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6/13 Port Aransas - Great snapper fishing continues offshore but with rough seas earlier in the week it was some work! Good trout and redfish are available on the North and South Jetties. Watch for Jack Crevalle and King Mackerel once the water turns green. Excellent fishing for trout along the Lydia Ann mostly on live bait. Redfish are good along the flats. Black drum are also biting well on live and dead shrimp.

4/9 Port A - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports they will close the Port Aransas South Jetty from the park to the end of the jetties on or about April 12th until approximately the last weekend in May. They hope to complete the repairs by the Memorial Day Weekend but it is all weather dependent. They will be fixing some of the jetty rocks and the concrete walkway damage from Hurricane Harvey. Meanwhile offshore fishing has been good. Fisherman's Wharf had lots of vermillion snapper and an 85lb black grouper this week. Texas Parks and Wildlife reports week of April 7th "GOOD. 67 degrees. Speckled trout and redfish have moved out into the bays and can also be found around the jetties and are good on shrimp. Black drum is good on shrimp or crab around vegetation or structure."

3/11 From Texas Parks and Wildlife Reports week of March 10th - "FAIR. 69 degrees. The assessment is ongoing to determine the effect of the freeze. For now, you should have some luck with black drum on mullet or shrimp in the deeper water, and speckled trout and redfish may be found around the jetty on mullet or shrimp."

2/5 Port A - Offshore with the lighter winds earlier in the week, the wahoo bite picked up. State snapper fishing was also good. The north jetty produced trout. Try for sheepshead this weekend in the lea of the North and South Jetty as the north wind could be pretty tough.

12/27 Port A - Lighter winds made for good fishing offshore with many snapper caught in state water over the weekend. Lots of trout along the Lydia Ann and there were lots of reds caught sightcasting in the deeper flats around Aransas Bay and St. Joe.

11/19 Port A - Prior to the last cold front and rougher seas the 36 and 56 hour trips from the headboats did well on Yellowfin and blackfin tuna. Seas offshore predicted to be around 6 feet over the weekend so you might want to pack in some dramamine if you're heading offshore. Bite is still good for state water snapper and offshore in federal waters for vermillion snapper. Jetties are producing slot and oversized reds and spanish mackerel. Look for kingfish, tarpon and jacks to be around the end of the south jetty if the water remains green. Inshore on the beach they're getting mostly whiting, and redfish. Water is up in the bays and the fish are still in summertime pattern with redfish in the sand pockets on the flats and smaller trout in there with them.

10/23 Port A - Cold front coming early Saturday. Try working the south jetty with cut and live finger mullet for redfish. The surf side might be better with the north wind blowing. The North Jetty is offlimits due to work being done by the Corps of Engineers. Off shore 3 to 5 foot and 6 foot seas predicted.

10/15 Port A - Lots of folks on the South jetty catching slot and oversized reds on cut and live finger mullet. Access to the North Jetty is restricted as the Army Corp of Engineers begins work to repair the recent Hurricane Damage. Fisherman's wharf will still be running the jetty boat but only for beach access on San Jose Island.

Offshore the fishing was good prior to the front. A new leader in the Yellowfin Tuna competition for October was brought back by the Suzy Q weighing in at 81 pounds.

10/11 Port A - High seas and swells shut down offshore action from Port Aransas for most of last week. The seas are down and now the boats should be heading offshore again to find the schools of vermillion snapper and blackfin tuna behind the deeper shrimp boats. The north jetty is closed for repairs but the south jetty should be good for slot and oversized reds. If the water clears don't be surprised to see king mackerel, jack crevalle, spanish mackerel and tarpon to join the fray.

10/2 Port A - Offshore Captain Chad Banks says the vermillion snapper bite is strong between East breaks and Southern. There are tuna on the deeper shrimp boats but not so many in close. The North Jetty will be closed for repairs by the Corps of Engineers beginning October 5th. Good catches of oversized reds on both jetties this week.

9/11 Port A - Showers are in the forecast but the seas should be great for getting offshore through Monday and 2 to 3 ft. Vermillion snapper, king mackerel, ling and possibly blackfin tuna around the shrimp boats this weekend. The jetties should be good for bull and slot redfish, possible jack crevalle, king mackerel and tarpon.

9/04 Port A - Capt. Chad Banks of Bluewater Excursions says the Headboats have been doing well on the closer in rocks for King Mackerel and vermillion snapper. Seas down today but increasing as a tropical wave approaches but back to 2 to 3 feet by Monday.. Albert Toscano got a limit of trout and a nice snook on the N. Jetty Thursday. Expect a big crowd.

8/28 Port A - The seas will be calming this weekend with 2 to 4 foot seas with a few 5 footers thrown in. Expect the King Mackerel bite to be back on at the rocks and the ships. Ling possible and the vermillion snapper and atlantic sharpnose sharks should be in full force. Amberjacks were good prior to the latest tropical disturbance. Jettie fishing for jacks, spanish mackerel and redfish could be good!

8/21 Port A - Vehicle access resumed this week but there has been an algae bloom (not red tide) that has caused a fish kill on the north end of Mustang Island. Trout and redfish have been caught further south in the surf on lures and live bait. There is the Texas Women's Angler Tournament going on this weekend so expect a crowd in the choice spots near Port Aransas in the Bays and Lydia Ann channel. Offshore should be good. King Mackerel, mahi mahi, Amberjacks, Wahoo, vermillion snapper, atlantic sharpnose sharks and Ling should fill in the gaps this weekend before the seas build Sunday afternoon.

8/14 Port A - Temporary access points have been allowed with the exception of Cotter Street to beach parking. Access roads will have 1,000 feet of parking to bleed off some of the congestion on City Streets. Meanwhile Offshore fishing continues to be good. With snapper season closed there are amberjacks scattered mostly over 150 feet over structure according to Captain Chad Banks of Blue Water Excursions. Bait is hard to come by with minimal results getting blue runners on sabiki rigs at nearshore rigs. Blackfin tuna fishing hasn't really turned on yet behind the deeper shrimp boats. King mackerel are all over the rocks with the best results coming on drifted ribbon fish versus trolling. Vermillion snapper are available. There are a few cobia around some of the rigs and ships at anchor but not many. Fisherman's wharf reported an 8.5 pound Wahoo caught on Thursday. Seas are predicted to be less than 3 feet and going lower by Monday.

7/24 Port A - Things are shutting down for the arrival of what could be Hurricane Hanah on Saturday expected to make landfall near Baffin Bay Saturday afternoon. Fisherman's Wharf has shut down the Wharf Cat and Scat Cat trips until Tuesday. Stay safe

7/09/ Port A - Bars remain closed and the Deep Sea Roundup was cancelled this year. Fishing remains hot and will be great offshore for snapper and kings as the seas drop to two three feet for the weekend.

Offshore via Fisherman's Wharf check out their website at
Catches of red snapper have been great from the Lone Star Reef all the way out to Baker Rock. Easy limits of big fish have been the norm. Most of these boats are also targeting kingfish as well and if they can find ribbonfish (which are in pretty short supply) and drift them or slow troll them from Hospital Rock all the way in to the end of the jetties.
As the wind has calmed down we have also seen some really good rips make up which are holding dolphin, wahoo, sailfish, white and blue marlin, Gabe Goodman went two for three last weekend on blue marlin on his boat. Over the past weekend the water was better at 80 miles as opposed to 140 miles out.
There have been some blackfin tuna also showing up in what seems like staging for the reopening of Gulf Shrimping season. Once the shrimp boats are back out there, we expect the shark and blackfin tuna catches to really explode. I think shrimp season should start again around July 15th.
Capt Chad Banks of Blue Water Excursions on Facebook just down the street from you Lago had a couple of snapper trips the past weekend and did well and even got into a bunch of chicken dolphin aka the small mahi mahi, great for fish sandwiches and fish tacos. Forecast seas looking good for the weekend.

6/19 Port A - Offshore is great for snapper and kings. A 73 pound wahoo was also brought in this week on the Wharf Cat. Both jetties have been hot for king mackerel and bull redfish though you will have a lot of company out there. Seas are expected to be 3 to 4 feet thru Sunday with occasional fives offshore.

6/11 Port A - Offshore has been great for limits of snapper on the headboats like the Wharf Cat out of the newly opened Fisherman's Wharf. They are doing 39 angler limits on the 79 foot boat to comply with coastal distancing. Large King mackerel are also coming aboard. Great conditions though expect a huge crowd this weekend. The surf should be good for trout if you can find some open spots on Mustang Island.

5/22 Port A - Huge crowds this weekend. Over on the North Jetty, Art Toscano is catching slot and oversized reds and good trout. Beaches will be crowded though whiting should provide plenty of action in addition to hard heads and scattered redfish. Trout will be out there if and when the surf settles. Remember to practice Coastal Distancing!

5/15 Port A - Going to be a little rough offshore this weekend with 3 to 5 footers, rain and thunderstorms. On the North Jetty Arthur Toscano and clients did well again this week for slot and bull reds and fat jetty trout. Horace Caldwell Pier and the South Jetty and surf are all open to fishing.

5/8 Port A - Beaches, jetties and pier back open to land based fishing. Jetty Boat is running too. Arthur Toscano doing well on the North Jetty for trout and reds this week. Head boats can operate with 50% capacity provided social distancing and disenfecting protocols are followed. Expect large crowds this week.

4/25 Port A - The South Jetty and Ship Channel are now allowed for fishing and Headboats are authorized to take 50% loads so long as they can sanitize and maintain social distance. Guides are allowed to run with 50% occupancy. Fishing was good for Art Toscano on the North Jetty today with a nice limit of surf trout.

4/13 Port A - is essentially closed to foot anglers at beaches, Horace Caldwell and the Jetties. Offshore has been good with a 683 pound yellowfin landed and good swordfishing. But the town really doesn't want outsiders in at this point. Sad. Mustang Island Park is closed as well.

3/07 Port A via TP&W - GOOD. 64-66 degrees. Flounder are good on live mullet along the marsh. Sheepshead are good on shrimp around Dolphin Dock. Redfish and trout are good along the south jetty on shrimp. Black drum can be found near the south jetty and are best on blue crab.

Reminder it is spring break so expect heavy traffic on 361 and at the Ferries during peak hours so go early and come home late.

2/05 Port A via TP&W - GOOD. 62-63 degrees. Flounder are fair on live mullet along the marsh. Sheepshead and trout have been good on shrimp near San Jose Island and around the south jetty. Redfish are good on shrimp and found around the piers. Estes Flats can be a good spot due to the shallow grassy flats. Black drum are good on shrimp bait near the lighthouse.

1/29 Port A via TP&W - "GOOD. 62-63 degrees. Flounder are fair on live mullet along the marsh. Redfish are good on shrimp, KWigglers paddle tail, and will be found around the piers. Speckled trout are decent around the reefs and in the Big Bayou on shrimp, and top waters in the shallow water in the warmest parts of the day. Estes Flats is a good spot for redfish and trout due to the shallow grassy flats. Black drum are fair on shrimp or soft plastics. Sheepshead are fair near the north jetty on live bait."

1/17 Port A via TP&W - "GOOD. 63 degrees. Flounder are fair on live mullet along the marsh. Redfish are good on shrimp, KWigglers paddle tail, and are found in schools. Speckled trout are decent on shrimp and top waters in the shallow water in the afternoon warmth. Black drum are fair on shrimp or soft plastics."

12/27 Port A Via TP&W - GOOD. 60 degrees. Flounder are good on live mullet along the marsh. Redfish are fair on shrimp, and KWigglers paddle tail and found in schools. Speckled trout are decent on shrimp, KWigglers ball tail, and top waters. Black drum are fair on shrimp or crab or soft plastics.

12/11 via TPW - GOOD. 64 degrees. Redfish are hitting on shrimp, KWigglers paddle tail, and found in schools. Speckled Trout are fair on shrimp, KWigglers ball tail, and top waters. Black drum are good on shrimp or crab or soft plastics. Good trout reported on the North Jetty this week.

