Wind and water level at Baffin Bay Pt. Of Rocks






6/13 Baffin Bay - Redfish and trout are being caught. A couple of trout approaching 28 inches for clients with Captain Sally at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club. Redfish are really shallow and can be found roaming the flats and shallower areas. Good sight casting for reds and black drum this week after all of the storms. TPW reports "VERY GOOD. 88 degrees. Speckled trout and redfish will be in less than 5 feet of water. The flats have been holding good redfish on the East side- focus your efforts on the clear water most of the time. The best bite early in the morning has been on small topwaters, while bright and natural-looking soft plastics are working better once the day heats up. Flounder are good on minnow around the rocks."

4/9 Baffin Bay - Vial Texas Parks and Wildlife week of April 7th - "FAIR TO GOOD. 75 degrees. Speckled trout and redfish are in the shallow water along the ICW, and they will be chasing the mullet. The best bait is shrimp. Black drum are good around structure or vegetation on crab or shrimp. Catch and release are still encouraged."

3/11 Baffin Bay from Texas Parks and Wildlife week of March 10th - "FAIR. 66 degrees. Fishing for speckled trout and redfish will be in the shallow water, less than a foot where it is warmest, and are good on paddle tail. Black drum are plentiful in the deeper water transitions or around vegetation on dead shrimp."

2/5 Baffin Bay - Capt Joey Farah had good luck earlier in the week throwing DOA CAL Shad in pearl and red with black jig heads in the grassy areas near sand in shallow water. Expect dirty water this weekend so try places like Twin Palms and Compuerta pass with dead shrimp and fishbites to load up on black drum.

11/27 Baffin Bay - The water is extremely low but there were reds and black drum up on the deeper flats. A big mixed bag of fish for those fishing shrimp under popping corks with reds, trout, black drum, flounder and whiting. Bigger trout are holding near the ICW and on deeper structure.

11/19 Baffin Bay - Fishing for reds in 9 mile hole was great last weekend with lots of reds caught blind casting with dead shrimp. The higher tides helped! Sightcasting should be good in the very shallow areas along the backside of Padre Island and deep into Alazan. Fishing shrimp over structure has been paying off for keeper trout.

10/23 Baffin Bay - Try the north shoreline to stay out of the wind and try the flats for tailing redfish and black drum. Trout should be good on structure if you can keep out of the wind.

10/15 Baffin Bay - Water remains high though lower than last week. Fishing around structure has been good for trout. Most using live shrimp or gulps under popping corks. Where you find pinfish on the grass use DOA 3" CAL Shad to catch reds and trout feeding on baitfish. Sight casting for drum and redfish is good. Believe it or not fishbites on a light jighead works if you don't carry dead shrimp.

10/11 Baffin Bay - Captain Sally's crew at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun are still on lots of reds and trout. The best red action has been up on the flooded flats. Watch for black drum and toss them gulp curly tails to get enough for a fish fry. Remember there's five times the biomass of drum compared to trout so if you want to take a bunch of fillets the black drum can take the pressure. Watch for bird action to reveal schools of hungry keeper trout feeding on bait.

10/2 Baffin Bay via Capt. Storm Broadnax of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - "Catching some really great trout these days filling up with eggs. Fishing structure ledges throughout the Baffin Bay system. The drum and redfish are as far back in the bay as your boat will go. Starting to see quite a few sheepshead showing up on the flats too

9/11 Baffin Bay - Hurricane Hannah Cleanup Saturday "The Hurricane Hanna Cleanup is this Saturday. The barges with dumpsters are in place just north of Twin Palms and in the Landcut. Thank you GLO for making that happen. Come on out and pick up some debris and put it in the dumpsters or pile it up on the Kenedy Shoreline and they will take care of it. Free food will be served at lunchtime at Twin Palms and at the north end of the Landcut. Just look for the banners and come on over and grab something to eat. Thank you to HEB for providing the meal. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there. It will be a good time. "

Captain Storm Broadnax of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun has been tearing up the black and red drum on flies in the flats. With the cold front he says he will be fishing the grass lines in Baffin and working the flats on the Padre Island side for redfish and black drum.

9/04 Baffin Bay - Captain Storm Broadnax says the fish are on the rocks and hard sand in Baffin. Yarborough has been great and Be sure to check out Baffin Bay Rod and Gun for Cast and Blast packages for dove season.

8/28 Baffin Bay - Captain Sally had the hot hand out of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun as she took numerous sheepshead on the fly off the sand in Alazan. Look for trout to be around the structure later in the day but up in the sand pockets between the grass early in the morning. Sight casting for black drum and redfish could be great along the sandy flats behind Padre Island.

8/21 Baffin Bay - The folks at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun have been mining the back lakes and getting into upper slot and oversized reds on soft plastics. Later in the day look for trout in deeper areas over the rock piles with live bait. Sightcasting to redfish and black drum along the sand flats on the backside of Padre Island should be great if you can stand the heat!

8/4 Baffin Bay - The tide has dropped out again but Captain Storm and the other guides at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun have been doing well on redfish in the back lakes on soft plastics. Watch out for debris around the Twin Palms area and over at the North end of the Land Cut. Actually watch out everywhere as the losses were heavy due to Hannah. Try the Meadows and sight cast for redfish and black drum. Bird Island Boat Ramp remains closed.

7/24 Baffin Bay - Hurricane Warning for Saturday as likely Cat 1 Hurricane Hanah makes landfall in the vicinity of Baffin Bay. Captain Jim Levealle's group did well Thursday with limits of trout and reds to 23 inches. Topwaters worked until 7am for trout and soft plastics picked up the remainder of the limit by 7:30.

7/10 Baffin Bay - Captain Storm Broadnax of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club also mentioned the dropping water and says that they will be working areas more towards the mouth of Baffin around tide gauge and the point of rocks. Yarborough and the Meadows have been good working the deeper grass lines with 4 inch paddle tail plastics and those Black's Magic 1/32 ounce jigs. Don't forget you can sight cast to roaming schools of reds and drum up on the flats on the backsides of both Padre and Mustang Islands this weekend as it will be sunny.

6/19 Baffin Bay - Captain Storm Broadnax of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun says the fishing has been excellent. Still catching most of their fish on deep rocks and grass ledges with deep drop offs. The topwater bite has been excellent and they're throwing weedless jigs in the grass behind slow sinking baits like flapping shad gamblers and five inch bass assassins.

6/11 Baffin Bay - Captain Jim Levealle has been fishing Alazan Bay and says the soft plastic mullet imitations and catch 5 suspending lures are really getting the bite now. The Land Cut has been good in the wind for trout, reds, and black drum. Good sight casting possible in the flats for tailing reds and black drum.

5/15 Baffin Bay - Hot bite for Captain Levealle and a group of 6 anglers this morning. Their first trout hit at 6:41 am and by 7:30 he'd texted me that they had 26 fish working on three more trout to limit out. At Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club, Storm Broadnax says The fishing has remained good through the wind. Most of our trout are being caught in the grass on dark lures with some chartreuse. His favorite is the saltwater shad from bass assassin! Great action. The weekend will be excellent as long as the weather doesn't keep us at the dock. Cat Head and all the rocks along the mouth of Baffin have been producing solid limits of trout and drum. The bait guys are killing em in the land cut and along the Intercoastal Waterway.

5/8 Baffin Bay - via Captain Jim Levealle - the south shoreline is still giving up nice stringers of fish with an early morning bite. The better bite is coming off of the sand as opposed to the grass. Paddle tail baits with a chartreuse tail works really well. Topwater bite seems to be on and off maybe because we can't get two similar days in a row weatherwise. Everyone with live bait are catching fish as well.
Also in Baffin Captain Storm Broadnax of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun has been smoking trout on topwaters the past couple of days. Natural colors on those Black Magic sixteenth ounce jigs have been working too. Most of the fish they are catching are on the edge of grass lines. The bait fisherman are doing well soaking bait over rocks.

4/30 Baffin Bay- Captain Jim Levealle says the trout are good from Yarborough to the Meadows with the better trout coming in shallow water on live bait and soft plastics. Reds are tight to the shoreline between Penascal Point and Los Corales. Capt Storm Broadnax of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club has been getting good trout on topwaters and saltwater swimming shad in hot chicken and silver mullet colors. The best this week went 9 .5 pounds. Reds and Flounder are around the grassy sand potholes and deeper grassy ledges.

4/25 Captain Broadnax from Baffin Bay Rod and Gun says - "The trout bite has been great. Majority of the fish have been upper slot. Multiple trout over 6 lbs. Every day seems to get better. I've been wading grass beds and shallow rocks. Targeting bait on the shoreline. Saltwater assasins swimming shad in silver mullet and hot chicken have produced best." Call Captain Storm at 361-522- 5048.

4/13 Baffin Bay via TP&W- VERY GOOD. 79 degrees. The only restriction that pertains to the bay is that there is a residents of Kleberg and Kenedy County only rule on the Hubert Kaufer Boat Ramp and RV park and 8 pm curfew on the beach, this includes public piers . There are no fishing restrictions as long as you adhere to the social gathering rules 10 x 6. This means no more than ten people in an area at a time - ensuring that everyone is 6 feet apart on the piers. No one will interfere with commercial and sports fisherman that adhere to the rules. Despite the wind changes we’ve been having in the area, it is still holding good trout, redfish, and flounder. They will most likely be found in 2-3 feet of water and are good on paddle tails in orange or Chicken on a chain using darker colors is best. Using darker colors will perform best in dirty water. The Flats in Alazan have been holding good slot reds on the Eastside, and good solid trout are being caught around the Los Corrallos area. Flounder have been good on the inside of Tide Gauge. Work slow and be patient.

4/06 Baffin Bay via Capt. Jim Levealle - Lots of bites on plastic swimming shad paddle tail baits with chartreuse tails. Bigger fish coming from deeper than waist deep water. Tides remain about a foot low. Find mullet and find the fish.

2/07 Baffin Bay via Capt Storm at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Redfish and drum remain in the mud bottomed potholes up shallow. Small soft plastics work well if the visibility is good. Trout in the 22 to 24 inch class are being caught on white small soft plastics using light jigheads. Some solid fat fish too!

1/29 Baffin Bay via TP&W - GOOD. 63-64 degrees. Redfish are good around the Pie de Gallo rocks on mullet or shrimp. Flounder are good on jigs or minnow. Speckled trout are good on shrimp in shallow water. Sandy Hook flats can be a great spot year-round. Captain Sally has a Valentine's Weekend Special for couples Friday 2/14 and 2/15 check it out at

1/17 Baffin Bay - Water levels are back down. Here's the TPWD report "GOOD. 64 degrees. Redfish are good in the sandflats on soft plastics. Topwater can work on warm sunny days in between cold fronts and on live bait following the mullet. Flounder are good on jigs or minnow. Speckled trout are good on shrimp in shallow water near sand. Slow sinking artificial lures are the best artificial choice for the wade fisherman."

1/27 Baffin Bay via TPW - VERY GOOD. 63 degrees. Redfish are very good in the flats with topwater, and live bait following the mullet. Flounder are good on jigs or minnow. Speckled trout are excellent on Gulp shrimp- use a lead jig head, and bounce off the bottom quickly. Slow sinking artificial lures are the choice for the wade fisherman.

12/11 Baffin Bay via TPW - VERY GOOD. 65 degrees. Redfish are excellent in the flats with topwater, and live bait following the mullet. Flounder are good on jigs or minnow. Trout are excellent on any slow sinking lure and mullet. Riviera Pier is closed until further notice.

11/1 Baffin Bay via TPW - This of course was prior to the big cold front. "VERY GOOD. 74–76 degrees. Redfish and flounder are excellent and feeding in the flats with topwater, and live bait following up the mullet. Getting limits on trout using chartreuse Gulp 4–inch twirl tail mullet."

10/25 Baffin Bay via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - In spite of the high tides Capt Sutton has been putting his clients on great redfish action.

10/03 Baffin Bay Via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun -Reds and drum are crazy good right now on the fly. White crab patterns were irresistible. (You had to be there but it was violent in such an awesome way). Good trout bite to 20” on topwaters. Water is super high so we’ve been fishing places you can only fish twice a year.

9/26 Baffin Bay via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Trout have been steady on the rocks in Baffin with the ultralight winds and high water we’ve been having. No Big Girls but solid trout to 20”. DownSouth lures in white ice, any light colored Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad rugged on 1/32 oz Blacks Magic has been working best. Flyfishing in the back of Alazan in some of the flooded backlakes has been both exciting and frustrating. The redfish are definitely there and some real giants are mixed in. Everything is perfect except they are finicky as hell. White crab patterns seem to work best when they do decide to bite.

9/19 Baffin Bay via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Water is high and slightly off color unless you get super skinny. Capt Sutton located a good concentration of big trout in Alazan and had been steadily catching them on Saltwater Assassin and Downsouth lures in light colors rigged on our 1/32 oz Black’s Magic jigheads. Most fish have been in thigh deep to waist deep water and caught early.
Reds and drum continue to be consistent up shallow on 3” Gulp Swimming Mullet and Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad. Also good numbers of redfish along the west shoreline of the landcut for the fly fishermen and just an FYI, there are plenty of blue crabs in the same area if you want to scoop up a delicacy or two.

9/12 Baffin Bay via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Water levels are holding pretty steady. Our expected drop didn't really happen so our pattern hasn't changed much. Sightcasting to lots of reds and black drum in the super skinny waters either on the fly with small crab and shrimp patterns or on conventional tackle with Black's Magic Jigheads on 2.5" DOA shrimp or 3" Berkeley Gulp Swimming Mullet. Trout are numerous early on just about any soft plastic but you have to wade through the dinks to get a limit but they're there.

8/21 Baffin Bay via Texas Parks and Wildlife - "Trout are fair to good on topwaters and croakers around rocks and grass. Trout are fair to good while drifting grass around spoil islands on Bass Assassins, Gamblers and Gulps. Redfish are fair around spoils on Gulps and gold spoons."

8/15 - The redfish and black drum on the fly is hot for Capt. Sutton and Baffin Bay Rod and Gun. Check out more in the Weekend Outlook. Oh and by the way the Black's Magic Jig heads are 1/32nd ounce not 32 ounce!


8/8 - Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Weekly fishing report via Captain Black:

Wade fishing with plastic paddle tails has been very productive for lots and lots of trout. Sugar and spice 4 inch salt water assassin sea shad paddle tails and white ice small down south Lures on 1/32 ounce blacks magic jig heads have been catching the most fish.

Lots of smaller trout and keeper fish to 20” have been caught and a dozen fish in the mid-20s and a couple of trout in the upper upper slot including about a 9 lbs. 30 inch trout caught this week.

All trout are being caught from mid calf to mid thigh deep on both sides of the bay.

Fishing pants are still required because there are a few Stringy jellies still hanging around in Baffin Bay

Flyfishing and sight casting has been off the charts this summer with super clear water holding lots and lots of red fish and black drum with occasional giant trout mixed in.

White clousers and white crab flies and anything with chartreuse have been catching lots of fish on the fly.

Conventional anglers are tossing 4 inch gulp swimming mullet curly tail Grubs in chartreuse or white on 1/32 ounce blacks magic jig heads for both redfish and black drum.

Baffin Bay has had light winds this week and the water is clear and the fish are hungry. There is an unbelievable amount of mullet and other bait in Baffin.
The lions aren’t very far from the gazelles if you know what I mean!

7/31 Baffin Bay - Via TPW Report - Trout are good on topwaters and plum plastics around rocks and grass. Redfish are good in the Land Cut on live bait. Trout are good at Rocky Slough on topwaters and plastics.

7/25 Baffin Bay - Captain Rowsey says the fishing has been better with the lighter winds and the waning moon but the trout remain on the deeper structure. Black drum are around too. Baffin Bay Rod and Gun has put some clients on reds on the fly and they have had good catches of trout, reds and flounder on soft plastics with 1/16 ounce Black's Magic Jig heads. Wading should be good on the back side of Padre Island in the sand sight casting for reds and black drum on gulps and curly tails.

7/11 Baffin Bay via TPW - "Trout are good on topwaters around rocks and grass. Trout are fair to good on the King Ranch shoreline on croakers, topwaters and plum plastics. Trout are good in the Land Cut on shrimp." Baffin Bay Rod and Gun had a client join the 30" trout club Wednesday.

6/6 Baffin Bay via TPW - "Trout are fair to good on topwaters and live bait around rocks and grass. Trout are fair to good while drifting grass around spoil islands on Bass Assassins, Down South Lures and Gamblers."

5/16 Baffin - Our heartfelt condolences to Capt Aubrey Black who lost his mother this week. Lots of redfish, trout and drum taken today with a two boat trip with Captain Joey Farah and Captain Steve Schultz.

