6/13 Upper Laguna - Redfish are the name of the game the past week with many slot and oversized coming in. Trout are slow but there are still a few good sized ones coming in. Redfish are in 2 feet of water and good on soft plastics or cut bait including mullet and sardines tossed into sand pockets in two feet of water. The bite slowed with the calm winds on Saturday but expect that action to continue.

4/9 Upper Laguna - New emergency trout regs due to the big February freeze and fish kill from TPW for Spotted Sea Trout began April 1st and are expected to last 120 until the end of July. South of the JFK Causeway to the Rio Grande including south of Packery Channel along the surf there is a limit of only 3 trout per day between 17 and 23 inches. Spring gill net surveys could decrease of increase the length of the new rules. Action was a bit slower behind the full moon last week but anglers are still catching trout though they are a bit hard to find. The best action has been for reds which have been up on the flats in sand pockets of three feet of water or less with the warmer water. Doa cal shads are producing for Captain Joey Farah. Captain Jesse Torres is doing well with the oversized and slot black drum on live shrimp these days. Check out his new website for open dates at www.jessetorresfishing.com .

3/14 Upper Laguna - After the freeze trout are slow though there are some around. The best action continues to be for slot and oversized drum on fishbites and shrimp.

2/5 Upper Laguna - Black Drum is the name of the game right now and with the fronts coming so quickly it is a good option for those who really want to fish. Black drum fishing can be great when everything else is tough with lures. Big oversized drum are good at the Cos-way and many other venues. Use fresh dead shrimp, crab, sea lice, or even crawfish. Captain Jesse Torres says a 1/4 ounce jig head or a simple carolina rig with fishbites and dead shrimp is all you need. Next week looks cold at the end so be prepared to fish low and slow and hit deep water.

12/27 Upper Laguna - Where is all of the water? After weeks of higher tides the astronomical low tides finally came and boy did the water drop. You can see all kinds of structure not usually visible. As you pass over the JFK from the island back to town look to the right and you can see a lot of horse shoe shaped reefs right near the turnaround on the Causeway. Keep that in mind once the water rises again. Take notes on the structure you can see now. Fishing has been great for sightcasting reds and black drum on the higher flats. Lots of slot trout and black drum are around hitting live shrimp under popping corks especially along the ICW. Work the drains and the edges and go deeper with heavier jigs to get flounder.

12/11 Upper Laguna - The water finally dropped out in the Lagoon and fishing is good with many trout, reds and flounder being caught along the edges of the drains along the ICW. Small bait imitations and live shrimp are working. The flounder limit goes back up to 5 fish either rod or reel or by gigging on December 15th. Duck hunting resumes this weekend.

11/19/ Upper Laguna - Lupe at the Cos-Way says they're getting black drum and redfish at night on live shrimp and finger mullet and trout and flounder during the days on the same baits. Live Shrimp supplies have been consistent. Packery is producing black drum redfish and mackerel out near the ends. Captain Jesse Torres has been getting good numbers of trout and reds fishing live shrimp under popping corks over grass areas mostly in 3 to 4 foot water. Captain Joey Farah is using live shrimp early at first light and switching to DOA Cal Shads fished on 3/8ths ounce jigheads fishing from the boat later in the day as the trout switch to eating pin perch in the grass which the DOA cals do a great job of imitating. Water remains high and the weekend forecast is hot and humid.

10/23 Upper Laguna - Captain Jesse Torres is using croaker when he can find it over the shallow grass areas for redfish and trout then live shrimp over the deeper grass for trout. Watch for flounder along the edge of the ICW. Use heavier jig heads to bounce gulps or soft plastics along the bottom areas that have sand like in the gaps between the spoil islands and Night Hawk Bay. Eating sized croaker and sand trout are at the Cos-Way lately. Watch for flounder along the pilings of the area piers.

10/15 Upper Laguna - The live croaker season is over and many baitstands are struggling to keep up with the demand for live shrimp so get there early. Cos-Way reports some good catches of eating sized croaker and sand trout during the day with some 13 to 14 inches. Captain Joey Farah is finding trout under popping corks with shrimp along the deeper grass that's close to deep water - ICW. Watch out for pinfish on the shallower grass flats as the pin perch are thick. There he throws DOA Cal Shad to imitiate the baitfish to catch reds and trout. Flounder are also on the move along the dropoffs and sandy areas near the ICW.

10/11 Upper Laguna - Water levels have been extremely high making some launch ramps and parking areas a flooded nightmare but there are fish to be caught. Most of the catches have been better for reds on the high water though trout are around eating a mix of everything from shrimp and the vast amount of baitfish. Joey Farah has been using cal DOA shads with great success for both redfish and trout and the flounder bite has been great too. Remember to work the bottoms along the outflows from Nighthawk with sand bottoms for those migrating flounder. If you find larger ones chances are the whole group of flounder in the area will be large conversly if you are getting undersized flounder, move as they will most likely be small.

10/3 Upper Laguna - The water remains high and slowly croaker will be disappearing from the bait stands. For consistent fishing many are switching to live shrimp under popping corks with gulps also working. Capt Joey Farah has been doing well imitating the pinfish and other baitfish the trout and reds have been feeding on using the 3 inch DOA CAL shads. Ziacatcher from the board fished the backyard along the color changes with soft plastics and got into good numbers of keeper reds and trout out of the Bluff Landing area.