11/7 - Spanish Mackerel were the prime fish caught prior to the front today at Horace Caldwell Pier. Watch for Bull Reds to pick up around the jetties post front. Likely flounder moving along the bulkheads at Robert's Park pier on soft plastics tipped with fishbites.

11/1 via TPW Prior to the last cold front - "GOOD. 75–76 degrees. Black drum are very good on live shrimp. Expect to reach the limit on kingfish using flying fish or squid. Wahoo are good on live bait such as scad. Blackfin tuna are excellent on squid or threadfin herring. Redfish are very good on mullet. Black drum have been very good on live or frozen shrimp or crab. Sheepshead good on mud crab or live shrimp around heavy jagged cover."

9/12 Deep Sea Headquarters - Sara says the 8hr trips are bringing in Kingfish, Dorado, and when they can find the shrimp boats, blackfin tuna. The 12 hr boats are getting Amberjack, vermillion snapper, Dorado and Blackfin tuna and kingfish.

8/21 - This Weekend is the Texas Women's Angler's Tournament for more info visit The fishing was good on Wednesday on the Gulf Eagle 12hr trip out of Deep Sea Headquarters with Captain Marvin Horner Jr and Crew Lloyd and Nick. Shark, Blackfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, King Mackerel and Bonito were the main players.

I met lots of nice people including a group from Abilene, TX. Andrew Spurgin caught two nice blackfin tuna. Other highlights included big kings. Daughter Shawne had a 60lb class ( Lloyd's guess not mine ) that eventually got off.

8/16 - Offshore is hot in spite of Federal Red Snapper being closed. Deep Sea Headquarters had good action this week for Vermillion snapper, amberjack, king mackerel and blackfin tuna. Redfish and Trout on the north jetty. Watch for birds working dusky anchovies to find spanish mackerel, tarpon, and bluefish.

8/08 - Federal Red Snapper Season ended last week but Amberjack season opened and there are vermillion snapper, king mackerel, ling, mahi, sharpnose sharks and other species to fill the void. Seas offshore will be a bit choppy at 3 to 5 feet. The jetties have been holding trout, redfish, spanish mackerel and snook.

8/2 - Red Snapper Season ended early this morning in Federal Waters but not before we had one last shot at them Thursday on Deep Sea Headquarter's Pelican with Capt. James Wheeler

7/25 - Snapper season ends on August 2nd at midnight in Federal Waters so now's the time to go with a good sea forecast for the weekend! Good action for speckled trout under the lights at Horace Caldwell this week with some large trout caught on live shrimp. The north jetty has produced, redfish, trout, snook, and tarpon. Offshore good catches of snapper and king mackerel.

7/11 - The Annual Deep Sea Roundup is this weekend. Expect some effects from the Tropical System named Barry to appear offshore this weekend. Expect tides to be higher in the bays. For more information see

TPW saysTrout, redfish and sheepshead are fair to good at the jetty on shrimp and croakers. Trout are fair to good in the surf on topwaters, pigmies and croakers. Offshore is good for dolphin, kingfish, red snapper and tuna.

6/6 - It was a great opening day for Snapper season last weekend with plenty of limits brought in. Expect more of the same with king mackerel thrown in as well. Redfish, trout, snook and jack crevalle have been caught at both jetties.

5/17 - 5/18 Port Aransas North Jetty - Fred's Night on the rocks Story HERE

5/16 Port Aransas - Expect a crowd as the All Women Tournament Babes on the Bay is being held 5/17 to 5/28 TPW Reports "Trout, redfish and sheepshead are fair at the jetty on shrimp and croakers. Offshore is good for kingfish, cobia and red snapper."

Another Blue fin tuna was brought in this week - the largest of 3 that have been brought in this season weighing in at 638lbs. Tom Furlow of Port Aransas caught it on his boat "The Ambush"

Here's a link to the video of the big Tuna!


5/3 Port Aransas via TP and W - Redfish are fair to good at East Flats and around Dagger Island on shrimp and crabs. Trout, redfish and sheepshead are fair to good at the jetty on shrimp and croakers.

4/5 Port Aransas - Lots of good action for spanish mackerel on the rocks last Saturday prior to the front. Jacks are still offshore today 4/5. Arthur Toscano got a nice limit of reds from the North Jetty this morning. Watch for stormy spring weather tomorrow afternoon and evening!

3/14 Port Aransas - Redfish and bonnetnose shark reported out of St. Joe's today. There should be some flounder around the bulkhead at Roberts Park if it is blown out elsewhere from the latest front. Lots of good action for anglers on a recent Wahoo outing o Deep Sea Headquarters with Capt. James Wheeler on the 60hr trip late February


2/27 Port Aransas - On 2/25 Arthur Toscano hit the rocks and had good action for slot and oversized reds at the North Jetty.

2/7 Port Aransas - Texas Parks andWildlife reports - "Redfish are fair to good at East Flats on shrimp. Black drum are good in the Shrimpboat Channel on crabs and finger mullet. Redfish, black drum and sheepshead are fair to good at the jetty on shrimp."

1/11 Port Aransas - Trout, redfish, and sheepshead reported from the North Jetty. There will be a meeting to discuss Amendment 50 Regarding Texas Parks and Wildlife handling the recreational catch of snapper off of Texas in Federal Waters Tuesday 1/15 6pm at the Omni Hotel downtown Corpus Christi

12/13 Port Aransas - Texas Parks and Wildlife Reports "Sheepshead are good at the jetty on shrimp. Redfish are fair to good on the East Flats on Gulps and mullet. Sand trout are good on shrimp in the channel."

11/24 Port Aransas - Fred had a quick trip to the North Jetty

Buddy called Friday and said let's go fishin. Caught the four boat over conditions looked good cast up mullet from fingers to horse for later in the night. Started off slow my buddy was able to box five trout and a flounder and CPR some bull reds. I only managed to CPR 13 bull reds 36'-49' and one 36' spinner shark. Turned into a decent trip, fog rolled in at 0600 caught first boat back and headed home. Tight lines!!!


11/16 Port Aransas - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports - "Sheepshead are good at the jetty on shrimp. Redfish are fair to good on the East Flats on Gulps and mullet. Sand trout are good on shrimp in the channel."

11/9 Port Aransas - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports - "Bull redfish are good in the Shrimpboat Channel and at the jetty on crabs and finger mullet. Redfish are good on the East Flats on topwaters and Gulps.  "Prior to the front good action offshore for blackfin tuna, beeliners and on the longer 24hr plus trips Yellowfin tuna.

11/2 Port Aransas - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports "Trout are good on the flats while wading with topwaters. Redfish are fair at East Flats on topwaters and Gulps. Bull redfish are good at the jetty and on the beachfront on natural baits." Meanwhile prior to the front fishing on the 12hr Pelican Trip 13 anglers got 87 blackfin tuna, a few dolphin and over 100 beeliners.

10/18 Port Aransas - Too rough to go offshore the past few days but at the jetties particularly the north jetty has been hot for Bull Redfish. Texas Parks and Wildlife reports -"Redfish are fair to good on the East Flats on Gulps and mullet. Sand trout are good on shrimp in the channel. Flounder are fair on Gulps on the edge of the Intracoastal."

Birthday boy Fred Dunphy shows off one of many his group caught and released on the North Jetty this week.

10/11 Port Aransas - Offshore has been blown out by the effects of Michael the past few days but TP&W Reports "Redfish are fair at Shamrock Cove and Pelican Island on topwaters and Gulps. Bull redfish are good at the jetty and on the beachfront on natural baits."

10/2 Port Aransas North Jetty - Great action in spite of threatening weather for Frederick Dunphy and friends. See the whole report from 9/29 HERE

Notice the jewelry on Fred's Hand!

9/13 Port Aransas - Red tide is trying to make an appearance with a few tests appearing positive for the algae in low numbers. Meanwhile there have been King Mackerel just off the jetties and spanish mackerel and redfish on both the North and South Jetties. Rain during the week and projected arrival of another rainmaker in a tropical system has the prospects a little wet for the weekend. Horace Caldwell is back open after inspections closed it earlier this week.

9/06 Port Aransas Report - Offshore fishing remains strong for king mackerel, sharks etc and for tuna on the longer trips. Inshore Texas Parks and Wildlife says"Trout are fair around Super Flats and Mud Island on topwaters. Redfish are fair at East Flats and Shamrock Cove on topwaters and plastics under rattling corks. "

8/30 Great Fishing Offshore - Last weekend's Texas Women's Angler Tournament was a huge success with lots of billfish caught.

46 boats // 17 Sailfish // 14 White Marlins // 7 Blue Marlins // $388,600 in Cash Pot Awards

Overall Winner: Sancha with 1025 points

Second Place Overall Winner: Rebecca with 772.40 points

Dorado: First Place – Shana Collins on the Heartache – 35.8 pounds // Second Place – Cassie Riner on the Deez Nautz– 26.30 pounds

Tuna: First Place – Charla Wooten on the Mighty Mouse – 19.65 pounds // Second Place – Jackie Heath on Doc Holiday – 14.75 pounds

Wahoo: First Place – Lisa Fontane on the Double T-Zer – 75.30 pounds // Second Place – Taylor Garcia on the Double T-Zer – 50.20 pounds

Sailfish: First Place – Jennifer Cameron, Karen Hurst, Heidi Cluck, and Tally Ragsdale on the Sancha– 5 releases // Second Place – Laurie, Jordan, and Alyssa Soechting on the Fin Stalker – 3 releases

White Marlin: First Place – Lisa Moore on the Boomin’ It Up – 2 releases 8:05am // Second Place – Cindy Segrest and Stephanie Hubbard on the Live Situation – 2 releases 10:25am

Blue Marlin: First Place – Rebecca Ramming and Tara Termeer on the Rebecca– 2 releases // Second Place – Sheena Schnider on the Bandit – 1 release

Best Dressed Captain: Hunter Junek on the Suthern’s Pride

Best Decorated Boat: First Place – Suthern’s Pride // Second Place – Heartache // Third Place – Bastante

8/25 Frederick Dunphey's Overnite on the North Jetty Report - My buddy and I caught the last boat over, surprised to have the jetty to ourselves. Plan was fishing with lures only, good thing because we couldn't find the mullet. We fished from the end to the dock and a three miles hike down the beach to fish the surf. We were able to catch trout from dinks to 26.5", redfish, ladyfish and gafftops. Surprised catches were a 25# kingfish and a pig of a mangrove snapper. The weather was perfect light wind kept the bugs away and moonlight made it nice took a brake at midnight to soak some bait and relax got bit off by a couple of sharks and had one bull red lost at net. My buddy hooked up with two tarpon in 5/6' class that threw the hooks I had a 3.5' back flip and break me off. Ut was a fun trip caught first boat back and headed home.

8/22 - Recreational Snapper Season in Federal Waters ended on the 21st. King Mackerel, Cobia and Ling have been good on the party boats with some blackfin tuna thrown in on the 12 hr trips at Deep Sea Headquarters. The surf is brown out to about the third bar with yet another cold water upwelling slowing the bit down there in spite of the lighter winds and surf.

Some of the best fishing is coming from the North Jetty at Port A. Arthur Toscano and his group caught and released many bull reds and going into some nice trout on the North Jetty on Wednesday. 8/22

On Thursday, I checked out the South Jetty and only saw a few folks fishing with no luck to that point as of 10am.

7/27 - The Blackfin tuna showed up around the shrimp boats this past Wednesday on the Deep Sea Headquarters 12hr trip on the Pelican with Capt. James Wheeler with 33 brought aboard in addition to the Kings. Kings and cobia have been good offshore. Tarpon, trout and reds have been at the jetties. Prospects look great through Monday.

7/18 - The Deep Sea Roundup was a big success and the summer rolls on with good fishing. Here is the catch from Tuesday's 8hr Trip on Deep Sea Headquarters.

Deck Hand Jared with some nice keepers!

7/13 - The 83rd annual Deep Sea Roundup this weekend! King macks in close and Port Aransas is up and running!