Baffin Bay Rod and Gun club also posted good numbers of redfish and solid trout this week.

5/10 Down South and Laguna via Capt Joey Farah of Joey Farah's Backwater Fishing Adventures -

We have been a month late on much of the weather patterns and bait and fish movements this year along the entire Texas coast. We had our March winds in April and now our April rains in May! With this many of the fishermen looking to start their live croaker fishing have found a lack of live bait at local marinas. Live shrimp is the most consistent live bait right now as the croaker are small and not in good amounts. Live shrimp under a popping cork has been working very well over deep structure like the wells in corpus bay, along channel intersections of the ICW, oyster shell, rocks, and deeper sand pockets in the flats. Anchoring up on this structure will give you about 10-20min of good fishing until fish feel the boats presence.
The use of artificial lures has been absolutely awesome! We have great water conditions in the Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay this year. Topwaters over 2ft of water has been producing reds and trout along the Bird island shoreline. Soft plastics have been the main stay of trout fishing drifting the flats in 4’ of water where you find scattered sand and grass.

5/3 Baffin Bay via Capt. Farah - The winds of spring have been arriving late just as much of the bait movements along the bay systems of the Coastal Bend. Right now we are seeing strong winds from the southeast pushing spring bull tides in and with it lots of shrimp and small baitfish. With the schools of Shad mullet and shrimp gamefish like trout and drum have been flooding the flats and back bays. My game plan for these windy days has been creeping up to big structure and anchoring up throwing shrimp and popping corks on the rocks in Baffin Bay. Trout and drum have been very consistent. Drifting with soft plastics has been the best way to catch trout in the Laguna Madre. The use of love shrimp seems like a waist of effort at times with schools of hungry pin perch devouring the shrimp in seconds. Small paddle tail plastics are the perfect bait as trout are feasting on these small perch during the day and shrimp at night. My favorite has been the 3”doa cal Shad with a 1/4 ounce jig head.

4/5 Baffin Bay - Baffin Bay Rod and Gun enjoyed some outdoor show exposure as HookTV was there to shoot some fish catching video. One of the guests was Country Music folk hero - Robert Earl Keen. Thursday Captain Sally was the star as they videod her catching and releasing a 28" 7.5 lb Big girl on a Key Lime Pie Gambler on a 32/nd ounce Blacks jig head.

3/13 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports - "Trout are good on topwaters and Gamblers around rocks and sand and grass. Black drum are good in the Land Cut on crabs. Trout are fair to good in the Land Cut on glow Down South Lures."

2/22 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Captain Bo with Buddy and Fro Daddy with a nice mix stringer!

2/7 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports -"Trout are fair while wading mud and grass on Corkies, Gamblers and Soft Dines. Black drum are good in the Land Cut on crabs."

Capt Aubrey Black at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun says "Sally and I went out with a good friend yesterday specifically looking for Big Girls. We found some really good fish up to 27” which in most Bay systems would be considered a Big Girl, but we live on Baffin. However, the overall fishing has picked up dramatically and solid three to four pounders are regular catches for our guides and clients. Bigger paddle tails like Saltwater Assassin 5” Sea Shad or Die Dappers in lighter colors are working well. Corkies and LeLe’s are working too. Not much action on topwaters but our water temps are around 70 degrees so topwaters are in the arsenal (I’m sure this front will mess that up).
Most fish are in waist deep to chest deep water. Sally had a little trouble with that yesterday lol.


I’ll ask my guys about the donated trip. CCA might want to step that up a bit if they want any good guides to donate.

12/13 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports - "Trout are fair to good in mud and grass on Corkies and Gamblers. Redfish are good in the Land Cut on natural baits. Trout are fair on the spoil banks on Corkies.

11/16 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports - "Trout are fair to good in mud and grass on Corkies and Gamblers. Redfish are good in the Land Cut on natural baits. Trout are fair on the spoil banks on Corkies."

Captain Sally with this 28" plus 7lb trout caught and released on a chicken on a chain die dapper saltwater assassin soft plastic and 1/32 ounce Blacks Magic jig head.

11/9 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports - "Trout are fair to good in mud and grass on Corkies and topwaters. Redfish are good in the Land Cut on natural baits ."

11/2 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports - "Trout are good on topwaters and plum plastics around rocks and grass. Redfish are fair to good in knee–deep water on small Super Spooks, She Pups and SkitterWalks. Trout are fair to good on plastics under rattling corks at Rocky Slough."

10/18 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports - "Trout are fair to good in mud and grass on Corkies and MirrOlures. Redfish are good in the Land Cut and on the edge of the channel on shrimp and Gulps." Also flounder showing to be on the move after the front.

10/11 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports - "Trout are good on topwaters and plum plastics around rocks and grass. Trout are good while drifting deep rocks on plum plastics. Flounder are good in the Land Cut on Gulps and jigs tipped with shrimp."

10/04 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports - "Trout are fair to good in mud and grass on topwaters and Gulps under rattling corks. Redfish are good in the Land Cut on natural baits. Flounder are fair to good on the edge of the channel on Gulps."

9/28 Baffin Bay/ Land Cut via KlebergCaster - One fish can make a day!

In the boat at 6:30am heading to get bait but had a fuel filter issue causing a problem with fuel delivery...bummer. Turned around went home and back to bed. Fuel filter was changed around 9:30am and reluctantly decided to still head south. Live shrimp and croaker, headed to land cut around 10am. Lots of action with small trout and some trash fish...only one 15.5" trout. A storm with lightening formed out west so decided to head north. Stopped at some rocks east of Baffin around 2pm and my dad had this 42" red hit a croaker. 20+ minute fight with the fish going back and forth under the anchor rope 3 times. Landed and released.

His PB successful and fun trip. Amazing how one fish can change a day.

9/13 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports "Trout are good on topwaters and plum plastics around rocks and grass. Redfish are good in the Land Cut on live bait. "

9/06 Baffin Bay - Captain Rowsey says "High tides have really made things harder this week. Fish are very scattered now. The best luck he has been having lately is fishing on the white sandy shorelines sight casting to fish.

8/30 - Captain David Rowsey says "Same as last week but water has come up and everything is scattered now. Reds and Drum now up on skinny flats. Best trout are on deep grass or rock structure."

8/23 - Captain David Rowsey says "Drum are on every shoreline and rock pile in the bay. Best trout bite is very early but mullet activity must be present, no bait no bites!! Turning off fast due to the heat. Deep rock structures are producing best. Soft plastics dominate. Redfish are on most spoil islands but have been a bit spooky due to boat traffic. Some big drum schools in Emmords Hole with some redfish mixed in. You have to drift and troll to those fish.

7/13 - Baffin Bay via Texas Parks and Wildlife "Trout are fair in mud and grass on Corkies and topwaters. Trout are fair to good in the Land Cut on plum Bass Assassins and She Pups. Trout are fair to good while drifting with topwaters at Rocky Slough. "

6/28 - Baffin Bay Rod and Gun had a couple of snook earlier this week on successive days. Texas Parks and Wildlife says "Trout are fair in mud and grass on Corkies and topwaters. Trout are fair to good in the Land Cut on live shrimp. Trout are fair to good while drifting with topwaters at Rocky Slough. "

6/21 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club - What do you expect when your name is Captain Storm? This was today with Capt Storm Brodnax after the storms.

Captain Black says "Looks like the rain has turned on the trout specifically. Topwaters and plastics doing well in shallow grass lines but better fish are in the grass. Redfish have been hit or miss but when you hit they are tournament reds ( fat ones up to 28") and oversized.



6/14 via TP&W - "Trout are good over grass in the Land Cut. Trout are good on topwaters around rocks and grass. Trout are fair to good on the King Ranch shoreline on croakers, topwaters and plum Gamblers and Bass Assassins."

Sight casting to Redfish in 9 mile Hole was good on Sunday 6/8

5/31 Baffin Bay - TP and W says Trout are good on topwaters around rocks and grass. Trout are good at night in the Land Cut on live shrimp. Redfish are fair to good on the flats on gold spoons and Gulps. Captain David Rowsey says "Lots of catching going on for the lure fishermen. Still focused on big trout early and switching over to site casting as the sun comes up. And Yes, even the drum are on lures. Open dates available now. Lures only. If you want a real fishing experience and not be gut hooked by weekend warrior guides, contact me. /text 361-960-0340" :)


5/18 Baffin Bay - Texas Parks and Wildlife reports "Trout are good on topwaters worked over shallow rocks and sand and grass humps. Redfish are good in knee–deep water on small topwaters and Gulps. "

5/03 Baffin Bay via Capt. Aubrey Black of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - "Fishing really exploded this week. Light winds gave us opportunities to fish places we can’t when the winds blow and they were full of solid trout. Numerous 24”-28” trout and even a few Big Girls up to 32” (yes 32”)
Soft plastics like Saltwater Assassin Die Dappers, Sea Shad and Down South Lures all in lighter colors were the ticket. Redfish are showing up in the shallow back lakes providing very good sightcasting opportunities.

4/20 Back at the helm again Baffin Bay via Capt. Aubrey Black - The recent passing of our friend and mentor Capt. Billy Sandifer has had me and a lot of his friends in a funk so I apologize for the recent lack of updates. One of Billy's good friends was Captain Aubrey Black who started out guiding in Billy's old "Don Coyote" Explorer.

Aubrey says "Trout are good to excellent on light colored Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad and Down South lures rigged on Black’s Magic 1/32 oz. jig heads around the rocks. Redfish are thick on the drop offs along the south shoreline pretty much any plastic in your box."

3/24 TPW Reports - Trout are good on sand and grass humps and rocks on Corkies and topwaters. Black drum are good in the Land Cut on crabs.

2/28 TPW Reports - Trout are fair to good around the spoils on topwaters and soft plastics. Trout are fair to good in mud and grass on Corkies and topwaters. Redfish are good in the Land Cut on natural baits.

2/14 TPW Reports - Trout are good while wading mud and grass on Corkies, Down South Lures and Gamblers. Black drum are good in the Land Cut on crabs, fresh dead shrimp and fishbites. Trout are fair to good in the Land Cut on glow plastics.

1/11 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - " Trout up to 28" on Gambler Flapping Shad, Saltwater Assassin Die Dappers and top waters. Good numbers of mid twenty inch Trout. Real fat. 25"er weighed 6 pounds" Check them out on Facebook.

12/1 Capt D. Jones Report - Fishing Report 12/1

Water temp is between 69 and 71 degrees along the king ranch shoreline. The water color has been slightly off color green and able to see down about 1 1/2 to 2 ft. There is a lot of grass building up.
All the bait stands have plenty of live shrimp and the cos-way also have pearch and mullet.
There are plenty of good slot drum along the edge of the icw on live shrimp and peeled dead on a jighead. There wasnt much trout action except for a few dinks. I suppose the trout and reds have moved off the flats and into the channels. Im gonna have to change tactics for the next trip. As far as my DSL vs CORKY competition... Live bait... won this time as no fish were caught on either lure. Gonna keep trying til i get good results to report. There were people cleaning drum at BIB and i have seen lots of reports of drum in the channels, So It wont be long til the big uglies start there move until next time good luck to all.!!!

Baffin Bay - Lots of dink trout around but Captain Sally of Baffin Bay Rod and Gun picked up a 28 inch big girl and released her earlier this week. Black drum are in the Hole and around the ICW on fresh dead shrimp and fishbites. Duck Season takes the weekend off until 12/9 Good Luck!

11/10 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Says the cold weather bite is on! Slot and oversized reds have busted topwaters intended for trout. The duck season has begun and numbers should only improve with the cooler weather.

And check out this beauty Capt. Bo Patrick caught on 11/6 29.5" and 8.5lbs released to fight another day!


10/05 Baffin Bay Hot of the Press from Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - "Water levels are super high right now and the early top water bite for trout is good. One knocker spooks over shallow grass and mud has been the ticket. We have had a good red fish bite almost all day long on soft plastics like salt water assassins sea shad in natural light colors rigged on our 1/32 else blacks magic GeoKids" Also they reported the opener was great for dove season. Second day still good but not as good for those who are not great shots! < My life story.

Heath and Jeff Below

9/17 Baffin Bay via Bandera Brent - Had a buddy that is familiar with Baffin run with us yesterday. Fished several rocks around starvation point catching lots of small trout with a few for the box. Caught several nice black drum ad well. Went up into alazon to some rocks in the back and hit more trout and drum. Ran down to Rocky Slough and only found hardheads. Ran to nine mile hole and spooked lots of fish but didn't stay long and headed back in. Nice and quiet, very few boats out running.

6/15 Baffin Bay via Capt Marcus Canales - Baffin has made another transition, last year we were focused on rocks, this year, think skinny!

We have new grass that has grown and some really clear water way up skinny on the south shoreline, North shoreline and in parts of alazan.

Don't be afraid to get out of the boat and wade, whether with lures or croaker. Topwaters have finally turned on, spook jr in colors Halloween, bone, clown, pink/clear and pink/gold have been working well in a slow cadence.

Once the sun is up, turn to some soft plastics, Saltwater assassin paddletail in sugar and spice, space guppy, chicken on a chain colors have been working well.

We have found some decent trout between knee and thigh deep water along drop offs and grasslines with potholes all in between.

It's not your typical "Big girl" catch cast after catch, but health trout and a lot of dinks between. If you are in the middle of dinks, especially males, which grunt, there should be a few big girls in the mix.

As for redfish, let the sun get high, focus on the skinny water with sand and grass, slow wades sight casting has been great!

Good luck and tight lines!
Capt. Marcus Canales

4/20 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Captain Sally and Aubrey Black's clients are doing well. Josh joined the 30 inch club this week with this catch and release beauty caught on a saltwater assassin

Capltain Back joined the fun with this nice one caught on a sugar and spice slow rolled saltwater assassin fishing the edge of a grass line this morning 4/20

4/13 Baffin Bay via RedSniper - Been chasing these reds pretty close to shore recently. Having great success with white plastics in those rich sand pockets and purple/grey in dirty areas. All caught in 1-2 foot of water and they are picky picky in some areas.

As seen:
-1/8 Golden Eye Jig accompanied with MatrixShad 'Glow' or 'Purple Haze'
-spro swivel, braid to 12lb Silver Thread fluorocarbon

Here are a couple reds from a recent trip, enjoy.


3/24/ Baffin and Land Cut - Winds have been high this week but that hasn't slowed the fishing much. Live shrimp is producing lots of keeper drum in the Land Cut with redfish and trout thrown in with that. Aubrey and Sally Black's clients have been using artificials in all of this wind at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun and have been mining their flounder hole lately with great success!

Ken, Jeff and Jesse got these beauties on saltwater assassin four inch paddletails fishing 3/23

Sally and Aubrey with a couple of nice flatties!


2/22 Baffin and Laguna via Capt David Rowsey - The warm winter has the fish scattered from shallow to deep. Normal winter patterns have not prevailed this year. Lots of reds throughout the upper laguna and good mix of trout. Best lures, consistently, has been the 5" bass assassin...... with Corky fatboys and mirroDines also being great producers.

Baffin is producing trout on same lures, and occasional topwaters....... keeping in mind that the water temps are hoovering around 70d and the fish can be scattered from shallow to deep. Really more like a early summer pattern vs. a late winter or spring.

Since the tides dropped out, the crystal clear water has more "color" to it now, with a hint of a tea stain. No no reason to believe it is brown tide! Potholes and rocks are very visible on clear days........... that was not the case with BT.

Capt DR

12/26 Winter is Here! Tougher getting reports as of late due to deer/duck hunting and of course the holidays. TPW reports trout are good drifting over the rocks on soft plastic s. Trout are good at night under the lights at night in the Land Cut. A couple of huge trout pics from Bret Caron showed up from Marker 37 so there are some big girls about!

10/17 Croakersoaker's Saturday Report - We headed out Sat at 7:00 and with a bucket of croakers we waded a spoil flat. From chest deep we threw on the waist deep flat and bam! My first trout was a 29" beauty

After a few more trout we headed across and hit a shoreline and my buddy landed at nice 24" trout.

Headed to Alazon bay and worked a drop off with quick results in filling up the cooler with our limit of trout. Made a stop back to get some "meat" and caught some drum over a rock pad. Great day. Almost got my wall hanger!
Was also able to knee my first famous Baffin rock. Good thing I was wading slow otherwise it would have made a mess out of my knee.

9/28 Upper Laguna, Bird Island and Baffin via CatpD Jones - FISHING REPORT

ULM : if you can put up with all the floating grass there are plenty of trout and reds along laguna shores in the back yard. piggies and live shrimp are working best. yesterday my sonar was showing lots of fish in the pure oil channel but could not get to them due to all the huge amounts of grass there. be sure and rig weedless.

