Best Wading and Kayaking Spots 


Brought to you by Perception Kayaks, Jerry B's Kayaks, and Ray Crawford's book-"Wade and Kayak Fishing on the Coastal Bend of Texas"

For a complete map of the Lighthouse Lake Trails complete with GPS coordinates go HERE

Here are some of the tops spots compiled by the Corpus Christi Caller Times.


Remember when wading to watch for strong currents especially areas with channels and around passes. Always use "The Texas Shuffle" , in other words, slide your feet as you walk to alert stingrays of your presence. Wear wading boots either the Predator Reef type for stingray protection, or shoes with a strong rubber sole to protect against sharp oyster shells, glass, and other debris. Use a wading belt to secure rods, pliers, tackle, floating stringer, and a small net. The wading belt by Wadeaid even supplies as much flotation as a ski belt.


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