7/3 - Fishing is good offshore for king mackerel, snapper and ling. Look for some showers through Friday. Meanwhile Frederick Dunphy did an overnight jetty trip Saturday 6/30 - 7/1

Caught the last boat over Saturday. Surprised we had the whole jetty to our selves. Wind was screaming water murky but not to bad. We fished with flukes and rattle traps from dock to the end. Caught skippies, sand trout, and specks. Tried cut up skipjack around midnight with no takers. Buddy briefly hooked up with tarpon but out matched with 15# mono, we grind it out until first boat and called it a trip. Ended up with a few nice trout up to 24.5", tight lines.

6/28 - After last week's deluge folks are fishing again. Just bring the OFF! Texas Parks and Wildlife reports 6/27 "Redfish are fair to good at East Flats on shrimp. Redfish and sheepshead are fair to good at the jetty on shrimp. Offshore is good for sharks, ling, red snapper and kingfish." Add pompano and trout to the North Jetty.

6/14 - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports 6/13 Trout, redfish and sheepshead are fair to good at the jetty on shrimp and croakers. Offshore is good for red snapper, kingfish and ling.

Earlier this week a 113 inch Blue Marlin washed ashore on the Mustang Island Surf and efforts to get it to swim back out to see were unsuccessful and it later died.. My friend and rockstar biologist Kesley Gibson reported that the fish was about 100lbs underweight and that it had an empty stomach and no injuries or evidence that it had been caught or gut hooked. In essence she said it must have been ill. They are doing a necropsy on it to find what might have been the culprit.

Check out the story from KRIS 6 News!


5/31/ Port Aransas - The long awaited opening of the 2018 Red Snapper Season in Federal Waters starts tomorrow and could last up to 82 days. Expect all of the headboat operations to be full but if you have one or two, you might drop in early as fishermen are known to "oversleep" or party too much the night before. Deep Sea HQ's Memorial Day Report said "Memorial Day Report: The offshore fishing is strating to heat up with blue water moving in and the kingfish along with it. The boats also were able to pick up a couple big bonus ling on the 8 hour trips as well. With snapper season opening Friday June 1st we should be expecting above average catches with a full limit of Red Snapper and Kingfish. Make sure to book your trips ahead of time because Summer Is Here!! We are already selling out of most of our Saturday 8 hr trips so if your looking for that Book Now!! 361-749-5597

5/24 Port Aransas - Memorial Day weekend. Here is what Deep Sea Headquarters reported yesterday "Weekend Report: The Kings are here! The 8 hour has been catching limits of big Kingfish as well as some bonus Ling (Cobia). The 12 hour caught a nice mess of Vermillion Snapper, a few nice Amberjack, and Grouper as well. The Bay Trip has continued to completely knock it out of the park on large numbers of Gafftop. Remember to call ahead and book at 361-749-5597 or go online to our website"

Port Aransas North Jetty Report 5/19 - 5/20 via Frederick Dunphey HERE

5/18 Port Aransas - Deep Sea HQ came back this passed Tuesday from a 5 man 48hr trip and had great success with limits of Yellowfin Tuna to 121lbs and Amberjack with Capt. James Wheeler.

SADONALD one of our forum members went out to the North Jetty earlier this week and had a ball and some help catching this 50lb Ling. Reports of King Mackerel, Jack Crevalle, and Tarpon reported in addition to trout sheepshead and redfish. Read SADONALD' story HERE

5/8 Frederick Dunphey's Wife's Weekend Birthday on the Rocks 5/4 - 5/6! - It was a happy birthday! Check out the report HERE! And be sure to check out the Lesser Electric Ray

5/3 Port Aransas - Snapper have been good offshore. Expect kings to be near the Anchorage and jetty rocks when the wind dies down. Redfish and trout reported and the North and South Jetties. Jacks and ling have been around as well,.

4/26 Port Aransas - Offshore and the jetties are the place to be. Lots of state snapper trips being made this week with the lighter seas. Great reports of Jack Crevalle on both the North and South Jetty this week. King Mackerel reported near the end of the South Jetty Wednesday.

4/20 Port Aransas - The Federal Snapper Season has been announced and it will begin on June 1st and last up to 82 days! Meanwhile over on the jetty rocks check out this Breakaway Customer, Jack's 53 inch 50lb ling caught in the surf at St. Jo Island 4/16

3/27 Port Aransas - Here's a report from Saturday from Frederick Dunphy our Port Aransas North Jetty expert!

Ran down early Saturday morning was welcome with a brief shower when we got to Fisherman's Wharf. It was pretty windy in the morning around 11 the clouds broke and winds calmed down a little. Caught a lot of sheepsheads between 15"-17" released. I caught a couple crabs in the surf cut them in half and tossed out in the channel CPR a 30" and 32" reds. Wife caught her PB sheepshead at 19". Kept the one sheepshead and a couple of whiting for ceviche . Had a fun time with the wife caught the two oclock boat back. Tight lines.

3/24 Port Aransas - TPW Reports Redfish are fair to good at East Flats on shrimp. Black drum are good in the Shrimpboat Channel on crabs and finger mullet.

Offshore Deep Sea Headquarters did great on the 8hr trip for these kings and wahoo 3/19


3/5 Port Aransas - Jack Crevalle showed at the Port Aransas South Jetty. Texas Parks and Wildlife reports : Bull redfish are good in the Shrimpboat Channel and at the jetty on crabs and finger mullet. Redfish are fair to good on the East Flats on topwaters and Gulps.

2/15 TPW Reports for 2/14 - Redfish are fair to good at East Flats on shrimp. Black drum are good in the Shrimpboat Channel on crabs and finger mullet. Redfish, black drum and sheepshead are fair to good at the jetty on shrimp.

1/25 Jetties - Sheepshead fishing has been good on both the North and South Jetties. The jetty boat to the N. Jetty is back in operation.

Offshore AJ Season ends soon . Here is Capt Wheeler with the first and last AJ catch on the 30hr trip 1/23/2018 on Deep Sea Headquarters' Pelican.

"1st and last 30hr trip of this short aj. Season! We had a lot of fun! 113 Bft, limit AJ, 62#hoo"

12/06/ Offshore for AJ Season with Deep Sea Headquarters - Capt. James Wheeler and crew said the 12hr was a pretty slow day but they came back with some nice catches of Amberjack

Our own forum member. NaplesJohn Morris with a nice one!

12/1/Jetties - Mangrove Snapper on cut mullet, live shrimp, trout on soft plastics and live bait either shrimp or finger mullet with a few snook and flounder reported. Also expect Jacks and Spanish Mackerel and a few bluefish. Capt James Wheeler has been hammering the yellowfin on the long 48hr trips on Deep Sea Headquarters on the Pelican check out this recent catch!

11/17 Jetties on Fire - Arthur Toscano and friends had an epic day Thursday November 16th at the North Jetty with good numbers of large trout, slot reds, a large snook and more! Baits included soft plastics, finger mullet, and live shrimp.

11/10 The Tuna are Back - Check out these blackfin caught about the 12 DeepSea Hq Pelican Trip 11/2

Snook have been reported on both the North and South Jetties this week!

10/13 Fishing Returns to Port A! - Just what the town needs to rebuild and that is what it always provides - a wonderful place to fish and enjoy the outdoors.

Robert's Park and the South Jetty via the Dunphey's - Fred and his friends and family enjoyed excellent fishing this week. They caught several oversized and slot reds, lots of keeper flounder and even two legal red snapper with the largest a 22" jetty monster and a texas limit 15" snapper.

Jetty Report 10/9 - 10/10 from GoSpursGo "I was able to fish the south jetty at Port A twice this week. Monday 10/9 we arrived at sunrise and walked the jetty to our normal spot to catch large redfish but after a few hours of bait soaking with no results we decided to go fish Packery. So we packed up and we were at the final flat part of the jetty when we saw a man who said he was catching. We decided to stay. Good thing we did. I ended up catching a 24" flounder and a couple slot reds. It salvaged our day. We were fishing the new inlet that was created by the storm at the beginning part of the jetties. We saw many flounder being caught that day. We were using live mullet.
10/11 Decided to go back to the same spot. Fishing continued to be good yesterday. I caught a 26" redfish and a few flounder. Some guys were using plastics and limiting out on flounder. One guy said he caught them on 5 different plastics. I think he said cocahoe minnows and he added a fish bite for extra scent. They were saying today would be even better because the north wind will be at only 5. I would say if you have a few hours go check it out. We were catching fish from sunrise past noon. Good times! Wish I was there today!"

9/17 Prayers to all affected by Harvey - Many lost their homes and businesses but the fighting spirit will NOT let Port Aransas die. Expect it to be back bigger, better and brighter! Port Aransas has always been about tourists and fishing. I was glad to see this note on our SaltwaterMessage Forum from Capt. James Wheeler of Deep Sea Headquarters "Starting Saturday Sept. 23, we will be running one OPEN BOAT 12hr every Saturday. $140 per person.

Since we are in the process of rebuilding, we cannot afford to run break-even fishing trips. The minimum for these 12 hrs to go will be 20 people.

At this time our servers are still down, so please be prepared with cash or checks. We cannot process credit or debit yet. Also, do not forget extra cash for drinks aboard, and to take care of your hard working deckhand, for a job well done.

A few things you need to know about the area. This town is a disaster zone. We do have clear parking for you, dockspace, and running boats, and fish cleaning, but that is all. In Port Aransas, the hotels with opening mostly have no vacancies because of workers staying. The only restraunt open for business, at this date, that I know of, is Dominos. For those of you travelling to fish, I would suggest trying to stay in Corpus Christi. Also, be aware, the ferries are running limited hours so you will HAVE to drive onto the island via HWY 361 , or you WILL miss the boat.

We are all chomping at the bit to get back on the water, and know you are too! Feel free to contact me directly with questions. All of our booking is being handled by Jerry on his personal phone at 210-355-4590. But please remember it is his cell phone, so try to be reasonable with business hours."

7/21 Surf front - Trout fishing has been hot early and late up and down Mustang Island. Topwaters, live bait and soft plastics are all working when surf conditions allow. Michael G. age 10 of San Antonio in his first summer season caught these 23 and 24 inch trout fishing with his grandpa Rick on 7/18 using live bait.

7/12 Offshore Port Aransas - Red snapper season will close for the headboat/ party boat operators at Midnight on July 19th. Meanwhile the gulf shrimp season opens back up on 7/16 so that might improve the fishing chances for blackfin tuna, and kings around the boats. On Monday 7/10 on the 8hr trip on the Kingfisher out of Port Aransas had a nice day with a group of 28 kids and chaperones from the Bandera ISD FFA. Limits of red snapper and a good bag of King Mackerel.

7/6 Deep Sea Roundup Time 7/6 - 7/8 - Seas shaping up to be perfect offshore with 2 - 3ft predicted and in the surf with moderate winds in the bays too! Benefitting the Port Aransas Boatman's Association this is the 82nd Edition For more info and to sign up go here -

6/30 Port Aransas - 3 to 5 foot seas for those wanting to go offshore. Snapper, king mackerel, ling and sharpnose shark should be plentiful. Earlier in the week we had a surf report 6/28 from Mustang

"Came down with my pop to meet up with some family staying on the island. Fished beach marker 83 entire day. Casted some long lines out, but the weed was a nuisance (I knew it may be.) I was able to keep lines out for a few hours, but eventually, it turned to straight weed soup and became impossible. I started casting the spoon for fun in the second gut and had fun catching loads of lady fish and some small jacks. Water clarity was great. "

6/22 Port Aransas - Prior to the big waves stirred up by Tropical Storm Cindy fishing was great on Monday for the 8hr Trip on Deep Sea HQ with snapper, ling, kings and Sharpnose sharks. Prospects don't look good for offshore until at least Sunday when the seas calm down.

Port Aransas North Jetty 6/16 - 6/18 Frederick Dunphy and crew did well with 50 keeper trout for his party over the weekend. They also released several oversized redfish.

6/15 Port Aransas - Snapper Season in Federal Waters opens again to recreational anglers starting tomorrow and every Friday thru Sunday until Labor Day and July 3rd and 4th and September 4th. However the Texas state water will be closed during the week during that time period.