BIRD ISLAND : KRS early up shallow then later on try going deeper into emmords hole. also with the recent north eastern wind try the back side of the cabins in olesby hole area. popping cork with shrimp or free lined is working best for trout and cut mullet or skip jack best for reds. i spoke to a couple late yesterday evening who were wade fishing and yaking close to shore and just inside of nighthawk who caught couple of drum right at sundown. also 2 guys were cleaning some bull reds caught in the surf across from bird island on cut bait as well.

BAFFIN : there are drums reported in cathead and in the rocks around the badlands on dead shrimp on a jighead. reds are on the tide gauge bar for waders both inside and on the outside depending on the time of day. the south shoreline from penascal point to around marker 8 is producing good box trout on piggies free lined in the rocks. in rocky slough there are still lots of trout and some reds and drum in the rocks on dead shrimp, live shrimp and piggies fished just over the tops of the rocks. try using a popping cork when fishing around the rocks to adjust your depth.

i didnt get any flounder reports but i know the action is starting to really heat up. check out Brian Joseph Spencer fb or flounder fanatics fb for those reports. also no reports from the land cut, boat hole or shamrock. please continue to report to me or make your own report so we can all have a great day out on the water. until next time good luck to all.

9/9 Baffin Bay via Capt Kyle Pape - Third Coast Guide Service 832.360.6862 - The last couple weeks in Baffin has been hot or cold for me. I have been starting off early as possible working rocks in 3-4 feet of water, adjacent to deeper areas. There are tons of places to try this at. center reef, Kleberg, Corrales, and some of the other scattered rocks all around the bay. At first light, the bite is pretty good on lures or bait. Trout are averaging up to about 19" out of the boat. I haven't done much wading in the last couple weeks, but on the one trip I did, the fish quality was a lot better.

Some nice redfish are around too, we've caught quite a few little further south in rocky slough and the land cut. A buddy of mine caught a 28" on the nose, and over 8lbs. My little girl also caught her personal best red last week.

as far as bait for trout, Croaker and piggies seem to be producing better fish. With shrimp and popping corks, I have really been going through a lot of bait catching mainly small fish. the piggies and croakers (if you can get them) can be pretty small, so doubling them up on the hook will help get the party started.

For flounder, using a small cork (mansfield mauler), with live shrimp has been working really well. Let them suck it down and hold it for 10-20 seconds before setting the hook. I still prefer white gulps, but I think for folks who don't fish a whole lot, the shrimp and small cork is easier to get the hang of. I'm Still averaging 4 or 5 flounder a day when I have time to go chase them, but it can be a little tedious. Sometimes people think I'm crazy when I ask them to cast to the same spot 12 or 15 times. That's what it takes though.

I caught a pretty nice one this morning in Baffin in about 6 feet of water right next to some rocks, around 4.5 lbs on the boga on a white gulp - 5" swimming mullet. I was by myself... so you'll have to trust me and the pic on the icechest Very Happy

Water temp has been around 84-88, and one day coming back through the meadows my transducer was reading 90! I'm ready for it to drop back into the 70's and start going after the big girls!

8/26 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club says - "Capt. Marcus's group are done with trout and searching for some reds now. Space guppy saltwater assassin paddletail is doing the trick paired with our Black's Magic jig heads. Come on down and get ya some!

Sonny with a nice trout!


And that's a wrap with Captain Marcus Canales 2 limits of trout and 2 limits of sight casted reds on topwaters!

7/7 Apologies for the lack of updates. I was on vacation - Of course when I leave the fishing turned on. Lots of trout and redfish being caught over sand and grass pockets, rocks etc on topwaters early and paddle tails later in the day. With the winds, the Landcut might be a good choice. Neal Krueger and Paul Perez enjoyed a Texas Slam 7/1 fishing off the Land Cut.

6/11 Baffin via O Brother -

Another Slam from my Majek Texas Slam on Baffin Saturday. Two man trout limit and two bull reds. Biggest one taped out at 42". Both were released to fight another day.

5/29 Baffin via MakoJJ - Been a long time since I posted, here is a quick trip summary...trout to low 20"s have been good on shoreline along Baffin over/near rocks in 3-4ft of water. Been doing best when I'm less than 1/4 mile from the shore. They seem to be hitting anything when the bite is on, from live bait to bubblegum pink chickenboy lures :) . Things with rattles work well also. Hits have been aggressive during "frenzy," while the bite seems to die on/off over the course of a few hours.

Picked up a two person limit this morning by 10 am:

5/22 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Great fishing the last two days. The 1/32 ounce jig head and soft plastic worked well for Tom and this beauty!

Mary's first ever wade produced this big girl caught on Yozuri 3DB.


4/14 Baffin Via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Both Captain's Black having a good time entertaining Mark Davis this week for an upcoming show on the outdoor channel

Mark Davis with another nice one. Three trout over 29" during the filming of the outdoor show.

Captain Sally with a big girl caught and released using a Yozuri topwater

Capt Aubrey gets in on the act with a nice one caught on a grassline using a paddletail.

4/3 Baffin via Southern - Launched at Kaufer Hubert park around 9:30. Made our way to a buncha different rocks we usually fish. Was pretty slow the first hour, a few dinks, until all of the sudden the bite kicked into high gear.. Caught a few fish on plastics under a cork, but they really wanted the live shrimp! Prob caught 40-50 trout but ended up with 21 keepers. Even caught a few undersize reds. Lots of fat trout. We were off the water by 1:30. All in all a pretty darn good day!


3/28 Easter Weekend Report via Mesquitecountry - Fished just about everywhere easter weekend. The constant theme pretty much everywhere was that fish were hungry when you could find them. Mainly fished shrimp and corks.

Fished the back yard Sunday morning in the fog for an hour or two, scratched up a couple small trout, nothing of size, and didn't put a lot of effort in so take that for what its worth.

Saturday fished the Meadow, and Black Bluff in Baffin, scratched out a couple trout in the meadow drifting, and fishing the rocks in Black Bluff pulled out a few 17-19" trout, and a few drum. Caught a 36" 18 pound black drum out of there as well. I fished nighthawk on the northern end and found trout sparse but the water was absolutely beautiful. I'm going to push a little farther south next time to see if the reds are in there. I know a friend of mine hammered them close to bird island on Saturday.

Friday Fished the meadow, KRS around Pure Oil, baffin, Nighthawk, and double yellow, Not much north in regards to fish, did well south, scratched out a limit of eating size trout, nothing larger than 20" but all healthy.


Everywhere I fished this weekend they were scattered. Pick up 1-2 fish and move on. I couldn't buy a redfish this weekend if I was in line at Paul's. Water clarity slowly got better over the weekend, especially north, but Beachcroft and Emmords were still pretty muddy and blown out.

3/14 Baffin Report - Lots of action for black drum on live and dead shrimp near the rocks at Compuerta Pass. Baffin Bay Rod and Gun had good action for trout on topwaters.

Capt Sally and Glen on 3/14

3/12 Baffin Report from Southern - Don't post very often, but after reading Capt D's post I figured why not? Launched around 10:30 w/ my Dad and Brother. Nonstop action until the bite turned off around 1. Live shrimp/plastics under a rattle cork. Lot of dinks, but managed to box a few fish short of a 3 man limit. Biggest trout went 20". The fishing's really startin' to heat up Sorry about the huge pics, btw.. still trying to get the hang of this..

3/4 Baffin Report - If you want fish to fry the black drum bite should be on this weekend in Baffin with both oversized and plenty of slots. Fresh dead shrimp with fishbites or live shrimp will offer a mixed bag of everything. Trout good over mud and grass on paddle tails, suspending baits and topwaters.

2/16 Baffin Report 2/13-2/15 via Trent - "Fished fringes of Baffin last two days, Tuesday was nonstop action for reds and quality Trout, Wednesday only Trout and not the same quality. Water great, warming quick, seems more like a spring bite than typical February. "


2/4 Baffin Classic this weekend! - Expect a good crowd out Friday scouting and on Saturday when the tournament is held. Weigh in is between 2pm and 4pm Saturday at Marker 37.

1/30 Baffin Bay Via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Duck season may be over but the fishing remains good.

Billy has the big one of today so far on a rootbeer red glitter saltwater assassin

The Meek's had good luck this week too!

1/14 Baffin Area with Jesse, Jeremy and Priscilla Torres - Tearing up the reds and trout today! Caught on Z-man paddle tails. Trout have been good in Baffin on soft plastics over mud and grass


10/31 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Duck Season! "Good mix of species and a fair number of birds. All in all a good opening hunt for this season. We had blue bills, gadwall, pintail, redheads and wigeon. Jett and Rocksy worked very well together. Looking forward to the rest of the season."

10 14 - 10 - 17 Baffin Bay via Trent the Troutman! - Three days on the water, all fish caught south between mouth of Baffin and Middle Grounds. Had a limit of reds all pushing 28" on Thursday with 4 Trout thrown in. Friday conditions identical, same spot with another limit of Reds to 29 1/2, 4 Trout and a Drum. Saturday windy conditions but teamed up with my neighbor to take 2 limits of Reds to 25 and 7 Trout. No size to the Trout, couldn't find anything decent but Redfish numbers strong and quality of fish very good. Incredible October weather, air temp pushing 90 and water temps at 83 degrees, go figure!"

9/26 Report via Acoustennis - Hey there!

I've been fishing as much as ever with almost no breaks. This weather might slow me down a bit though. This past week I've gone back to baffin with high hopes.

Earlier in the week Oscar had called me up to do some fishing. A area I've never been to before and a drive I wasnt looking forward to make. The plan was to meet at 6:30 but I mistimed my drive and got there a little late. Oscar decided to launch instead of waiting on me. 2 minutes away from launch he calls me and says, "I just caught a 29"+ trout, first cast on top!" I roll up to launch and sure enough he comes peddling up with a HUGE trout. She officially measured out at 29.75". None of the pictures we took did justice to the gut on her. He felt really bad that she didnt make it but thats the game with big trout. I've seen a majority of big trout just die once they hit the boat. Even if she swims away fine there is still a chance she wont make it. It happens. Either way he was pretty hyped up and we had a good sign for the morning to come.

We paddled out and I started casting around a strike pro hunchback for the first time. Immediately hook up on a mid slot redfish. I got the red to the net and noticed that the split ring broke off on the back hook and the front hook was bent. IDK how I managed to land it. It bugged the hell out of me. If I pay $12 for a lure then it shouldnt need to have any hardware upgrades done to it. I replaced the hardware then cut and retied to trustly spook jr pink chrome and we paddled out to follow the original game plan.

The topwater trout bite was ON! Every cast from 7-830AM was a blow up from either a trout of undersized redfish. The stringer started to get heavy with the smallest trout of the day being 21" and the rest 24"-26".

The bite slowed down but eventually we see a huge wake following my top. I paused for just a second and it explodes! The rod was a shrimp tail special with not much backbone so my reel started smoking. Only a few wraps left on the spool so I had to have Oscar pull my anchor just in time! Eventually I got a nice 32" bull red into the net!

Somehow we managed to avoid the storms all around us but the bite was pretty much dead by 10AM. Definitely one of the more epic trips of the year.

A few days ago my good buddy Fred called me up to do a baffin trip. Red tide has us moving around a bit and I haven't seen baffin in a while so I figured why not! The night before I get a call and message from my company that they cant make it due to trailer issues. I load up the truck and decide to head out anyways. I hate taking people to baffin without giving myself time to prefish. She can be fickle and Its a long drive for people to make for a skunk.

I hit the water around 645AM and got into some dink trout right away. Baffin looks GREAT! Grass was growing everywhere, blue crabs were all over, shrimp kept popping up! Haven't seen this much going on in a looong long time.

I made the LOOOOONG paddle to check on a old spot. The water was CRAZY high so I knew they would be sitting shallow on areas that are normally shoreline. I hit a nice red right off the bat on a sub surface rattling plug.

It was about noon and I decide to check on one more spot before the paddle back. On a normal tide its a ooold caliche road that use to run out to a fishing platform. Reds had been crawling up and down the shoreline all morning so I sat next to the road waited. The red would have to just up on that road to continue down the shoreline making it much easier to see them. I'm getting ready to paddle home when I catch a gold shine out the corner of my eye.

"That is a big ***** redfish..."

I snuck over and made a cast in front with a swimming mullet but the wind catches the line and pulls it too fast in front of its face. The red turns and is looking for around for it. I cast back taking the wind into account and *thump*. I disengage the reel and let it take some line to make sure he ate it. Said my prayers and engaged the reel. The rod immediately starts to bow over! I set the hook and it ON!

I tried my best to keep it on the road in the shallow water but the very green red finds the deeper water and starts dumping my reel. Im kicking myself for not throwing a heavier setup at this fish because my medium light is getting taken for a ride. Eventually I get pulled on top of the road. I had to jump out and ditch the kayak and run into the water to avoid being completely spooled. The in the next 20 minutes I saw my spool 5 different times and had walked a solid half mile into baffin mud away from the shoreline. Eventually I get it sitting up without pulling back and I start to walk my way back to the shoreline. The most nervous walk! It took 3 tries but I finally got her to the shore.

I got her on the grips and started the long walk in the water back to the kayak for photos. I got her on the board and she taped out to 47.25" - 47.5" depending on how well she was behaving. Fishing in several big redfish tournaments, this wasnt a bad time to catch a beast.

This was a crazy week to be on the water. I'm hoping the weather evens out so I can continue to paddle around and enjoy the fall season.

Till next time
Life is good.

9/06 Capt Marcus Canales - "Fishing has been pretty steady right before and just after the gulf "popcorn" showers during the day.
Concentrate on rocks early on for trout, then move to some skinny water with grass and potholes of sand for redfish and trout.
Topwater bite has turned back on as well as our usual "go to" lure of choice, Saltwater Assassin 4 inch paddletail in sugar and spice color attached to a Flats Lok jig head in 1 / 32oz 1 / 0 hook made by Reaction Strike which can be found locally at Roy's Bait and Tackle or you can order direct from Reaction Strike online."
Capt. Marcus Canales

8/02 Capt Marcus Canales - "The wind of change - Baffin Bay"
We had a small window of opportunity this week where the wind gods felt sorry for us and gave us a small break.
With that small break came calmer breezes instead of blowing 30 mph plus. So we took advantage.
Several flounder were spotted on wades as well as the famous Baffin Bay Big Girls, not to mention redfish.
The summer pattern is just about here and we are fishing knee to "manhood" deep water and it's just about crystal clear.
All fish were caught on Saltwater Assassin 4 inch paddletail in sugar and spice color slow rolled just about the bottom structure, which was either rocks, sand or pot holes in between grass.
It's a great time to fish Baffin Bay, not only for fish but also blue crabs!
Capt. Marcus Canales
Captain Marcus with a Big Girl

A client with a nice one!

Capt Sally gets in on the action.

One more!

7/30 Capt David Rowsey says - "Water is green , it's a matter of finding baitfish over structure whether it's rocks or grass and sand pockets to find trout. Fishing has been good even sight casting in lighter winds but due to the loss of so much grass the water will get muddy in higher winds. The reds were easy prior to the water dumping out. He's been chasing them around the spoil islands. The trout bite is early after 10am it gets pretty tough out there.

7/24 Lots of Black Drum and Reds - In spite of the tournaments last weekend Mike Henry and his sone Brenden had a blast catching all of these fish in skinny water on the fly!

7/9 Baffin /Land Cut 7/9 - Headed out Thursday morning early out of Bird Island with Skipper and his cousin Zach in his Majek Extreme We fished the Land Cut first and managed to each scratch out a limit of flounder. We then tried for a Star redfish in the Meadows. The water was out a bit there and the dead floating grass made it nearly impossible to fish. The water was nice and green until the mouth of Baffin where it was a bit dirty due to the high wind the day before.

6/26 Baffin Bay via Capt David Rowsey - "All of Baffin looks its best since 2007! Water very clear, but gets sandy quick when the winds blow...... due to loss of grass from brown tide. First time, in years, that we have been able to site cast big trout on a regular basis.

Fishing has been good throughout the ULM and Baffin. Trout bite seems to be early for us and reds throughout the day on any shallow structure you can find that holds bait.

Topwaters and Bass Assassin tails both working good early on trout. BA Paddle tails best on reds.

The water is really good. Excited about it. Fishing has improved dramatically since the spring tide and deluge of rain we've experienced."

Captain David Rowsey

6/12 Baffin Bay Via Capt Marcus Canales - Baffin Bay has a good topwater bite. Fish are hitting on grasslines and over rocks. Here are a couple from this week.'

A view of the rocks.

