6/13 Packery - Lots of slot and oversized reds this week on live and cut mullet in spite of the rough dirty water. Be on the lookout for Jacks, and King Mackerel if and when the water upwelling settles! Watch the tropics for next weekend.

4/8 Packery - Slot redfish, trout and oversized reds, black drum and flounder reported this week. Watch for Jack Crevalle at the end of both jetties. Water temp was up to 75.

3/14 Packery - Sheepshead, black drum both oversized and slot have been caught as well as flounder. The weather looks pretty good this week for more of the same. Watch for Jacks to show soon off the ends of both jetties.

2/5 Packery - Sheepshead should be available inside the jetties along the rocks this weekend even if the winds are bad with the next front. Use fresh dead shrimp or live if you can find it for the sheepies, ghost shrimp and fiddler crabs too!. Black drum, redfish and flounder should be around too. Try doa shrimp inside the channel for trout.

12/27 Packery - Lower tides and calmer winds brought good fishing with good numbers of black drum and redfish caught. Big front again for this week. Expect sheepshead to appear on the rocks with another front.

11/19 Packery - It has been a bit rough out near the end of the jetty but there have been loads of finger mullet coming out so expect to see bluefish, spanish mackerel, possible kings and pup sharks out on the end. Good action for Black drum and redfish and trout inside the jetty with the black drum bite coming close to the bridge and near the start of the no wake zone by Starbucks. Sea water temp at Packery is 73.

10/23 Packery - There should be slot reds and flounder running inside the channel even after Saturday morning's early front. Use live finger mullet or cut mullet for the reds. Gulps, live finger mullet on Carolina rigs should work for flounder over sandy bottoms near the rocks.

10/17 Packery - After the front the redfish and to some extent the flounder should be making their way to the passes. Try live and cut finger mullet for the reds. Use a carolina rig with finger mullet along the bottom for the flounder or a 1/4 jighead rigged with a gulp or soft plastic.

10/11 - Water was dirty at times after the last Delta tides and waves but things have calmed down. Unfortunately a man lost his life earlier this week when he and his family were washed off the North Jetty by a rogue wave. Please do not test the limits of the power of water! Seas have since calmed so expect the great redfish action to continue on live and cut mullet. Watch for flounder on the move as it is their time to run!

10/3 - Redfish are running in the channel inside the jetties and along the surf. Finger mullet and cut mullet are working on those. Spanish mackerel, bluefish and mangrove snapper are also being caught. Watch for king mackerel and tarpon at the end of the jetties when the conditions are calm and green.

9/11 - Zahn Road is open. Expect a lot of redfish to be caught both inside and on the surfside of both jetties. Finger mullet or cut mullet and skipjack will be your best bet for redfish. Live shrimp, doa's and mirrodines should catch trout. Use fishbites and shrimp for black drum. Watch for jacks and kings could show up at the ends of the jetties.

9/4 - Zahn Road is OPEN! For access to North Packery. Expect lots of redfish, ladyfish and more working finger mullet on all parts of the jetty this weekend. The surf side will get larger waves until Sunday and Monday. Inside the channel west of the 361 bridge watch for schools of keeper drum.

8/28 - Expect good action for slot reds inside the channel feeding on baitfish drawn out of the bays as the big tropical tide drops out of the bay. Prior to Hurricane Laura the black drum schools were thick around the bend of Packery near the no wake zone. Redfish and drum spotted by the duck blind too.

8/21 - Schools of Black Drum have been milling around on the east side of the bridge around the bend where the no-wake zone starts. Look for black drum rodeos with lots of boat traffic. Live shrimp is your best bet but you must be patient as boats whiz by disrupting the schools. Earlier this week with good visibility King Mackerel were caught at the end of both jetties in addition to a lot of undersized reds. Smaller Tarpon have been hooked mostly in low light conditions. Flounder have been good in the sandy spots inside the jetties.

8/14 - From Lupe at the Cos-Way (since I haven't had the time to hoof it out to the Jetties. Fishing is great for redfish and flounder now. Visit our sponsors - The Bait Bucket and Cos-way and thank them! Visibility ought to be great. I am not encouraged that the vehicle ban will not get extended but I can hope it expires Monday!

7/24 - The beaches have officially been closed until Monday Morning at 6am due to Hanah. I would give a report on what was being caught but that doesn't matter now. Expect some good action next week after the tides recede from the bay. Redfish are usually all over the jetty when water and bait come out of the bay.

7/09/ Packery - Dirty cold water in the gulf is making fishing difficult on the rocks. Best to fish inside the channel on outgoing tide for trout using natural with glitter DOA shrimp and live bait. Lots of black drum from the Causeway to the bridge on fresh dead shrimp and fishbites. Expect a crowd.

6/19 Packery Jetty - Try doa shrimp in the gray natural color with silver glitter inside the channel for trout. King mackerel showed up Thursday at the end of the jetty extremely early. Watch for crowds and be careful out there.

6/11 Packery Jetty - Fishing should be good this weekend though crowded. Use Doa shrimp inside the channel for trout and live and dead shrimp, cut mullet and gold spoons for redfish. Spanish Mackerel and Kings on the end could be possible.

5/8 Packery Jetty - A few slot and rat reds, flounder and trout reported this week. Rough weather and big tides for the next couple of days.

4/30 Packery Jetty - Curfew is off but you will have to maintain social distance and could be asked to spread out or leave. Undersized reds, flounder, trout and spanish mackerel have been reported. Water remains green but winds will be kicking up out of the Southeast this weekend. Water temperature is at 79 degrees.

4/25 Packery Jetty - Lots of folks this week. Mostly undersized reds reported at the end of the week. Earlier in calmer conditions, sheepshead, trout and flounder were also caught. Watch for King Mackerel at the ends when bait is present.

3/07 Packery - Water temp at 65. Lots of sheepshead reported last week near the turnaround and by the bridge pilings. Early reports this morning included croaker.

2/8 Packery - New bollards installed at the surf base on either side of the jetty for Life Guard stands I understand. Water is dirty on the surf side out to the third bar. No reports this week. Water temps are in the lower 60's. Expect some trout, black and drum and reds inside the channel and around the bridge on live and dead shrimp and of course soft plastics for trout and reds.

1/31 Packery - Solid trout off the rocks earlier this week on soft plastics. The waves have calmed and the water is clear. Look for good trout action on soft plastics and live shrimp. Expect redfish and black drum to be in the mix. Fish for Pompano past the third bar on the beach sides using fresh dead shrimp and fishbites.

1/7 Packery - Prior to today's front, spanish mackerel and reds were caught on live finger mullet. Capt. Joey Farah of Joey Farah's Backwater Fishing Adventures reports that the flounder are moving around the Packery area along the bulkheads and piers in and near Packery. Use soft plastics fished slowly along the bottom and remember the limit is two this month with rod and reel only.

11/1 Packery - Prior to the last cold front there were spanish mackerel, redfish and flounder reported. Try fishing the channel with live and cut finger mullet or bounce soft plastic in sandy areas for flounder. Conditions on the surf side of the jetties should improve by Sunday as seas go down to 2 to 3ft.

9/28 Packery - King Mackerel made an appearance busting bait off the ends of both jetties Friday. Depending upon how rough the surf is the action could continue this weekend. Expect redfish, trout and spanish mackerel to join the fray with the kings and also spanish mackerel feeding on dusky anchovies and finger mullet. Watch for tarpon too !

9/19 Packery - There have been a few days of big swells from tropical systems but they are still catching a lot of reds, a few trout, fat snook and one 36 inch common snook was caught and released on Wednesday.

9/12 Packery - Earlier this past week and weekend there was a good mullet run and lots of limits of reds were caught on cut mullet. Spanish Mackerel, trout and king mackerel were reported. Lots of fat snook on the rocks these days. The surf sides could be rough with east winds and 2 to four footers rolling in. By Sunday the winds are out of the Northeast and two to four foot surf is expected. Try fishing the south jetty surf side by Sunday.

8/23 Packery - Near the end the surf is rough and dirty. Earlier this week there were redfish and trout on the rocks inside the channel and down near the turnaround there was a black drum rodeo going on with lots being caught on fishbites and shrimp combos.

8/16 Packery - There will be an informal Jetty Cleanup this Saturday beginning at 10am on the South Packery surf side of the jetty. Please watch out for those in the water who are trying to get fishing line and lead out of the rocks. Also watch for spanish mackerel, ladyfish, and tarpon working anchovies off the ends of both jetties. Redfish and trout should be available as well.

8/09 Packery - Fishing was better earlier this week with the lighter winds with trout and redfish reported. Watch for tarpon, spanish mackerel and snook at the end of the jetties even if the higher waves roll in. Back towards the bridge try for trout, redfish and drum on live and fresh dead shrimp and fishbites particularly for the redfish and black drum.

8/02 Packery - Lighter winds brought cleaner green water in this week and that pattern is expected to continue through Tuesday. Watch for bait being worked to catch spanish mackerel and possibly King Mackerel and Jacks on the end of the jetties, tarpon too! Trout and redfish should be available on live shrimp, soft plastics, spoons, and on topwaters for the trout.

7/25 Packery - Try doas, topwaters, slow sinking plugs or live shrimp for trout. There have been redfish, whiting, and black drum on live and dead shrimp. Pompano could be around too on fresh dead shrimp and fishbites. If you can't swim please avoid wading out past your waist. Another person drowned out there this afternoon!

7/11 Packery - Via Joey Farah's Backwater adventures -"Surf and Jetty fishing is really hot with light green water anglers throwing silver spoons are catching a lot of Spanish mackerel fishing trout in the first and second guts. There is a huge drum run on happening in the Packery channel close to the bridge lots of people catching black drum on dead shrimp on the bottom and side casting into the schools from boats.

5/3 Packery - Wind and rough surf has made for tough fishing this week. The storms this morning didn't help. More rain predicted for Saturday but the winds will back off so expect some trout, redfish and black drum to show up. Sunday looks to be the best!

4/5 Packery - Watch for high surf with the front. Look for the last run of sheepshead, redfish, and if somehow the water clears pompano and trout.

4/3 Packery - There was a good run of pompano, sheepshead and spanish mackerel and a few reds. Expect more of the same as the weather calms. Friday looks great!

3/29 Packery - A lot of sheepshead and Pompano reported over the weekend.

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3/13 Packery - Lots of water near the road to get to South Packery. Texas Parks and Wildlife reports reds and black drum around the turnaround on crabs and shrimp. Watch for flounder to come back from the Gulf. Use heavier jig heads and gulps worked slowly around sandy areas.

2/7 Packery - Prior to the front some sheepshead and trout caught from the rocks. Watch for a trout, redfish and drum bite in the deeper areas under the bridge post front during the cold.

2/3 Packery - Becky fished the channel and the rocks with live shrimp on Super Bowl Sunday and only found pin and piggy perch.

1/27 Packery -

It was too nice to stay inside Sunday so I took the dog out to South Pack to check things out. No fish observed and the only report I got was that there were a few hardheads out. There is also a new handicapped parking area with ADA compliant bathroom.

Fixed it here is the ADA parking and restroom.


12/13 Packery - Good action when weather allows on the inside of the channel for trout on DOA shrimp. Sheepshead should be showing as well.

11/16 Packery - Some friends and I got the big Skunk last Saturday with the cold winds fishing for flounder but expect a lot more traffic and a lot more action for flounder, trout, redfish and sheepshead.

Here's a bit from the Weekend Outlook yesterday

11/9 Packery - Inside the channel, a few undersized flounder, redfish and black drum reported this week. Look for flounder numbers to increase post front this weekend.

11/2 Packery - Wind and Wave is having another Free Demo Day on Saturday 11/3 "WIND & WAVE WATERSPORTS is hosting a Free Kayak & Stand Up Paddleboard Demo Day Sat, NOV 3. The event will run from 10AM - 4PM on the northwest side of the Packery Channel bridge on highway 361 on Padre Island.

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Reds, trout and flounder reported this week from Packery Channel

10/18 Packery - After the front and before the front, slot reds have been plentiful at the Jetties. Expect a huge crowd this weekend near the jetties due to Sharkathon. Remember if you are fishing in Sharkathon you can't fish ON the jetties just near them standing in the sand or on the beach.

10/ 11 Packery - The jetties became dangerous and unfishable due to Hurricane Michael expect the redfish run to continue and possible crank up this weekend as the water recedes from the Laguna. Use live finger mullet, cut mullet, rattletraps or gold spoons.