Deep Sea Headquarters 12hr trip June 12th came back with a nice bunch of fish including snapper, king mackerel, ling, and mahi mahi

5/28 -30 Pelican 48 Hr Report from Deep Sea HQ - Federal Snapper Season opens tomorrow and closes on Saturday the 3rd. In the meantime check out Captain James Wheeler's 48hr trip report.

We loaded up 10 hungry anglers for their annual fishing trip, and departed at 8pm Sunday evening, with an eta of 7am at the W Garden banks. After watching an amazing lightning storm ahead of us for 3 hours, we got slammed by a huge unpredicted (for the area, on all my forecast sites) front at 230 am. The first hour of the storm was better than sustained 60kt winds.Thinking it was a bad squall, we spent 4 hrs trying to get out of it. In those 4 hrs we travelled 9 miles. Finally got to tequila, and took a line on the rig to ride it out. While waiting we caught 6 bft, 20 cuda, and a 24# almaco.

At 10 am it had called to 5-6 so we picked up and continued on our way. Arrived at the gardens at 2pm and put down a good hour of troll... for nothing but cuda bites... we began drifting for grouper, and even though the drift was too fast to be very successful, 5 drifts produced a small mess of mixed bottom fish including a 30# African pompano and a 100# black grouper.

We arrived at nancen just before 10pm, and saw some signs of life. The bet bite was good, but after 3 drifts we had only hooked one yft. We moved to boomvang at midnight, an had a short choppy yet bite the rest of the night, averaging 2 yft per drift. On the morning troll see popped 4 more nice ones, for a total of 26 of our 30.

Very tough trip, but considering we lost more than 8 hrs of our fishing time, it turned out ok.

4/20 Port A - Look for huge traffic on 361 this weekend and a big crowd for Sandfest weekend on the beach. Fishing has been good offshore when winds allowed. Here's the catch from Deep Sea Headquarter's 12 hour trip with Captain James Wheeler. A 39lb Wahoo, an African Pompano, ling, a few king mackerel and vermillion snapper aka beeliners comprised the day's catch on 4/18

4/6 Port A Horace Caldwell - Closed through today for renovation to the lights on the pier. The pier may be closed additional days next week should the contractor need additional time on the $100,000 pier light renovation. Bob Hall Pier will also be closing this month for it's $100,000 pier light renovation April 17 - 20th and April 24 - 27th should the contractor need extra time to complete the job. Spanish Mackerel, sheepshead and even a Tarpon reported at the Port Aransas jetties. Speckled trout, redfish and flounder also reported on the jetties. Expect some Ling and Kings to show up this month.

3/24 Port A Jetties - Sheepshead, oversized and slot reds, black drum, and spanish mackerel earlier in the week when the winds were down. Check out this catch from DeepSeaHQ on the 8hr trip from 3/19

2/14 Port A North Jetty - Nice catching from DaddyLon fresh dead shrimp lots of Sheepshead and Mangrove Snapper

2/8- 2/10 Via Capt. James Wheeler on Deep Sea HQ Pelican 60hr Trip



We had the boat loaded by 5pm Tuesday Feb 8 and got everyone speeched up and ready to go. There was some grumbling about the weather, especially after we had delayed through what looked like a slightly better window to get hammered with a northern our last day of fishing, but alas, the weather is a fickle comedian, and we could push her back no further...




Made terrible time getting to the E Gardens for the morning troll, so we did not stop along the way to try and make blue runners/ mackerel; also the live wells were full of primo perch my crew caught Tuesday morning, and I was a little worried about crowding them... Arrrived at the E Gardens right at grey light, and deployed the spread. Almost immediately we were hooked upand cheering, only to be disappointed to see a jumbo BFT hit the deck... During the troll stop caught another BFT and a couple small grouper. Redeployed with troll group two and had a pretty quick triple... BFT again that is, and once again caught various BFT and grouper jigging and baiting the slide. Basically I could continue writing that same sentence down until it got to the point that we stopped getting bit at all and did a few straight drifts for grouper.




Everything looked absolutely great on the sounder, the structure, the BFT and bonita all around... but there was not a single wahoo bite to be had... After some grouper tiles and a bunch of random bottom species, we decided to go to a rig to try to get a few of our bigger AJ out of the way, before going rock fishing for more medium models.




I set up the three rods on board (my TREX, another TREX, and an atd 50 all on beefy seekers) that might do the job and Lloyd's handline and headed to a rig. When we got there, The other TREX and Lloyd were instantly bit... with a 97# aj and a 70#... My TREX and Mike's ATD 5- had some reel bad juju on them for this trip, as we kept getting mowed down immediately after coming tight... sometimes that's just the way it happens with the swing of the boat and the position of the legs... but it sure is frustrating burning through that kind of tackle and losing those types of fish... Lost a couple that were easily in that chubeater class... But the handline kept producing and since we were consistently seeing small (50#-60#) fish coming up... spread out a few guys with medium heavy tackle also that were getting some... At the end of about 2 hours we had 27 of our 30 dd limit.... and went back to trolling...




The afternoon was even worse than the morning, and I believe we only had one bite on the troll for a small king... It was extremely frustrating to me, especially with all the fish I was marking, and knowing we had a great spread out with some of the best fishermen I know working it.




With The treat of the northern backing up even more, I called not going to Gunnison (full moon anyway) and spend the night bottom fishing and just trying some new spots (good idea on both accounts). Started out in 280 ft of water and had an epic bite on medium- small b-liners... Not small enough to leave mind you but 1-1.5# fish coming over the rails, almost all doubles.... Also The AJ were pissed at that rock too. We accidentally caught our last 3 in the first 10 minutes we were there, with a 70 or so eating a whole bonita on the bottom presented for a hopeful warsaw.




After about 2 hours we were about 50 shy of a boat limit, so I decided to try a different rock to see if we could mix it up with other fish while finishing it off.... Headed to a rock and got anchored in 525' hoping to see queen snapper biting in the moonlight like b liners... Nope just more bliners (slightly smaller) and ajs... had our limit about 1AM and was going to try one more deeper rock for the queens, but that rock decided to eat my anchor... Headed back to some rigs to tie up and try for almacos til morning, and the storm hit right when we got there...A crew boat needed to work the rig we chose so we decided to drift a shallow rock to the west of the gardens until morning, also to get us closer to home incase the storm didn't shift east...Wound up with a few big eyes, totates, porgys, and a hammerhead.




At first light started trolling around the rock, in 8 ft seas, with very little hope, after the day before and with the new weather.... but almost got dumped before a breakoff withing 10 minutes. One ridge of the rock was marking huge schools of fish like I was seeing the day before, and throughout the day, every time we came through those marks, we at least had a short bite. 12 hours and 150 baits later it was getting dark and we had 21 for probably 36 wahoo hooked and at least twice as many shorts... Final strike of the day was a triple and we got them all in an awesome finale. We never did get any giant skinnies, but for the conditions and how hard the fishing was this trip, I was elated. The second day when they were feeding, we really didn't get down with raiders, bombs, halcos, etc. as much as the first day, because the seas pretty much negated it.... but one guy watched a weehoo follow his bomb to the boat and another guy had a quick rip on a halco. I still think with optimal feeding conditions, and the righ seas for a slow drift we can make it work.

Flat calm conditions on our tail made for a nice ride home, and we arrived at the dock at 6 am to hang 21 wahoo, 30 AJ, 20 BFT, 30 various grouper, 300 bliners, 18 barracuda, a bunch of random bottom species, and a hammerhead shark. Not bad for 15 guys!



Anyway, Thanks to the awesome guys I get to work with, and some very adventurous fishermen we made a great trip out of one that started out so lackluster! We have already put one more of these wahoo experimentals in the books slated for between March 20-27 so hit me or the office (361-749-5597) up to jump on it, We dropped the max down to 15 on these 60s and it seemed to work great, but you need to hurry to get a spot!

1/21 Port A North Jetty via Frederick and the Mrs. - Caught the first boat over with a quart of shrimp. Fog was dense and hung around until noon. As expected sheephead everywhere. Caught a ton of sheepheads and managed some flounder. The bite was constant, couldn't find the trout or reds this trip, no signs of mullet. Ran out of bait caught the noon back, kept a couple fish for the freezer. Until next time, tight lines.

12/26 Jetty and Beachfront - When weather allows fishing, bull redfish have been reported from both jetties. Trout have been caught on the North Jetty on Soft plastics. Expect the Sheepshead fishing to turn on.

11/26 South Jetty Action - We ran into Chase D. age 12 from Floresville who was fishing with his dad when he brought in this nice 19" flounder.

11/25 Black Friday On the Rocks North Jetty with Frederick! Report HERE

10/31 Offshore report 12hr 10/246 on the Pelican from Deep Sea Headquarters - 21 anglers brought in 151 Blackfin Tuna


10/19 Offshore Report 8hr Pelican Trip - I received this post on's Facebook page from Shawn Meadows who wrote:
"Had an amazing day on the 8 hour trip today on the Pelican with James Wheeler, Lloyd and Alex!
They got a blue marlin to the boat after an awesome fight that swam away strong and healthy!
So grateful to have seen this!
Thank y'all!"

Hooked by Eli who is here from Montana and deckhands and Captain helped land and release the fish.

9/28 Offshore Action is hot for Blackfin Tuna Crhfish ON the Deep Sea Headquarters 12hr trip 9/28 with Capt James Wheeler - My son and I went out on the 12hr trip yesterday with Capt James on the Pelican out of Deap Sea Headquarters. The target was blackfin Tuna and its easily the best offshore trip we have ever had.

We left at 6am in the dark, it was nice and cool with a fair chop and what I would call confused seas due to some storms out in the gulf. While it was sunny here in town, we had overcast skies most of the day with some showers. Nice fishing weather, not hot, only 18 people on board.

We were into fish on the first stop and really had non stop action for a couple of hours. There were a ton of bonita with the blackfin lurking below. I had my first tuna within 30 seconds of being in the water. I've always wanted to be in the middle of a situation like this with tuna. It was awesome. I had two fish back to back and many times it seemed at least half of us were hooked up on something.

I think we had close to 5 hours of fishing time. I did not fish the last hour and a half. I allready had all the tuna I needed, so I had a few adult beverages and watched. We had fish around us the entire time.

My son and I came home with 8 Blackfin and the boat had 87 total with a large shark and a few kings. I would bet we also caught 200 bonita perhaps more.

Here is our part, 125 lbs of tuna.

Capt James was great and came down and helped us fish. The entire crew was very busy the entire time with all the Bonita and their erratic runs. I think it would be hard to have a better 12hr tuna trip than this one. Nice folks, allot of fish, great crew and cool weather.

I can't wait to go again, but I got to eat some tuna first.

9/20 Deep Sea Headquarters 24hr Trip 9/17 Via Deputy Dawg- I got the opportunity to take a 24 hour trip on the Pelican with Capt. James Wheeler this weekend. I had a great time and was very impressed with the capt, crew, and this trip! Unfortunately my regular camera decided to go bad so I didn't get many pictures. Here's a few random ones I took with my Cell phone.

The group gathered and we left promptly at 7 PM saturday night with high hopes!

Ended up being a very diverse and interesting group of anglers! This "fisherwoman" was a schoolteacher from Austin and was on the trip by herself! Let me tell you she could fish, she schooled me and the rest of the boat on catching huge B Liners!!!

We caught B Liners from around midnight till 6 with most of us catching limits. There some small ones but a lot were the biggest I had ever seen at 3 to 4 lbs. Here's a few of my limit.

As the sun rose it turned into a beautiful morning!

We headed to the first shrimp boat and got busy!

The mates kept the fish busy with some "yummy" chum!

It was a beautiful day!

Here's what we ended up with as a group.

Here's one of my chunky blackfin! I had 5 at 21, 20, 19.5, 19, and 16.5. Really solid beautiful fish and great fighters!

Here's what I brought home. 5 beautiful blackfin, a 2 day limit of b liners, and I kept a few Bonita for a buddy for shark bait. In addition to those i caught probably 6 or 8 AJ's that had to be thrown back. That a shame because some were nice keepers! Also caught way to many Bonita!!! Those dudes can fight!!!

