didn't see any bait in the water or any action on the pier in the short time I was there.

6/8 Bob Hall Pier - Lots of small pup sharks remember to release them safely. Water is still dirty though better in the afternoon Kevin C wrote"My son and I caught and released at least 20 small sharks and at least 50 hardhead and gafttop catfish. I caught 1 sand trout. I saw a red get pulled in at the second gut as we were leaving tonight. There was a group of college students tagging all the small sharks being caught and released.
Water is green just past the end of the T and muddy all the way to shore."

5/25 Wind and Waves blow out the end of the week. Here is a report from Surfdragon from 5/22 just before the big blow! - Decided on a quick trip to bob hall this morning and take a peek of the water,Water looked real good the current was real slow a few bait fish were seen and past the T i did see bait busting out of the water just not close enough. A tiger shark was caught off the pier last night i was told ,I managed a trout on croaker a few pomps were also caught.
Two other friends of mine managed to get into some trout yesterday and a few days back pics included .Sea weed still in the surf as shown in some pics ,Hope to go back later and see whats going on Tight lines.

5/18 BEACH TO BAY is Saturday May 19th! - Plan your trip to the island accordingly with big crowds until 11am or so. Great fishing for pompano was reported on Thursday by Bighead. Sharkbait says lots of kings are out there but they had lockjaw Thursday due to the calm water conditions. Expect kings, spanish mackerel, tarpon, trout, pompano, sharks, whiting, and bluefish all to be in play. Remember to toss back the pup sharks too!

5/10 SharlBait Pre Storm Report - I made it to Bob Hall...took two slides and set them up on both sides of the gut...
as i was hooking a bait to run out on the north side seven 20pound tuna(not too sure what species) shoot strait through where my bait would have been...
a bunch of glass minnow were getting torn up by bonito and smacks...

gaffed this little bonito (this one is half the size as the first ones i saw)
got a smack

both slides that are close are mine...blue runners were hard to come by....saw the first watermelon shad i have seen this year...i mostly fished bumper shad..

the kings were getting air on the south side of the T eating the blue runner's off slides...i moved one of mine out there...a king snips my baits tail and grabs a blue runner a slide over...

this little king put up a big fight on 25pound mono

gaff work...

16 maybe 17 pounds those are my favorite size to eat....

got two nets full of these...spadefish??...
the sky turned cloudy and winds picked up...they told everyone on the pier a tornado was coming so i packed up(had to get my kid anyway)

climbed up on the dunes to see if i could see anything...
it was good to meet you SnapperCatcher Cool
i knew there would be a few kings with that weather coming...

4/30 SharkBaits Report - went to bob hall for a bit...the water color was pretty terrible ....

found this out there...pretty neat

the surf is still pretty crazy apparently two kayakers got in trouble out there a few days ago...

you could see some better water out by the standpipe...

bunch of little sharks, bonnet heads and black tips mostly...

couldn't get any bait ended up sliding a hard head lol..i made him a little more attractive(clipped spines filleted him a little)

put a 7 dollar rod holder out on the south side of the T, frank said someone ripped it off...really dont get it...they took another one i put out there too...

4/10 D.Askew's Pier Report 4/7 - 4/8 - The Pier may be closed for repairs at times call 361-949-7300 to find out.

Saturday was the best day for kings. I caught the larger King on Sunday before the weed decided to flood BHP. Bait was really hard to get on sunday....which was the opposite of saturday, once again Blue Runners were the go to Bait.

Also last thursday there was a 50 1/2" king landed at packery. With other multiple hook ups.

(BTW i was not part of the confederate flag crew).
D. Askew

4/1 Sharkbait's report 3/31 - got some sheepies on live shrimp on 10 and 15 pound braid same terminal gear as before...

Took a while to find a place to put out a slide(the T was crazy packed) finally got a live mullet out on the back side of the T, i brought the mullet from my canal it didnt get eaten...

earlier in the day a tarpon and jack were caught, very few smacks today and little action on bottom other than the sheepies...i did see some schools of bait that wasn't mullet as well...

3/29 Bob Hall _ " The pier is under repair for the next two weeks, but is will be open when possible. Yesterday it opened about noon. The tee and the end portion of the main pier is closed. I would suggest you give them a call before going to make sure it is open when you want to go."

Earlier this week there were jacks, spanish mackerel, bonita aka Little Tunny, and pompano caught. Some pup sharks and pompano on Wednesday.

Repairs could have portions or all of the pier closed.

Here's what it looked like Sunday

3/23 Bob Hall via Finsonpins -Went to Bob Hall with a group of buddies around 5pm. Water clarity was good and the weed was moderate. Didn't see any action on the pier and not much going on in the water as far as baitfish or surface activity. Ended up fishing the columns for sheepies with live shrimp and managed seven.

3/17 Bob Hall Pier - The Jacks are back! Green water hung around for St. Patrick's Day in spite of the wind. Jack Crevalle are showing up too along with Spanish Mackerel, and bonito. Here is Sharkbait's report from 3/15

I made it out to bob hall this morning drove down the beach a ways at around 9:00am not to many spring breakers then....

get out on the pier and start setting up my slide on the south end

daskew1 was out on the pier, tearing up smacks off the north side of the T

the spanish mackerel were thick tearing up tiny glass minnows on the surface

short video i was trying to show the smacks on the bait, looked a little cooler in person
tried catching them a few different ways, ended up going to buy a 1 ounce silver mann-o-lure twice and lost both of them lol

caught about ten of them and kept/filletted six

the sheepshead were thick around the pier legs too. i hooked over 15 of them

i kept these two 18inchers, i released and gave quite a few away

this is the biggest sheepie i hooked...21inches...released

daskew1 hooked this tuna/bonito (not sure what species) on a silver 1once mann-o-lure it gave him a good fight.

a whole school of them came near the pier twice feeding on the glass minnows.