10/1 Packery Redfish Run - In spite of the rain and the stormy condition the redfish run was on at Packery over the weekend.

Gabe hooks up

Oscar gets his

9/13 - Red tide showed up in the Packery Basin Tuesday killing a fair number of menhaden that washed out along the area beaches near Bob Hall Pier. Texas Parks and Wildlife is monitoring this for the lastest updates fo here - https://tpwd.texas.gov/landwater/water/environconcerns/hab/redtide/status.phtml Meanwhile spanish mackerel, trout and redfish were reported over the weekend prior to the heavy rain.

9/6 - Redfish, trout, spanish and king mackerel were reported this week. Pelicans and other sea birds have been observed pounding bait off the end of the jetties the past few afternoon. Driving areas on both sides of the jetty will have pooling of saltwater due to higher tides produced when T.S. Gordon was in the gulf. Here is a view from just south of South Packery from lunch time.


8/30 Packery - Expect huge crowds this weekend. There should be speckled trout, reds and black drum inside the channel with the same on the outside plus spanish , king mackerel and possible tarpon at the end of the jetties if the weather holds. Trout and reds reported earlier this week.

8/23 Packery - Dirty water outside in the surf sides of the channel associated with a cold water upwelling. Mullet were reported however and there were some redfish and trout caught in the channel this week. We need something to change to get the bite going again like a low pressure system in the gulf or an early cold front to kick off the finger mullet and bait.

7/27 Packery - King Mackerel were caught off the rocks on Thursday and the near shore rigs this week. Forecast remains good and the water is green so expect more trout, kings, ladyfish, and tarpon.

7/12 - 7/14 Jetty Bandit has a Cosway and Packery Report -

Hey everyone small update from last weekend about the fishing.
The cosway was looking really flat most of the trip and the trouts (dinks) were out in force along with those troublesome needle fish. Caught a nice 18incher which I took home but that was around 4 am (I had been fishing since 9 pm). I waited for the bait shop to open up and grabed some live shrimp and headed off to the packery channel. The surf side fishing was very busy with bait swimming around but still very flat water . The sand trouts were biting pretty well while free lining or using split shot set ups. There were plenty of crabs taking my bait as well. I tried fishing channel side and just got hooked up on rocks more than I wanted so I went back to surf side. It was also blazing hot that day too.

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Good luck to anyone who is out there catching those lunkers

7/3 - Cold water upwelling remains inside the channel on incoming tide. There are trout on the rocks for those who try with both live bait and lures. Expect a good crowd!

6/28 - After ten days of muddy cold water and heavy rain, the fishing is back on at Packery. Good trout reported on the inside of the channel and the surf side of the North Jetty acting as a wave brake for the choppy surf. Good trout on topwaters and plugs.

6/7 - Present - Fishing was good using silver glitter doa shrimp on Saturday 6/7 My friend Mark Fling with Heros on the Water was out there and caught 20 plus trout inside the channel with most being throwbacks and he even through the keepers back. Then the winds increased as did the brown water and the weed like filamentous bryozoans took over. If you fish watch the tide charts and fish later in the afternoon and evening when the tide is running out to get clearer greener Laguna water and fish inside the channel.

Filamentous Bryozoans - a colony of animals that look like algae. It ruined the fishing at Bob Hall, well the dirty water didn't help either.
My friend and Charle's Stockton's brother Len, said it was everywhere making it impossible to fish so he left!
Learn more
here: https://www.google.com/search?q=filamentous+bryozoans&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-ab


5/31 Packery - Trout and redfish reported inside the channel. Trout on surfsides on topwaters early on calmer days. Watch out at North Packery, the Splash celebration will be going on at North Packery Saturday and Sunday 203 - 204mm. :) Drum and sheepshead also in the rocks and around the bridge.

3/24 Packery - Looks like the secret is out. Lots of sheepshead at the jetty and in the basin by the bridge - sheepshead and black drum have been red hot or so say the hoardes of boats in there yesterday and today!

3/5 -Packery - Slow over the weekend but Sheepshead bite has improved for size and numbers. Fresh dead shrimp has been better than live shrimp. Watch for Jacks to show up. They showed at the Port Aransas Jetties over the weekend.

2/15 Packery - Rain and coldwater temperatures have made for tough fishing but there have been some small keeper sheepshead caught on live shrimp. Black drum reported as well both oversized and slot.

1/25/ Packery - Sheepshead being reported on live and dead shrimp.

1/12 Packery - Sinker is down from Montana and filed this report "This morning at 11:15 I arrived at the jetty and grabbed my stuff. I hiked to the end and there was zero fishermen present.
I thought wow this is a first. My results equaled the number of other fishermen zero.
Oh well like the great Babe Ruth said. "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from taking a swing".

12/1 Packery - Speckled trout, spanish mackerel, flounder and redfish reported check out the weekend outlook

Brought to you by Ron Hoover RV and Marine Rockport

11/10 North Packery - I heard of a few spanish mackerel early in the week. Yesterday Nick Meyer and the grandkids caught a nice red in the Packery Channel Park. Here is a report from 11/4 from Kingfisher77

"Figured that I would get one more trip in before the time change, forecast was in the 80's and I had Friday off, why not?

Picked up a quart of live shrimp on my way down, arrived at the jetty around 07:00. Tide was flowing out, quickly. I have always found the Packery Jetty to be best on a rising tide, yesterday was no exception.

First 30-40 minutes of fishing my dad and I each caught one Grover. Was starting to doubt that the day was going to be productive, until the water started coming up.

We fish the channel side, on the edge of, and sometimes in the rocks. The tide starting coming up a bit, and we went on a 2-3 hour run of "Mangrove Madness."

Grovers left and right, I only kept a dozen, threw back easily 2-3 for every one that I kept. I use the Florida rules for Mangroves, 10 inches minimum. Yesterday, if I even had to measure I threw it back. Caught several right around 12 inches, perfect eating size.

Hard to beat a mess of Mangroves, plenty of ceviche and fish tacos for the weekend.

Other than a dozen grovers I did manage to land my first nice Sheepie of the fall, he went about 17 inches. Also caught a few juvenile sheepies.

One thing that is noteworthy about this trip was that the grovers and sheepies were so aggressive that I didn't catch one single piggy perch. Not one.

Not much else going on in the way of fish landed by others, the couple fishing next to us landed a skipjack and an undersized red, and there was a small black tip landed between the first and second gut right at sunrise.

Water was dirty, was hoping for some clearer water at the end of the jetty.

No keeper reds, smacks, or specks for anyone on our end of the jetty, but I didn't care. I traded a quart of shrimp for a box of fish and was stilll catching grovers on almost every cast when I packed it in at 11:00am.

Ran down to Bob Hall pier to use their cleaning tables, $3 fee per person for access to the pier. "

11/2 North Packery via Beach Bum - Water is murky. Speckled trout, a few flounder, redfish and whiting reported.

10/30 Packery Channel South Jetty via Chapcat54 - I got to the jetty at 1:30 PM and fished until 6 PM. My first official day of retirement, I am going to be fishing. There was a good deal of finger mullet in the channel to be had, so I took what I could scrounge to the end of the jetty hoping to get after the redfish. The surf side was sandy brown and very choppy, but the channel looked okay, so I decided to fish there. The outgoing current was pretty weak.

The pin perch or some other varmint fish were eating the guts out of my finger mullet, so I took a good sized pinfish a fellow gave me, removed the fins and tail third, and stuck it on a 10/0 circle hook and set out a second line. About a half hour later, the pinfish bait got hit, and I reeled in a 33 inch red. It was the only fish I caught, with the exception of a little oyster toad I caught on a fish bite.

I noted several nice oversized reds caught during the day, and a good sized drum. A fellow close to me caught one red at 37 inches. A number of gafftop were caught, mainly from the surf side. A fellow fishing next to me boxed a couple of mangrove snapper. All in all, I would call it a fair day, but for me a great day catching the big red and knowing I will have the time to do a lot more fishing.

10/26 Packery Channel - Lots of redfish reported along with Mangrove Snapper. Spanish mackerel were out there as well when the water was green toward the end of both channels.

Here is what the surf looked like just north of Bob Hall Pier in this week's Corpusfishing Weekend Outlook.

Jared Stone and his group out of Oklahoma had boat issues but managed some nice fish at Packery over last weekend.

10/13 Packery Channel - High tides made getting to the surf sides of the jetties tough. Fishing has been good this week with several snook, small tarpon, slot and oversized reds, and smaller blacktip sharks.

Water continues to pour out of the bay bringing bait with it. Expect a lot of redfish and flounder to make an appearance in the next few days.

10/5 Packery - 10/2 Report from Chapcat54 "Netted some finger mullet and got out on the jetty about 0730 this morning and fished til 1030. Water conditions looked almost Caribbean clear. with low surf and light winds. Put out two rods with live mullet into the end of the channel, but managed just one large skippy. Not much else being caught by others either. I noted one angler that caught a couple of smacks, and a redfish, and another that caught a dink trout, but that was about it.

I think a big problem was the huge concentration of moon jellyfish. They were so thick you could almost walk across the water on them it seemed. Folks were getting stung when reeling in and the spinning spool would kick nematocysts on to your face and arms, etc from the line going through the jelly masses. Hopefully, the tides will carry them away sooner than later. I wonder are the jellies bad all up and down the beaches, or just concentrated here and there?"


Wind N Wave Demo Day is this Saturday

9/27 Packery via GreyBeard who says - "Bite is early 7-1030 not sure about evenings.

Finger mullet are plentiful but not during the feeding time, it was overcast and they were staying deep in the channel.

4 reds were landed by myself and the old man. Largest was his just over 30" red.

It was caught on cut ladyfish. Two were caught on dead mullet, and one on live piggy perch I got in the cast net.

Cast nettinf is possible but wear pants and the jellyfish are en mass.

You dont want to be the guy pissing on his leg on the jetties due to a jelly sting do you? Nope.

A total of 9 reds were seen landed, but they are spread out between north and south. Smacks were seen caught yeaterday, none today, teo small trout.

A monster red was seen landed and released. Beautiful fish.

No pics. Passing the word on as I have to work till next monday... LoL

Do not bother with shrimp, they don't want it atm. Nor fishbites pink shrimp. Garlic gulp scent was ineffective, perhaps some crab smelly jelly."

9/21 Packery - Redfish, black drum and mangrove snapper have been caught along with a few trout this week. Finger mullet, live and dead shrimp have produced the best results.

9/7 Packery - Post Harvey, fishing was off the charts with spanish mackerel, trout, jacks, redfish, flounder and mangrove snapper. Several snook were also reported. Finger mullet are running expect more of the same once the gulf calms down from Katia down south.

8/2 Packery - Reportedly there have been flurries of black drum rodeos around the S curves in Packery. At times up to 30 boats have been seen in there on the weekends. Meanwhile the calming surf produced a bunch of Spanish and King Mackerel. Tarpon have been reported too as well as Mangrove snapper, trout and flounder.

7/21 South Packery - Spanish and King Mackerel reported earlier this week. Tarpon have been rolling around the ends as well. Speckled trout and redfish are there as well. The surf side is good when the wind allows.

North Packery surf north of the beach was slow on Wednesday morning for those fishing topwaters AND live bait.

6/29 South Packery Video Report

6/22 South Packery Video Report


6/7 Packery - Great action in and around Packery today as a 42 inch ling was caught on live mullet by Bernie Broyles, photo courtesy of Zach Melvin.


Other catches today included trout to 24 inches , plenty of mangrove snapper (trout and snapper on live shrimp as well as a fairly rare permit. Weather prospects are excellent until at least mid day Sunday.

6/2 Packery - Spanish Mackerel hitting the rocks today at the end of both jetties. Use 5olb mono leaders or light black steel to catch them.

4/20 Packery - Reports this week showed sheepshead available when you can get a live shrimp through the hoardes of pin perch, spanish mackerel, a few flounder and some trout.

4/8/Packery - A great variety showing up now as the water warms. This past week saw Sheepshead, Black Drum on live shrimp. Claus from Breakaway got a couple of nice trout to 26" on swim baits releasing the 26 for another fisherman. Spanish Mackerel and Jack Crevalle showing up. Weekend prospects good but watch the ends of the jetties with those winds.