In my opinion it was a GREAT trip! I can't say enough good things about Capt. James. There was absolutely no dead time in this trip. If we wern't fishing we were hauling butt heading to the next spot. He also explained every move we made and why were doing it. Just exceptional service in my mind. The crew was also very good at their jobs. I had absolutely no complaints about the Capt., boat, or crew and would highly recommend it!

Okay maybe I do have one complaint. It's been almost 2 day and my arms still hurt from reeling in fish!!!

9/7 Deep Sea Headquarters 12 Hr Trip - We had an awesome time with Captain James Wheeler, Lloyd and Alex on the Pelican.
19 folks on board. Seas were 3-4' with the odd 5 footer thrown in. We headed out for a long ride of over 4.5 hours to get to the shrimp boats in hopes of catching blackfin tuna. We managed to get a boatload of chum and proceeded to the first stop and it was on. I was late getting to the rails so I fished up on the bow and only fell down twice with fish on and once landed with my foot in the ice chest full of chum. I didn't lose the fish just my dignity on that one - see choppy seas with heavy drag fishing on the bow. There were lots of bonito making it difficult to get to the blackfin. The blackfin preferred the bigger chum fish so that's what we did. A few of the guys in striped suits showed up for the feast as well. It was cool to watch a 6 foot plus scalloped hammer chasing our chum bits around.

Here Claire Iseton is with a what turned out to be a smoker king.

Shawne Thorsen with the assist from Lloyd on this blackfin

Our group ended up with 7 blackfin, my three averaged 20lbs, and that big king. Just a wonderful time. Capt. Wheeler is really on the blackfin and should be for the next 8 weeks or so. The boat total was 40 blackfin.

It was great to meet Tom and Whitney from the Dallas area. Tom is a long time lurker on the board and loves the PINS reports.

Give them a call at 800-705-3474

8/25 Deep Sea Headquarters 10hr trip - Came back with a good load of Blackfin Tuna - 47!

8/19 Port Aransas Legends Billfish Tournament - Is undnerway with the boats coming for weigh in Saturday no later than 6pm more info at

TPW reports 8/17 Trout, redfish and sheepshead are fair to good at the jetty on shrimp and finger mullet. Redfish are fair to good around Pelican Island on shrimp and mullet. Offshore is good for dolphin, ling, kingfish and tuna.

7/19 Port Aransas Bay Trip --- Brother in law DaveG, Marty and the two young men Davis and Jackson had a great morning fishing with Captain Frank Eicholz of


7/06 Deep Sea Roundup this Weekend 7/7 - 7/10 - For more information visit their website at Fishing had been strong prior to the big blow over the 4th of July weekend with plenty of trout in the surf of Mustang Island during the calmer periods. Live bait was more effective but lures caught their fair share as well. Looks like a coldwater upwelling could dirty the surf up soon as water temps were down to 78 at Bob Hall Pier further south last night..

Here's Deep Sea Hq's catch from June 25th


6/10 Snapper Season extended two days - Due to bad weather with T.S. Colin in the eastern Gulf last week, NOAA announced a two day extension of the Federal Snapper season to a whopping 11 days. Now the season will end Saturday June 11th at midnight. Fishing has been excellent for snapper and king mackerel recently. In the bays and around Aransas Bay, Dean Thomas says the water remains very high so not many sight casting opportunities for reds. He's been blind casting topwaters over grass flats with great success. Trout are plentiful along the ship channel on paddletails and live bait.

Carrie Scruggs with a nice red that inhaled a bone spook jr. One of Dean's Favorite redfish on the flats lures.

6/1 Snapper Season opens today - In Federal waters through June 9th. Here is a round up from ThomasCarpenter of this weekend's fishing in Port Aransas

"You bet you back I might have been one of the idiots you all hate during the holidays. My kids earned a beach trip with all A's and a few B's. The wife looked like she was about to snap. Salt water is the only reward and cure for this accomplishments/ailments.

Crowded does not explain what saw this year. The herds of flesh, testosterone, and general disregard from the Younger generation was rampant.

Hit Charlies pasture early AM sat. Sand trout and dink specks a plenty. I had my oldest son. We had a blast. Were gonna hit the south jetty. Still just to much wind for a little guy. Cork and shrimp paid dividends.

Surf was blown out Saturday and we were ran off from fishing by lightning sat night. Sunday family day but did get a rod in the surf. Ran a custom fish finer leader I make and fresh dead pin perch. We produced 2 big ladies and it shut down. We were at marker 101. "

Here is a first for Osofaraway who caught his first red snapper off of the North Jetty on Memorial Day!

5/16 Deep Sea HQ 24hr trip - Via Naples John HERE

Basschump reported from the North Jetty and Horace Caldwell "Made a trip down to the coast this weekend with my son. Drove down Thursday night after work. Took the jetty boat over early on Friday morning- with both live shrimp and croakers. Water was in good shape. No fish in the surf and we began to make out way toward the end. The first 100 yard had the worst footing I can ever remember- wet and covered with algae. Better near the shark shack. Found abundant big skipjack in the channel at the high rocks. Two near missed with jacks chasing a spoon to the rocks. Overall tough fishing. Made a hike down the beach and found the surf loaded with blue crabs. Always something cool going on. Made stop at one mangrove spot back in port a and found it loaded. We kept 10 nice ones.

Saturday morning we started at Horace Caldwell and found mostly dirty water and slow fishing. Had lunch and went snapper fishing. Landed another dozen or so.

Overall great trip with the boy. Wish I was more consistent at the jetty."

4/30 Port Aransas North Jetty via Frederick Dunphey - It's been awhile since we've been fishin. Forecast was up & down decieded to head down Saturday morning for the wife's birthday trip. It was a little rough wave breaking over the jetty at the surf. She started the day off with a 18" drum. I hit a 18" flounder. Flounder were stacked up shallow in the surf. Caught around 12 flounder losing a few at the ne, it was unreal. Caught Reds, flounder, drums, & sheepshead. Decied to only keep two flounder, still had fish at home. Seen alot of big trout cught by other people, had a good trip. Didn't take alot of pictures this trip. Free line live shrimp, out of bait before 11:00.

Until next time tight lines..

3/31 - 4/2 Packery and Port Aransas Jetty Fishing Report via Bandera Brent -

Fished channel side of packery jetties Thursday all day, ground out two limits of sheepies. All 18-19". Saw one smack caught in the surf about 3/4 way down. Wind blew us away Friday, caught one sheepie and 18" trout before calling it quits after an hour. Saturday hit packery early, not much happening, caught a couple small sheepies. Drive to S Port A jetties, hit two more limits of big sheepies. Lots of people out on the jetty, no one catching anything on surf side. Game Wardens did come by and walk the jetties checking catches and licenses, was very nice to see them out. Saturday turned out to be beautiful..

3/4 Port Aransas - Run for the hills! It's Spring Break starting! Have fun and be safe out there.

2/27 Port Aransas N. Jetty Report via Frederick and his bride - Full Report HERE

1/16 Port Aransas N. Jetty via Frederick and his bride - Full Report HERE

12/18 Port Aransas North Jetty via Fred and the Mrs 12/8 - Full report HERE

11/19 11/13 Port Aransas South Jetty Report - Frederick and the Mrs. are at it again. Full Report HERE

11/10 Offshore Deep out of Port Aransas Via Deputy Dawg - Check out this recent report!


10/14 Offshore with Deep Sea HQ's Pelican Trip - Brother in Law Dave G came down to visit so he took advantage of a perfect offshore day and went out on the Pelican with four others and they hit the jackpot.

Sunrise headed south towards some shrimp boats. It would be a gamble if the shrimp boats were not there after the four hour run to chase blackfin tuna.

Lots of activity at the first shrimp boat but no tuna were seen just bonita and sharks. The next stop sharks and bonita showed up and so did the tuna!

Here is Dave with one of 7 he caught.

Look who's back! It's the best deck hand ever - Loyd!

Dave's crew had 21 blackfin and one large king mackerel. Captain James wheeler Loyd and Jeff were first class and Dave and his buddies were "over the moon" with the success.

10/2 Port Aransas Offshore - King mackerel, sharpnose sharks and blackfin tuna reported on the 8hr trips this week at Deep Sea Headquarters. Trout and redfish, spanish mackerel at the jetties with some tarpon around too!

7/27 Port Aransas Weekend Report from ThomasCarpenter - "Some nice trout caught at the South Jetty Free lining Shrimp on 20ish" 20lb flouracarbon leader with wide gap craoker hooks. I got there after the bite but took notes of what i was seeing.

No Dice in the surf. Could of hard heads and whiting dinks

Charlies pasture Friday night. Mullet buffet offered. Chunk, filet, head, but not live. Hard heads and no significant strikes to speak of. Using a custom fish finder leader set up that I make. Shrimp under a poppin cork and free lined with a underwater 4K lumen green light till 1:00am only produced 2 whiting. Kids had fun with the crabs that abusing thier new found feeding source.

Saturday am at the intercoastal. Mullet buffet again. Same results. Waded for about an hour with 3/8oz gold spoon, fish bites in chartruse and white paddle, Broze with gold flake 5" paddle tail, Pumpkin body with chartruse single tail. To solid hits but no hook ups. My guess was dink reds.

Saturday i turned into a drunk tourist on our balcony and soaked up a little heat. Had fun and be back in a couple for the red run."

7/15 Port Aransas - Snapper Season for the charter boats ended yesterday but the good news is that the shrimp season started so there will be lots of action near the boats when they cull.

7/13 Deep Sea Headquarters 8hr Report - GuyR and I took advantage of the 3 foot seas yesterday and headed out on the 8hr trip on the Gulf Eagle out of Deep Sea Headquarters. A full crew was on board for the second to last day of snapper season for the party boat operators. We weren't disappointed. We limited out on snapper that averaged around 7 to 8 lbs.
We didn't fish for the sharpnose and let the tourists take ours.

7/9- 7/12 Deep Sea Roundup Time - A big weekend in store for the 80th Annual Deep Sea Roundup. Many divisions in which to compete. For more info go Here

7/4 Big Crowds and Brown Water in the Surf - Wind also made it tough to get offshore. However the folks seemed to enjoy just being there

6/12 Port A - The recreational snapper season closed on the 10th. You can still get a shot of them on the headboats for another three weeks or so.

Charlie Golla posted this report from 6/7 Happy Birthday number 19 for Justin Golla.

Sunday was Justin's 19 Birthday so the boy's spent the day doing what they like best. All day run out of Port A, out to about 25-miles with Chris & Josh. The snapper were thick once they found them. Kings were a little harder to find but Josh caught a nice one at 30 lbs, his first ever. Justin speared some nice spade fish and they found a good mess of chicken dolphin.

6/4 Port A North Jetty and Offshore 5/30 - 6/1 with Frederick Dunphey read the whole report HERE

6/1 Federal Snapper Season Opens Today - And for recreational anglers will last ten days, but 45 days on the Headboats. Meanwhile at the surf of Mustang and the South Jetty Dion1282 reported 5/31 "Easy trout at mustang island in the am. All 20+ inches. Now if you love Atlantic sharpnose shark Port A jetties are the place for you. If you are using live mullet in the channel side you cannot avoid them. Wife and I got tired of catching them. Left at 4pm and they were still biting"

Slot and oversized reds also reported at the South Jetty Port Aransas.

5/9 Port A North Jetty via Frederick Dunphy - Forecast didn't look good, but the wife wanted to fish her new flounder hole. Fought through the hardheads, skipjacks, and blue fish she managed her PB flounder 20". Went through a quart of shrimp by 10:00. I added some sheep head and a drum for a fry. Not to bad, for a couple of hours.