I was catching smacks when I hear surprised hollers from the other side of the T....I start sprinting, i get to my slide and land this 21pound jack in a few minutes...

He ate a huge bait, it was neat to hold another big jack. They have always been one of my favorite fish to fight.


This is what the beach looked like around 4:00pm....spring breakers everywhere...

had a great time at the pier the fish were biting and the people friendly

3/8 Bob Hall Pier Back and Running - Open for Spring Break. Prior to the front fishing was good for whiting a few pompano, and 3 to 6 foot Bull Sharks reported. Spanish Mackerel were also caught earlier this week prior to the wind. Sargassum is beginning to come in thick at times.

12/14 Bob Hall Pier Closed for repair during the week - Drunkswimmer says he went there Tuesday 12/3 night and found out that the pier is closed! It will be open for fishing on the weekends Fri, Sat and Sundays but the county is doing some work/maintenance on it during the week. I spoke with some of the employees there and they said it might be a few months before the pier is back to normal operations.

The Restaurant is open and will continue normal operations. (they have insanely good pancakes by the way and 5.50 pitches on tap)"

12/1 Bob Hall Pier - Bull reds, spanish mackerel, pompano, pup sharks and whiting caught. Here is a good stringer of trout caught on live shrimp under a popping cork on 11/29 from 10:30 to Midnight from Hrod2222

11/3 Bob Hall Pier via D.Askew - 50 bull reds caught there Wednesday. Here is his report from 10/30 Fished Bob Hall Pier from 6:30 am to 8pm Sunday night. Most of the day was very slow with spanish mackerel in the early morning hitting everything. Around 2:30 i found Blue fish feeding in the 3rd gut. After catching a couple and running them both out on my slides, I go to catch another....when i get called from the folks by my slide line in the 3rd gut.....i went running. They said there was a monster King circling the Blue. I saw nothing so decided to check on the Bluefish that was on the North Corner. He was swimming fine. While walking back to the gut i saw a monster king chase the Blue on the slide in the gut....then he rocketed out of the water sending the Bluefish in the air to the extent of the leader. The King had to of been close to 6ft long.....He went after him 2twice more after that finally ripping the bluefish off the hooks. Dissapointed i walk back to the Bluefish on the corner...and wham!!! Another monster ate him just ripping him off the hooks.....then i give a skippy to my buddie....within seconds of dropping him in....kings are all over him. with no hookup once again. After that it took about 30 minutes then it was king city again!! with double and triple hook ups for the pier. There must have been over 20 kings landed in just a few hours with them hitting all the way till sundown. Here are just some of the kings that were cuaght that day.

Once again...sorry for the late report! Work alot!

10/24 Bob Hall Pier via DAskew 10/20 - Fished from 4:30am to Dark thursday. Water was clear as it could get all day long. Spanish were taken all day with lures and cutbait. The Pompano came in on thursday also eating shrimp and sabiki rigs(I caught a cooler full!) Slide lined all day long with not even a hit till 5pm. At 5pm the Kings came running in full force. You could see them in the water like a pack of reds! I had 5 kings on one slide bait trying to eat him! It was absolutly crazy! The main problem was there was hardly any bait in the water. If you had a live bait you had a king on your line. I hooked up with a total of 14 kings on thursday evening!!! Never before have I seen them all there at one time before! The bad news is I was only able to land ONE! Had a bad gaff man and alot of the kings would not run they would just eat and sit till you brought them to the top. Then they would run under the pier and break you off. It was like king hell lol. I had a monster hit my slide right at dark peeling off 250yrds with in a few seconds after a long run i finally brought him close to the pier, but with darkness upon us we could not see him too well. My friend who has never gaffed a fish in his life somehow had the gaff in his hand and my leader got wrapped around the gaff....before i could say stop lets unwrap the leader someone in the background yelled "gaff him gaff him" and there it went gaff flying in the airt missing the king but catching the leader and away the king went laughing at me into the darkness.

With all that said, and only one king on the deck for myself, I had a wonderful time.

Btw total hookups for the pier on kings is probably in the 30's range within those couple of hours before dark. I cant wait for another run like that!!!
D. Askew

10/18 Bob Hall 10/17 - Pompano, king mackerel, and spanish mackerel reported. This front will have things torn up until Thursday. Let's hope the front dissipates the red tide bloom that has been coming in and out.

10/14 Red Tide Present but fish still caught - Here is a report from Sharkbait on 10/12 We made a 30 minute trip to Bob Hall to see the red tide effects while the kiddo was at school. Saw dead mullet on the beach but no respiratory symptoms. Saw a few spanish mackerel in the gut. and talked to some others on the pier who caught a few reds, a pampano, and a small black tip shark. the kings are no where to be found, but the ocean looks amazing and calm

hooked this little guy on a 2oz. mann-o-lure and let my wife fight him (we released him)

10/6 SharkBait's Bob Hall Report 10/5 - Three big jacks around 20 pounds were landed early in the morning. the spanish mackerel were in good numbers and there were some big ones eating slide lines.Didn't see any reds caught but the bluefish and ladyfish were around. the kings ate slides in the gut and off the north side of the T... i fought a really nice king on 40# mono up and down the pier then lost him when we tried to gaff him..broke another one off that ran strait under the pier when hooked, and finally had a screamer that broke me off on the pier leg after a good long fight. a 28# king and a few more were landed.. all my kings were hooked in the gut on 44 pound single strand wire that stuff is deadly

my daughter following me down the pier chasing a king

best day at the pier i have seen in a while.....gonna fish 50 # mono next time

9/30 Sharkbait's Bob Hall Pier Report from9/29 - Fished Bob hall today.. the water was really blue but still not clear. There was enough bait to keep me happy.. Mostly watermelon shad a few blue runner and pinfish.. Fish caught were keeper sized reds off the T and some spanish mackerel. The kingfish were around the pier with a few hooked but none landed that i saw. The kings ate bait off sabinkis and crushed 3 baits on my slide line. They didn't want to go to the surface too much. My friend had a nice one hooked on a float but his wire gave way. The wind picked up out of nowhere a few times and it rained. I hooked a king freelining back in the gut on 30# mono with no leader(i knew they would eat it) but it took my hook. then they wouldn't bite when i put on wire . Past the T 200 yards and north of the pier BIG kings were shredding watermelon shad (same as last time I was there) but didn't get close enough to hook.... hint hint to you kayak fisherman
I caught a trout in my net but put him back(the warden was hanging out in his truck