6/6 Baffin Bay Via Capt Marcus Canales - Baffin Bay
Fish are being caught along drop offs and sand bar edges. Topwaters have been the go to lures for the last few weeks.
Later in the day, focus on big grass flats with lots of pot holes and cast along the edges, trout and redfish have been in the grass and up skinny.
Capt. Marcus Canales

3/26 Last Weekend Down South - It was really slow for my group even with the good weather Friday afternoon and Saturday was a washout but here is one nice report from a group that scratched out a bunch of nice fish. Check out this report from Blast N Cast HERE

3/15 via Capt David Rowsey -

Every boat in south Texas seems to be on the KRS. Fish are there, but almost no room to wade. Never seen it so crowded.
Baffin continues on with brown tide. Fishing is very tough there; however, if you are willing to cast for hours, with little action, you can still pop a big one.
Reds have been cruising flats off of ICW pretty steady. Pretty reliable for action, as long as burn boats are not out scaring the hell out of them.

Bass Assassins top lure choice. Natural colors in clear water, bright stuff in brown tide/Baffin.

Capt. David Rowsey
361-939-9444 Office
361-939-9441 Fax
361-960-0340 Cell

1/25 Baffin Floater Report Via Charlie Golla - Took a break from our 7 day a week work schedule and spent the weekend at the house boat. Wind was blowing out of the north at 25 plus when we headed down on Friday. Shifted to the west,southwest for the remainder of the weekend. The drum bite was on big time in the muddy water but slowed some when the wind shifted out of the west. We all ended up catching a limit of black drum on both days. Trout were under the lights both nights but a little hard to catch on plastics, only boxed 12 keepers in the 15 to 16 inch range. Two oversize redfish and one oversize black drum to 32-inches. And the catch of the trip was a 30 and one quarter inch trout that weight a solid 10 pounds. The old girl took a dead mullet fished on the bottom. With all the good came a little bad. Saturday morning the boat wouldn't start for some unknown reason. The motor is new with only 30-hours. After spending half the day trouble shooting, we gave up and called our good friend Rocky. He came down Sunday morning and towed us back.

1/20 via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club - The ducks are still flying and the fish are still biting. Here's my friend Capt Aubrey Black with a 50" class redfish on a saltwater assassin paddle tale. It almost spooled him twice before he brought it in for a photo and a release 1/18


Capt. Marcus and his friend Jeff get into some Baffin Bay Big Girl action themselves while scouting. 25 inches, 5 pounds, caught on Sugar and Spice paddletail.


1/10 Via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club - This was from Monday 1/05.. Here's the story "

How's this for the icing on the cake? I just posted a link to a video of Darren catching his personal best trout. One if the first people He called after catching that fish was his Dad Ross. Well, Ross was understandably proud and just a little jealous. He said next time he came down, he was going to catch a 30"er of his own. Well fast forward to today. Darren and Ross are fishing with Capt Sally and I just got a pic if a 30" trout that was caught by none other than Ross!! Great Father/Son moment and rumor has it that the whole thing is in video. WTG Ross" Only two bites the entire day and this was one of them caught on a Catch 2000 photoed and released.

12/12 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club Says - "Hell yeah! Big Girl of a lifetime for our great friend Darren Jones. 31 1/2" and 10 lbs on the Boga grip. Picked her up in thigh deep water on a mighty white saltwater assassin sea shad on a 1/32 oz Flats Lok Jighead 

10/15 Baffin Floater Last Weekend Via C.A. Golla - >Fishing was good at night under the lights last Saturday. Slow daytime bite behind the full moon but we did pick up two really nice flounder 4.5 & 5.5 pounds. Tides were high and the water was off color but improved through the weekend. Found an unwelcome bee hive under the porch deck that we need to move soon.

9/30 Casting and Blasting with Capt. Josh - We had a good time this weekend doing some fishing on Baffin and dove hunting in the Riviera area. The cool North wind brought the water temp down a bit and the fish went deep. We had to really slow things down. Dragging a paddle tail along the bottom or popping a Gulp shrimp with a long leader under a cork worked best for us. We managed a few nice trout and reds.

The action in the dove field is still fast and furious. Despite all of this rain we have surprisingly still held a lot of birds. Mojos are working well as always. Mosquitos are definitely the challenging factor in the field. Tons of OFF spray, wipes, Thermocells, tiki torches, and some more spray might keep them away long enough to shoot some birds!!

All and all, we are having a good time with some Cast & Blast.

~Capt Josh

9/6 Baffin Bay - A couple of Big girls this week. Captain Sally got this 7 pound plus thirty incher this morning. Photo Courtesy Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club


Britani Lolley picked up this 31" monster fishing with her significant other Capt. Josh Hartwick 9/2


8/17 Baffin Bay Via FSOUTDOORS - Despite some extremely low water levels, we have still managed to stay on some good concentrations of fish here in Baffin. On this trip, we were able to sight cast to some giant trout in knee deep water! After losing two big girls during the fight, a 30" beauty was landed. The fish was a bit on the thin side due to summer spawning conditions. Never-the-less, she was healthy and released to put on some winter weight. We found some nice sized box trout hanging out on some bottom structure. All fish were caught on Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad paddle tails.

7/29 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club - Reports lots of redfish this week. The big girl trout have slowed somewhat though they did get some to 23"s. Chicken on a chain lures working well on the redfish as well as rootbeer flake saltwater assassins like this one Martha picked up today!

Here's a 6lb 26 and half incher caught with Capt Marcus





7/1 Baffin Bay 6/28 - 6/29 - Hit the Land Cut to look around. Water was nice. A lot nicer than it has been but Nine Mile Hole was muddy. The winds came up on Saturday and turned much of the Meadows brown. Our group did better fishing the lights at night in the lea of the spoil island at Twin Palms though even that was muddy by Saturday evening. The water from Bird Island south is green so with less wind it should be great for the 4th unless you don't like Heat :)

6/16 Father's Day Weekend with The Gollas - Good time with Dad and the family this weekend. Fishing was great. Tons of trout under the lights at night with some good drift fishing and wading during day. Wind was just right. Water color improved through the weekend. White Gulps, Paul Brown Devil eyes, and anything in electric chicken color worked great.

5/30 5/27 report from OilFieldTrashII - Noskunks and I took our boys out this weekend for some meat hauling. water is getting better down south and if the wind drops below 57 MPH, it should clear up nicely.

we released everything over 24" or so and had lots of 17-21 fish

A Nice fish from Down South Caught 5/23 - Mike Lloyd with this 30" trout fishing with Captain Mike Singleterry.


5/20 Baffin Bay report via Scott Murray - Tough weekend conditions with brown tide and wind but Scott Murray, his son Kirk and grandson caught and released a few up to 28" including this one Kirk caught.

5/8 Baffin Bay 5/3 Report from Baffin Boy - I took my uncle from Austin on a South Texas coastal adventure to Baffin. Being a top-shelf kind of guy, he brought Polar Ice Vodka, this ended up delaying our morning launch about an hour to 7:30. I'm glad we did delay because we were met with a stiff due west wind which has always been a bad luck Baffin wind for me. But the wind slowly died throughout the day then switched SE around 2pm. Water was like iced tea, I fear the brown tide is back. Without live shrimp it would have been tough. We grinded out a pretty respectable box in the end and were blessed with a smooth ride in.

 photo 5-3jan_zpsa22c9a56.jpg
This was a nice 22" and the only one without eggs, the rest looked like footballs

 photo 5-3_zpsfb8e8c37.jpg
The final pic, we caught two limits but threw back all the squeekers and only kept 12 to practice for September, the largest went 23".

5/4 - 5/5 Twin Palms Report - Good action for trout under the lights. Lots of throwbacks but plenty of lower end keepers on flies and glow doa lures. Brown tide is most everywhere. The Graveyard had some cleaner water on the west end but sightcasting was limited. In the words of one Graveyard die hard. "It's not there yet"

5/1 Baffin Bay Captains Aubrey and Sally Black suffered a fire yesterday in their lodge in Baffin. All people, employees and loyal animals are safe. Prayers to them for a quick "rising from the ashes" Phoenix like response. More details coming from friends who want to help.

4/28 Baffin Bay/Landcut via Skipper, Tyler and Karen - What's new? Karen Krueger had the fish of the day a 5lb 24.5 inch trout that fell for a vudu shrimp under a popping cork. Water was dirty from Bird Island until Rocky Slough where it was greener and cleaner. Entrance to Nine Mile at Hap's Cut was dirty and looked like the Hole would be too though we didn't venture back there. Best water was in the Cut and Summer House Flat and just to the north. All fish came under popping corks with vudu shrimp or gulps. Nothing even bumped a topwater or gold spoon.
Skipper added a red and he and Tyler tossed in a few (emphasis on FEW) keeper trout.

4/22 Baffin Bay 4/19 via BaffinBoy - "Launched at Williamson's at 6:30, got to my first rock pile, water was flat calm. Saw a large rogue wave heading towards us and as it approached I realized it was about 100 dolphins. I've seen a few dolphins in Baffin but nothing like this so we gave up on this area after realizing they may have scattered the trout. Water looked real bad everywhere from the back all the way to the south shoreline, hope it's just wind-blown and not brown tide. Fishing was fair, caught several undersized 14.5 ers, ended up with 7 trout, 2 drum, and 1 sheepshead. The largest trout went 25", all on live shrimp under an Alameda."

4/17 Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club's Captain Sally Has a Hot Hand! - While Aubrey is on the mend Capt Sally is minding the store and putting clients on some big fish. She got this fat 29 inch 9lber on April 15th

Client Lenny got his own big girl. Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad Chicken on a chain has been the go to bait.


Word that there is some brown water in Baffin came in today though Cayo de Grullo is still Green. There should be some good action along the Land Cut too for Black drum, trout and reds.

3/21 - 23 Fishing at Twin Palms - Went down to Twin Palms for the annual CCA Corpus Christi Chapter retreat and had a great time. Wonderful stories and history was shared. It really was all about the fellowship!

A few groups went to 9 mile Hole but the water was off color and low and the fishing was slow. A few others got into some trout but the best action was Saturday night/Sunday morning under the lights with several fish over 24 inches and one 27 that was caught and released on a fly.

Judy Arnold of Premier Yamaha went fishing with Jeff Smith and I and caught this huge 40" black drum on a small trout rod. Cpr'd and released.

I caught this 29 incher which was also sent back to fight another day.

3/17 Baffin Bay Weekend Via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club - Aubrey and crew into some good trout action including Jason's 30 incher which hit a topdog on his first cast of the day

Complete Report HERE

3/10 Baffin Bay 2-25 - 3/8 From Tino aka Acoustennis - REPORT HERE


3/10 Baffin Bay - Good fishing for trout before this last front on Sunday the 9th. Scott Murray and son Kirk caught and released several nice trout caught on soft plastics 3/7

Here's Scott with one of them.

3/2 Baffin Bay via Aubrey Black and Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club - The topwater bite was on just prior to the front on Sunday. Aubrey and clients caught several trout over 27 inches using topwaters in thigh deep water over mud. Here is a 29.25 inch 9lb trout.


2/22 Baffin Bay via Baffinboy - Launched at Williamson's bout 9:30, caught all fish from 10am to 1130am. Ended up with 2 limits of drum, 1 27" red, and 2 trout all on HEB frozen table shrimp. Could of probably waited out for more reds but I've been cleaning a lot of fish lately and this was all I wanted to handle. Was my Dad's 65th birthday trip, it never gets old.

 photo 2-22_zpsfe41aca1.jpg

2/16 Baffin Bay Wade Report via BigBeeZee - "Pre Report: I am loaded up and headed out to Baffin Bay right now. From what I understand the weather is going to be nice and hopefully cooperate this time. I am going to start my wade at the Williamsons Pier area and if nothing happens there, I will probably take a wade by the Salt Mines. I will post my results when I get back. I bought some Gulp "New Penny" shrimp and I am going to give those a whirl.

Final Report: I decided to check out the place they call the "Salt Mines". I got all my gear together. I bought some nice waders awhile back and finally decided to use them. When you start to wade out you are facing south. There is a private pier to the east and a beach to your west. I waded out about 60 yards and started throwing a popping cork with that gulp shrimp for a while. The water was fairly choppy with the wind blowing pretty good sometimes. After about 30 cast I landed a 18" trout. She swallowed my lure pretty good so I decided to keep her. Walked the shoreline to the west and got 3 more that I didn't even measure. So I changed it up to a "Nuclear Chicken"..hell of a name....and threw 3 cast and hooked up another pretty girl 17" trout. After that I walked the shore line back to the car and went to the old "Drum Point" It's blocked off now due to littering but you can still park and the roads end and walk down the shore line. I waded out there and about 20 yards out the bottom gets so muddy I was sinking past my knees so I threw a couple cast and decided to call it a day with my two fish and go home. The filets are on the smoker right now......"

2/15 Baffin Report by Baffin Boy - Launched at Loyola at about 10am, threw rootbeer/gold flake DOA's at Center Reef, Big East Kleberg, Little East Kleberg, and only caught 2 trout, one 14" and one 17" Then decided to not mess around anymore and headed to a secret spot. The from noon to 2pm caught 2 limits of drum and 1 limit of reds all on camarones muertos. Ga' Day Mates !!!

 photo fish1_zpsd8d8e225.jpg

 photo fish2_zps45bbc092.jpg

2/4 Super Bowl Weekend Riviera - I got this one via the Facebook page from Marvin Zinsmeyer.

"Two day limit of speckle trout
Riviera, Texas
Morning glory/chart paddle shad."

1/10 - 1/12 Cast and Blast via Charlie Golla - We had Dad down for another cast & blast trip to Baffin over the weekend. Moring hunts were good until 9:00. We had tons of redheads to shoot at but not so much for other varieties. Fishing was slow during most of the day but turned on nicely at sundown. Friday's bite stopped around 10:00 when the tide stopped moving north. Saturday's bite was much better with the wind driven current. Water color was really great. Limited on black drum with all of them going in the 15 to 20 inch range. No oversize drum on this trip. Also found none of them with soft meat. Picked up a few good size trout under the lights on plastics. And we found a dead green turtle that most likely died from cold water shock.

1/02/2014 Riviera Drum Report from mansfieldjetties - Caught a few after dark. A mix of puppy drum and with a few specs. Not the biggest in the world but they'll eat. Four person limit.
 photo 43AC89DB-8411-4653-830A-3E4007144322_zpsino85c5r.jpg

 photo 5B175F97-B977-4909-8C9D-79C91F316C02_zpscspgb6zl.jpg

 photo 84E2B255-3DC6-4D66-9A4C-E0F91F04E75F_zpslibdtvlh.jpg

11/11 Baffin Bay Day Trip via Manuel9622 - Headed down to Baffin for the day with my brother and bro-in-law on Friday. Got on the water about 11:30 am and fished till dark. Threw soft plastics and ended up with a nice 26" Red. Kept banging the bank with only a few bumps but nothing else to show for my hard work. I didn't have my 6 year old with me so I got to fish hard but wished he had been there for that red. There's other trips ahead so he'll get his chance. Nice day on the water. Can't wait to get back down there.

10/28 Skipper Heads South- No luck not even a bump at Rocky Slough. The water was dirty and high down there and in the cut. He did pick up these reds and trout near Bird Island.

9/25 Kingz Sightcasting Adventure South of Baffin - Report Here

8/27 Epic Baffin Report from Aubrey aka Bassfreeks on Busman Holiday - Report HERE

8/21 Baffin and the Land Cut with Skipper and Tyler - I went with Skipper today and had a ball catching lots of little trout. Hit Rocky Slough and saw one big trout but only got ankle biters and one keeper on topwaters. Hit another flat and got more little topwater trout and one rat red. Hit the Land Cut and fished a slough and found a black drum, more dink trout, a couple of hardheads and two flounder for Skipper with the big one at 20". I blew my chance by not setting the hook close to the boat. We fished another spot just off the ICW on the west side just north of the second island north of Compuerta and caught dink trout on every cast before we decided to call it a day.

Thanks Skipper it was fun!

8/1 South of Baffin via Yours Truly Tyler - Fished around the rocks and in the Land Cut with Skipper today. We caught a decent amount of fish with 8 keeper trout. The water is still low but we did see some boats back in 9 mile hole. Most of the fish came on topwaters. One caught Skipper in the finger and he had to push the barb through and have me cut the barb off Evil or Very Mad . Fortunately he had some big crimping pliers on board. No redfish today. We did see two or three big trout 5lb plus in about 12 to 24 inches of water in the middle of the day on one of the flats north of the Land Cut. I was surprised to see them that skinny during the heat of the day.
The elbow held up and it was a lot of fun. Thanks Skipper!