5/2 - 5/3 North Jetty Via Frederick Dunphy - It's been a long time. Headed down for the wife's birthday trip on Friday. The plan was to go offshore Saturday and hit the North jetty Sunday. Headed out in the morning to one foot seas. Trolled three ship looking for kings and lings, no takers. Headed south to some rigs only managed some spade fish. Even with great condition the wife was not made for offshore and got sick. Ran in to anchor off the end of north jetty. I cpr a 30" red the wife lost a 40+ " red at the boat. Ran the ladies in and Scott and I ran back to the end of jetty bite slowed had five ling in the 40 to 50# range swim by didn't have a rig ready to toss to them and they swam away. Moved to the ICW around the wreck caught some gafftop and hardheads, called it a day. Sunday cught the first boat over. Sheryl started slaming the flounder in the surf, they were stacked up. Caught over twenty flounder all on the small side so cpr them. Managed one drum, flounder, and sheephead. All fish caught on live shrimp. Couldn't locate the reds or trout. No bite's on live mullet or skipjack. The wife's ready to head back this weekend. Hope the bite picks up. Pleanty bait in the water. Until next time tight lines. Very Happy

2/19 Good Sheepshead bite ant the South Jetty - Sheepshead in good numbers with trout caught on soft plastics on the days when the water is green.

1/28 and 1/29 North Jetty Report Via Hoggeman - Hit the North on the 2 PM Jetty Boat and limited out in 6 casts. Trout bite lasted for about 2 hours must of caught 60+ in the surf. went back the next day and they were gone. I had to walk out to the end and limited out in 15 minutes with Snowbird's fishing for Sheep head watching in disbelief. Made it back with a 19" sand trout and a 27" red also. Used the leftover live shrimp to make a Blackened Red fish on the 1/2 shell topped with flaked Trout and a shrimp beurre blanc sauce
 photo jetty4_zps932b335e.jpg

 photo jetty7_zps4678ad56.jpg

 photo jetty3_zps21dacf2a.jpg
 photo jetty4_zps932b335e.jpg

 photo jetty6_zps4b35fb64.jpg
 photo jetty8_zps071bb694.jpg

It's not easy letting 4#-5# trout go however it was nice to put a good friend and his dad on the fish. Two other guys came over on the on the same Jetty boat the 1st day over 200 trout caught all on artificial lures.

Large Surftrout up to 29" just have to find them close to rocks
Red fish on the End
Sheephead are thick
No Mullet bring bait or artificial Jigs
 photo jetty10_zps59f05307.jpg

 photo jetty12_zps64b5e57f.jpg
 photo jetty9_zps539bfe64.jpg
 photo jetty13_zpsb58c19d6.jpg
 photo jetty11_zpse4f65ede.jpg

1/24 NaplesJohn's 56 Hr Tuna Trip 1/16- 1/18 - Hope you enjoy the report as much as I had living it!

Here is the Report

11/1 Deputy Dawg's Epic Tuna Report 48 Hr Trip 10/24-26 - Complete Details Here

Teaser Photo!

10/19 - 10/20 Frederick Hits the North Jetty Again - ook the first boat over yesterday. No bait in water. Fished until the last boat, caught a lot of small fish. Managed a trout, 2 reds, a drum, and a smack not pictured. This morning a total change bait every where. Started off with a big jack on first cast, a flounder, and the bite was picking-up. Then the storms rolled in, caught the 10 back before they hit. Had a great birthday trip with my buddy. Tight Lines Smile

9/20 - 9/26 Port A via Frederick Dunphey - Frederick and crew caught a ton on cut and live mullet. Read the full report HERE


7/14 Port A 7/121- 13 via Frederick Dunphey - Finally made it down for our second trip of the year. My buddies dad wanted to hit the inshore reefs for snapper. Ended up with 12 red snapper from 17" to 27" one lane snapper and a 20# king. CPR three sharks. The ladies fished the north jetty Saturday, they caught some pup sharks and gafftops. Sunday will all hit the north jetty. Water was clear bait everywhere. Fishing was slow think the fish where feeding at night with the full moon. Caught some under size spec's, rat reds, and the wife caught a 18" flounder. Sight casted to some nice reds in the surf but no takers. Scott had a screamer on the channel side but the fish got him into the rocks. The wife also caught some nice whitings. Had a great time. Got to meet Daniel from CF, it was nice to meet someone from the board. Until next time here's to tight lines and good times. Very Happy


7/11 Deep Sea Roundup This Weekeend! - The weather and seas are perfect. Details here Clear water offshore has the kings in close too as experienced earlier this week with Capt. Dean Thomas of SLOWRIDE GUIDE SERVICES

7/2 South Jetty Report via Michaelulig1 - Got to the jetty about 7:30 & fished until 11:30. Nobody was catching any game fish. I read some reports yesterday about water clarity. Today was not the day to fish the jetty. Both the surf side & the channel side were a nasty brown color for hours. Around 11 it cleared some but not enough to help the fishing. I could see blue water, probably 200 yards past the end but no one could reach it

I had live shrimp, croakers & mullet. I caught 8 hard heads, 9 Gaftop, 2 Croakers & a Bonnet Head. No game fish! I liked catching something but it's another day without any keepers!

What about tomorrow? Any ideas? I cut my foot pretty bad yesterday on an oyster reef cast netting with my daughter. So I'm trying not to walk too much.

6/5 Big Fun on the 8hr Snapper Trip on Deep Sea Hq's Gulf Eagle with Captain Keith Schoolcraft - Lots of nice snapper in the 6 - 12lb range. One little wahoo that hit a fast trolled popper on the way to the fishing grounds. One sharpnose shark and two dusky sharks released. Two chicken Dolphin came to play late.

Donald Stapleton with a nice limit


5/30 Snapper Season Opens Sunday - And will last through June 9th in Federal Waters. Outlook great with 2 to three foot seas through Tuesday.

5/30 North Jetty Report via Noskunks - "Water is trout green but no trout for anyone including live shrimp folks. End of jetty loaded with Jacks and big Skippies on strong outgoing tide. Jacks loved any topwater we threw. Spoons also effective. Bite was strong from 8 to 10. Missed the earlier bite while searching for trout. Sargassum is light but still present on channel side.

Have a great weekend."

5/12 Babes on the Bay this Weekend in Rockport - Expect Big Crowds and lots of determined anglers.

5/11 Mother's Day Lydia Ann Channel - The inlaws took a short trip out of the Port A ramp to fish Lydia Ann. No trout or reds but they did catch a lot of whiting, hardheads one bonnetnose shark and 15 gafftop including this one by Mike Cantu

4/20 North Jetty via RNShark - It went well for me and my girl, came home with a couple sheepshead and a 24 inch Spanish. Caught a few more Spanish mackerel but not quite the size I wanted so I let them go. Some dude out there caught a really nice Jack Crevalle, and some other fish landed included a Bull Red, and some guys had a boat load of Spanish as well.

It wasn't as packed as I thought it would be, it wasn't hard to find a good spot to fish. The majority of the Spanish were caught towards the very edge (which was kind of packed) and a few random Spanish throughout 1/2 the way down the channel side of the jetties. Water looked pretty good, not nowhere near murky, more of that green color with a few feet of visibility.

The good, or maybe GREAT news is that seaweed was hardly an issue.

4/12 - 13 North Jetty/ Coast Guard Pier - The MATT ador had a nice weekend. Fishing the North Jetty caught about 60 sheepshead but his group managed 14 keepers. Saw some spanish mackerel and lost a red. His mother lost a four and a half foot blacktip at the rocks. Saturday night they loaded up on Gafftop at the Coast Guard Pier. Too windy Sunday morning at the South Jetty so they headed for home.

4/9 South Jetty Report via Brandon Fox of Sea Level - Drove down for the first jetty trip of the year after seeing a nice weather window. I had just gotten a good jetty fly set up I was really wanting to break in. We arrived to a strong NW wind that had the south surf side flat and clear.

Spanish were busting rain minnows everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Surf and channel, as far as you could see. They were busting as far as the ferry landing down the channel. A small school of bonito jumped in the action for a little bit, but disappeared quickly.

Jacks were making the rounds but being picky as hell. I had never met a picky jack before... till now. Finally managed one on the 10 wt.

And my dad got a random redfish.

Met a guy out there that was really cool and I was able to get some shots and video of him fighting a jack.


Good start to the year, and any time on granite is time well spent.


4/9 South Jetty Report - Lots of Spanish Mackerel reported today

3/1 Jetties - Lots of sheepshead reported this week. Get those goat heads!

1/12 NaplesJohn On the Rocks at the North Jetty - With conditions forecast to be favorable for epic jetty trout we were ready to go. With a scheduled meet at a local breakfast taco haunt, and a 0700 departure on the Jetty Boat, sleep was allusive as I woke numerous times well before the alarm. With a 5 minute drive, the early wake up was not needed...but like clockwork I was up around 0400. Could have gotten up at 0600 and had plenty of time Confused

It is what it is, and after a 0615-0645 breakfast stop it was off to the Jetty Boat...The quick ride across simply stoked our anticipation of things to come...

As if this wasn't enough, the view looking eastward on the jetties was worth the price of admission.

Unfortunately the trout would not come out to play, though a few bruiser reds would be caught and released...sometimes intentionally and sometimes due to their bad behavior as they found their favorite knife edged rock...

All in all a fine morning and was back at the house drinking coffee by 1030..

12/30 Offshore Deep Sea HQ on the 56hr trip 12/27 - Complete Epic Report from NaplesJohn HERE


12/16 Port Aransas South Jetty - Lots of Sheepshead starting to show on the rocks.

10/10 Offshore on the 10/9 12hr with Deep Sea Headquarters - Looks like my friends Donald and Mitchell Stapleton did well

10/4 Offshore on the 12hr with Deep Sea Headquarters 10/2 - The complete report is HERE

9/26 Red Snapper Season Reopens October 1 - 14th Meanwhile Check out the Jetty Bandit's Report from the Jetty - HERE


9/22 Epic Port A Jetty report 9/14 - 9/19 via Frederick Dunphy - Report HERE

9/12 More Bait Balls and Spanish Mackerel off the Port A Jetties this week - The Great News is Out! A fall snapper season from October 1st through the 14th in Federal waters with a limit of two per person 16" or longer. Look for jacks, tarpon and king mackerel to be near the jetties once the tropical weather calms down.

8/30 Bait Balls and Spanish Mackerel off the Port A Jetties via Slowride

8/16- 18 North Jetty via Frederick Dunphy - Report HERE

8/12 Father Daughter Fishing Charter via Gulf Trout - Report HERE


7/30 Offshore with Gulftrout 7/29 - Read the whole picture filled report HERE

7/20 Offshore 7/13 late report via Slikster111 - Headed out well after noon with a couple of friends on a 25 foot pursuit out of Port A. The water was smooth as could be and had a nice green color to it. We had forgot it was the offshore tournament that weekend and there was a lot of traffic at the close rigs. We trolled for a while and managed three kings in about 2 hours.

We decided to head on out to see if we could find something different. The water turned a beautiful deep blue and our hopes for catching something different increased.

About 22 miles out we tied on a ballyhoo with a skirt and tried a faster troll. Within ten minutes we had a fish tearing line off the reel. I started the initial fight with it and did the best I could for the first thirty minutes or so then had to hand it off to my buddy to finish the fight. After almost an hour of fighting this fish we finally got it to the boat. We had managed a 90+" Sailfish. This was by far the biggest fish I have ever had a part in catching.

The two of us with the captain of the boat

Hank and I holding our catch.

Add the kings we had just for fun

This was by far my most memorable trip to date. Looking forward to the weather clearing so we can go out again.

7/9 Deep Sea Roundup this weekend July 11th - 14th Details HERE

Nearshore report via Gulftrout 7/6 - Check out the full report HERE

6/27 Epic Offshore Reports from the Nyati via Oz - Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna reports HERE

6/27 Offshore Port A 6/23 and 6/24 via Gulftrout - Complete and I mean complete with stops, starts and pics as only Gulftrout can do - Report HERE

6/14 Snapper Season is two more weeks - Sunday's Deep Sea Headquarters 8hr trip - Lots of Kingfish, big Snapper and a ling or two


Tx Game Warden Association Tournament is this 6/14 - 6/15

Details HERE

6/5 Awesome Snapper Fishing may extend until the 28th Read this article

6/4 Offshore Port A on the Reelbeast! Read the full report Here

6/2 Offshore on the 12hr Deep Sea Headquarters Charter - Report complete with video and photos Here .Literally we laughed, we cried we hurled!