3/24 Packery - Spanish Mackerel and Sheepshead earlier this week. Sargassum rolling in lately and the sheepshead bite has slowed since Spring Break. Winds are expected so come down. Watch for jacks and spanish mackerel when the water clears.

12/26 Packery - Black drum, redfish, mangrove snapper and even a few grouper reported the past two days. Expect there are flounder, trout and reds as well.

11/25 Packery Channel - It was busy out there on Black Friday with lots of boats and bank anglers. Flounder reported on soft plastics with heavier jig heads. We did see a few reds caught as well but the action slowed after a frontal passage but not before Skipper and I got a couple of nice Flounder. His was 22 inches and 4.9lbs and mine was 19" and 2.7lbs.

My finger weighed 8 ounces in this photo!


11/1 North Packery Jetty Via Wildy___Weirdo - "Took my girlfriend out for her first Jetty Fishing trip this morning... We mainly fished the channel side... The current was ripping and so were the finger mullet... I forgot the cast net at home so we bought shrimp and used them as well as gulp shrimp and fish bites... I caught 4 undersized specks between 9 and 12... She hadn't caught anything all morning at this point... I decided to rig up a Cajun Thunder when her rod started to sing... She landed a solid 20" Spanish Mackerel.... I helped her get the fish in and then casted out and was able to catch a decent (16") trout... We fished for a couple more hours and managed more dink trout and a mangrove snapper... All in all her first jetty trip was a success... And there will be more to come..."

10/18 Packery Channel - Lots and lots of reds and black drum reported the past several days. Most of the reds are slot sized. Reds are on live and cut mullet. Black drum are on live and fresh dead shrimp.

10/12 Packery Channel - Redfish, spanish mackerel, pompano, trout and a few tarpon reported latelty. Expect the jacks to be in the mix as well as King mackerel at the end of the jetties. Here is a nice report on a trophy bull red caught 10/11 by Michaelulig1

This morning when I started fishing, I had no idea that I would be tagging my first Redfish of the year. He fought for 15 minutes, and honestly, I was praying the entire time. He measured 41 inches and weighed 26 pounds. It was an awesome experience. He ran from one side of the jetty to the other, and there were at least two times that my spool was running out of line. I give all the credit to the Lord Jesus Christ, because he kept me calm, and I remembered to "follow the fish". There were plenty of times the line could have rubbed the rocks or the he could have swam under them, but in the end, the enormous fillets are in my fridge.

I caught him on my bay rod and real. I had just gotten this 20 pound braid put on my Shimano Sienna yesterday at Tackle Town. My daughter was very impressed. I am thankful my father taught me to fish, and now, I have been able to teach her as well.

Of course, I had to take the fish to show my Pastor, Donald Leavell. Since my wife also works at Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship, it made for quite the "show & tell". When I arrived, Pastor was in a staff meeting, so everyone got to see the monster!

I am very thankful to have caught this beautiful fish. The meat looked great also. After having reflected on my adventure today, I am so very thankful that I was able to land this fish. A young man helped net him, and to him I am also thankful. Praise the Lord!!!

9/23 Packery Channel - Redfish, King Mackerel, Spanish and skipjacks all reported with some trout too. All chasing bait exiting the channel and making it's way south. Finger mullet and Dusky Anchovies getting busted by everything.

8/4 Packery Channel State Water Snapper - Cheeseburger and friends went out on a state snapper run out of Packery. Here you see Cheeseburger and his bar manager, Brook, and Cheeseburger's mom seated.

Queen of the day - Caught most legal snapper.

Though they didn't get limits they caught plenty
for a quick morning run.

8/1 North Packery Jetty via LTorna1 - Hey folks! I came back for a visit for a few days and was able to fish north pac for a few hours before sunset.

Tide was ripping out of the channel, dirty brown on both the inside and outside, with a nice color change ~200 ft after the channel. Something was busting anchovies well out of casting distance off the point, but otherwise not a whole lot of bait seen.

We fished live shrimp and threw lures for a few hours. Got a few small mangroves and Jessica got her first sheepshead using nice fat live shrimp from Cosway. Also caught a snook on a gotcha plug on the second cast. Only one other guy around us caught two nice LANE(!) snapper using what looked to be some live sheepshead minnows he casted up from the along the jetty near the wade gut. Also saw some tarpon rolling against the rocks towards the end of the channel side.

All in all, not ton of action but a great time visiting CC as a tourist.

7/21 Packery Channel - It has been a zoo out there especially on the weekends by the bridge since the start of summer. This past weekend saw lots of drum and a few flounder. Black drum were good all the way along the west side of the channel out to the end of the no wake zone. Expect a crowd most days.

4/4 - Packery Channel via Chapcat54 - Just got back from the Packery N Jetty after fishing a couple of hours. Water was beautiful. Surf was almost flat with the incoming tide. Not many fisherman were out this afternoon. Most all were out at the end fishing for Sheepshead, and some of them were successful. I saw several nice ones caught. I was hoping some trout were in the vicinity, and tossed some plastics and twitch baits with zero hits. Gave that up and went to the end to try for some sheepies, but all I had was dead shrimp, and the bait steelers would not leave it alone long enough for anything else to hit. Great to see the green water back. Forecast for the week looking pretty decent for the surf. Going to try again Wed and Fri.

3/31 - 4/2 Packery and Port Aransas Jetty Fishing Report via Bandera Brent -

Fished channel side of packery jetties Thursday all day, ground out two limits of sheepies. All 18-19". Saw one smack caught in the surf about 3/4 way down. Wind blew us away Friday, caught one sheepie and 18" trout before calling it quits after an hour. Saturday hit packery early, not much happening, caught a couple small sheepies. Drive to S Port A jetties, hit two more limits of big sheepies. Lots of people out on the jetty, no one catching anything on surf side. Game Wardens did come by and walk the jetties checking catches and licenses, was very nice to see them out. Saturday turned out to be beautiful..

3/28 Packery Jetty - Via Chapcat54 "Went out to the South Packery Jetty from 1:30 to 4 pm today. Winds were blowing pretty strong, in fact, strong enough to blow my hat off and into the surf.

Water was still a bit sandy, but is trying to green up, with the water looking pretty good just off the end of the jetties. I fished the surf side, tossing out some cut croaker baits on a couple rods. No bites but the crabs sure knawed them up. I noticed no one else catching anything either, even with live shrimp. I did get reports that Jacks and Smacks were caught at the ends of the jetties earlier in the day, but the bite had stopped.

I drove around to the north side and fished along the channel just east of the jetties, tossing soft plastics and a Rapala crank bait, with no hits, then decided to call it.

I observed on fellow throwing a cast net at the base of the south jetty. Bait fish were abundant: shad, pinfish and pigfish especially, but mullet not so much.

A good run of jacks were also noted on Monday.

11/2 Packery - A good run of redfish reported over the weekend with lots caught on finger mullet including bull and slot sized reds!

10/5 Packery via Fonewiz - Fought this for a while, got it up on the rocks then line snapped just before we could get it netted. UGGG!

Packery South Jetty on 10/04/15

Damn black drum will be forever the reason I change my line after buying a used rig.. Ugg.. Video doesn't do it justice, it really was bigger than it looks in the few flashes you can see it in the video.

My son and I took home a nice Mangrove I caught and decent spanish mack.





10/2 Packery - Doing much better with higher tides and no red tide. Redfish and whiting reported so far today.

9/14 Packery - I checked out South Packery this afternoon didn't see anyone near me fishing on the pier. I did have a look in the channel. The water looked green and I only noticed a few dead fish here and there in the channel.

8/16 Packery - Lots of pup sharks and a few spanish mackerel near the surf and end of the jetties. Inside flounder and trout on live shrimp, lures and live bait.

7/29 Packery North Jetty - Some green patches of water coming in but not much going on according to forum member, Ziacatcher. Some croaker and whiting reported on live shrimp,

6/12 Packery South Jetty Report Via Becky and Luke - Rebecca of Sunnybrookfarm wrote:
Packery channel - Tuesday - surf clear, little weed, mullet very abundant but not nervous... rainminnows and juvenile mullet extremely abundant....birds working off the end in the mornings and evenings....no kingfish seen....skipjacks present and angry the length of the jetty on silver spoons or about anything else....green sea turtles abundant, and even a resident loggerhead present....tarpon scales were found halfway down on the channel side; no story to go with the evidence...

line-crossing tourists with double-drop leaders are abundant and well sunburned....beer cans occasional to locally abundant....trash is moderate, mainly consisting of honeybun wrappers and energy drink cans....mullet are unobtainable by tourists throwing cast net tacos on your line, but abundant to locals who can throw a net near the corner of the jetty by the beach....slideliners are few, but obnoxious when present....snorkelers are young and inexperienced, and moderate through out the day....boaters are coming and going, however an occasional kayaker is present off the end of both jetties, annoying fishermen slightly....

Luke replied below :)

..and becky is awfully whiney today! Jeez, I wonder what they all would have to say about YOU!?!
"Local jetty rat was condescending and snooty, walked around with grimmace on face, nose in the air, looking down on us walmart-double-drop-chucking out of towners. Well at least after complaining about the garbage, the cranky local took a bag and collected what she saw and tossed it in can before leaving disgruntled, and gave a few helpful tips for catching bait to us otherwise helpless idiots"

As for the tarpon, 3-4 days ago there were tarpon rolling very often in the channel, from the tip to about 200 yards in. Everybody was tossing their tackle boxes at them, including flies, but only one was jumped on a gotcha, which I believe could have likely snagged it just as likely as it actually gettin bitten. The fish were picky. There were groups of 2-3 tarpon in the 3'-4' range that would meander up, slurp a shad from right next to the rocks, and slink away ignoring whatever plastic offering you had. Live croaker and mullet weren't getting it done either.

6/3 Packery North Jetty Report via B-1 83 - " ZERO!

Yep. That's about it. Beautiful water, good bait, and couldn't give away live shrimp. By 6:30, even the pin perch wouldn't bite. Tomorrow is another day, Miss Scarlett"

5/31/ Rain has finally ended! - Here's a summary of what has been going on from HauntedbyWaters "There were nice slot reds being caught last week towards the end of both jetties on the channel side. Most that were caught were on live mullet.

I went out earlier this week when the waves were big. There were birds working the channel like crazy, but I got no hits except for one small one. Probably a ladyfish. I then moved to the end of the N. jetty, the waves were big, and I saw the biggest turtle I personally have witnessed out there. Also, I did see two good size silver backs heading out past the end of the jetty fast. Looked like good size jacks maybe.

I fish exclusively lures btw. Its been tough for me lately. Haven't pulled in much. Of course I've been spending most of my time at the end of the jetties. It'll pay off one of these days.'

Ltorna1 says "I can corroborate this report. A few reds hooked on north pack the last few days, but few successfully landed due to some gnarly waves at the end, making it a dicey proposition.

Mullet were not abundant but present, all sizes from an inch long to horses. Water vis was about 1-2 feet, but a nice green, and the color change was very close and looked b-e-a-utiful.

Did not see any tar washing up.

Here is a video of the conditions Friday afternoon.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

3/24 Packery Channel - Drum reported over the weekend and this report from 3/23 from StumperJumper 590 who says - Water is beautiful and FLAT, you could go to the close rigs in a row boat right now. LOTS of sheepshead being caught live shrimp worked best, but dead caught them too. Also had a huge school of big jacks come by one got caught and is now in the freezer waiting it's date with a big tiger. Spanish Mack's are showing up as we'll, busting bait and witnessed a few nice ones caught. Big mullet are schooled up around the rocks as we'll.

3/19 Packery Sheepshead - Best action going on so far. Friday and Sunday look good, Saturday should be a washout

3/13 Spring Break! - Go early and come back early to avoid the mad house. Sheepshead still being caught along with whiting in the main channel close to the Gulf. Reports of trout and a few flounder on slow fished gulps back towards the bridge. Further back near the Causeway there should be some black drum and redfish.

2/19 Mr Pillow reports - What a day on the good ol' channel it was. Made my normal wade against the strong outgoing tide, and turned out a pretty full stringer. The bite was subtle and slow, but there fish are there if you persevere. Managed to actually get the flounder this time. Using Gulp shrimp in nuclear chicken.

Enjoy the weekend!

1/30 via Mrpillow - Made the usual wade at Packery on Thursday and did ok. First time I have fished there in a long time that the tide was going in, usually it is moving out or dead. Things started slow but the trout bite picked up in the deeper water and ended up with two keepers out of a few dozen barely undersized. Will try again tomorrow and see where the fish are holding after this front.