9/23 Bob Hall Pier - D.Askew says Evening 9/21 -Set up shop on the end of the T head around 3:15.....water was crystal clear again.....a little too clear. So i set up one slide line inside the 3rd gut. at the first light pole from the T head. Around 5:30 my Buddie gets a hard run. King fish in the gut......so i set up my other slide line in the gut with the other....20 min. later KING on! 45inches 20lb....dwarfing his 11lb king lol. Then another and another ....kings destroying baits!!! There were kings clearing the water just chasing bait....looked like a ton of Menhaden in the water. Most broke off with them flying throught the T Head. lost 5 slide clips and 3 king rigs.....and thats running 65lb braid. Still a fun afternoon. Evening bite seems like the prodominant one. Heading out there Saturday for a full day....will advise on that report as soon as i get more kings in lol.


9/15 Bob Hall Pier - Plenty of bait still around with action on Kings still coming though most of the kingfish have been hitting in the evening before sundown. Redfish, Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish reported. Expect Jacks, whiting, hardheads and trout and pompano in the mix during blue bird days with clear water.

9/2 Sharkbait reported 9/1 - Very slow no kings all day few spanish mackerel and small sharks the water was murky and the bait came and went. I did have a king pass under my slide line at 30 mph smacking at my watermelon shad. over all very slow day today and i believe tomorrow will be another slow day, all the same go try and catch em..."


NOTICE WATER COULD GO ClOSE TO THE DUNES TONIGHT 9/2 before receding due to Tropical Storm Lee. Conditions should improve rapidly on Saturday with North wings

8/25 Surfdragon's Report and Pics from 8/24 - Took a trip to bob hall this morning arond 830 am. Reaching the surf and taking a look at the water it was a picture perfect day.
I was in the need for some fresh fish to eat,Took some light tackle to hook up to some Macs and maybe a king fish. Getting there the water looked great and bait was present.
Met a fellow employee there and managed to catch some spanish mackerels for supper.Hers a few shots of the day finishing off north of bob hall to take a dip in the water it was a hot day.Water was excellent.
Baits used were shad ,watermelon shad ,Mannolures ,Gotcha plugs.
By the way kings were landed by others today just not by me.
Fish caught were Smanish mackerals ,kings, blue fish barra cuda,
sand trout, speckled trout and small sharks that i saw.
It turned out to be a great day at the beach. :)

blaa didnt want that shad any ways.

8/17 Bob Hall Pier - A 12"6" Tiger was caught and released Saturday more on that below. Meanwhile Sharkbait reported 8/15 "Water looked great descent amount of bait under the pier. Quit a few red drum were caught some even on slide lines they were biting pin fish and most were over sized. a 80 pound ray was caught as well as one hefty 30 pound king fish. only saw a few Spanish macheral. a guy fishing the back of the T hook a 130pound tarpon on float and watermelon shad for about 3 seconds.... It was Awesome! wouldn't believe it if i hadn't seen it. I left the pier a little early there were still some serious looking fishermen when i left something else definitely could have been caught. i spent the 5 hours i was there chumming cut watermelon shad next to the T like crazy i went through almost a hundred of them. some small sharks were caught and a few lady fish and jacks.


12ft 6in Tiger landed by Albert from EZ fishing tackle using a Breakaway Z1 rod @ Bob Hall pier. Caught and released 8/13

8/11 Bob Hall Pier - King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel and a Ling reported over the weekend. Expect trout under the lights when the water is green.

8/5 Bob Hall Pier - Silver King fish the evening of 8/4 and reported "SLOW! Fished from about 6:30pm to 9pm near the T. Had live croaker out top n bottom fishing. Tried live shad top n botton...nada. Only saw small trash fish being caught. Saw a baby Tarpon roll a few times when the sun went down. Water color wasnt the best, fairly murky. "

Daskew says "King fishing was good the previous week with slow weekend action. I went to Bob Hall yesterday 8/3 for 10 hrs. A ton of small sharks around 3ft. Some speckled trout in the surf and only a couple of Macks. I had one king shoot at my bait in the morning but missed and never came back. No reds that i saw were landed yesterda

7/2727 Bob Hall Pier - D. Askew says "Showed up to the pier around 3:30PM kings kings and more kings......You could see them in the water chasing blue runners and watermelon shad. I think 5 were landed and upwards to 8 hookups. A couple of Nice Cobia were caught also. One measuring in at 38inches. The others were just undersized. Lots of spanish and bait in the water also."

Also 51baldeagle posted this picture of the pier in 1960 He's the nine year old on the left.

7/15 Bob Hall Pier - Gib says the best bite this week have been from 3am to 6am for trout and reds on live bait. Daytime fishing has been a bit slow. Look for things to improve with the calmer conditions over the weekend.

7/9 Bob Hall Pier - KingHardhead reports - Just left the pier and had a pretty good morning. Slot reds are thick right now at the fourth light to the right. Fished live perch with a 5oz weight dropped straight down. Got my limit and left em still biting. Great day to be on the water!


7/8 Gib says "Trout bite was on Tuesday-Thursday with Trout fishermen picking up 5 to 10 Trout each.

Trout bite last night was a little slow, perhaps due to the fast-paced current ripping through.