7/26 Interesting News Story on Brown Tide -

7/20 Way down in the Land Cut from CCfishingcoach - So the kayak was left at home this trip because I had an opportunity to go way down the land cut on a boat to do some work(fishing) on a cabin down there. I made the same trip a few weeks ago and caught my first slam

Ended up catching another one the next day go figure. I had only fished for years without one and then get dos in less than 24 hours. This is the old man with his nice 34 incher

So this trip I decided to try some topwater action because I can't ever seem to catch anything good on them. While taking a break from working we look down the shoreline from the cabin and see tails waving to us just calling us over. Well I decided to walk the shore with a topwater and caught my first red on a top and personal best that went 30
Ended up catching two more all released and then on the way back to the cabin I tried one more fishy spot and had my personal best flounder(22) attack the bone spook

That was an exciting 30 minutes or so. We had a good time sight casting to reds and one of the other guys caught his personal best trout (28 1/4) (gut hooked)

Good trip all in all.

7/15 The Magic of Cut Skipjack via D-Ray 7/14 - I have been wanting to post for a while. After a weekend like I had, I feel like now is a good time to share. Some friends and I made a trip down to my good buddies Baffin cabin. I usually fish the upper Laguna and it was only the second time I have fished the Baffin Bay area. The first night we caught drink trout under the lights at the end of the peer. All throwbacks but it was fun catching them non stop. The next morning we went out to my buddies fishing spots. After the first four spots, we only picked up 2 trout total. We were close to calling it a day but decided to stop at one last spot. We spotted this place the day before and thought it would be good to try. Boy am I glad we decided for one last stop. So we get to the location, wade through lots of nasty, muddy sand, and all of my live shrimp are dead except for about 8 tiny shrimp. We are fishing bottom and I decide to put 2 of these little live shrimp on my circle hook. I throw those bad boys out there and after a couple minutes my line takes off. A small 18" red. A good sign, I set him free and threw back out 2 more baby live shrimp. Next thing I know I have myself a skip jack. I've always heard that skip jack are good bait for reds but haven't given it too much time. I figure in hearing it from that many people, there has to be truth to it. I throw out some cut skip jack and a couple minutes later boom, a 24" red. Throw out some more jack and now my line really takes off. My new Quantum smoke reel is singin a beautiful tune as my drag clicks away. After 2 runs and a whole lot of fun, I get in a perfect red, a 27.9" beauty. A tournament fish (if only I could have caught this one during the Game Warden Tournament). I get my other buddies to fish closer to the action and now we are all having a blast. We got lucky and caught more skip jack on cut skip jack. Throw some of that out and it was time for some more fun. Let me tell you we ate well at the cabin that night. We came back the next day and picked up 7 more keepers to take home. Thank_the Lord for good friends, awesome fish, and good times. I had tried skip jack a couple times in the past (not for very long) but hadn't had too much luck with it. Let me tell you, I am a believer now! Fish some fresh cut skipjack on the bottom and if the Reds are around, they will more than likely sniff it out. I was over due for a good fishing trip and some advice I can offer is.....stick with it, keep on fishing and you will have some great times. Here are some pics from the weekend:

7/9 Down from Bird Island to Baffin via Dripple 7/7 - A great Sunday fishing from bird island to a little bast the mouth of Baffin.

6/27 Water has been looking good south of Bird Island and generally better than it has in the Upper Laguna - Art Morris caught this 28.5 inch fish on a mirrolure 6/23 fishing south of Baffin

6/14 Baffin Pics from Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club - My buddy Captain Aubrey Black is really into them this morning with a 27" Fish


Which he followed up with this 29" beauty!

Baffin Report and Water Body Record for Stangman44 - Howdy y'all. Well I took off last Saturday morning around 5:00 and showed up to flat glass calm water. We couldn't ask for better kayaking weather. We tried to catch some live bait on the way to our spot but all we found were small mullet. We finally got to our spot and casted out our lines and waited a while with nothing to show, and then this shows up...

Needless to say we got rained on. The wind and rain almost took our yaks away from the beach. During the storm I got a fish on, but with all the lightning around I waited to grab the rod Very Happy. After the storm passed it was on fire and we both limited out quick! There was only a 10% chance of rain and that is the reason we decided to fish. I didn't think we would get caught in this.

This was my catch....

Also my certificate came in from the sheepshead I caught a few weeks ago, so I figured I'd share it with y'all.

Hope to be out there again soon!

6/4 More Landcut info via Skipper - I've been fishing south since the water up here is brown. It does cost me more for a few fillets though. Took the wife down to the land cut. The water was awesome and lots of big mullet and dink trout.

Fished just north of the cut on the west bank, more dinks and water was nice. Went to the east side behind the spoil banks and ended the day with 4 nice trout to 23" and a 16" Flounder. Going to try again tomorrow... Adios


5/29 Landcut via Skipper 5/27 - Well if you can't beat em, join em. We headed south today to find cleaner water. We normally fish with arties but today we fished the cut with live shrimp and ended up with 8 trout up to 23", 3 Drum to 24" and 2 sheepshead. Water was greener that up north. Nice mess of fish but a rough ride home... Adios


5/28 Baffin Bay via Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club Here are a few of their recent catches .

Monday catching reds on Old school white top dog and saltwater assassins on the south shoreline of Baffin Bay

Nice catches in spite of the outrageous winds on Monday

Jim with a solid five pounder on an otherwise slow day 5/24

4/25 Well I tried to contact Captain Black for a Report - This is where I found him on FB. Sally said it looked like a big trout kind of day today. Captain Black with his biggest this season - 31 inches and released. Update Capt. Black reports "Baffin is great for big fish right now. This week we have had six over 26" including a 29 1/2" and a 31" caught today. Rootbeer assassins on 1/32 oz jigheads (yes, 1/32oz), fished low and slow on dropoffs near grass/mud flats"


4/13 4/11 Land Cut 9 mile Hole report via Shin_deep - Fished the land cut/9-mile hole on Thursday. Fished the west side of the cut with plastics and gulp/popping cork but no luck. Nice breeze out of the N/NE made it easy to drift the west bank. Saw tons of bait on the flat adjacent to the west side and with the high tides figured we'd give it a shot. Saw a few tailing drum but unable to get a take on gulps. Even got out of the boat and waded, still no luck. Went into 9-mi just south of the airplane and made several drifts toward the west shoreline. By this time the wind had turned more E-NE. Picked up a red on the first drift and saw quite a bit of bait/mullet within about 1oo yds of the windward shoreline. Thought maybe we were on 'em, but only picked up one more slot red after 3 drifts - all on weedless gold spoons. Headed back to the ditch for another try, thinking there would be more more tidal movement, but it appeared slack, and wind was straight out of the E at this point. Not sure how to post pics... but two lower slot reds don't seem worthy of posting. If anyone has any other reports from down south, I'd appreciate the info. It's a long haul for two reds! Oh, and water clarity in/around Baffin was poor. Would expect that after a front, but I hear that's been the norm all winter. Haven't fished down south since last fall, so not sure what's going on.

4/4 Baffin Report via Stickemsick -

Cory's 27" spec landed via top water and released to fight another day.

The 29" I landed after being reminded why it is we do what we do and she was released as well. Couldn't ask for better condition that morning, we managed a few other and lost a few too, all in all a good day.

4/3 Baffin Round up via Capt Black - A few from Baffin, February and March (Yes IN Baffin). All but the last one came over shallow grass/mud. The last one came off the rocks. Small baits were the ticket. Various colors of 4" Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad. Report Here

3/23 Baffin/Land Cut report via Stickemsick - Yes the fog was an issue but all turned out well and managed 3 over 25"[url]


3/15 Baffin Bay via Captain Black and Captain Sally - 2 good days 3 bad days. I guess I will attribute it to high barometric pressure. Water is still off but we are seeing more and more baitfish in areas where we haven't been seeing them. When the trout bite is on, it's big fish. We had 9 trout over 25" in one week. When it's bad. You may not even get a bump all day. I'm still liking our chances of picking up some more big girls in the near future. Grass/ mud near a dropoff and throwing small Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad in your favorite color. Chicken on a chain should be your favorite color (hint)

Andrew caught the biggest fish of the day 3/14 a 27.5 inch redfish. Good job for a six year old!

2/24 Baffin Bay via Baffinboy - Launched from the back of the bay round 9, caught most from noon to 2pm. Caught 6 over 30", some were over 40"... had nine in the box and couldn't catch luckey number 10 bc none were keepers (under 30). Decided to not get greedy and take home with 9. My arms were sore today, could barely log in to my computer at work. Was my dad's 64th birthday just me and him, what a memory !

2/21 Baffin Bay via Captain Black and Captain Sally - T Bailey catches the trophy this afternoon on Baffin, a 9-1/4 pound, 30-1/4" Big Girl on a Saltwater Assassin Chicken on a Chain paddle tail! That's a real Baffin trophy while fishing with Capt Black.

2/8 Baffin Bay via Captain Black and Captain Sally - Trout are slow but good quality up to 27". Reds and drum are crazy good in shallow water north and south shorelines. Trout are hitting topwaters early and dark plastics on dropoffs and shallow rocks. Reds on 1/8 oz. gold or copper spoons and 4" saltwater assassin sea shad in various colors.

1/26 Cast and Blast Weekend via Charlie Golla - We had our annual end of season cast and blast trip last weekend with a group of friends and family from San Antonio. Ducks were in good numbers but hard to decoy into range until Sunday when we had more cloud cover. Red-heads made up the bulk of our harvest with a few Pintail and Baffle-heads. We saw several flights of Snow geese and had a few groups come into range. Drum fishing started out good on Friday but slowed over the weekend and that was the same with Redfish and Trout. I suspect, last weeks warm up turned the Drum bite off a bit as we saw a good return of hardheads that weren't present in previous weeks. All in all it was a fun time with 27 Drum, 8 Redfish, 5 Trout, 1 Sheep head, 1 Croaker, 23 Ducks & 2 Geese.

And, none of the drum we cleaned had any signs of soft meat.


12/15 Captain Black and Captain Sally - Are up to their eyeballs in ducks but Aubrey did manage to catch and release this 28" 7 and a quarter pound trout.



Did I mention they're getting a few ducks?

12/1 Baffin Bay via Captain David Rowsey - David says he's been fishing in the Upper Laguna. (That ought to tell you something) The two trips he did take to Baffin produced little though he did say the best water is in 9 mile hole and there are a few fish there.

Meanwhile read this article by David Sikes regarding the starving black drum.

11/15 Baffin Bay via Capt Black at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club- Baffin is still off colored but what else is new. Duck hunting is in full swing so most of our fishing has been on the tail end of Blast & Cast trips. Fair numbers of reds and trout. Most on paddletail plastics over grass/mud in two to three feet of water. Not a lot of size on the trout but good upper slot and oversize reds. Duck hunting is off the charts. We have bagged 11 species so far this year including a nice Canvasback drake this week. For a few openings around Thanksgiving so give us a call.

10/19 Baffin Bay via Captain David Rowsey - Baffin Bay's brown tide has fishing tough. Trout are slow. David has been fishing north and has found a few trout and there still are some schools of slot and oversized redfish between Emmord's and Pita. Lots of flounder is one bright spot. David says they've been finding them anywhere water is moving like cuts into the ICW or sandy points in the deeper areas of the bay. Black Drum have been hanging around the crash channels around the Boat Hole.

10/11 Baffin Bay from Capt Black at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club - Sally spotted a big school of oversize reds around Kenedy point day before yesterday. Haven't really noticed any birds working yet. Plenty of drum up super skinny. Great for the fly guys. Trout are tough to find but when we do, they are good ones. Had a 14 year old with a handicap (doesn't let it slow him down though) picked up a monster flounder this week on red/white paddletail.

10/4 Baffin Bay from Capt Black at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun Club - Fishing slowed down this week predictably with the higher waters, full moon and cold front. Trout are still hanging around the dropoffs. Downsize and slow it down for best results. Reds and drum are scattered but aggressive when you find them 1/8 -1/4 ounce seedless gold spoons, small paddletails and 3" Gulp Swimming Mullets are the go-to bait

9/11 Baffin Bay from Captain Black - Still a good early morning trout bite up to 27". Picking up two or three almost every trip out. Plastics working best, especially pumpkinseed chartreuse Norton Bull Minnows. Great redfish action around noon in 2 to 3 feet of water on sandy areas with scattered grass. Most are upper slot with an occasional oversize. Scattered flounder and black drum in the same areas. Here's one from Saturday

8/31 Upper Laguna Baffin via Rocky and Roy's Bait and Tackle - Getting reports fishing ICW edges with gulp shrimp and jerk shads catching flounder. Trout. Reds. South baffin bay catching drum few trout and reds. Flounder in icw.

8/23 Capt Black from Baffin Bay Rod and Gun - Trout fishing for big fish has heated up. The fish are getting ready for the Fall spawn (when water temps begin to drop). They are unusually hefty for late August but that's a good thing. Dropoffs near grass flats are where to look. Most are falling for a variety of soft plastics. Topwater bite is inconsistent. Reds and drum are super shallow and can be caught on small plastics and Gulps sightcasting.

8//13 ULM Baffin via Captain CJ - Had a great trip on 8-9 on the KRS about 1 mile south if the yellow cabin. Headed to Baffin and stopped on a trout slick just past the double yellows with no wind in crystal clear water thinking to myself there is no way on a full moon that we are going to catch fish here, and we absolutely spanked some fish there. 2 people 43 trout 12 reds two were over 30 inches and one trout at 29 "released" and one trout at 26.5 inches kept, " hooked deep" and we're were done by noon. Free lined piggies and soft plastics.  Most if our fish came off the plastics. Hope you guys enjoy the pics. Until next time fair well and fair winds. -Capt CJ

8/4 Skipper's Report 8/1 - It started out with light winds then picked up later. Pink catch 5 and pink devil eye. Also red head white body
Catch 5. .. Adios



7/27 Captain Black reports - "Trout fishing has picked up for size (up to 29") but numbers are still low. You can get a limit but you will have to really grind it out. Redfish and black drum are very very good. Lots of sightcasting opportunities in Baffin and the ULM. With the water dropping out, shallow areas along the south shoreline (10" or less) are loaded with black drum and cruising redfish starting around mid morning. Lots of fun right now."

7/24 Skipper reports - "Left BIB about 7:00am and went to Rocky Slough area. Ended up with 10 Trout and 2 Reds. Bait of choice was Gulp new penny shrimp, pink Devil Eyes and Zoom baitfish (smoking shad). Biggest Trout swallowed the Devil eyes and could not be revived. Released a lot of smaller fish. The water was decent, you could see the sand pockets and rocks.

Wind is going to be picking up so I am staying around the house for the next coupe of days. Here are a couple of pics...Adios




7/20 Captain Black says - "Not much change. Better topwater bite on trout up to about 26". Trout bite turns off around 9:30 and then it's redfish and black drum time. South shoreline of Baffin and Rocky Slough"

Capt CJ with Rusty Texan Fishing Guide - "Catching trout in good numbers with a few mixed in going over 20" including a couple big girls tipping the scale at 7 lbs. shrimp has been my go to bait under an alemeda especially when the sun comes up. It seems like the croaker bite stops with the heat. Also several reds in the slot with good numbers of black drum with the live shrimp. I have been fishing the south shoreline of Baffin exclusively focusing on the drop offs and grass lines. Find the bait and the fish are there. Until next time farewell and fair winds. -Capt CJ"

7/12 Captain Black Says - "Good topwater bite early on trout to 24". Gotta work through lots of smaller fish but if you are patient, the bigger fish are there. Dropoffs and grasslines are working best. Redfish and drum are still super shallow and small paddletail plastics or curl tail Berkley Gulps are extremely effective."

7/6 Baffin - Capt CJ with Rusty Texan Fishing Guide says Caught several reds with a few keeper trout and a couple nice black drum on the north shoreline of Baffin with shrimp under popping corks. All the fish were hugged up right on the shoreline in about 2 foot of water. Found some more keeper reds from 21-28 inches with a lot of smaller trout in the badlands at the mouth of Baffin. Again shrimp we're he ticket.

7/5 Report from Skipper - Well we launched at BIB around 6:30am and headed south. Got down to Baffin and the top water bite was on. Ended up with 8 Trout and 3 Reds. Great day on the water.



6/22 Baffin from Captain Aubrey Black - Catching some good trout to 28" in the bay around rocks but not in big numbers. Redfish and black drum are in "stupid" numbers in the shallow water all over the bay. Sightcasters, fly fishermen are having a field day right now. The usual paddletail plastics are working best.