1/20 Mrpillow - Hit the secret spot again today and did well again. Bite was a little more aggressive for some fish but still very subtle. Soft plastics in yellow/chicken did the trick. Saw some reds back in Pillow's Pocket (no idea what its actually called or if it even has a name) in about 2ft of water over mud but couldn't get close enough without spooking them. The channel was loaded with big mullet hanging along the edges and large schools of tiny minnows or fry of some sort. Once the tide started slowing down to turn the bite died completely. Back to school tomorrow. If only I could do this every day...

1/18 Packery Report - Good sheepshead bite in spite of the cold with a few whiting, reds and black drum.

11/16 Via Mrpillow - Decided to go out this morning and wade the channel at about 8. Fog was thick, ducks were thicker and the wind was dead calm. Got in at the bridge and started back towards the flats, dragging Gulp mud-minnows across the bottom. Saw a few tails flap near the grass but the dead seagrass was pretty thick. Not a single hit until I made it back to the first wide cut the flats, then it was on. Within an hour had 1 red, 5 trout, 1 sand trout, and a flounder. Caught a few other small flounder and reds and some dink trout. The tide slowed and the bite died and I was back on the road by 10. I was surprised the trout were picking it up off the bottom, some of them from almost a dead stand-still. They were mostly small, barely over 15".

10/16 Nice Redfish action - After the cold front there has been nice redfish action in the channel and the surf for bull and slot reds on finger mullet. Expect the good fishing to continue until all the bait dumps out. Flounder showing too!

9//30 Report Via B-1 83 Note the Dripping Sarcasm! - "There are no fish at Packery, and the redfish run has not started. There are only zombies. Yep, zombies......and Game Wardens...lots of them. I think there were also some zombie Game Wardens. No fish. And they were not hitting mullet." :)

9/23 Blazin Cajun Reported - Got out of the house for a while last night and fished the packery channel boat ramp area. Tide started rolling out about 10:00 pm...not too much seaweed.
Hooked on two croaker and that was that. Fished for about two hours, had some good bites but nothing set the hook like we like them. A lot of bird activity as they were feeding.

9/20 Packery Report via Michaeluhlig1 - My wife & I got to the south side of the Pack bridge around 6:30 equipped with live shrimp & mullet. We walked to channel side down about half a mile, till we were even with the PackeryPark. Fished along side 30 boats total for the day. Stayed till 2:30. Didn't see any reds caught. Nothing would touch a live or dead mullet. Caught 2 black drum on shrimp & unless you had some shrimp, you were out of luck. The water was crystal clear, it wasn't very hot & for a Saturday- there's nothing better than laying in the water fishing with your old woman.

However, I have to say that, it's time for the bite to get hot. Lots of disappointed folks today but we gave it our best.

8/06 Rippinlips Offshore Packery Report for Sunday 8/04 - I went offshore on Sunday late around 1500 with a buddy of mine. He called me round 0600 bc he was having boat problems and had a few guys he was trying to take out. I ended up goin over to his house around noon and had the boat fixed in no time !! So off we went to launch @ Packery. We trolled ribbons for bout 2 hrs and ended up with 3 nice kings !! We had 3 kings on deck within the first 30mins and nothing else for an hr 1/2. All in all it was a fun day, and I was lucky I didn't get called out bc I was on call !!! U gta take a risk sometimes to earn that reward !!!!

7/14 Offshore Packery 7/13 via RealLagunatic - Conditions don't get much better than they were today. My wife caught her personal best king fish today,thought she had a star tournament fish for a while . One quick phone call took care of that ,58 inches and 45 lbs. wasn't enough . She didn't care that fish was huge along with the 38", 39" and 43" kings that came after the big one . First three fish were caught at the rig strait out of packery the bite slowed down so we went to the new state water reef to try and find some sharks to tag. We immediately caught king number four and started bottom fishing but no sharks just more kingfish on bottom rigs with chunk baits .

7/11 Packery Jetties - Jacks, kings, mackerel and a few tarpon have been around the end of the jetties in the cleaner water.

6/8 Jacks in the Weed - A nice run of jacks on the end of Packery earlier this week when the surf was two to three feet. Tarpon seen as well. Sargassum and rough water making things tough the past few days. Here is a shot of the nearby surf at Whitecap on 6/8

5/21 Nice Bull Red via Rastaredfishreaper - He says Todd Hale caught and released this 46 inch brute on live shrimp on 12lb mono. The fight lasted a half an hour and she was returned to fight another day!

5/17 South Packery 5/16 via Skitter552 - I fished today for a little more than 3 hours at the South Packery Jetty. It was very windy and quite rough on the surf side. Seaweed was present, but very fishable. I fished the channel side and first tried live shrimp on bottom and could manage nothing but Hardheads and Gafftops. I then switched to a lemon rig and caught two Snook, 14" & 17" (released), one 24" Black Drum, one 23" Redfish and several undersized Reds.

5/11 North Packery Report via Ltorna1 - "Big mats of weed rolling in. tide was high, surf was 3 footers. Water was chocolate milk, with a nice green color change 1/4 mile out that refused to come in.

Fishing was possible right up against the rocks, but barely so. We stuck it out, as we had guests in from out of town that were all about fishing. Sheepshead are still around, no decent size on them. Saw a nice red come up. Whiting were certainly around. Hardheads too. Live shrimp getting most of the bites.

Cool catch of the day was a 24" Atlantic Guitarfish that was caught by our guest Mike from Virginia. When it came up I thought it was a nice flounder, then I thought stingray, then I realized what it was.

4/17 Packery Channel - Lots of Sargassum on the surf sides but the channel is clear and fishing was good today for small jack crevalle and keeper spanish mackerel though a lot of the mackerel were in bait balls in the thick sargassum on the surf side. Good sheepshead fishing as well. Expect more of the same for Easter Weekend.

4/9 Hallelujah a Packery Report! - Rocky from New Mexico came into town and says "Just got into town the other day--went for a ride to N Packery Jetty, about 2:30pm to ck things out--
the Smacks were every where!!!! birds working --
the tourist were catching the tar out of em!!!--One guy was catching em on a fly rod!!!
Water looked good--they were running the rocks on the beach side--like crazy!!!!
Not very crowded--and some folks said the AM--had been great!!
I, and the wife just watched for a bit--it was the bomb!!! "

Rocky in NM

2/20 Packery Channel Park Via Meme - So I decided to go out to the packery channel park today for about an hour and wade fish the area for a bit while the wife was busy with school. I ended up pulling in two very nice keeper trout. I didn't measure them so I am going to estimate the first was about 15in and second was about 17in. Both fish were released to fight another day since I had a dinner date set up with the wife after class and didn't want to be late (Actually didn't feel like cleaning fish today but don't tell her that LOL Very Happy ). Water was crystal clear and no weeds or grass to fight. My bait of choice was the Savage Gear 3D TPE Shrimp that I picked up at Roy's yesterday. Here are some photos of my bait and the catch.

 photo photo3_zps4b8da1d9.jpg

 photo photo1_zps98a0ecfa.jpg

 photo photo2_zps175aa5b6.jpg

1/15/ Packery - Fishing conditions have been bad with the cold fronts but Ltorna 1 was out 1/14 and filed this report "conditions: 6/10
fishing: goose egg

With mild to nonexistent wind today switching back and forth from NW, SW, SE all day, the surf was totally flat. Gulf was a lake. Clarity in the channel was 2-4 feet, surf side the same. Color was a murky tan in the channel, green in the surf. With the air thermometer at 78 degrees, hardly a breeze and sun shining bright was absolutely gorgeous out there. Felt like San Diego weather.

No bait around the jetty. There was a school of something getting worked by terns WAY offshore for about an hour, but nothing at all to speak of near the shore.

We fished live mullet, cut mullet, shrimp, spoons, swim baits, you name it.

Only takers were a hardhead and a blenny. It was DEAD. I was expecting some sheepies and maybe a bull red or two, but it was a ghost town. Water temps felt very chilly.

Nevertheless, our out of town guests Jessica and Laura Beth were awesome sports and had a fantastic time. They made the trip a blast and I look forward to fishing with them again. It was my first day fishing in months, a fish or not, it was a win/win day today."

12/14 Packery - The flounder bite has tapered off but there are black drum and redfish around. Expect plenty of Sheepshead on the rocks too!

11/21 Packery - Bull reds have been biting off the ends of the jetties on cut and live finger mullet. Flounder are good when conditions allow. John Allen got these two slot black drum on back to back casts using shrimp 11/20

The big front will change things this weekend. Expect flounder on the move.


11/1 Packery Jetty via michaeluhlig1 - Went early this morning because www.magicseaweed.com said the waves would be 2-4 feet. Boy was that wrong. It was terrible. The water was a nasty brown color & after fishing from 6-10AM I called it a morning. One man caught a 40 red on the surf side about halfway down the jetty & released it. No other reds were caught. I seem to pick the worst days to go.

10/10 Packery- Redfish, ladyfish spanish mackerel and mangrove snapper reported recently. Expect king mackerel, tarpon and jacks to be hitting the mullet and anchovies too

Offshore Packery 10/9 via Ceejkay - Complete Report HERE

9/26 Packery Report for 9/25 via Gib - "Along with other Packery report, it was a drama or comedy, depending on your take, yesterday as well.

Fish seen caught: oversized, slot, and undersized reds (nothing in high numbers, but enough to keep one interested), jack fish in the 5 to 6 pound class, skip jack all sizes, mangrove, trout, snook, perch, and probably some I forgot or missed seeing. I did see one tarpon roll or whatever you call it in the channel out at the end.

There was also a massive offshore boat with 750hp or more running through the channel (3 or 4 times) and around the south jetty that almost got caught. His last run at mack 1 through the channel nearly had him by some of the fishermen. All I know is I saw things shining through the air that went over the boat and landed on my side. Driver never returned.

A little while later several kayakers launched from the beach on north side of jetty about 300 yards down the beach. They made their way out to sea and into the channel. They were primarily fishing channel towards south jetty. When I say towards south jetty, I mean TOWARDS south jetty. Not sure, but I think several paddled into fishing lines. Anyway, the movie started, and the man in the hot pink kayak was really worked up. After the climax of the show, I think he cussed all the way back to his launch on the beach. It was so calm, you could hear most of the conversation between him and south jetty fishermen.

I just kept thinking what is going to happen if the big boat comes back at the speeds he is running and those kayakers in the channel."

9/23 Packery Channel via Ltorna1 9/20 - 11 Species in one day. Full report HERE


9/20 Packery Channel - Several reports of good redfish action from Packery using live and cut mullet. Flounder are around too!


9/15 Packery via Ltorna1 - Rough conditions out there from Tropical Storm Ingrid. His report HERE

9/13 Packery Channel - Not many reports due to the rain but Gib was out "Packery report for evening of September 12."

Weed on both surf and channel side.

Skipjack city on the channel side all up and down.

No possibility of bottom fishing unless you like to catch salad in the 3 to 5 pound range.

Mangroves were thick on the surf side and one had to use a cork to catch them. Good quality size for the jetty.

Mullet were not continually present but the schools that did swim by were large in number

8/29 Kings and Al gets his Tarpon - Story via Ltorna1 HERE

8/10 Awesome South Packery Tiger Catch Photo and Release via Johneod -I got a call at 5 pm from my buddy saying that they were hooked up on the 50w and had almost been spooled about 100 yards south of Packery channel. I had to finish running the shop so I couldn't immediately join in the fun. At 6 pm I called to check progress and found out they were still fighting the fish. I hauled butt out there to hopefully help land the fish and when i got there my roommate had about 150 yards of mono on the reel. Of course while I was standing there the fish decided to take back all the mono and about 200 yards of braid. This happened about 5 more times and after another 1.5 hours of fight we finally landed the fish (which took four of us to tail rope and drag to the beach). Ended up taping out at 11'4". Bait was a bonita head and was dropped about 200 yards past the end of the jetties. We took pictures, tagged her and then walked out and revived her and watched her swim away healthy. I want to give a huge thanks to Barney Welch who was vacationing here from Odessa, TX for taking these awesome pictures for us!