Redfish are there, but not in the numbers they were a short time ago.

Shrimp and whatever you can catch in your castnet on the pier seem to be best right now.

This is for night time."

7/7 Drunkswimmer (Coast Guard Guy) said "Strolled my kid out there today. Heard they got a 44" ling yesterday and they caught a couple slot reds and some nice pomps while I was there this AM between 8-10.

I swam it yesterday and the summer school of snook is right under the T with alot of sheepshead.

Flew down the beach on thursday and there is crystal clear blue water that has moved in between the yellow rig and the 3 farther off. Saw a guy land a huge king as we did circles at 200'"

6/23 Bob Hall Pier - Relentless strong winds muddied up the water this week. With the recent rains, the winds have decreased and weekend prospects look better. Nothing reported in muddy water other than hardheads and a few whiting. Gotmullet fished south of Bob Hall with croaker and mullet 6/21 and got nothing. There also appears to be a coldwater upwelling as surf temps have remained steady on the cool side around 78 degrees when they should be about 86.

6/9 Bob Hall Pier via Carolina Kinger 6/7 - On the pier at 5:30 this morning to set up the slide rigs in hopes the kings would come through, no such luck today. With pin fish and mullet as the avalible bait, the reds showed up and were ready to eat until the wind picked up. A few were caught on lures and plugs, but most were caught on the slide rigs with live bait spashing on top. The reds have been there in schools since last thursday that I know of. From what I've seen they have been cruising the front to south corner of the pier. I caught 10 today with the biggest being 27 inches and probably seen 40 caught. By the way, watch out for all the treble hooks flying over your head and buzzing by your ears.

There was also a 7'7" Greater Hammer caught earlier this week in addition Pompano, Trout, Whiting and Spanish Mackerel have been reported. Expect Kings and Ling as well.

6/1 Late Bob Hall Pier Report from 5/26 via D. Askew - Fished for 12 hours on Thursday(5/26/11) Bait was everywhere with high waves first thing in the morning which dropped to calm water after a few hours. Slide lined from 6:30am to 6:30pm. total catch for the day was 2 large Jacks one 22" red(caught with mann o lure) and a 46in 21lb King(Caught at 6:30pm) other angler catches included lots of jacks and small cobia around the 27inch range. Saw alot of Reds being caught just shy of the T-head. Plenty of Blue Runners in the water so the kings have been hanging out around the surf lately. Friend of mine said a 50in king was caught close to the surf just south of Bob Hall pier.(hearsay)Also the sharks were heavy that day. They were circling the baits on top. all around the 5-6ft range. Black tips mainly. Saw some Tarpon off the T head. And one hammerhead in the area.


Pic from 5/17/11

5/17 Bob Hall Pier Report via D.Askew - Got to Bob Hall pier at 6:30am water was flat and green! no wind! fishing was slow with no movement. By 8am water was perfect. Some guys catching reds and Mackerel off the T. I slide lined on the left Corner for a few hours with shad....due to lack of bait. Finally got a small Blue fish and it was on!!! 44inch King Fish. 2 more were caught after mine on the right side of the T. The kings were there if you had blue's in the water. water was beautiful all day.

5/6 Bob Hall Pier Report - I apologize for the lack of reports but with these se winds to 40mph the past month there has been little traffic out there. I did get a report from Ladyfish who fished on 5/2 - Lots of weed coming in and got skunked. Please post reports on the message forum if you happen to go! Thanks!

3/25 Bob Hall Pier Report from Johntx14 3/23 - Ok here it is went out bobhall yesterday 3-23-11. Sharks are out there 5'6" blacktip caught, there are alot of pregnant females being caught. Lots of bonnet heads, sharpnose. I had abought a 2" pup on didnt know it, had a long run brought it in just the head was on, seaweed is starting to get bad at the end but still fishable pretty bad at the front to middle. Saw some sheephead being caught lot of catfish. I caught three shark kept 1 saw 12 sharks caught in 4hrs counting even the little ones.

3/17 Bob Hall Report from Eksda 3/16 - After spending a cold winter at home, the weather finally co-operated for us to get out for the day. we made it to corpus about 10 am and went to bob hall. the water was beautiful and clear hardly any wind. we fished til about 5. we caught some whiting hubby caught about a 50 pound sting ray and saw many others doing the same. Saw whiting, pompano, one spanish mackeral, several sharks usually the bonnet head ones. Cannot wait to come back again. It was more about getting out and enjoying the nice weather than fishing. Will be back in your beautiful city soon. Would like to come twice a week but with the gas prices may have to cut it down. Just rebuilt our home from hurricane Ike so moving is out for a bit. Trying to figure a way to rent for 6 months a yr and still be close to kids lol.

3/6 Finally! A report from Boy - Me, my gf, and 2 cousins went out to Bob Hall Pier looking to catch some Reds.
We arrived around 7:30 with live shrimp and a couple mullet.
Upon being there for about 2 hours we realized that we were un-prepared.
The waves were too strong and easily carried our 5oz weights.
We also had no idea it was going to be that windy and cold.
On the plus side i took down some pointers for my next trip down there:
-spider weights
-bigger hooks
-cut bait
-a jacket
The people fishing on the right side of the T pull out a huge Red, probably close to 4' long. I've never seen such a big fish caught in person. They said they were using cut whities. They also gave it away.

Once we left BHP we went to the usual place where my gf and i go to hang out and fish; Indian Point.
It was packed and we were only geting baits from those little perch untill we moved to the end of the pier.
Then i we pulling out big whities, and even caught a pelican.

11/5 Bob Hall Pier report from 10/31 - Ken wrote and said "Within the first 10 minutes of getting the hook wet, my wife, Kayla, gets a slam.