6/19 Baffin Floater Weekend Report from Charlie Golla - We had the whole family down for a weekend of fun in Baffin Bay. Weather was excellent, the moon was right and it all came together for three days of steady catching. We had lots and lots of trout under the light with a fair amount of slot size being caught. Several trout in the 20-inch range with the largest going 23-inches. Day time fishing was again excellent just about everywhere we tried. Our best day time catches came in the evening up along the east shoreline. Reds, trout and flounder with a ton of drum tailing at sundown. Water was more off color up north of Baffin than it was in the Bad Lands. Drum were everywhere. We found lots of sight casting opportunities for drum and redfish tailing in a foot of water or less. Also saw several really big trout up in less than a foot of water but they wouldn’t take anything. 3-inch white gulps on a 1/8oz jig head was our go to lure. Second were the electric chicken and the Paul brown devil eye in glow green and motor oil. Tipped with a white crab flavor Fish-Bite and the drum were game.


6/11 6/9 Report from Seabass - After about a 7 month or so hiatus from fishing I got down to Baffin this past weekend to visit my old pal Aubrey and his wife Sally. My buddy Joe wanted to take his step-kid Colby to the coast for his birthday .... he turned 16 and hadn't fished saltwater before. Friday night at the Blacks' I served up some of my seafood gumbo which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Saturday morning we found calm waters and few boats out. My first trout was a nice 20 incher, caught on a red/white cocohoe minnow. I got a couple more trout that didn't measure, however Joe got a keeper. The cap' decided to move on to more productive grounds after only a few more small trout were caught.

Took a little boat ride further south to some skinny water where we all saw redfish tails up in the air and sometimes saw topfins cutting through the top. My first wade out from the boat got me hooked up to a healthy 23 inch red. Aubrey and Sally took Colby out on the other side of the boat to show him some "ropes". It wasn't long before Colby sight-casted to his first saltwater fish...a nice 20 inch black drum which he caught on a plastic lure! He followed that one up with another good eatin sized drum during the early afternoon.

At some point Joe got a keeper red, and I got another keeper red while drifting past potholes. The fish were THERE! Aubrey and Sally closed out a limit of reds each, prolly due to their super hi-fi sunglasses Smile A few more black drum were sight-casted-to and caught, giving a fantastic end to a great day. Evening time gave way to grilling thick ribeyes on Aubrey's back porch...we chowed down on that along with super-sweet corn on the cob, baked taters, and some homegrown tomatoes ala salad Italiano (my own title for it ).

We had a fantastic time down in Baffin! Thanks again to Capt Aubrey and Sally for making my friends feel at home. I grilled up some red and black drum last night on the halfshell. It.......was......DELICIOUS!!! You can't get that kind of fresh fish in San Antonio unless you catch it yourself.


6/1 - 3 Baffin Report from Bayslammer - "My new boat was ready Thursday, so I was able to go fishing this weekend. Ended up staying at the Wildhorse Lodge in Rivera for three nights. We had a house full of guys who rarely get to fish saltwater, so they were ready. Overall the fishing was slow, but we managed enough trout for a fish fry Saturday night and everyone took a quart ziplock home.

I tried to find a good bite all over Baffin Bay to the Upper Laguna. We used a variety of soft plastics and caught some nice trout Friday mostly at the mouth of Baffin and north of there. The water looked pretty bad in the back, but we found sand pockets with greenish water and bait in the ULM and that produced. The winds were light on Friday, and really picked up Saturday leading us to find protected water. For a Saturday, boat traffic was very light in Baffin Bay, but Yarbrough was pretty crowded.


I think if we had croaker we could of caught more fish. The fish were around, but the high winds and stained water just made us work a little harder than usual. Hopefully I can get some pics from the guys and I'll post them."


5/25 Baffin report from Charlie Golla 5/20 -Water was really off color from the wind and brown tide. Tons of grass floating under the lights at night and just about everywhere we went during the day. Worked our tails off both days and came up with only a few fish. There were a lot of trout under the lights but almost all were undersize. Set out seven perch traps and box about 10 dozen but we couldn’t get anyone to use them. There’s really no good way to say it but we had a bunch of no fishing drunk monkey on board. The first picture was taken under the lights before I went to bed. The second was what I found on deck at sunup. All in all good relaxing time by everyone.


5/3 Baffin Via Capt Sally and Captain Black - Sightcasting to reds on the South Shorline in Skinny 6 inch water for reds on Chicken on a Chain Sea Shad Saltwater Assassins and a bonus Black Drum


4/26 Captain Black Says - "Winds have been awful and constant. Kinda limits areas to fish but fortunately, those areas have been holding fish. Trout are fair to 23" on pink Skitterwalks and Bone Super Spook jr.'s. redfish are great right now with many upper slot to oversize on chicken-on-a-chain colored Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad. Shallow grass and mud are areas to key in on."

4/10 Golla Easter Weekend Report - Had the family down at the house boat over the weekend and caught a few fish. Worked at it all day in the wind but there wasn't much of a daytime bite. Thanks in large to the full moon. Things did however pick up after sundown and remained hot all night. Shrimp were everywhere under the lights and the trout showed up in good numbers. Lots of keeper size with the largest trout going 27. Two at 26, one at 25 and a 21. also picked up a few Redfish on gulps in the meadows. Tide was a little bit high so they may have been spread out a little more in the shallows. Brown tide from Bird Island all the way to Baffin but not as strong yet as in years past.

3/22 Captain Black says - No brown tide. I keep hearing that but I've been all over this bay and there is no brown tide. The water isn't clear but that happens from time to time. If it isn't gin clear then the chicken littles come out in force. Sorry but I needed to vent lol. Fishing is slow but we are catching some nice trout from 23"-28 1/2". Topwaters are working best. Redfish are still everywhere with lots of upper slot to oversize and they like the topwaters too. Pink Skitterwalk, bone super spook Jr., and Clown Super Spook are the lures of choice.

3/8 Weekend Looks Bad and Captain Black Says - "Fishing sucked when the winds started blowing. If it calms a bit, the north shoreline and KRS should turn on. Redfish are still everywhere as well as black drum. Most I've seen this time of year in a while." Meanwhile Capt. Black's Bride Sally got into a nice red this week


3/4 Baffin Bay via YakAttack - Decided to head out to the bay to take my brother in law and nephew on a yak fishing trip.

The water was calm and sun was awesome!!!!

The fishing was kind of slow for most of the morning/early afternoon, but picked up towards the end of the day.

The paddle back was really nice!!!!

2/11 Baffin Bay Capt Black says - We have been hitting some spots in the back of the bay and doing pretty good on some bigger fish up to 27". Of course some bigger fish were lost including one monster trout a client lost right in front of me. Plum and rootbeer/red glitter saltwater assassins have been working well.

2/2 Baffin Bay Acoustennis Reported - On a good day of fishing 2/1 Here

1/26 Baffin Bay - Capt Black says  - "Duck hunting was pretty slow but suddenly got a big push of redheads and pintails to make the last week of season a little more exciting. Fishing has been good for trout up to 24" in the bay over grass/mud bottom with paddletails. Redfish seem to be just about everywhere we look in shallow water. Look for single tailing reds and drum on the flats and use small paddletails on the lightest jighead in your tackle box. I use 1/32 oz. Reaction Strike Flats Lok on 1/0 hooks. Fish are in a springtime pattern as opposed to the wintertime pattern they should be in. A little cooler water temps would be nice."

1/13 Baffin Bay via AcousTennis fishing on 1/11 - Had plans to meet up with my buddies and MT stringer from TKF

on the water about noon and paddled to our shoreline

set up the drift and started throwing but nothing yet

buddies went one way, MT went the other i stayed and pulled 4 dinks....

got a call from my bud that he hit a red so off we go to the other shoreline...

nothing =/....

with about a hour left of light i headed to the initial spot and started drifting throwing my plum paulbrown flappin devil...

started hitting dinks one after another for a bit then a drag ripper..

big gator head comes up and starts head shaking..i backed off the drag and let it run ...applied some pressure and it comes straight up head shaking and tail walking...backed off again ...finally started pulling it to the net and it started head shaking more ..

then my jig head comes flying at me...sad...

couple more casts and i hook up with a solid 20" trout....


met back up with MT and my buds they had no luck

it was a rough day trying to figure out the fish, we never got into them consistently, i have a lot to go to figure out these trout...

Sorry i couldn't get ya on any monsters travis, but at least you know my spots now....ill make it up to ya in the summer with a stringer of reds and drum haha

I may be heading out sunday with light winds, it will be sunny but a high pressure...any tips on where to look for trout?

1/6 Baffin Bay Capt Black says - "Trout to 26" on the spoil islands on saltwater assassins fished extra slow. There are still plenty of redfish in the upper slot to oversize in super shallow water. Paddletails are working best"

12/31 Baffin Bay Capt Black says - "Still mostly duck hunting but did squeeze in a couple of fishing trips. Redfish are very good on soft plastics in shallow water. Dealing with the floating grass is the biggest problem. Catching trout to 5 pounds also on soft plastics around the rocks "




12/15 Baffin Bay Capt Black says - I caught a 27" trout behind the Tide Gauge day before yesterday and overall, the trout fishing has picked up. Starting to see some Big Girl wannabe's around the 26"-28" mark. Most on plastics of course but I did have a client that insisted on throwing a topwater all day and caught a couple of nice fish. Redfishing is great. reds in off colored shallow water late morning through early afternoon on small paddletails. We are catching many oversize reds up to 50" yes I said FIFTY inches.

12/8 Baffin Bay Capt Black says - Almost verbatim from the last one on 12/2 Except I didn't bother trying out the spoil islands. Reds are still good at Summer House and Rocky Slough. Ducks are thick so it should be a good hunt for the start of the second season.

12/2 Baffin Bay Capt Black says - Trout have been a little spotty but we had a couple of good days on solid trout to 24" on the spoil islands. On calm days, we have been catching 18"-20" trout under sitting birds and large pods of mullet. Redfish are just about as good as it gets. Yarbrough, Summer House, 9 Mile Hole are easy pickings right now. The reds we are catching are over stuffed with tiny pin perch so small baits are working best,

11/3 Baffin Bay/Landcut Report from Capt. Scott Hibbets - Wow, been away from the computer for several weeks…Six weeks of casting and blasting has occupied all of my time as of late. It's nice to be home for a while….Dove season was really solid, as well as the fishing…Both got a bit tough towards the end with cool fronts finding their way south.
Working the birds in Baffin Bay has been my most consistent trout bite for the past several weeks. I have found the occasional redfish or two mixed in with the trout. My clients have been throwing pearl gulps rigged 18 to 24 inches under an alameda rattle cork…However, those fish under the birds will eat just about any soft plastic. Only expect to find the birds working in Baffin on calm days. If the wind is blowing at all don't waste your time searching for them.
Live bait has been almost impossible to find, and to be honest, I gave up on it a month ago. However, I have noticed a couple of shrimp flags flying at area bait houses. These fronts should start to lower water temps considerably, pushing those pesky bait thieves out….This will making using live shrimp a lot less frustrating.
For you black drum enthusiasts, your time of year is quickly approaching….Good luck and be safe, see you on the water.

Capt. Scott Hibbetts
(361) 960-2537

10/21 Capt Black says - Fishing has been good for redfish and drum, a little spotty for trout. Shallow water is holding the most fish. Slot reds and a few oversize on paddletail plastics and small topwaters. Sightcasting is great on the south shoreline of Baffin from Los Corrallos to Penascal Point and behind the tide gauge bar.

10/18 Epic Baffin Report from Acoustennis 10/14 - So this weekend im busy as can the mornings helping with the nilgai in the afternoons...

With the cold front that came through i wanted to make sure i know where the fish are so the guys and gals that are fishing with me this weekend can spend more time fishing where they are then where they aren't ...

Warning: the following report contains a exciting fishing adventure do not read if you are at work or there is a lightning storm outside! A/T is not liable for injuries you receive from attempting to recreate this adventure...unless you catch then its totally my fault :dance:

Got on the water around 6:30

Checked on "The Gauntlet" where i caught the reds...nada it was too cold had to wait for it to heat up a bit....

poled down the shore line all the way to "Grazing fields" picking up 3 lower slot reds on the way....

got to Grazing fields finally and picked up this bigger red around 24-25

then a couple yards down the shoreline....this happens....and im sorry for all the cussing, watching my language for the video was the last thing on my mind =/...

i was a little excited...first time i ever sight casted a Trout and biggest trout i've ever hit on a the time...Wink

and yes it was released! =)

a little slow to swim but it took off in a hurry after a bit =) good to see

I was thinking to myself "How can i follow that up" ...

i didn't care how the rest of the day ended i was just excited to have that under my belt i would like to say i got this lure thing figured out but not just yet young grasshoppa....

so i let the, now gusting, wind push me back down the shoreline and i pole my way around a embankment for wind shelter...

i continue to pole spooking a few reds..the water was DIRTY so i had to see them 3 feet in front of the yak stop on a dime and cast quick to get them....

i found myself in a little "cove" that usually is shallow but with the rain the water picked up and let me cruise through it...

on the shoreline i see a "redfish" it spooks off the shallow and is deep but i can still see a shadow of it...

i kept casting my shrimp and nada so before it got into deeper water where i would lose it i grabbed my other rod with a catch 2000 bone tied on....

perfect sinks...shadow darts to lure...DRAG! RED ON!!....wait...this isnt right...

*Headshake* *Headshake* *Headshake*


it made 5 or 6 big runs i dont catch a lot of trout for the main reason of the drag being locked down for i let it rip drag without ripping the hook out...

finally i got it to the net! YEAAAAAA! YEAAAAA!

this trout measured out at 29.5" i could not believe my luck it was an amazing feeling...and i got the picks on a ruler i will send to yakman for KOTH!

now the bummer...i spent 40-50 minutes trying to revive the fish..i took quick pictures and did my best but when it was in the yak it hit its head REALLY hard thrashing around and just stopped moving..30 minutes of that time it wouldn't even move its gill plate or mouth just float upside down =/

so as much of a CPR fisherman i have become i had to pull out the stringer....

nevertheless i was still very excited and pumped up!!!

i continued down the shoreline and got close to "The Gauntlet" again saw a couple reds on the outside of it ....once in it there was black drum all over...

figured i would figure them out on lures...tried the arnulfo approach with a pink swimming mullet but it just spooked em...

put on a short shank DOA jighead with a 1.5 inch pearl white gulp shrimp...drag it up to there face ..tiny twitch..wait...wait...wait..wait...wait...then they will pick it up and casually swim away with it and set the hook =) try it haha..

got a limit in about 10 minutes...wanted to play more with them but i decided to let them be so when my guests come to fish the drum wont be scared of the lure already...

theres 5 in there trust me lol with a very dead trout

did manage another greedy red that stole the shrimp from the drum lmao funniest thing to see happen...

Anyways fished from 5:30 to 3:30 with 2 awesome trout, 5 Drum, and 6 redfish =)

so Pup, Pach, Erick, Wildman....i hope i can get yall on some fish lmao im trying my best here

10/6 Capt Black-'s Cast and Blast Baffin Report - Its been a hit or miss proposition all week. We have great days and not so good days. Yesterday we whacked em. 8 fish over 20" up to 23" most on small topwaters (bone Super Spook Jr.) on the sandbars and scattered grass. Seems like the trout are avoiding the rocks these days. Redfish were good with upper slot and oversize fish in 18''or less clear water along the shorelines. Dove numbers are still off the charts and limits are the norm.


9/29 Capt Black-'s Cast and Blast Baffin Report - Dove numbers are outstanding during evening hunts. If you don't get your limit, it's not the bird's fault. Good topwater bite early and catching good numbers of trout up to 23". Redfish all over the south shoreline of Baffin and they are schooling up in 9 Mile Hole. Paddletail plastics are working best but we have done quite well flyfishing for them. Several schools of 40"+ reds out there right now.


9/22 Baffin Bay/Landcut Report from Capt. Scott Hibbets - The past week has been fair to good for me at best. My clients are still catching respectable boxes of fish. However, there has been nothing easy about it….Long days and finicky fish under a bright moon this past weekend made for a not so "customer friendly" bite (lol). Still using croaker and occasionally pigs and I am having to pull anchor quite a bit before finding fish that want to cooperate. They are there, the trout that is, just be patient…The redfish in the "gi-normous" size range are still providing lots drag squealing entertainment for clients, which is as shown by the photo from a couple of days ago.
Well as I mentioned in a previous report, we are entering that transitional time of year…This will become more evident as croaker and perch flags start flying less often at our local bait houses. Anglers will need to switch gears and make the change over to live shrimp and then on to artificials as cooler temps are around the corner.
Long drifts with the aid of a drift sock will be the norm before too long. Shrimp under an Alameda rattle cork or your favorite soft plastic behind an eighth ounce or as much as a ¼ oz. screw lock jighead on high wind days will be your best option while trying to catch trout and redfish.
Myself, I am ready for some cooler winds to push me across the pristine waters of Baffin Bay. See ya on the water and in the field…It's CAST 'N BLAST time. Fishing in the morning and dove hunting in the afternoon. Happy Opening Day and be safe.