7/30 Rockhopper's Report from Saturday and Sunday at Packery and South of Bob Hall - Hello all,this is my first post and report.we started on saturday at south packery jetty.water was a gray green color.no mullet to be seen and the weed was light.we were using fishbites. the wife caught a croaker and a trout

we fished till 4pm then headed 4mi south of bobhall. We threw spoons in the surf and caught lots of skipjacks and one eleven inch smack. Sunday we went to north packery jetty.water was the same and so was the mullet situation.so we kept trowing spoons.i dont know what kind of fish this is

and the wife snagged this shad

we didn't catch anything else but had a great time.we did see one 3lb jack caught.we headed home and stopped at lebonte park and finally saw the first mullet of the trip

7/26 Nice Video from David Sikes and the Caller Times Crew

More on the Lionfish Caught at Packery

6/19 Epic Shark Report from Bamared54 - Didnt have to be at work until 9:30 so i decided to fish! Got out to north packery around 6 and fished the surf side! Casted up a ton of horse mullet in one cast! Wasn't out there long before we got our first run! Ended up with three trophy sharks.... Here are the pics.....

Tons of these but no finger mullet

Marcus with his beast

And another for Marcus

And my PB

A rogue tard turtle swam up and got stuck in the rocks, he had obviously had a rough night of turtle sex/rape, so we let him go!

The release.....

In all seriousness..... Bait was there, fish weren't! Water was doo doo brown on both sides! Oh well, saw a nice sunrise!

On a side note.... The Laguna looks like it is clearing up from all the brown tide! Good times ahead fellas!

6/14 Happy Father's Day Weekend! - Wednesday reports via Injured Reserve - " I went out wednesday morning and fished through the rain storms. I caught two small jacks and two trout 20" and 22" on croaker. I had to use and egg weight due to the birds. All fish were caught on the surf side about half way down. I saw one other guy catch a 19" red and that was it."

Top water Tony reported late Wednesday - "Not much going on out there. Was out wed night and nada. Grass or should I say a field of it on the surf side. Few rats and a skippy. That's all she wrote"

Here's how it looked 6/9

6/2 and 6/4 via Ltorna1 - Good fishing and a King mackerel too! Report HERE

5/30 Packery Channel - An incredible day for Noe Salinas CSM USARMY! Report HERE


5/29 Packery Offshore 5/26 via Ceejkay - we loaded up my buddies 15' blue wave and offshore we went at 7am. it was a bit rough but did pay off.. limit on snapper, 2 kings, jack, shark and picked up some threadfin herring(i think) for the next trip out.. i was pleasantly surprised on how well that little boat did. took a few waves over the front but never more the just a wetting of the casting deck.

5/24 South Packery Jetty Report via Finsonpins - Hit the SoPac Jetty this morning to chase some reds for the freezer. Water was nice and weed wasn't much of a problem. Fished for about an hour or so and managed some decent surf trout going 22",24" & 26". Also saw a few pomp and black drum landed.


4/22 Packery Report via Ltorna1 4/21 - Just a quickie - we fished the north Jetty sunday morning. Surf wasn't too rough, 2-3 footers. Water clarity was a 6 or 7 outa 10. The color was a nice dark green from the wade gut all the way out, and in the channel too. Sheepshead bite was very slow. Lots of rods on the jetty but only saw a few small ones come up on the end.

The good news is that the finger mullet were starting to show up. Some nice trout were caught on live shrimp under lemon rigs, and spanish macks were around but still a little scarce. I also caught a nice flounder on the surf side freelining shrimp. Weed wasn't a problem at all. Water temp was still hovering below 70, and the front coming this week in won't help that. Heading out this afternoon to try one more time before the front.

Smacks were eaten for lunch hours later and the flounder was done up cajun style last night.

4/4 Packery - A good run of spanish mackerel late last week. Today 4/4 Ziacatcher reported "Anyway, water was not as clear as Tues. but still nice. There was only one person at the jetty and he had one small sheepie. I threw lures for a while and didn't have a bump. Will probably stay close to home tomorrow instead of heading way south, unless I hear of something extraordinary happening.

3/31 Report via 4theReels - After hearing some pretty good reports about Packery Channel...I decided to head out there Sunday for the day. I had some frozen shrimp from Roys and wanted to use it up. I also had some fishbites.

Decided to fish the North side....first time on that side. Got there about 8am and the water was great....fished the fist gut but there was some weeds floating...but not too bad. Lots of bait in the water...it's been a while since I have seen any kind of mullet running...and they were everywhere. And when a big school ran by me...I could see a bunch of jacks and other fish chasing them...so cool. I threw the net but only managed horse mullet....a bunch...I only kept 2 since I knew there would be more all day.
The action was more towards the end so I moved up there. I threw some cut mullet with 1 rod and the other 2 I had shrimp and fishbites. And not long after that...I had a shark on...33in black tip. Then later...I caught this good size pompano.....nice.

Total catches....1 shark...1 pompano...1 stingray...tons and tons of hardheads.
CPR was practiced on all of them except the pomp...was given away.

What I saw being caught....1 nice red...lots of Spanish Macks...some nice size trouts...toms of sheapheads....all on the surf side.
Had a great time...left about 3.

It was good to see all the life in the water back at the jetties...I will be hitting it on my weekly Thursday mornings before work.

33in Shark
 photo 33113PackeryChannel33inShark2_zps2d37db64.jpg

33in shark
 photo 33113PackeryChannel33inShark_zpsd0d4233e.jpg

18in Pompano
 photo 33113PackeryChannelPopano_zps0f83a81b.jpg

3/22 Packery Bridge via Surfdragon - Check out his report on his outing with his granddaughters HERE

3/20 N. Packery 3/19 via Ltorna1 - We hit the rocks at 8. It was a nice morning, chocolate milk in the channel and the surf side, but a nice color change a mile or so off shore working its way in with the incoming tide. The jetty was almost empty, just us and a few others at the tip. Surf was moderate, wind out of the east, mid teens.

The south jetty was vacant

The bite was non existant for an hour or two. Soaking live shrimp in the rocks and live mullet in the channel. Then the sheepshead bite turned on, and never stopped. I guess the few people that were on the rocks had cell phones, because within an hour everyone and their mother were out there. north jetty only. Elbow to elbow the whole way down. Everyone catching sheeps, mostly small, but 1 in 10 were keepers.

This was right before it got REALLY packed

These guys were fishing literally on our hip (the cart is ours), but it was like that all the way down. Very nice guys, courteous and respectful, we never tangled once and we both caught fish. Good group of gentlemen.

Here is my buddy Matt with the biggest goat of the day.

We did pretty good. Had to have Matt run to get shrimp because we went through a pint in no time.

TPWD people were there around 10, and the gamewarden followed just around noon. Checked coolers the whole way down. I must admit, we were almost guilty, we had two that were a clean 15' on our cooler top ruler but JUST made it on her stick after sitting in ice. Not cutting it that close again. No more cooler-top rulers for us.

3/11 Packery - A zoo on the North Side especially with Spring Break. Dredging is done and the lights are finished. Go early and leave before noon to avoid the crowds and traffic on Mustang Island Surf.

2/26 Packery - Rough wild weather and a dredge has slowed things at Packery but Ltorna1 was there last week and reported "Fished north packery last week. Winds from the SE had huge breakers rolling into the channel. The last 300 yars of the jetty were unfishable both in the channel and surfside. The waves were un real.

We decided to fish the channel a little bit further in where the churning waves weren't so bad and we could effectively fish the rocks. We were the only ones on the jetty really, and could have hit the dredge barge with a cast - thats how close it was working to us. Fishing with live shrimp under a split shot in the rocks we got some keeper sheepshead and a keeper trout. No real numbers, but quality was decent. The bait snatching pin perch were out in force too, as one would expect. If the conditions were better, I think they bite would have been better. There were birds diving on bait at the end of the north jetty but I couldn't tell what it was. Hope this helps."

1/18 Packery via ThrillinSTX - Ok, ventured out this afternoon for a few hours and headed to Packery. I slirpped up some ghost shrimp and walked out the jetty. Not much of a crowd, but I noticed some people catching sheephead, but most were undersize to barely keepers.

I set up two rods with fishbite/shrimp combo. I managed a couple of eating size whiting and some hardheads. I rigged up a lighter rod with a small hook and split shot to try to get a few sheepies. First fish caught on ghost shrimp, an Atlantic stingray. Next bait out was a 16" sheephead. After that, a few grunts and a very fat 14" speckled trout.

Brought home the whiting and sheepy for fish stew. Water was 55F and the fishing is slow. Clarity was not all that great, but at least it was green.

12/1 Packery 11/30 via Ltorna1 - My friends saw the pictures from my last trip and wanted to give it a shot friday. We hit the water at 3 and immediately went to the end of the mostly unattended jetty. We fished near the yellow sign on the rail at the end.

Once again, water looked good, 3 feet vis with deep dark green color. The tide was coming in, wind out of the south east and surf side had moderate surf, but nothing too bad. Very light weed.

Like the day before, very few mullet seen around the rocks. ONly one guy was able to net a few dozen and that was after lots of hunting.

We fished dead shrimp in the rocks to catch some pinfish to use as bait. A long strip of fillet fished on the bottom casted off the end of the jetty produced this big girl.

She went 36", not as big as the day before and the incoming tide made landing her much easier.

There also must have been a school of bait very deep off the end of the jetty. We were casting very heavy spoons and working them up and down off the bottom, hooking up with spanish mackerel consistently, but also croaker and monster pinfish. They wouldn't hit it with a black wire leader, so mono was the ticket, but we also lost a lot of tackle this way to bite-offs. Then the dolphins came through like gangbusters and shut the whole thing down in a matter of 30 seconds. Bummer.

Other fish I saw caught included mangrove snapper from the rocks, a nice 21+ inch flatty, and an assortment of oddities from the rocks, including a cool blenny.

Comfortable day for november 30 - despite me wearing a hat (still getting over a nasty cold), people were sporting bare feet, shorts and no shirts out there. Gotta love south texas.

11/15 Packery 11/11 via Smack_8080 - "Even though it was REALLY windy we went out there and braved the wind.

Aside from getting a face full of sand and catching four sand trout, we didn't have luck. When we got there, the guy to the right was pulling in a bull red. Later the guy to our left caught a smaller slot red on dead shrimp. Didn't have any takers for live shad or mullet. Saw a lot of hardheads caught.

It was high tide and the surf was crazy. The waves were crashing over the rocks on the jetties so we were set up farther in, fishing in the channel. Around noon, the tide rose all the way to the parked vehicles and everyone had to go move farther upshore.

One of the sand trout I caught was 15 inches... I just looked online and it said the average silver trout is 10 inches and sand trout don't typically get larger than 12 inches. Has anyone ever caught a sand trout that large? I know I haven't! It was a beast! Lol."

10/31 Recent Packery Reports from Da "Bum" Welcome Back David! - Been a while since posting. Been going through some hard times including recovering from serious injuries. Anyhow enough of that.


Water was choppy, but clear. Tons of bait, but nothing really biting. Lost a few mackerel and had other unknown bite offs. Spent about 4 hours fishing with live mullet and lures but had to call it a day as my body was spent.


Cold front came through in the morning. I figured the bull reds would be running so I headed back out there. Most of the jetty was soaking wet, so I stayed down by the truck and fished the channel. Some seaweed in the surf gathering next to the rocks. Fishing very slow with nothing to show. Water was fairly clear green even with the strong winds. Plenty of finger mullet. Some hits but no hook up. Called it a day when tide changed and the seaweed started in the channel.


Water was green and calmed down. Walked out and talked to a few people that caught keeper and oversized redfish. Another guy got a 19" trout. Got the rods and headed out. Plenty of mullet. First rod out yielded a large skippy. Saved him for bait. Rigged one of the rods with a short shark leader hoping to get a bull red or jack. Put a chunk of the skippy out there. Before too long the rod went a zingin'. Landed a 4' blacktip.

It was hard keeping live mullet out there. The skippies and even perch were killing them. Lots of little hits. I did get one 42" bull red to hit live mullet.

Leg started to bother me after that so I called it a day. I released the redfish, but kept the shark. Normally let the sharkies go, but I havent kept one in over 5 years and I had an empty freezer. Grilled up a shark steak this eve.