Big Red. Didn't get to measure, left the tape measure at home.:( Very

Successful Catch and Release! 10 minutes after releasing, she gets another

slam, but drag set to tight, guess what.... Snap!!! No more big hits after

that. By the way we were using Finger Mullet. We Caught a few Gafftop to

take home. We had a great time!! And enjoyed the food from Barnicle



10/25 - 10/23 from Skilzzz9 - Well what a day of fission. My father in law and I met at Bob Hall Pier before sunrise and Immediately started getting into some fish. The Gafftops were thick, though, and it was hard to get to the Reds that were plenty. Caught the first red just as the sun started to make light enough to see what we were doing. The next thing that happened was my 6/0 wide began screaming. My partners and I looked at each other and said ďThatís not a redfish.Ē After about a 8-15 min battle (who keeps track?) Up pops a 6-7ft blacktip shark. Being that I didnít want to harm the shark any more I opted not to put a gaff into it and just roped the leader. Hence the straightened hook and no pics. She dropped to the water before we could get her on the deck. Its just as well I donít think putting sharks that big on the deck is a good idea anyway, if you want to release them.

After that my father in law and I caught more gafftops than you can shake a stick at. I ended up with seven bull redfish and he caught three. What a hoot. The wind was terrible though and wore us out for the end of the day. I havenít slept that soundly in a long time. All fish were caught on cut mullet, and released, except one was tagged for a kid that really begged hard for it. He got a male that spoooged all over one of my custom rods.

Great day on the water. Good luck yaíll.


Father in Law was smiles all day.

Yes, more smiles

Me with a fishy

My head is up here pops!

Straightened 14/0 hook.

Good day.

10/19 A REPORT - PRSB69 says "Lots of redfish on live finger mullet, live or dead. Spansh macks all day long, small sharks, pomps on fish bites, still catching a few kings on slides."

9/8 Gotmullet? says his son fished 9/4 and here is his report - My son and his buddies went to BHP yesterday and he caught 5 Pompano and 1 Spanish Mack
Needless to say he had a blast.

Kryspykrmeburritto Reported

CORPUS CHRISTI - The Nueces County Commissioners Court is approving efforts to expand Bob Hall Pier to create a more tourist-friendly environment.

The project will expand the pier to include an outdoor dining facility and other infrastructure.

The cost for the project is just under $900,000. Commissioners said in Wednesday's meeting that the project will increase revenue for the county by making the area more appealing to tourism.

County officials say that money is already set aside and available from 2004 and 2007 certificates of obligation.

The work on the pier is expected to begin next month and be complete in time for spring break of next year.

The project does not include any funding to expand or renovate the parking lot at the pier


8/20 FB Phil Says on 8/18 - I fished BHP Mon-Wed this week and there were quite a few reds 1-2"s short with some keepers caught. There was alot of baitfish of all kinds, but got more scarce yesterday, I guess because it was rougher. There has also been some keeper trout caught in the daytime ALL UP AND DOWN THE PIER on live shad or small perch or croakers. There is also a ton of small to med macs tearing up Sabiki rigs and other mono. Someone on the "T" caught a 5' tarpon yesterday while I was there.

8/12 Reds according to MinnowMaster 8/11 !- Ok so went to the beach with wife and kids for fun in the sun and of course i had to do some fishing while i was there.So while in the surf with my 10' and my little Diawa Millionaire Classic i hear a "CLICK" not the one you want here and it locks up. head on to the pier to check out the action and everybody was getting slot reds before i get there, after i show up nothing but catfish. A few casts into the night i cast out leader line cut mullet and half my fishing pole so it was time to call it a night.


8/8 Kryspykrmeburritto Reported - Hit the pier around 8ish w/o any live shrimp due to everybody being sold out. 2lbs of dead and a dozen+ piggies and set-up shop. Bait was EVERYWHERE! I have never before in my life experienced what occured today. Mullet, some type of cigar shad by the thousands. (I could be wrong calling them cigar shad) Saw a couple of upper slot reds landed and a couple of trout landed along with some pup sharks. Around 10ish with the overcast skies the bait balls would venture out from under the pier into open waters and it was amazing to watch the skiddish chain reaction of bait running. From birds up above to who knows what below, it was definetly a site. Saw a couple of Kings go airborne attacking the schools and for the first time ever I saw a Tarpon roll from underneath the pier hitting one of the schools of mullet. Unreal! Only thing I managed was a 28" Blacktip. Place was busy early and more folks were showing up by the time we left around 11am.

Bait scattered everywhere!

8/5 Trout Under the Lights reported - Night time reports have gotten better as the water cleared. Trout reported on live bait up front. Some Skipjacks a few pompano, whiting, pup sharks and hardheads reported during the day.

7/23 Slow fishing lately and water to the dunes this morning - Ladyfish reports extremely dead fishing lately on the pier due to the fresh dirty water. Some redfish and small sharks reported recently and plenty of hardheads. Water could remain high all weekend due to T.S. Bonnie

6/18 - Winds and weed have slowed the reports though I have heard of a few Kings, Spanish Macks, Sharks, Whiting and Pomps, A few trout at night when it is calmer on live shrimp.

Jason Gutierrez with a 45" King taken 6/7

Here is a great report from krspykrmeburritto
from 6/6

These guys were plentiful. Blue Runners. Cut in half n nothing, not a click.

Butter perch I believe.

34" Bonnethead. Great fight for my mom on light 12# tackle. Double drop w/ live shrimp.

Sharpnose that hooked perfectly on a 12/0 circle w/ a 6" section of skippie. Didn't even know he was on but there were several other little chunks taken out of the skippie.

Plenty of bait only I wasn't having any luck with em.


First time I've ever seen one. Cool looking fish.
Had to get mutiple snaps. Very cool.

Weed was rolling in all day. Not too bad but enough to annoy you. Oh well.

Conditions when we left at 1230.