Capt. Scott Hibbetts
(361) 960-2537

A 40" Redfish caught and released

9/15 Baffin Bay / Landcut Report from Capt. Scott Hibbets - North, South, East or West, it doesn't seem to matter which direction you choose or what method of fishing you prefer (live bait or artificial), redfish have been giving up their haunts quite regularly and becoming easy prey for area anglers. Especially, on those slack wind mornings. Tell "tail" signs everywhere. Slot fish (20" to 28") on up to 48" fish are roaming our fishing venues throughout the Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay. And, here's some food for thought, don't forget or should I say overlook the Black Drum that are showing up in large schools. These fish provide excellent angling action and are even better table fare.
For you trout enthusiasts, my focus over the last week has been the rocks of Baffin Bay. Deep rocks, and sometimes quite a ways off of the rocks. Calm mornings are allowing me to really dissect a rock pile with my trolling motor without deploying an anchor. As always, pay close attention to what's around you…Birds and bait always have some sort of story to tell. See ya on the water and be safe.

Rebecca Roberts with a 36" Redfish

Capt. Scott Hibbetts
(361) 960-2537

9/8 Baffin Bay / Landcut Report from Capt. Scott Hibbets-
Well, even though temps still hover around the century mark, believe it or not Fall 2011 is in the air. Winds out of the North West, early flights of ducks showing up, and bruiser redfish ganging up in the flats of the Laguna Madre and Baffin Bay are some strong indications that Fall is here. And along with these changes comes that transitional time of year. Throw in some extreme high tides due to passing storms in the Gulf and fishing can get down right tough. I am still fishing the Kenedy shoreline and the Landcut depending on the strength of the wind on a given day…However, with higher than normal tides this past week subtle adjustments were necessary. Focusing on 4 to 6 foot of water has pushed me tighter to shorelines and grass lines alike…As always find the bait and you'll find your target species. With bait moving further up on shelves and flats due to high water, trout and redfish are not far behind…The fish have not left the areas that I have spoken about, they are just staging a bit differently than before.
Another sign of Fall is bird action. Gulls are giving away the location of some real nice trout in Baffin…Plastics or live bait is working well under these "fish detectors". Good luck, be safe, and I'll see you on the water.


Capt. Scott Hibbetts
(361) 960-2537

9/1 Baffin Bay/Land Cut Capt. Scott Hibbets- All I can say is get'em early. Temps have been brutal, however, still experiencing lots of smiles on the faces of my clients. This past week has continued to produce good numbers of trout and redfish. We have been fishing 6 ft of water over rocks along the Kenedy shoreline. I'm having to move around quite a bit if fishing from the boat, however, if you can slip off into the water and spread out the results have been even better. Both croaker and/or piggies seem to be the ticket right now, with my personal preference being croaker in Baffin bay and south. Be on the look out for large schools of redfish in the Laguna Madre, its getting to be that time of year. Just about anything will work on those "bruisers."
Well, see you on the water. I'm off to the north for the start of the 2011 Dove season, a "Texas Holiday."
Capt. Scott Hibbetts

8/25 Baffin Bay/Land Cut Capt. Scott Hibbets -


Fishing continues to be much like the weather, "HOT." My clients are still putting nice catches of speckled trout together. Along with the trout are flounder, excellent table fare, and some redfish. I'm catching the flounder in the Landcut along the west drop off and the redfish are coming off of deep rock piles, 6 to 7 feet of water, in Baffin Bay. Both croaker and piggies will work in either of these scenarios, but I would strongly recommend croaker if fishing from Baffin Bay and South.
The best advice that I can give someone is to be "PATIENT!" It's a typical August pattern with light winds and water temps hovering around that 90 degree mark in places. Some days you will have to deal with quite a few undersized trout. Just be patient and work through them, there are better fish to come. And, as always try to handle these undersize fish with care. They're the future.
Above and below are a couple of pics from a charter earlier in the week. I have to tip my hat to these young ladies, Miranda and Brittney, they sure can fish!

See you on the water
Capt. Scott Hibbetts
(361) 960-2537

8/1 1 Baffin via Capt Black - "Time to be versatile. Topwaters early around sandbars and dropoffs. Plastics over deep rocks before the winds become a factor. There is some consistent bird action before noon especially with Gulps underneath maulers. Drifting or wading shallow flats sightcasting redfish and trout with small paddletails and lots of black drum hanging around grasslines and dropoffs in Yarbrough"

Here's a weekend report from YaknBak

We signed up for the CCLEFT fishing tournament and headed out saturday morning after a breakfast at the Taquiero in the Bluff. Started fishing close to the JFK but just too much traffic for our liking and headed south toward Baffin around 9:30. We fished several different spots and at 4 pm we did not have anything big enough to weigh in at the tournament so we decided to keep fishing. We ended up coming in later than we planned but what the heck we were catching fish and it was fun. It turned out to be a long day after cleaning 9 Flounder, 3 Specs, 4 Reds and 12 Drum. Carlton, Bobby C. and Bobby Joe and myself Joe W. caught all fish on artificial except 10 of the 12 Drum.
We have been blessed again.

Excellent Redfish action in 9 mile hole over the weekend.


8/1 Captain Black Says - Good numbers and great quality of trout today. Many over 20" and quite a few topping 24". Plastics over deep rocks is the key today.

Charlie Golla had this houseboat report post Don 7/31 -Tropical storm Don looked like it would blow out our plans for the weekend but after fizzling out Friday. We headed down Saturday morning with Cathy’s brother Jeff and his family. It took two boats to get everyone down from Bird Island after it re-opened. Running down, Chris had to follow for a change as we broke in the new 140 Suzuki. The weather station in Baffin had shown 59 mph wind gust on Friday when Don came ashore but there were no signs of any damage at the cabin. The water clarity was actually quite nice considering Fridays weather, but it got really hot and stayed that way all weekend. Fish were scattered but after a little looking we found them east of the ICW. Drum were everywhere in the meadows and schooled up for the taking. Under the lights we had the usual trout bite with a fair amount of bait, but everyone played out early. The perch traps paid off really good and produced the larger fish under the light. Arron caught the two largest trout, a 25 and 24 inch using live perch under a cork. Amy caught a really nice flounder on the front deck. The end count was 28 drum, 19 trout, 4 redfish and 1 flounder. Not bad for a trip that was almost blown out by weather. Charlie

7/14 Captains Black both Sally and Aubrey fished 9 Mile Hole 7/13 -They got numerous oversize and slot reds and trout to 24 inches. Here is Captain Sally with a nice slot red on a buggy whip.


6/23 Baffin Bay via Capt Black- The low waters and high winds last week made for some tough fishing overall. We actually look forward to the rain and disturbed weather. Low barometric pressure makes for a better bite. Still catching em on plastics but the topwater bite should be picking up. On days with plenty of sunshine, we are catching redfish in super skinny water in the backlakes, south shoreline and the sand around the meadows. Fly rods make things interesting as well as challenging.

6/14 Baffin Bay - The fishing is still good. Charlie Golla and family had another banner weekend on their floater outside Baffin. Great fishing under the lights with trout, redfish, trout, black drum and flounder caught during the day. Meanwhile OilField Trash II filed this report - We headed down friday night to the cabin and fished around baffin and rocky slough.... started around 6:30 the next morning and had our limits of trout by 8:15 of so. Pretty good fishing. We didn't manage any big sows, but most were decent from 17-21". Size seems to be down on average from a few weeks ago, but still plenty of fish.

6/9 Baffin Bay via Capt Black - Trout bite is good almost all day long. Decent size up to 27" all on plastics over shallow rocks. Sightcasting redfish on the sand in less than one foot of water and paddletail plastics are working best there. Even picked up a couple of nice size flounder. Couldn't talk my clients out of them though lol.

5/26 Baffin Bay via Capt Black - Spanked em pretty hard this morning like I knew we would. All we needed was a little less wind so we could get to our spots on the north side of the bay, Alazan and the Cayo de Grullo. Good topwater bite but the bigger fish came on dark assassins on the lightest jigheads you can find. You could easily make an embarassing meat haul right now so practice conservation and keep what you will eat.

5/26 Baffin Bay via Capt Black - Good topwater bite early. Skitterwalks and Super Spook Jr's are carrying the load. Have seen some better fish showing up just in time for the STAR tournament. Water color overall is pretty good in spite of the winds. Its going to be very interesting once we change weather patterns and start seeing some calmer days. Redfish are up shallow behind the Tide Gauge bar. Tons of black drum up shallow on the south shoreline of Baffin for those that want an extreme challenge on the fly (flyrod)


5/20 Baffin Bay via Capt Black - Saturday he said they had 5 fish limits to 24" on soft plastics mostly over waist deep grass and mud. Earlier in the week he reported -Trout are everywhere right now. We recently picked up some big fish over deep rocks when the winds laid down. We've had a good consistent topwater bite but our bigger fish have been on plastics rigged on the lightest jigheads you can find. Good redfish are in the Meadows on small white paddletails. Anything that resembles small shrimp is very effective.

5/66 Baffin Bay - Fishing has been great after the front and the wind calmed somewhat. Lots of trout good keeper size with few throwbacks have been caught around the rocks in the more offcolored water. Topwaters worked early for us on Wednesday as Skipper, Zach and I combined for 17 trout to 24". Pearl and glow shad assassins with chartreuse tails fished under cajun thunder corks took many trout as did Fishbite Extreme shads in the chartreuse color, and quarter ounce gold Johnson Silver Minnows. Yours truly Left with Bruce Zach Zachary on the right. My Hair Courtesy of Flour Bluff Coiffures. Look for fish to be near the rocks and in the grass and sand pockets waist deep and shallower.

And again fishing with Zach on Cinco de Mayo, Skipper is shown with their catch of 14 solid trout. Ball Cap courtesy of Tray at CCA.

4/28 Golla's Easter Weekend Report - Good time with the family over Easter weekend. Wind blew the whole time out of the southeast with gust to 40. Fishing was a little tough at times with all the sleeping and napping and eating but we did manage to grind out a box of 61 trout. The daytime bite was off as most of the fish were caught at night under the night.


Meanwhile Captain Black has been hold up in 40 mile winds inside Baffin but still managing to catch decent numbers of solid keeper trout on small paddle tails fishing sand and grass.

4/22 Capt. Aubrey Black on Baffin Bay Fishing - After the Big Fish week, things have picked up number-wise but not so much on the size. We have been catching good numbers of trout to 26" on Saltwater Assassin Die Dappers and Stanley Jigs Bayou Chub paddletails. Water up shallow is looking real good and we have been sightcasting to big redfish in 8"-10" of water using the same lures. Fishing is real good right now but I would really appreciate it if someone would turn down the wind speed a notch or two.

4/16 Baffin Bay and Land Cut - The fishing is still good but expect lots of wind. Here is Tony Cortez who writes "I went to Baffin Bay on saturday 4/9 in 40mph winds with Capt. Colin Campbell, . Believe it or not i caught this trout using cut skip jack under a popping cork (fishing for reds) in 10" of water. Saw her coming from 20 yds out!..incredible fish! weighed 7.4lbs... 30.5" i think she just layed a bunch of eggs..i took a pic, revived her, and let her go to fight another day"

Also fishing with T. Ann and Jeffy , Lauren H caught a 19 inch trout and a keeper black drum fishing the ICW at Twin Palms Saturday 4/9. Jeffy could catch fish in a pothole with live shrimp.

4/7 Baffin and Land Cut - Check out this monster my friend Mike Lowery caught Tuesday fishing with Captain Sally Black. He got it while sight casting to reds. He also had an 8lber earlier in the morning and got a limit of redfish. Maybe he should buy a lotto ticket!

Fishing is still good in the Land Cut. Skipper reports - Fished the Landcut Friday and had a productive day. Ended up with 16 Trout, 4 Reds and 1 flounder. Then Saturday fished Emmords and my cousin Bruce Zachary caught a nice 26 1/2" Trout with a pearl gulp under a cajun thunder.



Fun weekend of fishing...Adios



3/31 Report from 3/31 Capt Black - Incredible day of fishing. 16 trout over five pounds. Top four were a pair of seven pounders, an eight pound Big Girl and this NINE pound beast caught by my lovely wife Capt. Sally Black.

In a three day period we have caught and released three nine pound trout. Can hardly wait to get on the water each morning to see what the good Lord has in store for us. Later, Capt Aubrey Black

3/25 Baffin Bay/ Land Cut - Rocky Slough is holding lots of good trout with many over 25 inches. Look for the shrimp migrating, birds working etc. Live shrimp and soft plastics under a popping cork are working best.

Capt. Mike Singleterry - filed this report from the Land Cut Saturday: OK Guys....this 12 year old girl had a great first saltwater fishing trip.
The landcut is still red hot.....
Thought you would like to see some pictures.
This is Zoie she caught a 26" long trout a 27" long redfish and a 28" long
Drum, funny thing was she caught them all one after the other.

Zoie and her dad Paul....

A good day was had by all...

3/17 Baffin Bay Capt. Mike Singleterry - Even with the high winds and despite the spring break traffic the fishing has been pretty good all over the Laguna Madre and the Landcut. Trout are on the flats again on the ULM fishing soft plastics and live shrimp and popping cork. Shrimp are still in the ICW and on a couple of trips we caught some nice redfish on the drop-off.
The Landcut has been off the hook with trout, redfish, flounder and drum
coming out of there in some very good numbers. If you can afford the gasoline and don't mind the long boat ride it has been well worth the trip.


3/13 Baffin Bay via Charlie Golla who says - We fished the weekend with family and a group of Chris’s friends, Matt and David. Very windy conditions during both days but it laid enough for some decent night fishing under the lights. Trout are starting to show up in good numbers and we’re seeing shrimp return under the lights. Drum and redfish were a little hard to find with the return of hardheads to the flats. Bottom fishing with dead shrimp was almost impossible with the pesky hardheads.

3/11 Baffin Bay via Gunbuyer - Went to baffin for the first time ever this morning. I planned to go offshore but after thinking about all the work involved in offshore and it being cold we decided to stay closer to home. Took the intercoastal to baffin bay. Went south to the wind mills then ran in between what looked like good water! THinking of all the rocks I have heard about it didnt seem too bad. I slowed down a bit just in case to about 20mph. I saw many boils on the tops dead ahead and immediately slowed down knowing it was the ROCKS!!!! As soon as I hit idle or 3mph the lower unit nailed a rock!!! Luckily for me I slowed down. I am usually not too lucky!

We drifted from that point half way to the north side over about 1.5 hours. Then fished the north side since the wind was blowing that way figured maybe the bait and bigger fish would be there. All in all we caught 3 keeper reds between 20-28inches. 2 black drum between 20-26 inches and 3 keeper trout.

I think baffin bay is likely a great fishing spot but it is important to know where to go and like anywhere else there are certain "secret spots" My neighbor went to baffin today as well and caught well over 30 keeper trout anda few redfish..... He is a seasoned baffin bay veteran. I am trying to get him to show me where land cut is so I can hunt it this season.


Capt. Mike Singleterry - Fishing has been a little slow in the ULM for the past week so I've been headed south to the Landcut with some very good results. Drum, trout and redfish have been moving through in some good numbers and the bite has been very good on live shrimp.
But at the price of gasoline and where the price is predicted to go this may be a short live adventure.
On a good note for the ULM, the shrimp have started moving out to the bay over the past week. The warmer water and the shrimp migtation should put the fish back on the flats with a steady weather pattern.
There are alot of positive things going on this spring that effects our local waters but one thing that I have seen lately is the great high tides we have been having this year.


Pics from the Land Cut

2/25 Baffin Bay Captain Black- Had a really good day today on trout. Caught them til our arms were sore. No Big Girls but we had 8 or 9 over 20" up to 23". Virtually any plastic was working and we were fishing a mud/grass dropoff in waist deep water. The big reds were behind the Tide Gauge Bar yesterday with upper slot and oversize reds going for paddletails.

2/17 Congrats to Captain David Rowsey and his partner, Mark Holt, of Team Waterloo - They won the Baffin Bash this past weekend. The big trout was 32.5 inches and close to ten pounds.

David Sikes and Jay Watkins went out this week and did well at the mouth of Baffin and on the KRS where David got a 6 lber. Story coming in the Caller Times.

1/27 Baffin Bay Captain Black - Catching fair numbers of trout. Not too many dinks. The ones we have been catching are FAT, obese like maybe a thyroid problem lol. I caught a 24" trout that weighed 5 3/4 pounds. Redfish have been very consistent with many upper slot and barely oversize ones being caught. I am staying in the back half of the bay mainly because we were running a lot of Cast & Blast trips during duck season and the fishing trips were only half a day. Water looks great and so does the future for our trophy trout season.