10/15 Last Cast's report 10/14 - With the winds being rough the past few days, I saw a nice window for Sunday and figured the fishing would be good. Conditions were ideal, light winds, beautiful water, and best of all the reds were biting. The bait of choice today was live finger mullet on a carolina rig pitched as close to the rocks as possible. The Family and I, along with my brother in law had a great time as usual and ended the day with 5 reds total, lost a few on the rocks.... but no sweat... that's how fishing goes at the jetties... Still alot of skipjacks present and mangrove snappers and of course the tourist trout. This coming week should be good, so get out there if you can, so till next time guys...peace.

My Son Jimmy with his red

10/11 North Packery Jetty 10/10 Via LoneOak - Hit the jetty with the wife about 7:30 AM. One throw with the cast net and had enough mullet for the morning (hate wearing the shoulder out before the fishing 's even begun) Stopped about 30 yds from the end and fished the surf and channel sides. Several spanish mackerel caught about half way up the jetty on the surf side (spoons were doing the trick) A young couple on the channel side about half way down were tearing up the mangroves on light tackle and shrimp. No action on our end until the game warden showed up about 9AM and started checking licenses--got to within 10' of me and the surf side penn started screaming--he watched me for a couple of minutes and said-- this may take you a while--I'll check the two guys on the end and comeback--he did, finally got the red up and it was 29"--had used my tag on the sept trip and had not bought another so back she went. Caught two more though, a 28 and a 27, so not complaining about the fishing. It was however really hot and humid with little wind that morning--got overheated and dehydrated, but a very nice couple from Lubbock helped get me off the Jetty--did not get there last name--things were a little hazy--but if they read this forum I want to thank them for all they did--good, good people.

10/5 Packery Bridge from Surfdragon - HERE

9/24 Late Report from Packery and Downtown from Surfdragon - HERE

9/10 Packery via Lastcast - Report Here Kings also report last night.

9/8 North Packery Reds via Fido - Report Here

9/6 Packery via Surfdragon - Report Here

7/31 Packery Channel - Continues good fishing for trout and redfish. King Mackerel and Tarpon have been caught and released and there was a good trout bite on the surf side on topwaters on both sides of the channel earlier this week.

Matt McCauley with a 62.6lb Ling caught out of Packery on July 29th. Unofficially in 3rd place in the STAR tournament.


7/8 South Packery Report from 7/7 via AM3 - Water was excellent, mullet were on both sides of the channel. Tons of small bay boats hitting the nearby rigs thus lots of traffic. Nothing biting just the usual perch got there around 8am left at 1pm not one hit fishing mullet on bottom and throwing shrimp and squid. Didn't feel too bad cause no one else was catching on either side not even the spearfishermen were having any luck should have gone to bhp looks like there was more happening there.

5/25 Packery - Prior to the Big Blow Trout were caught on Croaker inside the channel, tarpon were hooked at the end of the jetties as well. Redfish were caught on live and cut mullet. Weekend prospects look tough except for those areas around the bridge where trout and reds can be expected on live bait and reds on shrimp etc.

5/20 IYAK's Report - Took my green light out for a trial run the weekend of 20 May for a little night fishing. Weather and water were great; fishing was too between 2:00 AM and 5:00 AM. Very Happy

Managed 3 limits of nice trout with 8 people fishing (most were 17-19"). Caught several reds (all 18"); no flounder.

All in all a great trip.

Photos added. Gave up trying to use Facebook and switched to Photobucket....

5/10 South Packery Evening 5/9 - Went out for fellowship and a tad of fishing last evening to Packery. Great to meet Bob and Will Sanchez out there. Roy, Michele and Mike from Roy's Bait and Tackle were out there too along with Roadkill Willie, Porkfetus, Kevin, Danny, Gabriel, Romann, Augs, Mickey and Bizzie. One guy was getting bit constantly inside the channel on croaker. He ended up with several nice trout. Roy and his group got close to a limit of lower end slot reds on the end on cut mullet. Porkfetus caught his usual fat snook. Bob hooked a king earlier in the day and some tarpon were seen rolling near the end. There were skipjacks and small jacks out there as well. I got nada fishing for a while using a mannolure. I was seeing if there were spanish around. The weather was perfect. The surf was green though not clear with scattered sargassum but fishable.

Porkfetus pre snook

Porkfetus post snook with Michele to the left and Roy Guerra tearing up the redfish.

Roadkill Willie on the rocks

4/16 Sunday Reds via Jim Roche - Tyler,

Had a good evening Sunday, catching these reds. Jim on right caught limit, Michael center caught limit and Rocky on left came up one short. Caught on pink fish bites with a live shrimp. It was hot and heavy with this combination.



4/111 Packery Report from Tom Miller 4/5 - 4/6 - My friends from High School (we are all 48) and I drove down from Fort Worth on Wednesday 04/4/12 for our annual fishing trip. There were six of us this year. We normally fish the North Jetty, but the Jetty boat was in for maintenance. We decided to try the South Jetty of Packery Channel early Thursday morning. Bought live shrimp and headed to the end. Already several guys there. One brought in a big Jack Cravelle on a spoon. We were mainly catching small sheepshead. Not much action. Four of the guys went back to the truck, while Clete and I moved midway down the Jetty. I knew there was a full moon on Friday, and four tides on Thursday. The Gulf side was a beautiful dark green, with lots of action. I was fishing a fish finder rig on the Gulf side, and Clete was fishing a slip bobber set at 8-10 ft on the channel side. I had caught a 19" red earlier, but it had been a while and I felt I was due. Clete decided to try the Gulf side and immediately hooked up with a keeper red. I then caught a keeper followed by another one by Clete. Two of the other guys came back and they started hooking up on reds. We called the other two guys and told them to get down here cause we're catching reds. We were low on shrimp so I tried to catch some bait in my casting net. Meanwhile, someone caught a skipjack, which they cut up and continued to slam the reds. I grabbed my rod and put on cut bait with the fish finder rig, but no reds. Robert and Steve had their limits by now, so I switched to the slip bobber at 8-10 feet and wham, wham, finished my limit with two back to back keepers in about three minutes. Everyone was bowed up on reds. The guys next to us were pulling them in on live shrimp, and the couple next to them were catching them on gold spoons. The bite finally subsided, and we ended up with sixteen keeper reds. We lost some really nice ones too. Michael was fishing a lemon rig at about 5 feet, but he wasn't catching them. They seemed to be in that 8-10 feet range. A great first day.


Went back to the South Jetty side of Packery on Friday hoping for more of the same. So did others that had been there the day before. The bite was not as fast and furious, but we ended up with 14 reds. Caught a lot of small blue fish. Also caught a lot of nice size Whiting. I haven't caught Whiting in ages. Good fighters too. Several times I asked someone to get the net because I thought it was a red, but it was a whiting. We kept 15 and threw back a bunch. The Grandson of the original owner of Billings, who cleaned our fish, said it was one of the nicest mess of Whiting he had seen in a long time.

3/22 Spring Break is over but the Spring Tides are in! Surfrunner reports - Hey everyone spring tides are in ,Thers a lot of water in the bays and i did see some signs of baitfish in the packery.Those signs just benefit everyone.Went out and gave it try for a couple of hours and didnt catch much but just being around the water and sand just relaxes
me to no end. Heres a few pics of the day and water conditions which were pretty good for all the winds that we just endured, in these last few days.
I also have some late pics of some friends of mine that did pretty good at packery around two weeks ago,And another freind chris and some of his buddies had an extreemely good day off the bay front jetties last week,
Hammering trout.drums, a red and pomps They done real good all year long. Enjoy the pics and it just about to explode with all this bait coming back in and those tide runners right behind them See ya next week on the water.

3/8 Spring Break so expect lots of folks - The weekend prospects look bad but things improve late Sunday into Monday. Here is the latest report from Surfdragon from 3/7

2/24 Packery Finally Sheepshead and Trout - First this report from Mariner go HERE


Now checkout Jim Roche's report from 2/21 fishing near the bridge with live shrimp. "Had a great afternoon on the packery channel yesterday. Caught my first limit of specks since moving here in December . A 23”, 22.5”, 22”, 21.5”, 17.5”, the rest are 16.5 to 15.5”. It just doesn’t get any better that this!"




12/31 Packery - Sorry for the lack of reports but after the red tide hit, the dredging began. Got this from Jim who wrote - Just moved to Corpus and went out on Packery Channel jetty and landed this nice black drum on December 20th. Of course it was too big to keep so we took some pictures and let her go.

Hopefully more to come!

10/18 Packery - The Red tide status changes daily. Good reports of Redfish, Spanish Mackerel and even a Kingfish on Monday. The front will slow things down. Let's hope the cooler weather and northerly winds will dissipate the red tide bloom Meanwhile check out this Epic Offshore report from 10/15 from My Fish out of Packery - Went out of Packery yesterday and got into a couple wahoo along with probably 10 cuda's. We ended up with two wahoo 83 and 19#'s. My buddy Tim was on the rod for the big one and got his first!! His bar is set high! My buddy Jeff got the smaller one. We lost one other one that was dumping a 50 wide and ended up cutting 300 pound mono. Oh well, you can't catch em all! Great day on the water and some wahoo for the crew!

Tight lines,

10/6 Packery - Good fishing earlier in the week for redfish out on the ends. Will Sanchez also got his first Tarpon.

Slot redfish still strong around the bridge and back towards the bend (lots of crowds on weekends) Flounder beginning to show along the channel and outside the rocks in the surf.

9/29 Packery Jetties - Good crowds but please take the trash and broken shade tarps with you.

9/23 Packery Jetties - The finger mullet are still running strong and there have been a lot of redfish out there to greet them. Skipper reported he saw at least 8 limits of reds brought off the South Jetty. He limited out but says a large gold spoon would have been a ticket. Jacks, Tarpon, Fat Snook and Grouper were also caught this week. The forecast looks great for the Mosquito Fleet getting offshore too!

9/15 Packery Jetties - Loads of finger mullet coming out this week with redfish following them. Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish , Ladyfish, Trout are there too! Don't be surprised if Jack Crevalle show up at the ends this weekend to wreak havoc on the mullet migration. Don't be surprised to see Kingfish or Tarpon either.

Surfdragon did well earlier this week further up the channel. 9/14 Meeting up with my friends today for some fishing,Got a late start getting there.Getting there at 10 am the conditions were favorable ,Mullet were there and the right amount of current to do the trick.At my arrival my buddies had limited out with reds,It didnt take long for me to limit out either.
Caught my limit so fast i stuck around for a little longer just to feel the drag of those brusesing reds on 10 lb test.Baits used live finger mullet and piggies.
I think every one out caught there limit in no time.Heres some pics
of the while i was there. I think like only two reds that were oversize one was taged the other released,the one tag ran like 29 inches.
I was back home in no time,Went out just for some red fish action and did we get it. another fine day of fishing with old friends.



9/2 Tropical Storm Lee has the water up and rough today and the water could go to the dunes this evening 9/2. Expect conditions to improve Saturday.

NP Jetty via HR2222 8/28 - Caught/released 20in red on lemon rig and live mullet.

Guys next to us caught 50in King using mullet as well

Something hit my line at 100mph and as fast as it was running it stopped and my lemon came back up to the surface. Intense on light tackle.

Fish caught between 6:30-7pm

Offshore Short Rigs 8/27 via Txluke - Hit the water Sat. We trolled with some ribbonfish and landed a 100" sailfish. This was my first trip to the blue water and a big shout out to Captain Mike Hart for taking me. Here is a pic of us letting her go to fight another day.

8/17- Murf reported 8/13 - Just hit the jetty, water is COLD and murky! However, the green seems like its heading to shore.. Maybe by tomorrow it'll be killer again.. Caught four 5lb skippies on live bait.. I think its only gonna get better.

Offshore Packery 8/14 - The mosquito fleet headed out Sunday with the reports slow but the blue water in close. There were several chicken Dolphin and a few ling reported in addition to King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel in Close.