All fish were CPR'd successfully! If I'm not slaying them it ain't worth it!
Good just to be out in it!

5/27 Via Eksda - Got to the pier at 5 am and water was perfect winds calm. redfish glaore all over the shallows. problem they didnt want anything you threw at them only a few caught. went further out and set up for the day. about sunup a tarpon hits hubbys line and dance on the water 3 times before coming to pier and as htey were trying to land him took off under the pier, then the spanish mackeral hit and it was almost non stop for what seemed hours there was 4 of us and we all had so much. caught pompano and mackeral. about 11 am a school of redrfish hit out by teh t-head and there were some catching them. we used live shrimp and had dead. hubby lost serveral lures too. have some pics will get daughters bf to post for me we left by noon as we were all played out. had so much fun.pier was busy but everyone was nice no rowdy crowds at all.

5/20 Here is a report from Surfdragon 5/18 - Went to bob hall this mourning not knowing of cool front that was aproaching. Stoped at packery bridge to cast net some bait,Managed some finger mullet a couple of croakers one shrimp and some shad not bad. Water looked great with a greenish color with a light north wind. Not much sea weed in the water but reports that it was a mess before getting there. Fished with a croaker and bam a small black tip. Set out bigger rigs with live finger mullet on all lines. Just about then wind changes around to south east and starts blowing with some light rain. Saw some mullet jumping out of the water so some thing was going after them. Decided on getting some thing to drink at the cafe and was standing outside with a gentle man talking about fishing when he tells me one of my rods just flew over the rail,Well i start running over to my spot which wasn't to far off.I was fishing the third gut, And just hoping it was a smaller rig.Not that lucky, Well it must have been a school of some big fish because my biggest rod was hooked and bent over with a fish on.The other rod next to me starts bouncing an it wants to go off too.The first fish that was hooked as soon as i was setting the hook it came off but i managed to see it break the water far away,looked like a jack but not sure.Four reels set up with live mullet all got hit at the same time,Out come bustted line on one,loss of $200.00 rod and reel and two that got away. Oh well thats the breaks,Like i said water still looked great dispite the wind. Report of small sharks and jacks at the T . Heres some shots of the pier and water with one shot of my first shot of lightning.

5/7 Another great report from Cinco De mayo from the Bum - Viewer Discretion advised due to graphic hook injury! Got out there at 5am and the water sure looked fishy. 535am, phone rings. Had to go out to work. Got done a 8am and headed back out ot the pier.

Talk to a guy who was getting there as I was leaving for work. I asked if he got anything. He said he got 5 reds one after the other as soon as I left. Dammit!

Well, decided to move out towards the end as the clarity look better there. Got a slide line out and started throwing manolures. Hit after hit. A bunch of undersize Spanish and huge ladyfish. There were a few tiny bluefish mixed in. I did manage two 14" Spanish. I released them because didnt want to risk the shrinkage factor. I boxed a 14.5" and 15" Spanish.

About the time the larger macks showed up, I hooked a large ladyfish. Good fight until it jumped out of the water and shot the lure right back at me. Needless to say two of the three hooks sunk all the way into my calf.

Go figure it was a LADYFISH that stuck it to me. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to fish the hooks out. If it was just one, I would have done it, but having two in there showed me I could do it. So, off to the minor emergency care center and after a few shots, good yank by the doc, and $125.00 later, I was on my way home to get cleaned up and hit the rack.

4/28 Fishing Report from 4/26 from Da Bum - Well, after a long week at work and the weather actually cooperating on my day off, I decided to cut out early since things slowed down and head out the the pier to fish. I was looking for fish for the freezer. I decided to grab some live shrimp to see if there was any trout in the lights. I come to find out out that none of the bait stands were open. However I waited around Clems and shortly before 5am they openned up. Grab some live shrimp and headed to the pier.

Started fishing the shallow lights. Not a bite. Ran into John and moved out to where he was at sunrise. I heard of the SMACK action from last week. It really sucked cuz I had to work through it.

Sunrise brought limited action. I did manage a lot hits and some quality hook ups. It was great to hear the line ripping through the water by a big ol' SMACK! But at last someone changed my hooks to rubber hooks. I lost 6 straight nice SMACKS at the pier while waiting to be netted.

I kept on chuggin' and manage to put my first fish onto the pier. A nice pompano measuring out to 19.5". It was still frustrating missing more SMACKS while others landed them. The action was not hot and heavy like the week before, but they came in waves. We usually got 3 or 4 hook ups as schools went by. Finally I started to land some of them including this 28.5" Spanish Mackerel.

Far from epic trip, but I did manage to put a few fish in the ice box. And yes Tyler, I kept the pompano for food and not for shark bait...even though it was tempting.

Smallest fish was the pompano at 19.5". All the SMACKS were over 20".



4/21 Spanish Macks are ON! -Krispykrmeburrito filed this report: Heard some reports of folks slaying smacks at the pier yesterday and having perfect conditions so decided to sneak out of work early and see for myself. Glad I did! Stopped n loaded up on some live shrimp and hit the pier around 1245 this afternoon. Guess everybody else heard about the smacks as well cause it was packed. Out of the 5 normal spots that I occupy, all 5 were taken so I sucked it up and set up close to the T.
Water was beautiful! Been a loooooooonnnnnngggg time since I've seen it that clear. Truly amazing of all the life below the shallows when its visible. Bait everywhere. People still slaying the smacks with some pomps mixed in. Saw one King caught off the right side of the T. Noticed they were slide-lining. With polarized shades I could see the smacks slowly circle my bobber and in an instance they darted off either nipping it right below the little treble or spitting the hook. It was a blast! Caught and released 8 smacks between 20-24". Lost well over a dozen! They were all solid size. Started off with 60#mono test leader and that didn't last long at all so had to adapt. Saw rays, turtles, jellies, numerous types of bait fish that I am unfamiliar with. Awesome day. The icing on the cake came from being out there with my Wife and our 2mth old daughter. She's my everything. Bought a little pop up tent for her and tried it out for the first time and I highly recommend it. Momma can even crawl in there if need be and have the privacy to feed on demand!