5/29 Red Snapper Season starts this weekend June 1st and runs thru June 17th - Meanwhile Dan at Deep Sea Headquarters says the 8hr trips have been catching mostly kingfish and atlantic sharnose shark but expect the Red Snapper to be bountiful once it opens on the 8hr trips June 1st. The Wednesday 12hr trips are getting the vermillion snapper, some ling, kingfish, grouper etc. Weekend conditions expected to be 3 to 4 foot seas!

4/25 Autonation Saltwater Roundup is Saturday with headquarters at Robert's Park. Signup through 4/26.Details HERE

4/25 Port A North Jetty 4/23 via Loera - Sheepies and Spanish Mackerel HERE

4/23 Bay Report Near Port Aransas 4/20 via NaplesJohn - Here

4/12 Offshore via Captain Kelle at Deep Sea Headquarters- "Boat is out today. Last weekend the 24 hour trip had 85 Blackfin Tuna a few Amberjack and Vermillion Snapper. The 8 hour trips are catching a lot of Kingfish and Shark. And the 12 hours have been getting Kingfish, Shark, Vermillion Snapper and a few nice Amberjack..

3/29 South Jetty Report via Kodos2012 - The jetty was already crowded with Easter break folks but I managed 6 smacks in the beautiful green water. All except one were keepers but I only kept 3. All were caught on a 1 oz. crippled herring.

3/21 Rudy's Redfish Series is Friday and Saturday 3/22 and 3/23 - Expect a good crowd in town at Robert's Point Park. For more info visit The Rudy's Redfish Series Port Aransas page

3/11 Spring Break! Lots of crowds but still plenty of places to fish including Robert's Park for flounder. Try jighead tipped with fishbites along the bulkhead but bring a net. Also Sheepshead, Gafftop, sand trout and whiting at Charlie's Pasture, Roberts Park Pier and Station St. Pier.

NaplesJohn hunkered down Sunday and brought home this limit of Sheepshead from the South Jetty using an old school Calcutta Bamboo rod.

1/28 North Jetty Report via Frederick D - Report 1/25 - 1/26 HERE

1/18 Mustang Island Surf via SurfinSapo - Went to the strip of beach North of Fish Pass Jetties... All conditions were perfect except one. The fish were gone. Water temp was around 52 so they skidaddled. It was super nice and we played washers and practiced casting. Here are some pictures of the conditions....

12/15 South Jetty Report Post Front 12/11 via bike n fish - Snook, pompano, trout and sheepshead all AFTER a front complete story here.


11/15 Port A North Jetty 11/10 - 11/11 via Frederick D. - Report Here

10/15 Port A North Jetty 10/13 - 10/14 via Frederick D. - Report HERE



10/4 12hr Deep Sea Headquarters trip 10/3 - Don Stapleton his daughter Donna and granddaughter Abby enjoyed a beautiful calm day on the water for Don's 73rd birthday. Catches included King Mackerel, Vermillion Snapper, Shark, Amberjack, Grouper and this 60lb Wahoo! Note the migrating warbler too!


9/24Port A South Jetty Pomps via Fido - I took a buddy of mine from work fishing Saturday. Of course the Redfish have been easy on packery lately, so there we went. However, I seriously sucked that morning. The water looked great, but the finger mullet were too far away from the rocks to get a net on 'em. There was tons of pony mullet and shad though. Using the shad, one guy was filling up his basket with small mangroves as I've seen a few times. Another fella was slide lining but struck out. Used some pinfish I caught, but couldn't buy a redfish. Left at 9am for plan B.

Bought some live shrimp (which I don't usually use for bait this time of year) and went to the Port A South Jetty. The water was clear and organized. I remembered a couple reports of people catching them off that jetty using live shrimp. We ended up with six.

Below is a photo of my buddy from work with his first Pompano ever. He was impressed by how tough they were.

Baked them whole for the in-laws last night and they were awesome. I can't wait until I start making PINS Pompano trips. This will be a great year if the red tide leaves us alone. The best part of the day is I didn't dislocate my shoulder!

9/22 Epic Port A North Jetty Report 9/15 - 9/17 from Frederick Dunphy - Get the whole story HERE

8/16 from Deep Sea Headquarters 8/15 12hr Trip by Tyler - I went offshore yesterday with Bryan, daughter in law, Whitney and her stepdad Mike Cantu on the 12hr trip. Shout out to Derek Shindler. He commented on my old sabre rod that Oz wrapped and he said "nice rod". I told him my buddy Oz wrapped it and he replied "Eric Ozolins?". I said yes do you know him? He said "no just about him and his fishing" LOL

We started the day with funky 3 to 4 footers and headed out early to get kings by the anchorage. At the blue tanker we picked up quite a few. Mike got one but Bryan, Whitney and I drew blanks. After about three or four more drifts we headed offshore at about 8:30 for a 2.5 hour boat ride and got to the vermillion grounds. We had plenty and Bryan and Whitney got a couple of larger ones. Others on board I think left their vermillions down a little too long and two were rewarded with Amberjack and one person got a nice grouper.

Here's Bryan with one of his vermillion snapper.

Whitney with her haul.

Our catch for the day.

And the total day's catch. A good time was had by all except the four that were sea sick.

8/09 Deep Sea Headquarters Says - Dan says the 8hr trips are getting kingfish, atlantic sharpnose sharks, the 12hr trips same species plus vermillion snapper, blackfin tuna, ling and wahoo, and mahi mahi.

7/27 Father Daughter Trip to Port A 7/18 - 7/20 via Tim9368 - Drove all night to get to DSH for the 12 hour Wed. Trip. We were tired, but had a great time. The crew of Clint, John and Alfred were awesome, and had us on fish all day. I had just about given up on party boats, but these guys were great. We caught a decent stringer of snapper. The big fatty wore my daughter out.

We each got a shark, which really wore her out! especially since she had two break off before they could gaff them. I had no idea that something that size could pull that hard!

Thursday morning we headed to SPJ. Nothing seemed to be biting, but it was beautiful.

We tried everything we had, but the fish would not cooperate. Right before we left, the slide liners at the end landed this 45" king. I have no idea who this guy is, but he was happy!

We went to BHP hursday night and did not see any action up and down the pier. I did catch this baby AJ on a live croaker. So little, but man did he pull hard! I can't imagine what a grown up must feel like! The kid in the pic just wanted to be in a photo with a fish. I just wanted to get the thing back in the water so he could grow up.

Katie managed to land a miniature hardhead (an obligation for our trips Wink )

She wanted to show off this AWESOME catch to her brother. I just wanted to save the smile.

We hit the back side of the channel Friday morning and got nothing. Then we swam and headed home. Till next time!

7/12 Deep Sea Roundup this weekend now through 7/15 - For more info visit Snapper season closes in Federal Waters July 17th and the seas look great for the next 5 days!

7/1 Snapper season extended until July 17th! Tyler's Report from Deep Sea Headquarters Friday 6/29

Easy limits of snapper average 9 to 10lbs. Three kings, lots of atlantic sharpnose shark, and a big blackfin tuna that Kelle's Uncle Jimmy Ragsdale caught.

Jim Ragsdale

Megan's snapper.

Megan's king mackerel.

Our Haul

6/27 Snapper still going strong - Red snapper fishing remains strong, kingfish and atlantic sharpnose shark, ling also being caught weekend prospects look good. Capt. Horner on the 8hr trip at Deep Sea Headquarters got large snapper and atlantic sharpnose shark. 6/16


5/25 5/19 Late Offshore Report from Matt - Tired, busy, and forgot to post a report

As many of you have noticed from reports on here or getting out there yourselves, the kingfish bite is essentially "on".

We've found red hot bites at the distant ships anchored up out of Port A over the last ten days or so, and Saturday was no exception.

We left about 7am and went to the furthest ships. The "lift ship" (not sure if that's what it's called, it's named 'Treasure') had been holding a ton of kings, but the bite was slow there.

We moved to the ship south of that one, and started getting to work. Still a slow bite, but a good half dozen Menhaden cut into chum got them going. They were hitting flat lines (unweighted with a pink skirt) not far behind the boat while we were still letting them out. Classic King bite the way it should be. Ribbonfish and whole Menhaden worked equally well.

I'll put it this way: one of our customers was eating a sandwich, and threw the crust overboard. A King came up and ate it. 9:30 until we finished up at about 11, it was pure chaos. Also managed a 30lb Ling off the same ship, which was a nice bonus.

Kept our captain/crew limits on Kings since we can, and needed to repay some favors with fresh fish. 16 Kings, 1 Ling, close to 200lbs on the hoof.

Forecast said 3 foot, but it got a little sporty out there. Looking at the 5 day on NOAA, it's going to be crappy for us this weekend--and extremely un-friendly to our adventurous kayakers over the weekend Sad

I'll post a report Saturday evening or Sunday. Here's to hoping our customers start taking Dramamine now

5/18 Mustang Island Port A South Jetty - Lots of skipjacks and some good trout earlier in the week on the beach. Topwaters and live bait have been the ticket. Excellent fishing recently on the rocks for jack crevalle. Look for tarpon rolling near the ends as well.

Weather forecast offshore looks great through Tuesday! Snapper season opens in Federal waters June 1.

5/11 Port A South Jetty 5/8 - 9 via Brandonf17 - A slight weather window gave hope for a quick mid week trip to the jetties in search of sharks and kings, and whatever else may be around. Met up with Ace Tuesday morning, and quickly changed our plans to fish the north jetty due to a strong east wind slamming the surf side hard. This did however make for a calm and clear South jetty surf.

Got camp set up and ran some lines out. There were jacks running up and down the jetty.

After deploying a whole jack on the 80w, half a jack on a super 6, and another half on a 4/0w, it was time to catch some kings.
I had left the wire leaders in my truck, and I had lost 7 kings on 80 pound mono leaders before my buddy Kyle ran back to pick up the wire. By then the late afternoon run was dying off, but we still managed a couple.

My first King for 2012

Kyle with his king

Swell info had the winds bigtime off... We got hit by a storm that evening and had winds gusting to 35 mph... duked it out for a nice sunset though.

Went all night without any action... Morning came and the wind had died considerably and kings and jacks were about once again.

While no sharks were caught we still had a great time slaying some kings and jacks. On wednesday I also saw a couple tarpon free jumping a few hundred yards off the end... theyre out there!


5/1 Port A Jetty 4/28 - 4/29 via Frederick Dunphy - Wife wanted to go fishin for her birthday. Had this trip planned for awhile. Hit the jetty sat morning windy & bad water conditions no sign of bait. Had a catfish contest going on with hardheads & gafftop on live shrimp. Then Charlotte hooks up with a 20+ # jack on 12# mono, she fougt the fish for twenty minute running up & down the rocks to lose it at the net. Crying or Very sad That was about it on Sat. Got up Sunday to hit a honey hole produced nothing. Pick-up the ladies and hit the N jetty. No change in conditions. Was still able to find something Charlotte got a 18" drum & I ended up with a 24" trout, 20" gafftop. Best part of the trip was spending time with the wife & friends. Can't wait to do it again Here's some pic's.

4/11- Offshore Port A 4/6 - Jim and Pamela Lago with some of the fish their party caught 4/6 Fishing on the “Semper Fi” out of Port Aransas

To no ones surprise Pamela outfished him on her first offshore outing!

4/10 Brandon's South Jetty Report 4/7 - With a break in the weather, work, and school for the Easter Weekend I headed down to Port A with a plan to hit the jetties for whatever may be around, and possibly an early season king or tarpon. I met up with fellow EC'er Ace and a buddy of his early saturday morning, and we headed to the North jetty. The swells were predicted only 1-2', which clearly was wrong. There was a strong East/Southeast wind making the surf on the normally protected north jetty very rough. No signs of jacks or bonito, or anything of that matter, and after a few hours we called it quits. Later that day after debating heading home or not, I figured I'd try slide lining the south jetty for a couple hours to maybe pick up a king. While still rough, the water held great clarity, better than ive ever seen in such rough conditions. Soon enough, the bonito showed themselves, busting mullet along the rocks edge.