Gunbuyer had some fun on 8/15 "Went offshore this morning with the intentions of going to the ant hills rigs. Had two air tanks, two guns, a bang stick, two coolers, 17 gallons of gas, and 4 rods. The boat was loaded well... went 15 off and decided to add the 5 gallons to see how we were consuming fuel in the head sea loaded like we were. Well it turned out we were only getting 3.3 miles or so per gallon.... The ant hills are 74 miles round trip... We trolled to a rig 19.5 miles SSE of packery and commensed spearfishing. Shot about 10 snapper and caught a couple cobia. While free diving I saw what appeared to be a monster Grouper!! I grabbed my tank and went down only to find out it was a over 54 inch jewfish! IT was longer than my gun!!!!!!! He was huge and not scared at all. I know it is illegal to shoot them but even if it werent that thing would kill me!!!!!!! We are going back out tomorrow or wednesday weather permitting with 27 gallons of gas and all of our gear to hit the ant hills. We wanted to shoot a 50 +++ pound amber jack today but I guess we did alright! Hope you enjoy the videos I will post momentarily. "

7/14 Packery Channel - Several Tarpon reported this week including two today from Councilman Kevin Kieschnick who texted me that he got a 30" and a 40" at the end of the jetties on live bait. My friend Riofrio says that folks were catching trout inside the channel all week during the middle of the day on DOA shrimp and live shrimp under lemon rigs or popping corks.
Offshore Packery has been good for snapper in Federal waters though some of the more popular rigs are getting picked clean of legal snapper. Sargassum weed lines and weed patches are producing Mahi Mahi both chicken and adult and also a few wahoo for trollers.

7/7 Packery Channel - Here's a quick report via HROD222 - Caught three trout all over 17in on channel side using a lemon rig and live mullet. Caught them between 10-11am. Should be good fishing for the rest of the week. Had a break off not sure what it was.

Great fishing offshore with the lighter winds out of Packery this week. Gunbuyer went out July 4th and posted "Went offshore this morning left packery at 5:38. went towards the ant hills 17 miles and caught 7 chicken dolphin and shot one. Swam with them and there were literally 500 or more little guys there. The average size was like 12 inches. We tried trolling faster to lose the little ones and catch something big but that didnt happen. Left 500 chicken dolphin and headed for the rigs. Trolled around a couple times and nothing. Tied up and caught one snapper. Dove and caught nothing. Went to a different rig due to lack of fish and over crowding... surprising amount of people out there. Went to a farther rig to catch fish and be alone. Caught 2 cobia, 24 and 32 pounds. Caught many more snapper and a couple sharks. When diving I saw like 10 keeper monster amber jack and the biggest mangrove snapper ever. I shot a 12lb mangrove about 3 weeks ago and this one was BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he was apparently that big due to his intelligence. He saw me and took off like a bat outta hell.

6/23 Packery Channel- Windy rough conditions made it tough last weekend even in the middle of the channel. ( See photo below from Sunday) The winds are down and the water should settle. Expect reds and trout this weekend if the water turns green. Live bait including mullet and shrimp has worked recently for the reds and trout. DOA shrimp lures and suspending baits should also pick up trout.

5/17 Packery Channel - Redfish and a few trout reported today with finger and pony mullet accounting for some the trout. On Monday there were several tarpon caught and king and spanish mackerel along with some hungry bluefish and a pompano.

5/13 Packery Channel - Good fishing for redfish and jacks this week. The surf was huge so be careful on the ends.



5/6 Packery Channel - Fishing has been tough the last month or so due to the heavy winds and the sargassum especially on the jetties. This last front this week improved the overall fishing. Redfish and trout were caught in the channel at the jetties. Surfdragon fished the bridge Wednesday and reported a mixed bag of flounder, redfish and trout.



4/16 Packery Channel - Lots of sheepshead, most undersized, mangrove snapper and a few grouper ( remember the groupers have to be 22" ) Tarpon reported rolling off the end of the Jetty Friday. Trout, redfish, small snook and Jack Crevalle also reported this week. Sargassum remains bad on the surf sides and at the end of the jetty.

4/7 Packery - Jacks are still around as are slot redfish. This is the time of year that small crab imitations work on an outgoing tide. Gulp Crabs walked along the rocks and freelined will catch the reds if you see the small crabs in the water on the outgoing tide. Dark fat mama spoon'R lures work great too! Look for trout and even a few flounder on live shrimp under lemon rigs or popping corks. Spanish Mackerel and Kings could show up when the winds calm and the water clears.

4/1 Packery - Jacks are Back. Mexico Mike says they came in droves off the end of the jetty. Spooner lures and spoons took most of them.

Redfish are also in the channel with slot and oversized being taken on cut bait and shrimp. Sheepshead and trout have also been caught on live shrimp.

3/25 Packery and Offshore Packery - Spring Break and lots of sargassum hampered fishing in and near the channel recently. However Gunbuyer and a friend headed offshore via Packery for some fishing and shooting 3/24 and here is his report- Went offshore today around 10:00am it was much nicer than yesterday with better formed swells. Trolled around waiting for sun to show up hooked two kingfish in the little whaler loaded with scuba gear. I tried to gaff my fish while holding the rod. Lost my fish but I did gaff my buddies!!!!

We scuba dived and shot. I shot a decent red snapper and a NICE Mangrove!!! Freedove and shot 7 more sheepshead. The cooler was full and ice was melting so didnt get our limit of 10. It literally took 10 minutes to shoot 7 sheepshead. THe water was 54.0 degrees at 50 feet!!!!!!!!!!! FREEZING! I will have another report tomorrow!



3/17 Rio Frio Reports 3/13 - Trout and Sheepshead on the fly from Packery.

3/11 Finally - A Packery Report this one is from Romeandrone - Decided to wet the hook yesterday after work with a bud of mine due to hearing that the sheepies were out. Picked us up some live shrimp got to jetties with water a little rough. Rigged up my line and the rest is history. We got 5 total between us both with a few missed chances. Total time spend out there was an hour, hour and a half at the most "note to self. I need to invest in jettie shoes" almost became a victim to the rocks a few times.............lol.

1/29 SAPolice23's Report - After being so caught up with life and its time constraints, Me and my wife took a two day mini vactaction to Corpus Christi. We got there on saturday at around 10am, picked up some live shrimp and headed out to NPJ. The day was beautiful and the conditions were decent. I finally baited the reel and tossed it out. I was there for about 3 hours and caught about 3 specs at 15 inches that were released and kept a 19 inch fattie that swallowed the whole hook. I had a few good hook ups, but they got off. All in all, it was great being out there and wetting a line. Cant wait to go back. My wife actually enjoyed being out there so I might take her back haha.

1/20 Surfdragon's Report - Im not even going into detail, I got skunked,Only two gigantic perch that actually took some drag. So i got some pics of the water and construction on bob hall . Water looked real good under packery bridge, kinda brownish south of bob hall and looking better noirth of bobhall,sea weed was present south of bob hall and hardly none north of bob hall. Tod from onterio canada and family fishing north of bobhall a frienly family i met just driving around enjoying the day.Ill be on vacation starting on sunday ill try and post up.
see ya on the beach.

seaweed on first cast ,see you later.

Constuction on bob hall in prgress.

Tod and family from onterio canada.




11/5 Here's Surfdragon's report from 11/1 - The reds are still biting Just a heads up on prefrontal day at the packery, Mullet were every where
the surf was kicking and there was sea weed present.The wind was blowing out of the southeast the water was murky in the surf and greenish in the channel. Red fish were being caught early mourning in the channel and then the tide slacked and the fish were being caught in the surf if you could fish it due to waves crashing against the rocks. Tried north of the jetties on the surf
with my grandaughters and just hung out on the sand,Mullet were presaent but no fish. As i write this ill be loading the truck and heading south of bobhall to give it a try. Front has moved in and can imagen what the surf looks like. Metting a couple of friends out there,Give you the results later. Heres some pics of the day.

10/15 Packery Channel - Good fishing for lots of species this week. Snooker Ed has been hitting the trout at the end of the jetties on his sex lure ( swim bait) with quite a few nice fish and the occasional snook too! Slot reds, ladyfish and black drum also reported. Look for flounder and try finger mullet on a carolina rig.


Meanwhile Offshore out of Packery 10/9 aboard the Superfishal - Mickey, Heidi, Jason, Porkfetus, DElliot and yours truly, got into lots of chicken dolphin off of the rips and weedlines near Southern. Here D.Elliot jumps off the helm to play deck hand

Back at stately Elliot Manor - the haul



10/7 Packery Channel - Spanish Mackerel, Redfish, Jacks, Ladyfish and a King Mackerel. Weekend prospects look good but expect huge crowds. Here is a report from Skipper 10/4

Nice Wind was blowing pretty good out of the north, but I ended up with 2 keepers. The pic is 27 3/4" and the other was 25".

9/26 Packery via Surfdragon - Got a late start,Stoping at roys bait and tackle to restock my tackle box.
I tell you its heaven in there. Not much of a report for me,There were a few reds and spanish mackerals caught. Water looked great surfers were out and
finger mullet were out doing there thing.Just not the best time that i like to fish, Full moon,
In the morning but its about to change.Heres a few pics of a kid with a nice red fish and surf conditions south of bob hall. Water was green,Bait fish was
present hardly no sea weed.The water was at low tide in pics. kIWI was present too! ( My dog). See you on the beach.

9/25 Packery Redfish Bite HOT! - Frayeknot's report was just one of many this week with good fishing for Redfish.

Some very exciting reports and great advice has been posted regarding the Redfish and mullet action at the Packery Channel. I made a last minute decision Tuesday night to head out of town and get in on the action. I told my son about it and we watched the weather. We knew it wasn't going to be Chamber of Commerce weather but we took the gear we thought was best.
Wednesday morning we loaded up and headed out into some horrible traffic due to the rain here in San Antonio. Eventually we got out of town and made into Corpus Christi a few hours later...this was on the horizon!

At the Jetty we could see there were several fisherman there. We netted some mullet and then made our way down and found one of the suggested spots. Minutes later Chris is hooked up...

Then he and I...

We landed 5 before 1pm. We let this one go. It was right at 20".

Confident we would catch our limit, we stayed a little longer.It rained a little but it was warm. Offered some tackle to the Jetty Gods. A few runs but no hook ups. We packed it up and left to get some food and dry off.
Went back to the jetty around 3pm with high hopes. The tide was moving out with force. We caught a few skipjacks. Saw several Reds landed on the channel sides of North and South Jetty.
Chris landed a Spanish Mackerel after a few cut offs.

Satisfied with our catch, we packed it up and made our way back home safely. Everything came together at the right time and we really enjoyed the time together.
Treat the Earth well, as it was not given to you by your parents, but is loaned to you by your children.

9/16 Surfdragon's Redfish Report - It's been a very long wait with hot weather sargassum (weed) and storms.
Well my time finnally came long working hours and just hectic conditions i decided to wait summer fishing for fall fishing.
My first fishing trip in about three months,Boy was i needing the fishing fix.
Every thing came together and decided to try my luck.
The day turned out great,Even got drenched from a passing shower. But what the hell somebody has to catch fish. water looked great for reds some seaweed in the water but nothing to write home about.
Finger mullet were on the move,Fish caught were snook, reds (slot),snapper
and even saw a tarpon hook up,But the tarpon won walking away. KING fish juming out of the water was also seen. heres some photos of the day. Its just the begining of fall fishing, Baits used finger mullet,live shrimp, perch
on bottom and lemon rig. Limits of reds were caught by most of the people fishing. see ya on the beach! Wife and i limited, brother one. Cool

9/9 Labor Day Report - An oversized red, Keeper reds on the North Jetty. A small snook, small trout, and scattered ladyfish. Spanish Mackerel also observed though not caught.

8/13 Good Water Clarity and Some Snook and Sargassum around - Central Scrutinizer reported 8/12 Made the run to SPJ (at the very end) this morning, and the surf has cleared quite a bit. A fresh round of Sargassum rolled in, BUT it also brought in some clear-"ish" water to the jetties. Still pretty green, only had 5-6 foot visibility. Had a limit of sheepsheads in no time flat, although the bigger snapper (>14") are still elusive. 4 foot viz at-best on the bottom.

Snook as far as the eye can see, but......... no-go there. Got run by a large school of jack cravelle as I was about the leave . Spadefish are still smallish, so no shots there.

Still better than spending the morning behind the computer at the Office.

Forgot to mention it, but the two guys at the end of SPJ reported that they saw a tarpon rolling right after sun-up. Beauty, eh?

7.5 Tiger - Earlier this week a 7.5 foot Tiger Shark was reported caught from the South Packery Jetty. The shark swallowed the hook and they were not able to release it.

8/7 Sort of Epic Offshore Report from Frayed - Well, not in the usual sense. Participants included Capt. delliot, Co Capt helliot, Tyler, Augs, Porkfetus, Rockstar Mickey, Yours Truly.