Its only gonna get better!

Bottom left you can see the schools of bait hiding under the pier from the predators

More bait hanging around

This lady is always out on the pier fishing and she always manages to leave with a full cooler! Don't know her name but she was nice enough to allow me to snap a shot of her catch.

little baby tent that worked perfect with something protecting it from the wind. Gonna make an angler out of her before shes 2!

One of the smacks. Not the biggest, but picture quality, its the best of the rest.

4/1 Before the Strong Winds Hit 3/29 Allsharkhunter reported - Headed out at 2:00 and had baits in the water. Chunks of cownose and a small perch. Perch gets munched but no hook up. Then 4 wide that was about about 150 yards gets slammed. FISH ON! Fight it for about 20 mins through tangled lines then it starts to shoot the pier. NOOOO. So i stick the rod tip below the bottom and hold on and get him turned. Get it up to the pier and measures 5'8 fat blacktip. I get the tag kit and stick it in smoothly. Then we heaved it over the side and it swam off to terriorize some more fish. After that i reeled em up and headed home. Water was nice an green and alot of cownose and smacks were being caught. May be the first tagged shark off bob hall. Pics soon to come soon as i figure out how to get them off my phone.

3/20 Bob Hall Pier is open! - Sargassum is increasing but still fishable. The water temps are close to 65. Look for Bonnethead Sharks and Whiting. The latest reports say "whiting , sand trout, bonnethead sharks and gafftop" Be on the lookout for Spanish Mackerel and Jack Crevalle if the water is green.

3/12 The concession is opening this weekend - That is the latest word we have. The folks running Horace Caldwell are now handling Bob Hall Pier. Please send us some reports or post them on the message board. The water temperature is at 63 degrees. Look for Jacks to show up soon with warmer weather and green water.

2/10 As mentioned David and Ladyfish say the new owners take over in a few weeks - Reports have been few with bad weather and rough, cold water recently. Expect catches to include Whiting and a few Pompano and plenty of Hardheads.

1/21 Finally a report! This comes from David and Ladyfish - Took a drive over to the pier, stopped by the Park office for a update, the new ower will take over in appox. 6 weeks he is remodeling now. Everything will stay the same, the only thing will be rule enforcement. They say the rules will enforced. The new ower is the same person that runs Horace Caldwell Pier. Ok the water, dirty real dirty no weed or trash in the surf no dead fish and no live fish. I talked to all 5 people on the pier, 3 old men from Iowa not even a hard head lol, 1 young man 1/2 way down fished all night not even a bite, and Harley out on the end nothing. No bait fish No big fish, dirty water, and water temp at 55. Maybe Feb will be better. Hope this helped.

11/24 Bull Reds and Jacks 11/23 from Ladyfish who says - The day of the bull red and jack today was one of those days you dream about . We got to the pier around 7:30 am the water was pitcher perfect there were mullet in the first gut ,got a few set up just past the 1st gut, first rod out Bamb slot red, the water was boiling couldn't count the reds, didn't get a change to put out the second rod, ok Got 3 rods out, 3 rods down all three at once Jacks all big, To top it off the Bull reds came in , i was wore out, just sat there. but ladyfish stayed with it, every one on the pier was hooked up either bull reds or Jacks all bulls were released and the shark boys loved those jacks also, we got 2 30'' black tip sharks, Baitfish every where i saw the biggest Manhayden over 12 to 15 ins thousands and thousands, horse mullet pony and finger and thousands of 2'' gaff tops . We left them bitting at noon.

11/5 Finally A Report Here is one from Surfdragon from BHP - Packery - Finally my day off arrived,With clear skys and cool weather.
Stopped at bobhall first with gates open for free fishing, Not bad.
Water was clear and green,with shad around some of the columns.
Fishing was some what slow with spanish mackerels being caught on plugs and man o lures. Stayed for a while with no luck,And decided on north packery jetty.
Fish caught were black drum, slot reds ,pompono,mangrove snapper
and spanish macs. Heres a few pics of the day and some fish.

10/19 Restaurant Closed - Here is a report from BHP - Packery to Port A from Skipper "Went to BHP and the SPJ, then to Port A. The water is looking a lot better. It is dirty green but no red tide symptoms. Lots of people surfing and fishing. Here are a few pics from Port A. The first pic is from Friday, kind of a before and after deal. The second is about the same area.