And then the jacks made an appearance...

Every 30 minutes or so, the jacks and bonito would rally up and hit the bait balls of mullet all at once. This would send mullet flying to the rocks, and one time I had hundreds of mullet and a couple of jacks that had beached themselves on the rocks in the frenzy.

This jack fell victim to a 6' swimbait

The weed was coming in strong, which made throwing artificials a pain in the channel side near the end, where most of the action seemed to be. However, the surf side looked golden.

A fisherman next to me got the king I was looking for, A good eating size fish on really light tackle.

Ended the day with 4 jacks and a couple of bonito landed, many lost, and helped others land a handful. Those rocks on the end are lethal, landing a big fish by yourself is a challenge. I didnt get the king or tarpon I was looking for, but I did see two tarpon hooked and a couple of kings landed so theyre out there. Get out while the weather holds!


5/5 Vermillion Snapper and Shark Offshore - Deep Sea Headquarters reported Vermillion Snapper and Lane Snapper, Atlantic Sharpnose Shark and Ling on their 8hr trips. Legal Red Snapper have also been caught nearshore along with a number of lings from those near shore rigs.

2/11 Port A via TPW - Sheepshead are fair to good on shrimp around the rocks at the jetty. Redfish are fair to good on the ledges of the channel on mullet. Sand trout are good on shrimp in the channel.

2/2 - Offshore Port Aransas Deep Sea Headquarters  - Dan tells me the 12hr trip yesterday everyone got limits of amberjack, and some warsaw grouper and vermillion snapper. The 8hr trip on Wednesday produced limits of King Mackerel, vermillion snapper and one 200lb hammerhead was caught.

12/1 12 hr Deep Sea Headquarters trip 11/20 Robul and his party ventured out and got Vermillion Snapper, Kingfish and Sharks. There was one undersized Amberjack reported as well. Weekend prospects look bad with 6 foot plus seas through Monday.

11/3 Deep Sea HQ - The 12hr trips are reporting Atlantic Sharpnose Shark, Vermillion Snapper, Amberjack, Barracuda and Triggerfish. The 8hr trips are getting Atlantic Sharpnose Shark, Vermillion Snapper and a few Mahi Mahi. The longrange trips to the floaters are doing well on Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna, Amberjack, Rainbow Runners and Grouper.

Port A Jetties - Bull Reds have been excellent when there has been no red tide present.

10/18 Port Aransas North Jetty 10/15 - 16 via Frederick Dunphey - Arrived Friday, hit the beach at access rd1 drove to the south jetty no sign of red tide. Fished the north jetty Saturday & Sunday no fish kill. Little coughing. Fishing was a little slow. We were able catch a few. Some first time catches were a snapper & grouper. My friend Rob's group found the smacks. Also managed some bulls. Left on Sunday notice fish kill at Packery & JFK. I hope it end's soon. Here's some pic's of our weekend.

9/29 Kingfishing is King - Kingfishing remains the big star at Port A just offshore on the 8hr trips. Redfish, Bull Reds, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel, Trout and Tarpon all in play at both the North and South Jetties. The 12 hr trip on Deep Sea Headquarters got Vermillion Snapper, Amberjacks and Shark fishing with Capt. Clark on 9/24

9/2Tropical Storm Lee - May upset things with some rough seas forecast for offshore. Meanwhile the place to be for Kings has been at the Jetties. Silver King filed this report from the North Jetty 8/28

Well after a long run of skunked trips we finally land one! Had another monster king break off at the leader since the slide line got tangled with the anchor rod on a mega first run. Also broke off big fish in the channel twice because of line failure. (WILL BE THE LAST TIME I USE 20# TACKlE IN PORT A) My cousin jumped a 4.5 BEAUTY tarpon that threw the hook with ease on a full body arial. Dove for a bit but the water clarity was crap. Saw a couple drum caught and one bull red. Fun day but the sun was hell.

47 inches

8/25 Kingfish in ! - Captain Dean "Slowride" Thomas and his lovely wife Jennifer enjoyed good kingfish action at the Port A Jetties on the boat. (photo courtesy "My Darling Ben" Studios) 8/24

Meanwhile offshore the kingfish action is also hot Dan at Deep Sea Headquarters - Says, the 8hr trips have been getting a couple of nice ling per trip in addition to limits of king mackerel. The atlantic sharpnose are also starting to show up. The 12hr trips are reporting Amberjack, limits of vermillion snapper, african pompano, and king mackerel too!


8/11 Weekend Looking Good - Tarpon have been rolling around the jetties and lots of been hooked and a few landed. Meanwhile the 8hr and 12hr trips have been producing well with Kingfish, Atlantic Sharpnose, Ling and even Blackfin tuna on yesterday's 8hr trip. To the Kings and Tuna, add Vermillion snapper and quite a few Mahi Mahi for the 12hr trips.

Here's a recent shot from an 8hr trip recently

7/28 Don ruins the weekend - No boats will be going out etc with the threat of high seas, wind and rain. Meanwhile the fishing has been good. A recent 8hr trip on Deep Sea Headquarters with Capt. Schoolcraft brought in Kings, Atlantic Sharpnose shark and Mahi Mahi

7/15 Last weekend for Red Snapper - The season ends at 12:01 Am on July 19th so go get them this weekend or Monday. The forecast is calling for 3 foot seas Saturday through Monday! Meanwhile expect tarpon rolling at the jetties and kings and spanish mackerel to be around in addition to the trout and redfish. Deepsea Headquarters reports, Snapper, King Mackerel, Atlantic Sharpnose Shark, with Ling and Mahi showing up too!

7/7 Deep Sea Roundup this weekend - And the fishing has been good. Lots of snapper, ling, kingfish, Mahi Mahi, and even some Wahoo. The blue water is close too. Great conditions expected with no worse than two to four foot seas all weekend! Click here for more info on the 76th Annual Deep Sea Round Up

6/23 Port A - Dan at Deep Sea Headquarters says the 8hr trips are getting Kingfish, snapper, and atlantic sharpnose sharks, a few barracuda mixed in along with African Pompano. The 12 hr trips getting mostly the same thing with vermillion snapper, grouper, ling and dog snapper also in the mix.

Below is a recent 8hr catch on the Gulf Eagle

6/9 Port A South Jetty - Jay Gardner caught and released this Tarpon after an epic 25 minute back and forth battle that nearly spooled his reel. He said he got it on a sex lure :)

6/7 12Hr Pelican with 6/4 - We had an awesome trip this past Saturday. We laughed, we cried, we hurled, not me but some of them did in the "sporty" seas. A great time was had by all. Thanks to CCBOBBER for handling the details, payments and reservations. Thanks to David Sikes for coming along to document. Here's a report from NaplesJohn Yes, Tyler really caught a fish or two. The only fishing pics I took were during the "Crazy Snapper" bite. Clearly red snapper are almost extinct, as it took about 15 minutes to finish off limits. What would be funs would be catch and release on those suicidal fish as they came to the surface eating chum that the crew was throwing (not to be confused with a few others who chummed on and off throughout the day).

Getting Ready

Leaving the harbor


Fishing (look Tyler did hook a few:-)

Meat Haul



6/7 Mando get some Jacks at the North Jetty - Made a trip to the jetty Saturday morning. Lots of good n bad going on for me. First saw the Corpus fishing crew heading offshore thinking "must be nice" Then proceeded to gaff my self (minor cut) then fell on the on the slippery jetty (major pain) I tried to land on my hands falling face first but my left hand slipped out as well on the algee and I felt my shoulder POP! When I got up it Popped back in place but it didn't feel good. The wrest of the day went ok for fishing. Nothing to take home but the jacks were fun anyways. Wish they could of stepped aside for one minute and let a king hit our bait. You can tell from the pics my throbbing shoulder and wrist didn't bother me fighting fish but that night and the last couple of days have sucked!
Little rough at first.

Fish on a yozuri n Trout rod 12#mono Daiwa bg15


Hooked up from the mullet

My Girl Nicole getting her biggest fish. She got spooled on a shimano 2500 spinner twice. First time the knot at the leader broke, second time the knot at the spool broke. Figured I had to let here break in my newest rod. (quantum 70 w/65# PP n 100# jiggin stick) That fish got whooped on the beast combo. 40" jack

Sabiki Catching runner for bait

Next run on the slide with a live pinfish

Another eyes fooled me. Thought for sure I had seen a king strike. oh well. My biggest for the day 40"

Perfect day in Port A

4 jacks caught (1 kept)
2 lost due to being spooled :(
Saw a 4' king fly out of the water
No tarpon sightings
No reds or anything else caught by anyone that i saw

Have some med. tackle at least so you dont end up with a empty spool like this...

6/2 Red Snapper Season opened in Federal Waters June 1st - The weather looks good for the weekend opener. Expect King Mackerel on the rocks and plenty of Red Snapper to hit the docks. Mahi and Blackfin Tuna, Vermillion Snapper, Grouper and Sharks should all be possible too! Here is a recent photo from the Kingfisher's 12hr trip with Captain Horner


5/6 Port A - The headboats have had a difficult time getting out with the winds lately. In the meantime, redfish and sheepshead still reported at the South Jetty. Trout, redfish and spanish mackerel reported on the North Jetty. East Flats is producing redfish.

4/25 Port A North Jetty 4/22 via WHAT - Never been to Port A North Jetty but due to the seaweed at PINS I decided this would be a better spot especially since the wind was forecasted to be in the mid 20s.

We couldn't find any mullet! I tried looking for mullet and was unsuccessful. I even stoped at a few bait shops. Nothing! I debated on getting some live shrimp but decided not to (big mistake). So we just headed out with some crabs and dead shrimp. Got to the North Jettty a little after 10am. The surf was pretty much flat after the breakers. The wind gave us a nice breeze, didnt really feel like 20+mph winds but it very well could have been bc the wind was coming in from the SE which was towards our back. No weed what so ever on the surf side. The channel was rough and had spots of seaweed in it. Didn't fishing the channel at all.

Got my bait rod in the water as soon as i got there and started catching some whitings, bluefish, piggy perch and catfish. We used the whiting and bluefish for cut bait. The bite was steady on cut bait, i got robbed quite a bit. They would take it and spit the hook. Finally i hooked on to something, it was a sharpnose i think. Just shy of 3ft.

While i was getting my bait stollen this guy next to us was bringing in slot reds, HUGE trout and spanish macks using live shrimp on a lemon float! He must have limited out on reds and trout from what i saw.

After a while we moved to the shack which was about 100 yards back down the jetty. Not even 10 min after we set up i had a big hit on cut whiting, just after i tightend the drag and set the hook my line snaps! I was supprised bc i used 30lb mono and 100lb mono leaders. It looked like it snaped at the line due to wear and tear. I was upset but even more pumped up knowing that the fish are still biting. Not much longer after this my cousin caught his first bull red and personal best.

Joey enjoying his first bull red!

Overall it was a nice trip. Even though i had a lot of missed runs and a break off i had a really good time out there. Looking forward to coming back!

4/7 Port A -The wind has made things tough offshore but when they have been getting out Kingfish are biting at the rocks. A few Wahoo have been taken as well. TPW says

- Redfish are fair to good at East Flats on gold spoons and small topwaters. Black drum are good in the Shrimpboat Channel on crabs and finger mullet. Redfish, trout and sheepshead are fair to good at the jetty on shrimp.

3/25 - Winds have hampered offshore fishing until recently. King Mackerel are biting on the rocks. Amberjacks and wahoo have been caught. Vermillion Snapper are getting tough to catch due to the large amount of snapper present. Expect Kings to show near the jetties when the water greens up. Jack Crevalle should be at the Jetties now. Sheepshead, Trout and Redfish still being caught on both jetties mainly on live shrimp under lemon rigs.

Look for the spring migration of flounder in places like Charlie's Pasture and Roberts Point Park along the bulkhead. Use soft plastics tipped with shrimp or fishbites and jig along the walls.




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