9/11 Upper Laguna - The water is up in the Laguna and Captain Jesse Torres says he thinks it will be dirty so he suggests getting live shrimp and putting them under popping corks for a consistent bite this weekend. Captain Joey Farah fished the King Ranch Shoreline after the front and scratched out some nice trout with his clients Thursday.

The Hurricane Hanna Cleanup is this Saturday. The barges with dumpsters are in place just north of Twin Palms and in the Landcut. Thank you GLO for making that happen. Come on out and pick up some debris and put it in the dumpsters or pile it up on the Kenedy Shoreline and they will take care of it. Free food will be served at lunchtime at Twin Palms and at the north end of the Landcut. Just look for the banners and come on over and grab something to eat. Thank you to HEB for providing the meal. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there. It will be a good time.

9/04 Upper Laguna - Captain Jesse Torres says the full moon earlier this week made things tougher. Trout have been best early. The reds should be roaming the flats and chasing bait near the passes. Be courteous out there as there are a lot of folks cutting off people's drifts. Have fun! Bird Island Boat Ramp is open but the big dock is still being worked on.

8/28 Upper Laguna - There's a lot more water but Joey Farah found big schools of redfish and got a couple of flounder today with his clients. Fish the shallow sand pockets between the grass and fish the crash channels near the Causeway and the edges of the flats in deeper water later in the day as the big tide recedes this weekend.

8/21 Upper Laguna - Same as last week - It's hot. Guide Jesse Torres and several other well known guides have been fishing the grass and sand pockets in the flats with shrimp and popping corks or soft plastics picking up redfish and black drum and trout. Later in the day the deeper areas are good over sand holes with lures or live bait.

8/14 Upper Laguna - The Summertime pattern has arrived says Captain Jesse Torres. Reach him at Jesse Torres Guide Service on Facebook. He says drifting the sand pockets between the grass with shrimp under a popping cork has proven effective for Redfish and Drum. Tossing croaker and piggy perch has done well on speckled trout and reds this week. His mother landed a huge trout on Wednesday- Good Boy Jesse! Bird Island Boat Ramp remains closed for those of you wanting to cut time off the trip to Baffin and the Landcut.

Cos-Way Pier is out at least for another month according to my friend, Lupe. They do have bait and they are willing to tell you where the fish are biting too!

7/24 Upper Laguna - Water will be racing in from the gulf due to Hanah. Landfall expected as a Cat 1 near Baffin Saturday Afternoon. Prior fishing had remained solid with limits of redfish and trout coming in for most guides. Looks like the remnants of the storm might have things shut down until late Sunday.

7/10 Upper Laguna - Captain Jesse Torres of Jesse Torres fishing guide services on Facebook, 361 774 0091 had a nice limit of reds fishing with Rocky and Silver Guerra yesterday and Silver's Daughter from Roy's Bait and Tackle. He says the water has dropped out and is continuing to drop so fish the deep ledges early and get out and work the grass and sand pockets as the day rolls on.

6/19 Upper Laguna - Captain Jesse Torres on Facebook at Jesse Torres Guide Service says the water remains high and has the redfish very scattered. When you do find them they are biting very softly and not aggressive at all so set the hook at the lightest tap you feel. Focus on three to four feet of water. Right now the trout are holding in around the grass and ledges.

6/11 Upper Laguna - Captain Jesse Torres on Facebook at Jesse Torres Guide Service says the water is still up after the tropical storm and has the fish in shallow early. Good topwater action as the sun is coming up. Later croaker fishing for trout and bull reds has been good on the south King Ranch shoreline in grass pockets and dropoffs at 3 feet and deeper. There is a big tailing reds tournament out of Bluff Landing this Saturday. Marker 37 is tournament free if you are concerned about parking.

5/22 Upper Laguna -Captain Jesse Torres : contact Jesse at 361 774 0091 fishing along with Captain Joey Farah did well with his double family group on trout in all of the wind Thursday on croaker and soft plastics. You might want to fish popping corks and gulps with 18 to 24 inch drops on your drifts to catch trout, reds and black drum.

5/15 Laguna and south - from Captain Jesse Torres his number is 361 774 - 0091
Penascal and Marker 4 are holding good numbers of drum and trout. Popping corks and an 8 to 24 inch leader with shrimp is the ticket there. The Boat Hole and the Dimmit Island Area on the north side of the Causeway are holding good trout near the shoreline and drop offs. Jesse's brother got a 44 and a 38 inch red scouting on Wednesday.

5/8 Upper Laguna Madre -Lupe at the Cos-way says the water levels are good and they are getting trout and flounder in the evenings on live bait. They have croaker and live shrimp.
Capt. Jesse Torres tells us "Fish are hungry and biting well on shrimp and croaker and topwaters and soft plastics early. Sand pockets along the Boat Hole are is producing good numbers of trout. King Ranch Shoreline just past Pure Oil Channel has been holding scattered reds and trout. Sand pockets and deep grass lines are your ticket." You can call Capt. Jesse at 361 774 0091

5/1 Laguna - Captain Jesse Torres 361-774-0091 says it's May and that means croaker season. Sand pockets and grass lines will produce reds and trout. Shrimp is still producing good numbers of reds and trout between Pure Oil Channel and Bird Island on the King Ranch Shoreline. Schools of drum are starting to show up