Here are a few pics from SPJ


10/1 - 10/3 Report from LilDave360 - The journey begins Thursday morning at 5 am in Austin, TX. The alarm goes off. I pop out of bed like a child eagerly awaiting Christmas morning. I quickly gather my belongings and load up in the truck. A quick kiss good by to the misses and I'm on the road headed down I-35 toward paradise. A quick 3 hours later and I'm rolling into Corpus. My mind racing a hundred hours per hour pondering what might be. A quick stop at Cosway for some live bait (shrimp and perch) and I'm off again, in hot pursuit of Bob Hall Pier. I finally arrive around 10ish to setup shop. I unload the cart,my rods, and the rest of the gear, and proceed down the pier. The first place I stop and setup is btw the 2nd gut. I setup shop and not a few moments later my good buddy Jaime from Alice shows up. He is here for the long haul just like I am. We both set up and after a few hours of fishing with live piggy perch nothing to show for it. We switch to live shrimp and we start catching whiting and more perch. At this time I figure it's time for me to bust out the cast net and see if I can find some finger mullet. I spot a few in the surf and bam I get about a half dozen and 2 horse mullets. So we thrown them in the bucket and hook a few up and still nothing. After trying all day in the second gut we decide to relocate towards the end of the pier. We setup shop at the end of the pier and try there for another 3 or 4 hrs and nothing. At this point I had walked back toward the front of the pier and noticed more mullet in the surf. I told my buddy lets move back since we weren't catching at the end and we decided to do so. So we set up shop in the second gut again with nothing to show. Around 4 AM I noticed large schools of horse mullet running in the guts so I netted up about a dozen for cut bait the next day. I finally get about an hr or two of sleep and when the sun starts to rise so do I. I re rig all my rods with fresh cut mullet and around 8 AM my friend Jaime gets hit and hit hard. But with his luck the fish runs under the pier and around the pylon and snap, the line breaks. He is upset of course but that's life. Then about 20 minutes later my rod goes off. I set the hook and I tell Jaime this one isn't getting away. We get him landed and it turns out to be a nice 26 1/2" red. Looks like this fish had a run in with a shark cause he had a nice little bite mark on him. Soon after that the rain begins and we have to seek shelter. After about 10 minutes of heavy rain it stops just as quickly as it had begin. We head back to our spot and re rig and bam another run on my same rod. Jaime grabs the rod this time since i wasn't close by and brings in a nice 22 inch" red. We re rig and bam another one, this time it was under sized. A quick pic and release back to the gulf. This would continue through out the day, picking up reds here and there. One guy even asked us what we were using and we gave him some mullet and on the first cast bam, he hooks up with a 23" red. He then proceeds to ask if we would sell him some of our bait and I told him I had plenty and didn't mind sharing with him. So he cast again and bam he gets another, but it was undersized. And then the bite just turned off. They were gone just as quick as they had appeared. The afternoon was slow with nothing to show, but once the sun went down the bite would turn on again. We caught more reds and heard reports that people were catching drum down at the end. So my buddy Jaime moves on down to the end and proceeds to catch one as well as his 3rd red, but really his second red since one of those was technically on my rod. lol Anyhow, we both end up catching our limit of reds for the day and release many more. We saw many people catching reds around us. I guess if you were in the right spot you were getting hooked up. Saturday morning we started out early again after a few hrs of sleep. I netted up some shad that was in the surf and free lined him on my light rod. Not even 5 minutes later, bam another red. this one would measure at 24". After that we would catch more undersized and call it a day around noon.

Overall, this trip was very successful. We had a blast and the fishing was off the hook!

Total fish for the trip was 7 keeper reds, and 1 black drum. Almost all were caught on cut mullet, figure mullet, and live shad.

Here are a few pic i hope you enjoy!!!

This my set up at the pier.

This is me with my first two red of the day. If you look closely you can see the bite marks on the big one. The small one was released.

A few more pics of the pier. As you can see we had the pier to ourselves.

This is a pic of the keepers of the trip.

Here is a pic of my buddy Jaime Z and myself sporting our catches.

Me posing with the fish!! lol

Jaime posing with the fish! Don't let him fool you he only caught 2 of those fish!

9/18 Bob Hall Pier Via Wally Montez 9/17 - A lot of oversized reds and slot reds this week. Slow for most except on the end of the pier. Look at the reds coming through


These two guys are new to fishing. I bet they go again soon!

8/31 Bob Hall via Fishinglady - No sunrise this morning...all overcast, and the wind out of the northeast. The water is clear and green, no weed, and pomps, reds, and Spanish macks were biting, and there were trout being caught in the surf...at least until 10:30am or so. After that, the bites were very few and far between....wind shifted to easterly, whitecaps picked up,,,and most people left by 1:30pm
I managed an 18inch red on a little sabiki rig--returned to grow up, and one medium sized spanish mack that hit a watermelon shad under a bobber.
There were some shad in the water, but little to no obvious bait activity and the pelicans and herons were camped out on the light poles, not working the water.

8/14 Bob Hall reports! - Trout have been fairly good at night with the calmer winds under the lights on shrimp. Lots of Kings and Spanish Mackerel with a few Tarpon hooked on the t-heads. The water is finally warming up with temps near 83.

7/21 South of Bob Hall from JayandCoyote 7/20 - Made it out a little south of Bob Hall yesterday. My wife wanted to take my niece who is visiting from Houston out to the beach. Tide was still going out when we got there about 4pm. Caught whiting on shrimp and fishbites combo. I threw out some cut whiting but nothing touched it all afternoon or evening. I just noticed the wrong date was on the camera. These really are from yesterday. I did not see any bait in the water.

7/1 Bob Hall Pier Reports Finally Coming In! - It was on the past several days for King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, Pup Sharks and a few Tarpon

Fishinglady reports from 6/30 "Incredibly clear water, no weed at all, and more bait than I've ever seen in the water.

I got to the pier about 7, intending to leave by noon, but ended up staying until almost 6pm. The bite came in spurts. Mid-morning the smacks were hitting watermelon shad under floats....and the smacks were huge. Then just after noon and again about 4pm the kings showed up in force...and they were huge too....and also hitting shad under floats and slide lined. I only ended up with one very large smack, which I gave away to a man from Dallas because, at the end of the day, I was so tired that I didn't want to have to clean it. I had several large kings on....all got away cutting through leaders, even wire wrapped leaders,breaking 20lb line, or actually straightening out/snapping metal clips and crimps. Once I was about to be spooled, so I had to tighten down the drag...metal clip broke. At least I got to see and fight them all before they broke free.

Lots of very nice, helpful people on the pier, and it was very clean too. The new management is doing a good job."

Ladyfish reports from June 29th "Today was outstanding, the water beautiful , Bait watermellon shad by the zillons and then Black clouds in the water the man-hay-don (sp) came in first time this year and with them the KINGs I know in one hour we saw 7 or more way to go John and miko and the boys on the end , also big smaks, and reds, We got 2-reds upper end slots and smaks and 1pomp Was home by noon." Watermelon Shad and Mannolures were the baits of choice.





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