Vintage Catches from the Coastal Bend

and points North and South

These are some of the photos I have been gathering from good old time fishermen like "Hip" aka Mike Sowden and Dale Whitehill. Special thanks to Jimmy Jackson for the Snook photos from Port A. If you have any old photos from around the area to share please email me at

Keep in mind this is before we knew that you could affect the resource by overharvesting. This is just to show how it was and how it could be again someday. Click thumbnails to see the large photos.

Indian Point Pier Lemon Shark Dale Whitehill early 60's


Bob Hall Pier Hammerhead

Bob Hall Pier Tarpon 1963


Tiger Shark from Pt. Isabel 1964


36 Pound Snook
Cline's Point
Port Aransas 1939

Bob Hall Pier Tarpon 1963


A big catch of snook from Cline's Point
Port Aransas 1939


11' 3" Hammerhead


Mike "Hip" Sowden 12'2" Tiger


1920's beach camp
8th Pass south of Matamoros

Courtesy of Jimmy Jackson


Judge John R. Beasley of Beeville leads a group across the water in a car boat at 8th Pass.
Courtesy of Jimmy Jackson


Car boat in action at 8th Pass 

Courtesy of Jimmy Jackson


C.J. Rogers with a 535 lb jewfish taken from the Freeport Jetties late'40's.
Courtesy of David Applegate

Troy Martin Bull Shark


C.J. Roger's good friend Ernie Reed with two 14' plus sawfish from Galveston 1940.
Courtesy of David Applegate


Tommy Martin's Big Shell Tiger Shark

Pat Beseda's Hammerhead

Norman Bateman's Tiger Shark



Mike Hip Sowden's(in middle) 12'2" Mansfield Jetty Tiger Shark


Jerry Boyd's Sawfish 1964 Bob Hall Pier



"Little Paul" Smith's Big Hammerhead



Tommy Bratcher's Tiger



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