12/16 Baffin Bay - I spoke with David Sikes with the Caller Times who said a couple of guides he talked to this week said they couldn't get away from the trout from the mouth of Baffin and even in the Land Cut. No huge trout but lots of keepers on soft plastics.

11/12 Baffin Bay - Captain Black says the trout numbers remain good but no monsters. Keepers on dark bass assassins and devil eyes. Redfish are biting good in foot deep water near Yarborough and the Meadows. He has been using red and white paddletails and sightcasting to black drum using white paddletails. The crabbing's not bad either!

11/5 Baffin Bay - Captain Black says in addition to lots of ducks trout numbers in Baffin are very good right now. We are catching solid keepers under birds. Trout up to about 23" on dark plastics.

10/15 - Yarborough is hot Capt. Mike Singleterry- Down south Mike says Yarborough is also producing a lot of trout and reds on live shrimp! Great weather is expected too!

10/7 Baffin Report Capt. Black - Aubrey said that most of the fish have been coming deep on the rocks under the murky water on bass assassins.

9/24 Baffin Report Capt. Aubrey Black - Fishing has been a little slow but we managed to catch some nice trout up to 28 1/2" this month and some really nice "tournament" redfish. The high waters have kept the fish scattered but I think our prospects are very good for the fall and early spring. The waters have already cooled significantly and we all know that will signal the redfish to begin gorging themselves in preparation for their annual migration. I'm sure y'all heard we had a fish kill in Baffin too recently. A lot of misinformation was spread around and you can get my take on the matter in the most recent edition of Saltwater Angler. Here is a link to my article: Capt. Blacks Guidelines. Give us a call and book your Trophy Trout trips for January - May. They are already beginning to fill up so don't miss out on your chance at a trout of a lifetime.

For the complete update and pics go HERE

9/8 Loera gets his Slam 9/4 - I heard about the fish kill in Baffin, but a friend and I went anyway. I usually kayak, but went out in a PB. I saw a couple fish floating in the middle of the bay but not much else of a fish kill. Wierd thing was we fished from 2a.m. till 9a.m. and and at night, the water was glowing everytime it was disturbed. You could see a trail of greenish blue glow as we drove, leaving a glowing trail behind us. As we fished, anything moving about 6 inches below the surface was glowing. Even our fishing line was glowing. Was very cool but would like to know why? There were several jelly fish at the surface that would glow when disturbed. I threw a cast net and caught about 200 jellies on every throw.....the non-stinging kind.....comb jellies.......I think. when the sun came up is when the bite started. All caught free lining cut whiting and live menhaden caught in the bay. A couple of small keeper trout, 21" Speck, 22" Flounder, and 23" Red

A Fish Kill Caused by Low Oxygen - The Caller Times reports

Anglers reported hundreds of dead fish in an extreme western area of Baffin Bay Monday, near the convergence of Laguna Salada and Cayo Del Grullo offshoot bays. The species list includes croaker, mullet, hardhead catfish, gafftop catfish, several kinds of perch, with a handful of larger black drum, redfish and trophy size speckled trout, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Alex Nunez said the likely killer is an aggressive bloom of nontoxic algae that depletes dissolved oxygen at night under certain conditions. Those conditions include hot water, high nutrient levels and low salinity, all of which have been present in the Baffin Bay area for weeks, Nunez said. The exact type of algae will be determined later, Nunez said. But state biologists have ruled out algae associated with the toxic red tide or nontoxic brown tide, both of which periodically bloom in Coastal Bend bays. Late this past week anglers reported another fish kill between Baffin Bay and a stretch of the Intracoastal Waterway known as the Landcut. Nunez suspects this kill, which mostly involved mullet and other baitfish, was the result of extremely depleted oxygen levels caused by recent flooding of the Rio Grande.



8/19 Baffin Bay via Captain Black - Baffin is hit and miss these days. One good day and a couple of not so good days. Lots of dinks but we have caught some nice trout up to 27" with a couple of days with multiple trout over 25. mostly on plastics (paddletails and devil eyes) around the sandbars and rocks. Topwaters have been good but mostly small fish but what a blast to get blowups almost every cast first thing in the morning.

8/5 Baffin Bay Via Captain Black- Decent topwater bite early. Most fish caught over deeper rocks. Still lots of small trout but we managed a good solid box of fish to take home with trout up to 21". Dark plastics worked pretty well later in the morning

A Landcut Report from O'Brother who fished last weekend - Fished the land cut this past weekend with a brother and cousin.. Caught a few trout and reds.. My brother caught his personal best trout at 27 3/4" and my cousin caught a bull red over 40"..



7/23 Here is a weekend from Nebulosos Upper Laguna and Baffin/Alazan - We headed out saturday to look for some trout for an upcoming tourney. pulled into a fishy looking area around 8:00 and as soon as we stepped out of the boat, we were catching dinks left and right. saw a bunch of flounder, but couldn't get any of them to hit... oh well. after only putting one fish on the stringer, we headed down the shoreline to another 'fishy' looking spot... saw more flounder. waded for a while with only one dink. decided to switch from my mojo colored big mino to a salt n pepper assassin. first cast = 25", 5 lb trout... released after attempted photos (thanks to my brother, who appearantly doesn't know how to use a camera...). two redfish and one more keeper trout to the box and that was the end of the day for us. the fish were caught in waist deep water (or less), over a sandy/grassy flat with TONS of bait present. all fish caught on tops and tails.

that same day, my brother fished the API tourney @ bluff's landing. his team took 1st place stringer w/ a huge trout caught somewhere in alazan (on croaker...), a nice sized flounder (caught in baffin on a sandbar in less than a foot of water) and a mid-slot redfish (caught over a mud/grass spoil island in the laguna). congrats to robert johnson, shane maxwell, tj collins and troy utterback... nice fish guys!


7/15 A REPORT! Via Captain Black - My apologies, tightlipped guides, thunderstorms and highwater have kept my reporting on Baffin woefully inadequate but today my buddy, Capt. Aubrey Black gave me the scoop. He says the high water has the fish scattered somewhat compared to the pre high water levels but he is still getting plenty of trout though no big girls. Best luck with the winds have been on the South Shoreline of Baffin fishing Skitterwalks in the full and small sizes in bone, pearl and pink. Plenty of eating sized fish with a few 23 to 25 inches.

6/7 Baffin Saturday 6/5 via Djohn71 - Boss told me he had awesome fishing last Friday and Monday at east Kleberg Point, so I decided to make a run to Baffin today. Called most of my fishing buddies (even Tyler), but all were busy, so this was going to be a solo adventure. After I gave my buddies the 8 trout 16-20” from ULM last weekend, the wife told me not to come home without fish for dinner. She even excused from visiting the in-laws in SATX.

Headed out shortly after 5 am to by bait at Clems and discovered some idiot kid had rolled his little SUV into a front yard on Hawksnest and split from the scene. Knocked out power in several houses.

Picked up 4 dozen croaker and 50 shrimp and was on the water by 6:45. Smooth, calm, sailing going south. The last time I fished Baffin was a few years back before my friend Terry Drake passed. For me, Baffin is the place on the right on the way to Rocky Slough and the land cut. I don’t like rough water or the rocks, but I know they hold some nice trout and three reports all said Baffin was hot.

7: 30ish. I made the right at Marker 2 and headed down to EKP. Nine boats in a row, I found a spot about 100 yards from my neighbors and rigged up. Bam, 15” trout, released. Croaker still alive, back out bam, another dink. 24 dinks on shrimp and croaker for the next hour. Fun, but not getting fish for the wife.

Two boats moved out and I idled up between two reefs. I figured I would throw out both until the south wind turned east, then concentrate on the big horseshoe.

Next croaker out starts swimming my float around, or so I thought. Turns out it was a 14” sand trout. I added him to the box along with a 16” and 15 ½ which had swallowed the hook.

8:40, Haynie with a Black Evinrude motor w/in 40 yards and drops anchor. They bring a nice trout and hoop it up. I C and R a black drum. About 9:00 my reel goes off and I guess the guys on the Haynie can here the drag because they are looking and pointing. The fish is shaking its head and I think maybe….. Turns out to be a 24” red which I net myself. Thumbs up from my neighbors.

9:30, Haynie one motors out, Haynie two uses his trolling motor and anchors up about thirty yards away. I can actually hear the guy’s cell phone conversation. One of the girls on his boat lands a nice trout. I wait. And wait. 20 minutes later I hammer a nice 20” trout. Always fun netting those by yourself. I asked my neighbors if they were leaving. We shared a laugh.

11: something, An 18’trout and several more dinks. I put up the canopy and the wind picks up from the east.

12:30 another 20” trout. 12:45 another 18” trout. I also boxed two more 16” which were deep hooked.

1:30 boats come and go, but the wind has picked up to the point where 3 footers are breaking over the reef. I start to pack up and the drag starts to click. I set the hook on a nice trout, which cartwheels and shakes the hook. I guess I’ll stay.

2:30 Wife calls to make sure I’m ok. She wants fish for dinner. I decide to give it one last cast ( for the next 45 minutes) and end up catching 10 more trout, including a chunky 22” spec to end the day.

The trip back was dry, but I did get to show the game warden my fish at twin palms (He didn't want to take a picture, but he did say "nice fish"). I cleaned the small fish and the misses fried them up while I rinsed the boat.

Five fish added up to eight feet.

Four trout totaled over 80"

A few trophy picks and I cleaned the rest.

Trout caught on shrimp and croaker under a cajun thunder with a 4' leader. Fished in 3-7' of water outside the rocks. If fishing with croaker, be careful letting the trout swim with them too long or they'll swallow the hook.
Johnny D

5/27 Baffin Via Skipper - He and a friend took out the Buddy Love and fished Penescal. Water was beautiful and Skipper could see the trout in the potholes laying around between the rocks. They had 12 trout to 26 inches on croaker and topwaters. Earlier this week Capt Black had three trout over 27" on topwaters and the trusty red and white paddletails!

5/20 Baffin Via Captain Black - Fishing was a bit tough on Thursday with the wind but fishing soft plastics on the south shore of Baffin they were able to pick up six solid trout and Sam's Redfish.

5/14 Baffin Via Captain Black - Fishing is good when the winds aren't blowing 40mph. Catching big fish shallow on topwaters. In particular pink Skitterwalks. Couple of fish over 8 lbs.
Not many reds but then we haven't been targeting them. The one time we did, we caught several lower slot reds on red/white paddletails and on the fly in ankle deep water.

5/6 Land Cut Good via Capt. Mike Singleterry - Water conditions have been pretty good the times the winds are down or at least what I have seen in the ULM, Baffin and the south end of the Landcut. Tides seem to be back to normal and fishing has really been on the up swing.

The tiderunner trout have started to show up at the south end of the Landcut and the ULM but the big numbers are not here yet. The past couple of day my clients were able to put together limits of trout using bait some of the fish have been real nice, a couple in the 27" and 26" range all the rest of the fish have been in the 17" to 20" range.

Captain Black - Has been catching trout and a couple of reds on soft plastics this week run over shallow grass flats and potholes.

4/28 Great Cabin Reports from the weekend - First up is Mad Dog and the Twins! Followed by a Gollatastic ReportI took my twin girls to the cabin this weekend. We were counting on the moon nearing full and moderate weather to turn on the trout under the lights. We arrived about an hour before sunset on Friday and got the light set up. Just as the sun was setting a fog rolled in off the Gulf. Pretty eerie if you ask me. The wind picked up and blew the fog out. By the time I got supper started shrimp were hopping on the surface. First cast with a speck rig lands a 14 incher. That got the girls interested and they started catching fish every ithe cast. I was worn out unhooking and releasing specks. Surprisingly many of the trout were of legal length. Most nights every fish is 14 or less. The longest was 22" In two nights under the lights we caught enough legal fish for each of us to limit out. Here are few pics.

Not bad for under the lights. Most of the trout were fatties.

Note the free advertising for the Big Shell clean up.

Got a late start Saturday drift fishing around Cactus Flats. The action was pretty slow but we managed a few. One of the girls registered her largest skipjack ever and her largest red fish.

I was pretty useless at work today (worn out) but it was a great weekend with my kids. Nothing epic. Just good times together.

Thanks for looking.

And now Charlie Golla's Report: My brother Mike and his girlfriend Susan from San Antonio came down Saturday for the night. Rocky and Brenda were also down for the night. The tidal forecast was not favorable for Saturday night. Winds shifted from all directions but remained light for the most part. At Sundown it started off very slow and remained that way until after midnight. There was almost no movement in the water other than wind driven current until after midnight. The bite almost totally stopped at moon down which was around 4:30 AM. Not as much bait activity under the light as in previous weeks, all in part due to lesser tidal movement. However, we did manage to catch quite a few trout with 26 of them over the 15-inch slot limit. Three larger trout were caught in the 27-28 inch range that took live bait. Cathy and Chris picked up a few trout & redfish on popping corks while drift fishing early Sunday morning. Water clarity improved dramatically with little to no sign of brown tide in the Badlands.

4/24 Still waiting on Tide Runners - Meanwhile the Landcut is still producing keeper drum. Charlie Golla and family spent last weekend refurbishing their floating cabin near the Badlands and reported good trout fishing at night with live bait with Cathy catching the biggest one a nice 28 incher. Meanwhile Capt Black is still on some decent fish with most coming on red and white paddletails. Plastics are outcatching topwaters 5 - 1 at this time. Today after the early morning cold front another one fell to a red and white paddletail in thigh deep water along a muddy drop off. Check out his blog on facebook

3/26 Captain Black - Aubrey's clients had 2over 7 Friday 3/26 here is a 7.5 pounder. All caught on soft plastics

3/19 Capt Black says it is on down south - Good trout with four up to 30 inches and 8lbs caught recently on corkies and topwaters no particular color in thigh deep water. Check out his blog



3/6 - 3/7 Baffin Bay/Landcut - We had a fun time at the CCA retreat at Twin Palms. The fishing was fairly slow. Saturday started off Cloudy with lots of east wind. The water color was a bit stained as soon as you hit south of Bird Isladn. The Land Cut was slow with little current and only produced a few small trout and several slot sized Black Drum on live shrimp and soft Plastics. A few larger Drum and reds were seen up shallow and one redfish was caught blind casting in 9 mile hole Friday. The water there was somewhat tea colored. I did receive a report that someone accidentally ran over a 56 inch redfish in the hole on Saturday. I have a picture but no confirmation of the facts. Sunday looked rather windy in the morning. Snooker-Ed and I managed to work our way back north hugging the backside of Padre Island. We found small keepers and undersized trout in four feet of water just south of Bird Island. They hit lighter colored small soft plastics. We tried the same pattern closer to the power plant up north with little results.

2/25 Baffin Bay Rodeo this weekend out of Bluff Landing - The weather is looking better and expect a good crowd of anglers going for the guaranteed $15,000. 2 day two fish live weigh in. Fishing has picked up during warming trends. Scattered big girls to 28" reported as of late in the usual deeper areas around the rocks on soft plastics with 1/16th ounce jigheads. Here is a report from Blast - N- Cast from the past weekend

Had a few buddies come in town to fish this weekend so we headed down to the cabin Friday afternoon. We arrived just before sunset got the boat unpacked and fired up the pit. We grilled some fish and shrimp for dinner and then did some fishing and ended up with a few slot Black Drum. Sat morning we worked our way North making several stops picking up a few trout but only managed one keeper. We had lunch at Laguna Reef and then headed back South. We tried several spots along the way but had little success. We got back to the cabin and rested a little before hitting it again. We managed a few slot Reds wading and then headed back to the cabin for some dinner and then some night fishing. We managed several more slot Black Drum with the largest going just under 30" and a few more Reds with the largest going 27 1/2" Sunday we fished and fished but came up empty handed. We cooked up some venison and chicken on the pit for lunch and then packed up and headed home. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say we had a great time. Great friends enjoying great food and drink and doing it in the great outdoorsHere are a few pics from the weekend











Capt Bruce Miller got this nice 29" fish fishing with bro in law Capt. Black

2/18 Baffin Bay - Good catches were reported Sunday with a couple of Big girls caught and released. Weather went south Monday. Capt. Black says As for fishing, its been a little slow but we have caught a few trout up to 26" and have picked up three flounder in the last two days all on plastic. Reds are easier to catch but tend to be on the smallish size.


2/10 Baffin Bay Captain Black Says - "Catching plenty of redfish but light on the trout. Weather has kept me off the water for the most part. We have caught some trout up to 24" and tons of redfish along the King Ranch Shoreline just north of Baffin over grass and mud keying on potholes in thigh to waist deep water. Red/white Sea Shad and Plum Saltwater Assassins on 1/16 oz. jigheads."



Reports - Please post your reports on our message board or send them to me along with your photos to

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