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10/19 - Larry Meinert of Dallas sent in this beautiful sunrise photo taken on PINS the first week of October prior to the red tide.


5/18 - Look at this fat 27" 8.5 lb trout caught by R. Arnold using a soft plastic on 5/18 on Pins


3/7 - Sweet Release! Scott Wallace caught and released this 9lb 29 and 3/4 inch Baffin Beauty 2/23/05 after 17 hours straight fishing!

12/25 - Texmaps posted this White Christmas in Corpus Christi! Somewhere near Oso Bay


11/22 - Rob Sadler caught this fishing South Padre Island Sunday 11/21. He said it would fight and stop and fight and stop. It took him nearly 300 yards down the beach. Once he landed it he realized that his line was snagged on a 19" TV/VCR combo. LOL!

10/27 - Fishing at the tip of the North Jetty in Port Aransas in about 38 feet of water, we caught this great 40" Red fish on October 2, 2004. This is my son, Zachary Jurecek showing off the catch. Thanks! Misty Jurecek

10/4 - Jim Starr of Aransas Pass caught and released this monster Redfish at Assateague National Seashore in Maryland. Estimated weight near 70lbs!

9/10 - Rob Sadler took these in mid August in Baja California Mexico 439 miles south of the border on the Pacific Coast at a remote area called Punta Maria. We named this spot Corona Beach.

7/06 -From RedEd of Austin taken 7/03 He writes "I took this pic on our way back to the ramp the other day. It was a beautiful sunset and a great day to be on the water. I fished the back side of San Jose Island. The holiday weekend chaos was already starting and things were a little too crowded for my liking. Ended up with a couple of keeper trout and 25-30 of the biggest bay shrimp I have ever seen. It's the second time I have found big shrimp in the same place. Good reason to always have a throw net with ya! "


6/22 Via J.O. Lewis a 32.5 inch 10lb 9 ounce trout caught on a red and white Skitterwalk in Baffin Bay 6/15. This fish may win the Star Tournament in the Lower Laguna Division.

5/19 Via Chuck Hampton Fishing for Sailfish from a Navy Destroyer two years ago off Guatemala. I asked if this was okay to post and Chuck said "No big deal about fishing from a Navy ship. On Sundays we have what is called Holiday routine and a steelbeach picnic. It means that if you are not on watch then you can sleep in as long as you want and in the afternoon we have a picnic on the flightdeck. It was as they were setting up for the picnic that I caught the fish. I actually cooked the fish right out of the water. Never had pacific sailfish before but it was actually very good.

5/10 The Big Floating Barge heads back to Louisiana

3/10 This from John Rumbaugh from a cabin on Baffin Bay

2/14 This is a French Angelfish found by Captain Billy Sandifer near the 50 mile mark.

12/5 "Here's the situation. It's cold and blowing 30. You're duck hunting and your brother's hat blows into the bay. You send your faithful Lab Boudreaux and tell him to fetch the cap. The look on my brother and the guide, David Neslony Jr's faces was perfect.
Boudreaux says he is available for personal apearances, autograph sessions, boat shows etc.
Chip Pitcairn"


10/20 Bill Henry of San Antonio with his first 43" Bull Red caught at High Island Friday October 17th, Nice catch!

10/14 Cliff Curtner sent in this picture "my daughter, Adaleida, "6" caught this 35" kingfish June 28th on shrimp while we were drift fishing 20 miles off the Port A jetties in the weed line. It was her first fish ever and it nearly drug her off the boat.
She reeled it in all on her own, well maybe I helped a little by holding her on the boat."


9/4 Jim "Yankee" Green sent this in after escaping (just barely) Tropical Storm Grace which blew up unexpectedly during the Labor Day weekend. Here he is crossing the cut at the 3 mile point on East Matagorda Peninsula Beach. That cut was low enough to cross prior to the storm driven rising tide. That 3 mile cut opened up after Claudette did so much damage to the Matagorda Area.

8/19 Young Sam Smith poses with a 28" Spanish Mackerel caught on the 13th at the 18 mile mark on PINS.

7/14 I got this in the email this morning from Fishmantc aka Trent Cannon who writes
"Here is a pic of a big red drum my friend Jason and I hooked up with on PINS recently. We didn't have much luck that day but it was fun. Hope you like the pic. "


6/21 Surfmeister uses this nice eating size white shrimp he caught on Laguna Shores for bait at the sticks south of Bob Hall Pier

6/9 Chad Needham sent this in after a thunderstorm on the seashore 6/6

5/19 Poncho Gonzales catches and releases this tarpoon off the South Jetty in Port 5/15

4/28 Oz strikes again with this 5 foot cobia caught on a shark rig 500 yards off the beach in the 40's.


4/11 From David Urbis comes this Spring Break Photo if his daughter Margaret with a 25 and 3/4 inch trout caught from the Land Cut during the week of Spring Break. Margaret is 9 years old and a third grader in Flour Bluff.


2/24 From J.R. Manes of Port Aransas who writes "Howdy,

Went down to the channel last weekend and only caught sting rays and puffer
fish. Nice day though. Attached is a picture taken during the sunset.

Take care,

1/06 Grandpa Golla and Justin Golla make the grade again with excellent photo that says it all.


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