Late start 9 am got pushed back into a hangover start 11.30 AM. Ran the Supafishal out to Ranzells. The two plus hour run was populated by a whole lot of drinking, lots of bad jokes that left my gut sore, only surpassed by a bruised tailbone due to an misjudgement in shuffling over in my seat while the supafishal dropped 5 feet into a hole. Ouch. Glad co capt couldn't hear everything back in sheboygan, it got pretty bad. There shall be no t-bagging allowed in said sheboygan! LOL.

Found a rip and trolled up NADA. Oh well, let's tie up.

I'm a mangrove snapper addict. Problem is getting stealthy baits to them through the friggen chubs turned out to be a challenge, but still managed a few. Rockstar Mickey yanked up a Rock Hind grouper, quickly pointing at the beast saying: looks like bait, lookee that thing. To which I said noooooooo, we're gotta catch a dozen of those things and fry them up! (love rock hinds)

Fixing to run back in, Tyler hooks up with Dusky on Augs' heavy duty spinning setup (that I want to steal, Van Staal or sumptin like that). Gets off then Augs finds him again. So, a late start out turns into a late return.

Back in at dark (been through packery at dark a few times, no biggie), and hilarity continued. Undoubtedly the worst offshore catching trip ever but the most fun ever!



pork and rockstar watching spread

yours truly

Tyler trying to break Augs high dolla rig

Augs contribution: the Dusky

Me and Rockstar trolling till I got kicked off the helm. LOL

Lost our sun well be before seeing land

Portuguese style mangrove snapper about to go into oven

8/5 Bottom up view from Central Scrutinizer who said - Headed out this am about 7:15, hoping to take advantage of the calm conditions the past few days. The access road to the south jetties is pretty chewed up right past the blacktop, so I turned around and headed over to the north jetties. A little better there, thanks to the "road" that they maintain.

Visibility was much less than I was hoping for, but I was determined to spear some fish. Headed to one of the spots I know well, about 50 yards from the end. All the fishing action was on the surf side, so I had the channel side to myself. MAYBE 5-6 foot viz at the surface, even less on the bottom. But the fish were thick!!! Got a limit of sheepshead (all 16-19") in about 15 minutes. Started scouting out for snapper, and I'm glad to report that there is no shortage of 8-12" fish!

With the poor visibility, it was tough to get close up on the bigger ones, although I did spook a BEHEMOTH mangrove that could have easily gone 8 lbs. Left all the smallish ones for another day, and settled for the limit of sheepshead.

Another good thing to report is that the snook didn't take a beating from last winter or the red tide. For anyone wanting to catch some, head to the channel-side, 25 yards from the end, 10-15 yards from the rocks/waters edge. The bottom is <10 feet, and the monster snook are cruising just about everywhere! There are some BIG fish down there. 25-30"+ LOGS.

There was also an abundance of very small stinging nettle jellyfish, but surprisingly, I didn't get hit once. Out of the water with dinner and into the office before 9:30. Not a bad way to start the day.

7/29 B1 - 83 fished South Packery 7/26 and filed this report - The water was perfect - pale green with just enough chop. We boxed 6 trout, with the biggest at 19 inches. Threw back a dozen or more dinks and 3 undersized reds. Oddly enough, the water seemed cooler than a few weeks ago. That can only be a good thing with the weekend coming. All fish were caught on live shrimp on lemon rigs.

7/23 South Packery Jetty Report from Will Sanchez - Went out to spj about 8pm weds night. Decided to pick one lure and head out. Started throwing and got a hit on my 5th cast. Next cast I felt something nail it, I hooked it and it started taking line. I didn't know what it was until it got close! NICE surprise, 25 inch Snook! I took it to my truck, came back and caught another one! It was between 23 and 24! I thew that one back and took off. I hadn't caught any of those since last year. Last time I caught decent fish was right before last storm, we caught 9 reds there.
Here's the pics.

Water was a little rougher today, caught one trout at end of day. Well good luck

7/13 Packery Jetties - This report from over the weekend from CARDSHARK "We fished packery near the bridge past weekend people were catching nice( 3-4 total) summer flounder,one nice 27+ trout on I believe a live mullet,rat reds,a few nice sand trout in the mix,tons of grander croaker( 8-12 inch size)all day.Ladyfish and croaker ate up all our live bait.Pretty slow overall though."

6/24 Packery Jetties - Nickaway reported only two footers near the jetty and some small trout this morning. Water is looking a lot better. Driving is much better around the afternoon with the lower tides.

Offshore - Liberty Ship Trip out of Packery 6/21 from Tightrope who says:4 of us went offshore out of Packery yesterday and the ride out was fairly rough but doable. . We headed out to the Liberty ship and tried to drift but waves and wind were to much so ended up anchoring. We had a great day and ended up with a mess of Lane snapper, Red snapper, and one 46 inch King. The largest Red snapper was 24 inches. Here are some pics

And like the Govt......... doing our part to save the Pelicans

6/17 Lots of weeds - But there is enough water clarity according to Nickaway. Reports of Tarpon and Kings at the end of the Jetties where the water is a bit cleaner than the murkier surf.

Meanwhile Rick Sanders did pretty well 6/16 - 6/16

Fished the surf 6/15 and 6/16 with lures and free lined croaker. Water was dirty, current was bad, weed was very thick in the north, waves were big. Finally found some trout Tuesday at 11 am close to north Packery. Kept 8 trout to 20 inches. Quit at 1 pm.
Went back Wednesday morning and only caught one but it went 26 inches. The water got better the farther south you went on Mustang.

6/1 Crowded on the Jetties - Fishing was slow early but reports of Jacks, Redfish, Trout, a few Kings and Spanish. Bob Bennett got the catch of the weekend with a Tarpon on his custom Breakaway rod.

SurfinSapo has some great pics and a cool underwater video from the weekend HERE


Meanwhile with the calm seas, Ziacatcher went with his son's family offshore for Memorial Day and here is his report : My son and his wife, my wife and I, and our 2 grandsons went this morning for our first off-shore adventure on my son's boat.

This is me and my 3 year old grandson, JJ before leaving the dock.

Went out from Packery to the nearest rigs. Hooked up some ribbonfish on rigs I made and began to troll. Shortly after putting the baits in the water on of the reels start clicking. Brought in this 46" king.
The next 45 min. or so and no other takers. Went and anchored up by a rig and began seeing cobia swimming around. Put a strike pro clown minnow on my in-shore rod and had a few cobia following it. Slow it down and twitched it once and she went for it. Put on quite a fight.

Here's the lure.

And here is the hooked cobia with another following it.

When trying to land her she flipped and one hook was in her and the other was through the back of my hand. Here is the fish and me both hooked.

With 2 nurses on board First Aid was no problem. Cut the treble hook where all 3 hooks join, separated the 3 hooks and pulled the one that was in my hand through and I was back to fishing in a matter of minutes.

A great day with the family and catching fish was just a bonus.

5/27 SPack Jetty via Tarzan - Jacks and Trout today with lots of mullet around. Expect a huge crowd and lots of boat traffic this weekend. Redfish too!

5/20 Report from Nickaway 5/19 Lots of weed on the Gulf Side of the south Jetty, water clarity still good. Sargassum is turning the corner and coming into the channel on incoming tides. The lea of the North Jetty is pretty calm with some trout caught on that side.

Reddrum North Packery 5/18 - Small Spanish Mackerel were caught that were just over the legal limit size.

5/7 - Spanish Macks, a few slot reds and a King Mackerel and even a Sharpnose Shark reported this week.

Here is a report on the South Jetties from Gotmullet? on 5/3 Caught this guy yesterday on cut up Perch.
He was released to live another day
Put up a good fight in and out of the water.

Sorry about the blurry pic, camera phone.

(Not much action going on as nobody was really catching anything out there)


4/21 - Spanish Mackerel are in with the clear water - Surfdragon filed a report here

4/10 Return of the Bluff Rat! - The Bluff Rat returned after being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and filed this report from South Packery: My will power is weak...against doc's orders....i went fishin, FINALLY! went to sopac around 7, water clearin up nice..low surf..and finger mullet comin back! fished live shrimp on bottom and in about 1.5 hours...me and FIDO limit out sheephead...what a blast. FIDO baged a couple trout as well. saw one guy catch a nice slot drum, another caught a small red, one caught a flounder. then i layed my eyes on somethin beautiful....a big o smack jumpin out the water after mullet!!! i tried like heck with a spoon but to no juice

FIDO and the stringer

4/2 Sheepies! - Ziacatcher caught and released 40 sheepshead on fresh dead shrimp before being potlicked out of his spot! :)


3/24 Water Murky - The current has been fairly strong so best bet is to try closer to the bridge. Spring break is over so access to the N. Jetty should improve. Sheepshead still being reported. Try freelined shrimp or Doa lures for keeper trout . If the weather warms and the water clears watch for Spanish Mackerel at the ends of the jetties.

3/12 Dredging is over and the Trout are biting - Latest reports say good sized trout are biting by the bridge on live free lined shrimp. Keep in mind spring break begins this weekend. Zahn Road will be one way coming out so no access in that direction during Spring Break. The South Jetty access could be a problem too with the sand moving vehicles moving sand in front of the seawall. Remember no dogs allowed on the beach north of Packery during Spring Break.

2/10 Dredging and Rough Weather - Both are making the water dirty and the fishing tough recently with little or no reports from the Jetties themselves. 2/6 a group went offshore to the nearshore rigs but only landed undersized Red Snapper.

12/21 North Packery via Bluffer - Still on the hunt & well since surf sucked bad yesterday decided to hit the jetties today.
Got out there to find water WAY low and moss exposed everywhere on the rocks.

Set up long rods with cut mullet one in the channel side and one in the surf side. Also thru dead shrimp on small rod under a float & only dink specks with it. NOTHING on the long-rods.
And BTW them rocks are VERY SLIPPERY with exposed moss on em. Busted my Butt bigtime when tried to closer to edge.

Kept hearing a buzzing sound and looked up and saw "fan man" this guy on a motorized parasail was cruizing all round out there.

yall remember fan-man, crashed in a outdoor boxing ring in vegas

Gotta get one of these, would be a excellent fish-spotting tool!

Had to do a little 4-wheeling to get in to the NPJ. access road closed so went down along channel edge from boat ramp & up over the dunes (berm) to get in there. Nice having a 4X4.

Skunked again today but had a good time trying!

11/19 South Packery - Jacks are Here via Bluff Rat - Got there right after sun up to find even better conditions. plenty of finger mullet, clear water, almost no surf. not a whole lot happenin, but we got 1 big whiting and one nice flounder....then the jacks showed up!! awesome watchin them fly around destroying the mullet!! free lined a mullet on my little rod, started to think that was a bad idea when i hooked up it broke off pretty quick, so i rig up some bigger equipment...hook up again, and we fight for about 10 minutes. that was fun, but we didnt get anything else after that. spoke briefly with mr. Will Sanchez, he got a nice jack also. very beautiful day


11/5 Finally A Report Here is one from Surfdragon from BHP - Packery - Finally my day off arrived,With clear skys and cool weather.
Stopped at bobhall first with gates open for free fishing, Not bad.
Water was clear and green,with shad around some of the columns.
Fishing was some what slow with spanish mackerels being caught on plugs and man o lures. Stayed for a while with no luck,And decided on north packery jetty.
Fish caught were black drum, slot reds ,pompono,mangrove snapper
and spanish macs. Heres a few pics of the day and some fish.

10/19 Red Tide has pounded Packery since 10/14 but things are looking better -- Here is a report from BHP - Packery to Port A from Skipper "Went to BHP and the SPJ, then to Port A. The water is looking a lot better. It is dirty green but no red tide symptoms. Lots of people surfing and fishing. Here are a few pics from Port A. The first pic is from Friday, kind of a before and after deal. The second is about the same area.

Here are a few pics from SPJ


10/5 Redfish and Mangroves reported - Gib said he fished 10/1 "Hit Packery this afternoon being told wind was lighter than anticipated. It was this way for a short period of time until that bank of clouds over the city, I believe, started sucking it in and cranked it up a notch or two.

I saw about 10 to 15 Reds caught. Most of them in the lower slot range and several undersized.

There are a lot of Mangroves - caught about 8 or 10.

Also caught several undersized Trout. Those surf Trout sure are pretty.

Everything was primarily on mullet, croaker, and cut perch. Basically, anything we could get in the castnet."







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